Man Lies Face Down, Puts Hands Behind Back; First Thing Officer Does: Kick him Squarely in the Crotch

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  • Captai

    The only reasonable response to state provocations such as this is that of the protagonist Henry Bowman in “Unintended Consequences by John Ross.

  • Libertybelle

    I was stunned by the conduct of the criminal…cop(s). It was like a gang of ghetto punks gang raping a women, each guy running up and taking a lick at him.

    I hope they get what they prison.

  • Arizona

    AND now for the good news,soon the beloved police gangs will be going door,to door,WITH THEIR NEW CHINESE MILITARY FRIENDS,and RAPING and MURDERING all the dumb shits who were blinded by their own stupidity,The mexicans,and chinese, will be crossing the southern border,AND SLAUGHTER everyone in their path,and YOUR government won’t lift a finger to save you……….