Inventor of Antivirus Sofware: The Government Is Planting Malicious Software On Your Phone So It Can Bypass Encryption and See What You’re Doing

Spy Agencies Are Intentionally Destroying Digital Security

Top computer and internet experts say that NSA spying breaks the functionality of our computers and of the Internet. It reduces functionality and reduces security by – for example – creating backdoors that malicious hackers can get through.

Remember, American and British spy agencies have intentionally weakened security for many decades. And it’s getting worse and worse. For example, they plan to use automated programs to infect millions of computers.

Smart Phones Vulnerable to Spying

We documented in 2013 that smart phones are very vulnerable to spying:

The government is spying on you through your phone … and may even remotely turn on your camera and microphone when your phone is off.

As one example, the NSA has inserted its code into Android’s operating system … bugging three-quarters of the world’s smartphones. Google – or the NSA – can remotely turn on your phone’s camera and recorder at any time.

Moreover, Google knows just about every WiFi password in the world … and so the NSA does as well, since it spies so widely on Google.

But it’s not just the Android. In reality, the NSA can spy on just about everyone’s smart phone.

Cell towers track where your phone is at any moment, and the major cell carriers, including Verizon and AT&T, responded to at least 1.3 million law enforcement requests for cell phone locations and other data in 2011. (And – given that your smartphone routinely sends your location information back to Apple or Google – it would be child’s play for the government to track your location that way.) Your iPhone, or other brand of smartphone is spying on virtually everything you do (ProPublica notes: “That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker“). Remember, that might be happening even when your phone is turned off.

The NSA has gathered all of that cellphone location information.

“Encryption Doesn’t Matter In a World Where Anyone Can Plant Software On Your Phone and See What You’re Seeing”

John McAfee invented commercial antivirus software. He may be a controversial and eccentric figure … but the man knows his technology.

Earlier this month, McAfee told security expert Paul Asadoorian that encryption is dead.  Specifically, he said:

  • Every city in the country has 1 to 3 Stingray spy devices … Bigger cities like New York probably have 200 or 300
  • When you buy a Stingray, Harris Corporation makes you sign a contract keeping your Stingray secret (background here and here)
  • Stingray pushes automatic “updates” – really malicious software – onto your phone as soon as you come into range
  • The software – written by the largest software company in the world – allows people to turn on your phone, microphone and camera, and read everything you do and see everything on your screen
  • Encryption doesn’t matter in a world where anyone can plant software on your phone and see what you’re seeing.  Protecting transmission of information from one device to the other doesn’t matter anymore … they can see what you see on your device
  • There are many intrusions other than Stingray.   For example, everyone has a mobile phone or mobile device which has at least 10 apps which have permission to access camera and microphone
  • Bank of America’s online banking app requires you to accept microphones and cameras. McAfee called Bank of America and asked why they require microphones and cameras. They replied that – if you emptied all of the money in your account and said “it wasn’t me”, they could check, and then say:

Well, it certainly looks like you. And it certainly sounds like you.

  • In order to do that, B of A’s app keeps your microphone and camera on for a half hour after you’ve finished your banking
  • In addition, people can call you – and have you call them back – and plant software on your phone when you call them back

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  • jadan

    Speak, McAfee, and I will listen!

  • JUNE 10, 2013 NSA has been spying over every windows user before 9/11. They built backdoor in All windows software by 1999.

  • mahwah

    One answer: designed with 2048bit encryption WITHOUT the back door

  • Alleged Comment

    Everything is electronic now. EVERYTHING can be hacked into and controlled. From cars to planes to machinery to your bank account.

    Before you had to get physical to interact, you had to be there. But not anymore! Everyone and everything is vulnerable now, except the old stuff to this.

  • Arizona

    THE LORD said,YOUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT is rotten to the core,top to bottom,inside and out,and I’am going to send them all to hell….hahaha,serves them right,its right where they all belong,and the great news is they won’t even see it coming…TILL THEY GET THERE…..hahaha…………..

  • Spychiatrist

    Winston Smith LIVES!

  • Sean Stout

    What a wonderful government we live under. I bet North Korea is jealous that they can’t be as secretive and underhanded as we are to our own people.

  • kimyo

    a software engineer, inside the system (ie: snowden 2.0), using the nsa’s backdoors, could easily develop and deploy a worm designed to overwhelm and obfuscate the nsa’s server farms. it would be trivial for him/her to place a copy of the anarchist’s cookbook or other incriminating matter onto every mobile and desktop device connected to the internet.

    better yet, if gw was to write a 3 page manifesto, said engineer could deliver it to every single i-phone in the land in a matter of moments.

  • mothman777

    Excellent and most informative article.

    My Sky TV Box hard drive spins round all night long even when the TV is switched off and unplugged, and the router is switched off and unplugged, with just the Sky Box left plugged in, but left on standby.

    This happens even when no programs are highlighted in any way, or are scheduled to be recorded, and no recorded programs are on the disc, so no disc compacting or defragmentation could be the cause. Also, when I check the disc thoroughly, I have not found any trace of recorded images over a period of several weeks of regular checking, but with constant suspicious noisy hard drive activity, all during a time period when I never bothered to use the box to highlight any viewing schedules, or record anything.

    But, just like computers, where every little last thing you ever delete goes straight to a sector of your hard drive that you never think to check the existence of, the Sky Box hard drive must have a secret sector on it, that no average user will be able to check for the existence of. It must send all information recorded out the next time I use my router again. A security specialist I spoke to at length about that said his Sky TV box hard drive stops spinning round after just 5 minutes when put on standby, and said that my Sky TV Box has something very wrong with it. It is most likely rigged with spyware. A Sky TV technician I spoke to before that said that there is nothing wrong with the Sky Box after running through several tests with me, and that if the noise bothers me, simply unplug the Sky Box, and now that I do that, and that alone stops the hard drive spinning round all night long, and obviously from doing something most likely like recording me all night long. I used to leave the Sky Box on standby to avoid a lengthy set-up time each day, so just have a little inconvenience from that now when I wait for it to set up each day. I accept that I am under constant electronic surveillance, and have just got used to it, a bit like having ‘ghosts’ in the room with me.

    I could stop using all technology. but I already don’t use mobiles, and although I know I am under surveillance from government security people due to my writing on political and other subjects, and being stalked regularly, I still use a computer and telephone, which I know is tapped, not only because of funny clicky noises and people actually telling me my phone is tapped due to clicky noises, but especially due to attackers waiting for me on occasion when I have arranged a 6 monthly dental appointment for example, travelling several miles to attend, with a completely unmistakable and very unpleasant team lurking waiting for me as I leave my destination, verbally threatening me with violence and actually telling me that they will be going with me to all my favourite places, and these were people who I have never met with before, who suddenly had such an interest in me, approaching me in the street when I have not even glanced at them. I have also been brutally stabbed, which I could provenly link with absolute total certainty with police, and also heavily beaten up on occasion in the streets by what can only be security men, very muscular, like bodybuilders, usually teams of negroes, always headed by a white-skinned man, of Jewish appearance, looking like military men in civilian clothes. Other attacks have involved definitely Jewish people, some of whom (even self-admittedly) have links to security agencies as sayanim, with names known to me, who had infiltrated themselves into my social circles over the years, even as my closest friends, without my suspecting them or their hostile intent, and one of them I have been reliably informed is connected with M15, using a Jewish man to drive a car into me, after I was lured to visit an address where they were waiting for me when I left, breaking my knee, tearing my ligaments, leaving me with subsequent life threatening bleeding and having to have extensive reconstructive surgery, which they made me wait two years for, after telling me my leg was not broken, and denying me any analgesics (except two 500 mg paracetamol on the night of the occurrence) for several weeks, with pain exactly like having a blow torch running up and down my leg for several months, the leg being swollen to twice its size and almost uniformly black from hip to toe, but no deep vein thromboses said the ‘hospital’ either. They hacked out most of the cartilage in my knee quite unnecessarily too, in a botched operation, meaning I will need to have a knee replacement within the next 4 years or so. now, as I am just walking with bone grinding against bone. The person I went to visit has a Jewish husband who is employed by M16 as a computer expert, to open up people’s computers whenever M16 wants him to do that, who normally works as a university lecturer, and I had been requested to visit to do some word by his wife. I know he is M16 because another person I used to do work for had an ex-police husband, who had had this couple round for dinner, and when he said he was ex-police, he told him he was employed by M16, and the policeman’s wife then told me that later, but I knew these people for years, and when they get the call, wham, you are dead meat, just like that, no emotion, just like a cold-blooded killing machine. I thought I was safe with these people, and should have suspected when they had ‘holocaust survivors’ round to dinner when I was present, who they said they totally believed. Another evening, the M16 guy said that if I believed that they had really changed the figure of the Auschwitz dead from 4 million to 1.5 million, then I needed a psychiatrist. I called him a creep, and told him to fuck off. Maybe that is when the attack with the car was arranged. But then all my Jewish friends suddenly did very hostile things all at the same time, with even ‘Christians’ coming out of the closet as Jews as well. It was quite an awakening. That was just a taste, with other Jewish people inviting me round to a discussion group, or social evenings, then poisoning me with anti freeze, and poisoned food on another occasion, with symptoms exactly like those of amanita phalloides poison mushroom (the Jewess who did that was an expert mycologist who had told me of her hobby on earlier occasions), with nearly fatal results, leaving me pissing blood red urine, and passing white stool for weeks, with very severe pain, unable to eat any food for weeks, just distilled water, which left me with severe health problems to this day. I was certain I was going to die as I thought I would never be able to eat even the slightest item of food ever again except distilled water, without absolutely excruciating pains almost instantly, if I tried to drink even one mouthful of milk, or fruit juice or any type of solid food, and I was passing large amounts of blood in my urine all the time. It was a long time before I could eat any food again, and my body now reacts like I have an extreme allergy to many foods, maybe some fucked up Israeli shit went into the soup with the mushrooms as well. After all, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu himself said; “We will poison all our enemies”. ALL Gentiles are classed by extension as Amalekites, this the Jews state, and all Amalekites are to be killed, ‘from the beginning to the end’.

    Jews are not the victims, we are, and they control the police, the political system, the medical services, most religious organizations, the educational system, the media, you name it. They are not just looking at us, they are ready to literally kill us, with the bioweapon GMO foods that the Jews themselves literally tell each other are ‘non-kosher’, and the 1991 US Noahide laws just waiting to be fully effected, that make it a death penalty to be an idolator. Americans just cannot understand that the Jewish scriptures clearly state that ALL Christians are idolaters. All the Stalinist observation is just to perfectly position their apparatus of genocide.

    I have seen a guy entering a vacant apartment above me at midnight with a short duffle type bag with all electrical leads hanging out of it with orange plugs at the end of each lead, exactly the same, identical to bags of electrical equipment I saw earlier carried by government security men coming out of vans totally filled out wall to wall with surveillance equipment, and some of these guys held a film camera just a couple of metres from my face as they recorded me for 20 minutes to half an hour as I gave out leaflets at a political speech by a senior government politician, on financial reform, the leaflets supporting the dropping of debts owed by poor third world countries, even as I was giving leaflets out even to elderly nuns.

    The government security guy spent about an hour in the apartment above me, leaving about 12.55 am Sunday morning. My landlord said he never gave any keys out to any contractors at that time, that he checked and no contractors had any keys to the flat or had any recorded instance of visiting that day at all, especially at that very odd time, and the new residents who had not yet moved in, or given their keys out to any contractors, or anyone else, said they never requested any one to do any work of any kind, especially not on that day, and obviously not at that very odd time, and the guy was quite obviously setting up some surveillance equipment in the flat above me, maybe under the floorboards, as I do not use WIFI, so they would want something a little more intrusive to get round that. He was even wearing a navy blue naval military jumper with epaulettes on the shoulders, as I saw him through my security spyhole as he left the building, looking unpleasantly into the lens on my door as he left.

    I read a story about a news writer, and he was in some place abroad writing a story, not online, not connected to WIFI, and they STILL accessed his computer and deleted all his news article that he had just written, line by line, in front of him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it, maybe with some microwave device or something similar.

    Whatever I am writing, even now, I am constantly monitored in live time, and sometimes what I am writing just vanishes in front of me, and others report the same happening to them, so I just write it all again, and they know that. Sometimes they have deleted 3 or even 4 successive times so I just write it all out again, until I get posted. Curiously enough, Disqus is the place that happens the most of all.

    We are now living in Stalinist Communist society, with a few trimmings to make it look like we have freedom. These people have thought what God is suppose to be able to do, like know all our thoughts, and now they are pushing that to the limit, challenging that, seeing just how far they can go, developing the ability to monitor our thoughts, to influence and even control them, and control what we do, and thus usurp God Himself, thus ‘proving;’ that He does not exist, and that they themselves can do anything that God has previously been supposed to be able to do. Of course, they are quite grandiose and insignificant in comparison to the real God, and their content will not succeed

    I spoke with a government scientist in person who told me how he was employed (at that time, under British PM Tony Blair) to research musical frequencies that they put into music, that cause alterations in brain structure, and subliminal messaging so that when it is election time for instance, you will do whatever they want, or sympathise with whatever they are doing, like going to war with some country for Israel (England having the Union Jack as it’s flag, the Union Jack being the Union of Jacob, Jacob having changed his name to ISRAEL, England being the true heart of the JWO world government, using the USA as it’s hammer to smash and intimidate other countries around the world).

    Our bodies are increasingly subject to being rendered little more than machines now, that can be programmed whenever they desire with microwave electronic equipment down to very detailed impulses. Those who would be God themselves are behind this, a dark collective of souls that most usually appear within the yahoo crime family.

    • mothman777

      apologies for minor typos, predictive spellcheck changed one or two words without me noticing.

  • What is this is going on!!! Government using malware, spyware to track us!! Nothing is to be hide