Massive News-Suppression That’s Become History-Suppression

Eric Zuesse

While I have always been puzzled at why Americans endorse the existence of a religious and therefore discriminatory nation, Israel, and at why we give more of our tax-money to that nation than to any other; and while I would not pretend to be an authority on those matters; I was stunned on 31 March 2015 to read a news report at counterpunch, “American Historical Association Censors Ad for Book on Israel, Palestine & the US Keeping ‘Hidden History’ Hidden,” by Alison Weir, someone I’d never heard of before. She says there that AHA refuses to accept a paid advertisement for her historical book about the U.S.-Israel relationship — a historical matter that I have always found puzzling, and so was curious to know more about.

I write a lot against censorship in America’s ‘news’ reporting, but this matter concerns censorship in my own main profession, which is history (I’m only secondarily a journalist), and so it especially piqued my interest.

So, I clicked onto the link there to her book, Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, in order to see for myself what this was that AHA refuses to allow to advertise. I saw that the book, which was published a year ago, already has 216 customer-reviews, but none of the positive ones I saw there is very informative about what particularly interests me — the degree of accuracy of the author’s sourcing and allegations. So, I clicked especially onto the one-star, the most negative, reviews, and I saw no one citing a false factual allegation. The negative reviews weren’t any more informative to me than the positive ones were.

So, I clicked onto the inside-the-book, and started reading. I saw allegations that were new to me; and, looking at her footnotes, they seemed to me to be to credible sources.

However, before I would proceed further into this, I wanted to know something more about the author, to find whether she might be an anti-Semite, such as all-too-commonly are writing against Israel.

I came upon this youtube presentation by her, “TalkingStickTV – Alison Weir – The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel.” In that hour-long talk, she explained how her interest in the issue of Israel and the Palestinians had arisen starting in 2000, and she showed photos that she took in Gaza. She described the circumstances of her having gone there, as a journalist, to see the situation for herself. Nothing about her suggested to me that she was any sort of anti-Semite, or bigoted in any way. She went on to summarize the main evidence on which her book relies, all highly respected sources, such as this, which not only is a respected scholarly source, but the footnotes in it are likewise respected and mainstream sources. Basically, in her hour-long video talk, she made her case.

By now, I feel confident that AHA’s refusal to accept paid advertisements for her book is an outrage. I happen not to be a member of that association; but, if I were, I would quit in disgust. She is a historian; they are not.

For such ‘historians’ as those to be teaching ‘history’ at American colleges and universities is scandalous — evidence of a profoundly corrupt academic profession.

Alison Weir has a lot to teach American ‘historians.’ We should welcome her to teach it to us, not prohibit her from advertising her book to us.

Incidentally, I found her video talk to be highly informative — and not only about her, but, more importantly, about Gaza, Israel, and our own profoundly corrupt country.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

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  • Dr Smileyface

    Thanks Mr Z.

  • Axel

    The Issue(s) and/or concerns appear as important, unfortunately, I am unable, at this time, to readily read and comprehend this Article and from my brief read and any knowledge, also in reference of the Washington’s Blog Author, Mr. Eric Zuesse and the Author of the questioned Article.

    I would and expect that those that comment would be highly informed and seemingly with sufficient knowledge and awareness of M.I.T. Massachusetts Institution of Technology, Linguistic Professor Mr. Noam Chomsky (and who has recently spoke at the United Nations Building and to an overflowing capacity Audience of intended Attendees) and for many, many decades and within the History of this Middle East Area and subject matter and is a highly well known, respected and foremost as a leading and foremost historical Authority on the mentioned in this Article, the historical subject matter of Israel and Middle east Area and within many Interviews and videos on ‘You Tube’, DemocracyNow library and seemingly other media, books etcetera and within his M.I.T. Legacy and Library.

    • cettel

      Alison Weir’s presentation in that video, and the footnoted source that she referred to there, and which is also basic to the case in her book, and which I have linked to in my article here, has a lot more credibility to me than Noam Chomsky’s presentations on the subject that I’ve seen. Chomsky is a big name, but only an authoritarian is influenced by such things. Even Chomsky’s sole respectable work outside linguistics, Manufacturing Consent, was written mainly by Edward S. Herman, not by himself, and even that book introduced no new insight into its topic. Chomsky is enormously overrated, and, outside linguisitics, will probably be forgotten. On animal rights he was barbaric until recently (he’s turning around 180 degrees on that, and now not only acknowledging animal consciousness but advocating for veganism out of concern for that), but, even where I agree with him, which is on almost everything, I find his statements useless because not scientifically sourced and grounded; he’s a blatherer. Alison Weir isn’t blathering at all.

      • Axel

        Thank you for your replies to the above blog comment reply and here.

        From my view, I was not going to reply to this Article, in respect to awareness, I replied and you possibly or seemingly appear to imply to agree and/or to a certain extent.

        I have my own problems and concerns and that I have recently submitted and within about 4 or 5 blog comment replies this month 3/2015 on the Washington’sblog.
        My blog comment replies are more within the efforts, respects and endeavors towards and within any remaining hopes, (and as was mentioned in the 5 minutes or less that I listened to the middle of the AlexJones broadcast at 1:30AM on 1150AM that I think is KABC AM) towards ‘Oversight and Accountability’ and as mandated and expected within our Democracy. Alex Jones mentioned and similar to my concerns and again as I wrote in 2006, 2009, 2012 and before and since to President Obama, US AG Holder, VA Chiefs, McDonald, Sloan, Shensiki, to the attention of Prinicipie and many others and copies to GAP, Mr. Tom Devine, NWC Mr. Stephen Kohn, POGO, their Staff and OSC joint filing and several other significant Individuals and (s) expressed these and my concerns that there may not be Legacies, Estates and/or a life sustaining earth planet that will survive. I have over a decade of correspondence with GAP, NWC and POGO and with a thousand, more or less e-mails, letters and correspondence and many other relevant and important documents and more that I presumptuously presume you should or may well know I am trying to preserve.

        Again, thank you for your reply, concern(s), views, comments and for the opportunity that has allowed me to reply and for your patience and tolerance that you may be able to provide towards my impromptu and reply that was intended to be more briefly comprehensible, grammatically and structurally written and where necessary.

        • Axel

          As and Washington’sblog, lets say as an expression work closely together and in seemingly highly regarded esteem that I have written to and/or telephoned many of the distinguished Leadership Authorities at and many of the Distinguished Authors and including Professor Noam Chomsky and many others and no reply and as promised. Also, I have contacted all other media outlets, MSM and Alternative and no replies, only hoodwinking or silence. All the above and within this and previous decades.

          Let me suggest, Importantly that I have not contacted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and who is highly recognized, accommodated and accomplished Individual, although I have contacted a year ago a highly esteemed person who did replied to within several e-mails and who Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (and Alex Jones, Infowars, Prison Planet) have a notable and expressed high esteem and regard. I mention this as I and again recently reached out to this person, several times and more within the past months or so and to allow this person and upon his discretion to have reasonable access to my estate planning efforts and endeavors and to protect and preserve my documents, efforts and endeavors and within his University Institution. I have had no replies and to also submit my 2006,2009, 2012 and several other of and again my recent letters to US President Obama, US AG Holder, the VA and many VA Chiefs, McDonald, Sloan, Shensiki, Principie, VA Doctors and others at the VA, including Rep. Henry Waxman and many US Senators and Congressional Representatives and their Committees and as far in the past as Rep. Mel Levine.

          My efforts to bring communication with this person and within my recent e-mails where stated to me and in replies to me and as Included GAP, Mr. Tom Devine, NWC Mr. Stephen M. Kohn and other(s) within my//these e-mail correspondences. I am now held in silence and my requests to submit my 2006,2009,2012 to USA President Obama, US AG Holder, VA Chiefs Shensiki and seemingly deferred prosecution Va Chief Principie and the several other of my letters to VA Chiefs McDonald, Sloan and VA MC WLA and Ohio Executives, VA Doctors and other Official VA Entities, Executives and Individuals.

          (Incidentally and recently a month ago, Alex Jones has also not responded, although at this point in time it may not be necessary that he responds and as he has his media.) I mention the following and as I also mentioned a decade ago and on TPM Muckraker and to all at GAP, NWC, POGO and seemingly our legislators and others. When Internet media became more fully known and visible, I then found an suggested for viewing an Alex Jones, ‘You Tube’ Prison Planet video, entitled ‘Bush Linked to President Kennedy Assassination’. Recently I became aware and from several media that evidence and/or a book or forthcoming book now suggests that it is alleged that actually VP Lyndon Johnson and/or CIA are linked and that President Nixon may have been actually trying to Investigate (and then the loss of life (and/or murder) of a Law Enforcement Security Guard and/or Official) ………………………..

          I have to close this blog comment reply and as it is lengthy. Hopefully this blog comment reply is of some assistance. I have not re-read most of this blog comment reply. Please allow for any necessary corrections and/or modifications.

          • Axel

            Importantly I forgot to mention that this highly distinguished kind and gracious person in a reply e-mail to me stated to me ‘that he had no influence with these People and Organizations’ and to the direct attention of GAP Tom Devine and NWC Mr. Stephen M. Kohn and others and seemingly other(s) that he did not have any influence with these people…………….
            Please note that I have been adamant and on the subject of Impeachments and the seemingly malfeasant and/or negligent subversion of the decade ago US Congressional Judiciary Full Committee ‘Presidential Powers and It’s Limitations’ Impeachment Hearings. I was and am certain that all the above where and are in full support of my concerns and allegations and many others….and many others.
            (I continue to be silenced).

            My efforts to bring communication with this person and within my recent e-mails where stated to me and in replies to me and as Included GAP, Mr. Tom Devine, NWC Mr. Stephen M. Kohn and other(s) within my//these e-mail correspondences. I am now held in silence and my requests to submit my 2006,2009,2012 to USA President Obama, US AG Holder, VA Chiefs Shensiki and seemingly deferred prosecution Va Chief Principie and the several other of my letters to VA Chiefs McDonald, Sloan and VA MC WLA and Ohio Executives, VA Doctors and other Official VA Entities, Executives and Individuals.

            Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • paul

    And although history is not a science, per se, this article speaks to the point I made earlier, that being an ‘expert’ tends to mean – in our system – that you subscribe to a group think, more or less elaborated, policed, etc.. Nowhere in academia does truth actually rule. Interest rules there as it does nearly everywhere in society. That doesn’t mean that academic pursuits (incl. science) have no value, of course. It means that we cannot ever set aside our ability and responsibility to think critically. We cannot ever ‘let the experts decide’.

    • cettel

      Outside the physical and biological sciences, that is true. But inside the physical and biological sciences, what you have just said is generally false; and anyone who would cavalierly reject the empirical findings in those two areas can do it only on the basis of faith, not at all on science, because, whereas science doesn’t yet exist outside those two areas, it has had its Galileo and Kepler in Physics, and it has had its Mendel and Darwin in biology.

  • Thomas

    The territory called Gaza historically was occupied by Jews until 1948 when an attack by Arab League forces destroyed their homes after President Harry Truman told Britain to go to
    hell after their claim to the area intensified since WWI treaty’s officially expired in 1948.

    Truman’s State Department spearheaded UN Resolution 181 calling for the State
    of Israel. A last minute change in how the Jews and Arab refugees should
    coexist called for a partitioning of the reinvigorated Jewish homeland, Israel.
    Originally, the Arabs in the area were to live in a Jewish state as Israelites.

    I flatly disagree there is any right for a Palestinian Authority to rule over a
    Palestinian People as Palestinians are a myth. After retaking Judea and
    Jerusalem in 137 AD, the Roman Empire renamed the conquered territory Palestine
    to slander the Jews they conquered. Remember, many Jews despised the Roman
    occupation and openly revolted. Since the late 1000’s AD, many empires and
    armies have occupied the Holy Land creating Jewish refugees who fled their
    homeland. The Roman Empire went Christian in the late 300’s AD. Christianity thrived
    in the Middle East until the 500’s AD. Shoot, Islam was not a cult of death
    until it was invented by Mohammad, a murderous pedophile who through an
    unconfirmed and never repeated visitation of the Archangel Gabriel told him to
    reform Christianity. The Crusades began as an attempt to drive out Musloid
    invaders who over ran Jerusalem (shockingly, no attempt was made to liberate the Holy Land from musloid invaders for 465 years). On their way to Jerusalem some Crusaders
    decided to sack Constantinople and restore Rome as the Seat of Christianity.
    This caused the East-West Schism in Christianity around 1054 AD.

    Anyway, the UN Resolution 181 called for a partitioning of Judea in 1948 when granting Israel
    full statehood. However, it did not happen. Attacked, Israel regained the whole
    area by beating the Arab League forces from Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
    Iraq, Lebanon on the battlefield. British forces in Transjordan occupied
    Jerusalem exclusively while Truman sided with neither of the combatants. It was
    Britain that wanted an Arab state in a partitioned Judea now called the State
    of Israel. A partitioning born from their selfish claims to the area’s
    resources through the appeasement of Arab leaders and misguiding the UN fact
    finding team. They got their wish.

    In 1967, Israel beat back the Arab League nation’s attacks, again, for the second time. The UN has
    always stated in their charters nations have a right to exist. The territory
    gained was rightfully Israel’s! This author is not clear on who pressured
    Israel to back down from their 1967 military victories and the land they
    rightfully took back, but you can bet Britain and a certain tool named James
    Earl Carter had a hand in it during the 1979 Oslo Accords that pretty much
    gives us the bloodshed we see today. Having given back the Sinai Peninsula, the
    Golan Heights, and Gaza to appease radical Islam, enter the Bush
    Administrations with open acknowledgement to belonging to a hidden bunch called
    Skull and Bones. Suddenly, Ariel Sharon out of nowhere decided to force Jews
    out of Gaza in 2005. This move really was another step back for Israel. Or was
    he forced to leave Gaza? This is more bull shit.

    So if you ask this author, any non Jewish person in Israel are Arab refugees from Ottoman Empire
    and British Empire occupations. Jews and Christians lived in Judea/Israel since
    Constantine the Great while Jews lived there exclusively (at least) since 1000
    BC when the 12 Tribes formed a Constitutional Monarchy.

    So yes, the folks who are slaughtered by indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza into Israel then from
    calibrated responses from Israel into Gaza are innocent victims of a calculated
    framework imposed from outsiders to divide Israel and embolden Musloid fanatics
    who are not “palestinians” per se, rather arab refugees living in the
    state of Israel which should never have been partitioned in the first place and
    likely forced to remain Musloid since converting away from Islam was met with
    public executions.

    • Nonanon25

      By the same logic, the Jews living there are a myth, as they were expelled from Judea in 70 AD, in the Great Diaspora. The Jews living there and ruling are Ashkenazi Jews and no more Jewish than you or I. That is the larger picture, and still begs the questions raised by Weir.

  • Charlie Primero

    By accepted modern definition the word “anti-semite” means “criticism of Jewish Supremacism”. Anyone who criticizes Jewish Supremacism is by definition an Anti-Semite.

    Eric Zuesse is now an Anti-Semite because he spoke in a positive manner about media criticizing Israel.

    • Chris Berel

      That only works if you redefine words and print up a dictionary that is accepted by the vast majority. As you haven’t, you comment is surely antisemitic in nature.

      • Charlie Primero


  • Holocau$t Lies – Who Profits?

    antisemitic: any thought or person that a Jew doesn’t like

    Well, there are the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ‘6M & gas chambers’ and there are the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ‘6M & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M & gas chambers’ are an impossible fraud.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. What sort of truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    The tide is turning.

    • Chris Berel

      Sorry but CODOH’s claim to fame is the falsification of history. Who cares if they are civil while lying?

  • Chris Berel

    There is no information supporting Zuesse’s claim that he is an historian. However, one can join the AHA without being a bonafide historian. It would seem that his unqualified praise of Weir’s propaganda is proof enough to deny Zuesse’s self-identification as an historian.

    On another note, Zuesse claims there are no critiques written about the book citing historical inadequacy or complaint about her sourcing. That is also false information. I assure you, such complaint is on the reviews at