5 Second Slow Mo Video Shows What REALLY Happened With Policeman Who Shot Fleeing Man In Back

When You See It …

The officer shooting the unarmed man in the back who was running away is – appropriately – front-page news. But there’s a bigger story … Initially – as Kit Daniels shows – the media believed that the officer shot in self-defense … until the video was released. If the brave witness hadn’t filmed the entire incident on his cellphone, the truth would never have been discovered. The Intercept explains:

Because three days elapsed between the shooting and the publication of the video of the shooting, the Scott incident became an illuminating case study in the routinized process through which police officers, departments and attorneys frame the use of deadly force by American cops in the most sympathetic possible terms, often claiming fear of the very people they killed. In the days after the shooting, the police version of events — an utterly typical example of the form — was trotted out, only to be sharply contradicted when the video surfaced. In most cases like this, there is no video, no definitive, undisputed record of much of what happened, and thus no way to rebut inaccurate statements by the police.

The first report of the Saturday afternoon incident, from Charleston’s The Post and Courier, followed the usual script: The police department’s story portrayed the victim as behaving dangerously, in this case, purportedly struggling to take an officer’s Taser as part of a violent altercation. Family and friends of the slain black victim mourned his loss and questioned the narrative offered by authorities.

The pro-police spin continued two days later, when a lawyer for Michael Slager, the officer who shot Scott, said Scott “tried to overpower” his client, who “felt threatened and reached for his department-issued firearm and fired his weapon.”  Scott’s family and allies could do little more than note that Scott was unarmed, and call for the truth to somehow emerge.

A former U.S. Marshal reveals that law enforcement is trained to justify deadly force by pretending that they felt threatened by the suspect:

Moreover, police have shot people in the back and killed them as they ran away many times before.  Here are a couple of recent examples, which happen to have been caught on tape:

Moreover, police often frame innocent suspects. They also plant weapons on people, as “justification” for shooting them. The practice is so well-known that the New York Times noted in 1981:

In police jargon, a throwdown is a weapon planted on a victim.

Newsweek reported in 1999:

Perez, himself a former [Los Angeles Police Department] cop, was caught stealing eight pounds of cocaine from police evidence lockers. After pleading guilty in September, he bargained for a lighter sentence by telling an appalling story of attempted murder and a “throwdown”–police slang for a weapon planted by cops to make a shooting legally justifiable. Perez said he and his partner, Officer Nino Durden, shot an unarmed 18th Street Gang member named Javier Ovando, then planted a semiautomatic rifle on the unconscious suspect and claimed that Ovando had tried to shoot them during a stakeout.

Wikipedia notes:

As part of his plea bargain, Pérez implicated scores of officers from the Rampart Division’s anti-gang unit, describing routinely beating gang members, planting evidence on suspects, falsifying reports and covering up unprovoked shootings.

Here, officer Slager was caught on film planting his taser on Walter Scott after he had already killed Scott:


(This is a slow motion excerpt from the video.)

Why is this happening?

One reason is that many law enforcement officers consider failure to comply with the officers’ demands as a basis for using lethal force. And see this. Police have become so militarized in modern America that – in the words of civil rights and constitutional attorney John Whitehead –  “the only truly compliant, submissive citizen in a police state is a dead one.”

Of course, if we had the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, this would not be such a problem.  Sadly, we’ve lost virtually all of those rights.

No wonder you’re 55 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

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  • Captai

    The only rational response is that of the protagonist Henry Bowman in the novel “Unintended Circumstances” by John Ross.

    • kimyo

      you lack imagination. there are many rational responses which do not involve violence.

      • Captai

        What was Henry Bowman’s rational response? Hmmm?

    • implicaverse .

      To make an obscure literary reference that no one can pick up on?

    • Ed

      Do you mean “Unintended Consequences”?

      • Captai


  • Average citizens now have NO trust in the police, who will NOT be able to rehabilitate themselves until Congress passes drastic legislation to reform the police and courts. Police must be trained in a totally different manner where they are taught to value life, back-off and de-escalate, not empty their gun when they start firing, understand the mentally ill, and there must be much stricter gun control, more like in Australia. There must be outside, independent, citizen supervision, universal videotaping of police on the streets, in jails, and in prisons, and investigation of misconduct of police and judges, that is extremely draconian. The need for this was proven by the “Standford Prison Experiment” where a planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended prematurely after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days – the guards became sadistic and the prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress. This proved the “Lucifer Effect” where good people become evil in an evil environment, proving that evil, particularly closed and hidden environments must have extreme oversight to prevent evil acts by good people because a tendency to dominate and torture is inherent in the human psychi.

    • Bill Smith2

      Bull pucky.. I trust the police.. Don’t commit crimes and it isn’t a problem with them.. More people should be encouraged to try that method, since it’s weird how well that works..

      • Robert Barsocchini

        Then you trust that this officer was telling the truth:

        Video: Officer says Cops Practice Arbitrary Arrest, Extortion of Poor; Threatens to Arrest Teen for Smiling


        • Bill Smith2

          We just arrested 2 cops ( one a lieutenant) up here in Detroit for running a drug ring…..so there’s 3 out of 700,000+

      • nomadfiles

        ” I trust the police.. Don’t commit crimes and it isn’t a problem with them”
        that’s absolute nonsense

        • Bill Smith2

          Great reply

        • Lyin Ryin More

          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2015
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States 2014
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States 2013
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States 2012
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States 2011
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States 2010
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States 2009
          List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States prior to 2009
          Yeah I trust a liar pig with a gun on steroids…you either are a pig, or collect their obscene pensions…either way cops suck and they will be removed in the next 5 years. NO more wave runners for pigs who collect monies off those they have abused for years .KILLER KOPS and their support group…makes me laugh

          • nomadfiles

            you either misunderstood the comment or you misunderstood the comment.

        • titorite

          Did you not see the cop planting a gun or are you a cop out on (p)a troll?

          • nomadfiles

            Something in the ether, I guess. I’m going to assume you meant this comment for someone else.

      • spirittoo

        What crime did the man running away commit that warrant him being shot several times in the back? I don’t trust police that shoot people for no good reason, and use the phoney baloney excuse of them fearing for their life.

        • nomadfiles

          Bill doesn’t think it can happen to him. It only happens to ‘those’ people. So it’s okay. When they come for him there’ll be no one left to speak up.

      • Lynn Walker

        A significantly high percentage of violence by police occur during traffic stops which do not have anything at all to do with crimes or criminal activity. Traffic violations are statutory laws, dubious in the first place for lack of constitutional validity (unless you accept that we are all owned by the Bank of England, since the only portion of the Constitution that applies to traffic laws fall under the Commerce clause and most of us aren’t engaged in commerce while driving). Violation of a statutory law is not a crime, since no damage is done to person or property, but they do represent an offense against the authority of the government, which in our case is an oligarchy. Cops are enforcing the authority of our rule by the elite when they stop you for a traffic violation. Our oligarchs prefer that their authority be followed without exception, apparently even to the point of death. They do not say this, but the inference is obvious.

        So not committing a crime is no protection against being shot by a cop. Being a docile and servile citizen who never publicly acknowledges a grievance against our ruling elites is in not even a guarantee, as they have no problem sacrificing us for their endless greed-driven machinations. In short, “Bill Smith2” hasn’t a clue about the way America works today.

        • Bill Smith2

          That’s police work 101.. Stopping a car (you call it an excuse, I call it tax payer money at work) for something simple and it leads to bigger things potentially like wanted individuals.. The only folks that seem to be having trouble dealing with situations like that, and the folks the cops are actually interested in, are the dooshbags running around here messing up the place.. Well good……..now show me ONE upstanding citizen (ever) that a cop beat the pizz out of and that cop wasn’t reprimanded for doing it..

          • dufas_duck

            Me….for driving a vehicle that was the same make, model, color, and year that was used in a felony crime. The cops, even though I followed every command that they issued, just assumed I was the perp and executed some of their street justice on me. On the way to jail, an order came over the radio to stand down, the real perp had been caught and identified [and not beaten]. The cops holding me just turned around, drove back to my car and dropped me there with a threat to keep my mouth shut or else……..

            Police work 102 is do whatever the cop feels like with immunity because every other cop will lie and cover for them……

          • Bill Smith2

            Who’s fault was it there you didn’t follow up on it?!?! If you came across some bad cops, were roughed up and you did nothing about it for them to BE reprimanded, that’s YOUR fault!!

          • dufas_duck

            Or get shot or framed for something by the police. They do retaliate or do you live in a cave. Odds are that it would be the usual police retort of “We have investigated ourselves and found we never do anything wrong…” which usually nothing is done or they are given another paid vacation…..

          • Bill Smith2

            So pull up some verifiable news stories of those that did have a big enough pair to lodge a complaint or maybe hired a lawyer to pursue justice.. If my post is wrong, and the cops ARE out there just terrorizing normal everyday citizens, there should be atleast one you can find..

          • dufas_duck

            Here is just a few….


            Police even retaliate againts one of their own





            This one is interesting in that the police investigate themselves anytime a complaint is lodged against them. The self investigation usually finds they did no wrong by design. Now Kansas wants to make it a felony to make a police compliant that the police themselves will investigate and will automatically be found as false…


            There is more from the recent NYPD police antics going back to the guy who filmed the Rodney King beating.

          • Bill Smith2

            I’m tired of running down articles after I post that.. Let’s just assume that what those credible link you have there are completely accurate.. That still make 99.9999999% of what I posted true……………so relax and obey the law.. They aren’t after you..

          • dufas_duck

            I do obey the law…it hasn’t helped… just haven’t been shot ……..yet..

            Don’t know what kind of cop pulls one over until after it happens…

          • Bill Smith2

            Never mind.. I’m not chasing your tail.. Tell you what, we’ll just start fresh with the next similar story.. The one that is bound to happen any time now.. The one that the cops will be under the microscope for with their mistakes and actions while dealing with individuals that just HAPPEN to be (by shear coincidence, luck of the draw, what are the odds) the a__hats of society that liberals such as yourself will coddle with their every breath..

          • dufas_duck

            First of all, I’m not a liberal. I vote Republican. My anti-cop bias started when I was young and still in high school. [I’m in my mid 70s now] Things like cops breaking my taillight or windshield with their baton and writing me up for vehicle non-compliance, or when I got broad side at a stop light by a plain clothes officer who blamed me for the accident when he was drinking and driving. He could barely stand up he was so drunk. He threatened to shoot me. Other cops came in and settled him down but still backed the drunk cops claim… Nothing that police have done since then has been any better… I don’t trust the cops one bit….

          • Bill Smith2


            ……..don’t really care

          • dufas_duck

            Fits you perfectly………………..

          • Bill Smith2

            Well, it’s the next story already.. Only a few days later, this time out of Baltimore.. Wouldn’t you know, I was right: “Gray had a long history of run-ins with the law.. A search of his name brings up more than 20 cases in the Maryland judiciary going back to 2007.. They’re mostly drug-related charges, though he was charged with second-degree assault, according to court documents.. He also spent a month in prison in 2013 for drug possession, and he was due in court Friday on another possession charge”..

            Which directly goes back to the post you replied to.. The only folks that seem to be having trouble dealing with traffic stops and other LE contact situations seems to be ARE the ____bags of society that are running around here messing up the place.. Well good.. Now does my post say anything about who I ‘care about’?? Does my post inference any suggestion of emotion even?? No.. It simply states that the crowd that keeps having all the trouble with the cops are the ____holes of society that seem to think the rules don’t apply to them.. The criminal element of society.. The people that prey on us regular folk..

            See you at the next story I guess.. The one that is bound to happen any time now.. The one that the cops will be under the microscope for with their mistakes and actions while dealing with individuals that just HAPPEN to be (by shear coincidence, luck of the draw, what are the odds) the ___hats of society..

          • dufas_duck

            Why bother with courts. Just have the cops kill anyone they deem to be a crook ??
            No one is ever innocent of anything and cops never make mistakes……

            People always deserve what they get at the hands of the cops…..

          • Bill Smith2

            Ooooh, no.. I suggested NONE of what you just referenced.. As I said, the only people that were having all this trouble with LE contacts ARE the ___bags of society.. You didn’t believe me, so I told you I’d just look you up when the next story comes along and LOW-N-BEHOLD…..it’s another ___hole that was having trouble with the cops again..

            There’s more than just one commonality to these stories other than people getting thumped by the cops……they’re all degenerate f__ks..

          • dufas_duck

            The point that I sarcastically touched on was that innocent people can and do get screwed by the police and the police are not as perfect as you paint them to be..not everyone is your scum dirt bags.

            If you think that scum is the only people that get dunged by the police, eliminate the courts and just have the police kill everyone that they have contact with…save a lot of time and trouble…if everyone is a dirt bag as you believe, correct ?????

          • Bill Smith2

            In the parameters I posted, I am accurate 99.999999% of the time.. I could spend a lifetime sending you updates on the NEXT story that would be as accurate as this one and the last.. The next one will be the same deal.. Cops try to detain __hole while doing __hole things, __hole makes a break for it or fights and gets hurt/killed in the process.. Same story, different day..

            Get rid of the courts?? No, never suggested that.. What I will suggest is that people stop committing crimes to put themselves into situations where fighting/running now seems like a viable option.. I will also suggest that we need to stop admonishing those that KNOW what they are doing, from people that THINK they know how things really work.. In fact, you should go get a pair of handcuffs, a couple buddies, head out to the concrete driveway and practice putting them on someone that puts up a fight.. Take turns and see how many times it takes to draw alittle blood.. Maybe pull a hammie.. Make it more interesting and get a fake weapon to conceal.. Give the “perp” instructions that he cant be taken alive!! May be he even resorts to bitting a few of you.. Make the bet with him that if he pokes you with a knife or shoots you, you all hafta pay him a years salary.. See how fun and easy it is..

            GOOD LUCK!!

          • dufas_duck

            OK, you are correct…all cops are perfect and everyone else is an asshole…..

          • Bill Smith2

            Didn’t say that either..

            See you at the next story, which will be the same story, different day..

          • dufas_duck

            That’s what you intimate every time you post…..

          • Bill Smith2

            Just pointing out there are commonalities to these stories other than, “OOOOOO!! LOOK WHAT the COPS DID”!!

          • dufas_duck

            Yep, cops do no wrong is the commonality your pushing……..

          • Bill Smith2

            Did I say that either?? Nope.. You’re trying to build an awful lot of bridges from my posts..

            Anyway, see you at the next story…..dufus..

          • dufas_duck

            0.000001 out of 700,000 cops are wrong is what you shown. So, cops must be statistically perfect in you world. You talk like a cop or a cop wanna be……..

          • Bill Smith2

            0.000001 out of 700,000 have whooped the __ses of people that were upstanding citizens that shouldn’t have and that’s wrong and I care about that.. Probably a full 1/3 have whooped __ses out of that criminal element of society at one time or another in their careers and it’s equally as wrong……but I just don’t give a flying f__k because guess what?? That’s right sports fans, they are the d__chbags of society making life miserable for the common working stiff.. Boo hoo, let me get them a tissue.. I can get them instructions on how not to be a menace to society with that box of Kleenex, to help them avoid further problems down the road.. That’ll do them and society a lot more good than holding their hand afterwards and telling them THEY were the victims in all of what they created for themselves..

          • Bill Smith2

            OMG!! Another police beating!! This time in Delaware.. And another __bag of society.. Career criminal………just as I predicted..

            See you at the next story like this!! The one that is bound to happen any time now.. The one that the cops will be under the microscope for with their mistakes and actions while dealing with individuals that just HAPPEN to be (by shear coincidence, luck of the draw, what are the odds) the __holes of society..

          • dufas_duck

            You keep trying and failing… So, I’ll concede that cops never do anything wrong and the bad cop is just a myth as you cherry pick your way through life, have a good one…………..

        • nicholasstix

          “A significantly high percentage of violence by police occur during traffic stops…”

          “Violation of a statutory law is not a crime…”

          I don’t know if you’re an imbecile, but you’re most definitely a liar. Traffic
          stops are most dangerous for cops, not citizens. And violation of a law is most
          definitely a crime. The phrase “statutory law” is generally redundant (“statute”
          and “law” are synonyms). A statute, law or, if you will, “statutary law,” is any
          governmental act that was passed as a bill by a legislative body and signed by
          a governor or president, which prohibits or mandates certain conduct, and whose violation can result in imprisonment, fines, or both. (A regulation imposed by a governmental agency without being passed by a legislative body and signed into law by an elected executive does not qualify.)

          Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

          • Ed

            No need for name calling, Nicky. Administrative law violations such as those for which traffic tickets are issued aren’t crimes. That’s why court appearances on those charges don’t result in an actual trial. Police aren’t required to give any evidence but their own testimony and their testimony is given the greatest weight.

            Administrative law statutes prescribe fines for actions which cause no injury to person or property. Such laws are money traps for the jurisdictions involved in their enforcement.

          • dufas_duck

            Also. in many states, the Department of Motor Vehicles can issue edicts that are considered law…..

          • Lynn Walker

            It makes no difference who is an imbecile or liar, the common law requirement for an action to be considered a crime is that damage must be done to person or property. Legislative bodies pass statutory laws, which change from black to white all of the time and have no bearing on whether anyone is harmed other than the authority of the state. Traffic laws fall under this second category and are not truly crimes. Criminals cause injury to persons and property. Common sense, and common law. Defying the authority is not truly a crime, except in the distorted definition promoted by our political sell-outs.

    • Charlie Primero

      The cure for police state is more laws and more government. Brilliant reasoning there.

  • Bill Smith2

    The real kick in the junk here?? He’s gotta go through the same court system and processes that everyone else goes through now.. The accused are afforded every edge the system has to offer them through decades of case law.. At every turn is a technicality that leads to a case never going to trial, appeals, etc…..from the two-bit thief to the mass murderer, and nobody had a problem with it…….unless it’s a cop….then boobies come along and suggest they just deserve to be shot and killed immediately because NOW suddenly the justice system should work perfectly!!

    Sorry folks.. He’ll take that plea for Man/Invol Man and be out after 8 years with his good time, double nicey nice behavior, early release……….just like everyone else..

    • implicaverse .

      It’s hard to reconcile your Bill Oh’Really right-winger view of the criminal justice system with the reality that we have more prisoners per capita than any other nation in the world.

    • Lyin Ryin More

      He wont even go. He will be fucking the dispatch whores and maybe even have the boob job on his dyke looking wife, all pigs have the skinny dyke wife and fat latina on the side…its sad and disgraceful, just like the pigs to whom you admire.

      • Bill Smith2

        He’ll do time.. He killed a guy under circumstances pretty much everyone agrees was “out of bounds”.. He just won’t do 150 years or get the DP, like all the criminals, that you stand up for, want..

        • Lynn Walker

          Name a cop who is doing time for killing a citizen while on duty. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but I’m guessing no one can name one, and there likely aren’t any.

          • Bill Smith2

            There aren’t that many, wiki has a list, but it’s only a handful EVER.. It’s not because it happens and never get prosecuted, it’s because it never happens.. This guy will be the first I know of recently..

          • Elvin Bishop

            It never happens? (And I know you don’t mean that literally.)

            Never happens, like the woman in Iowa?


            No charges in that case.

            The only wiki page I can find on police convicted of murder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:American_police_officers_convicted_of_murder) appear to be cases where the murder was conducted in their “private” lives, not like the Walter Scott situation.

            In order for it to be true that virtually all cop shootings are valid, you have to believe the following:

            1. Cops routinely lie, yet tell the truth when it comes to shootings.
            2. Cops are telling the truth in 100% of cases not video recorded, yet somehow are only lying when there is a video. (The rare examples when cops are charged are generally accompanied by video.)
            3. Throwdown weapons are never used.
            4. Police never escalate situations.
            5. US citizens are 70 times more violent than citizens of other first world countries (http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-kill-citizens-70-times-rate-first-world-nations/).

            If you can personally believe all of those, then it’s easy to come to the conclusion you have come to. If you can’t believe all of those to be true, take a hard look in the mirror and acknowledge that there are more situations where police should be charged than they are.

    • dufas_duck

      Unless the DA perilously muffs the case against the cop as happens many times or they offer a plea deal where the cop resigns,walks with his police certificate and becomes a cop in the next town………

  • Hank

    I suppose this “policeman” showed to his fellow officers that he is a real man who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on his fellow citizens! Now he an brag about and have a sort of “promotion” amongst his fellow killer cops. Someone pray tell me why police shoot unarmed people to death when they can easily stop most if not all of them with just a shot in the air(like in the movies). Or better yet, why not just shoot a person in the legs? Cops like these should NOT be cops, for obvious reasons.

    Thanks Israel- you’re doing a great job of making Americans all Palestinians with your training of American law enforcement!

  • Lynn Walker

    The only good cop in a police state is a dead cop. You watch Star Wars and applaud the killing of the Imperial Stormtroopers. American police are literally our version of Imperial Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, many of these persons joined with the good intention to serve and protect (the general population and the Constitution) but in our current Orwellian world ruled by an immoral, criminal oligarchy where money buys “right” these persons have sold out their integrity and position, protecting and serving only the most rich and powerful. We need a movement to turn the hearts and minds of our brothers and neighbors who have been turned against us for a few trinkets.

    • Lyin Ryin More

      even the families of the dead take the cash and never ever ask for the deptartments restructuring….until the family who stands up and doesn’t take the money..we will continue this charade of justice

  • jadan

    If you kill some one, you will create the fear in yourself that some one is going to kill you. There are cops in our country who fear for their lives because they are themselves murderers. There are many more who put themselves in harm’s way confronting murderers and criminals. These are the good cops who are less fearful and more likely to prevent violent confrontation because they don’t see potential killers in everyone they encounter in the line of duty. There has to be some kind of screening procedure that can weed out the killer cops….

    • nomadfiles

      It’s not the individual rogue cop that is the primary problem. It’s the police culture that breeds and protects and covers up for them and fights to get them off when they commit murder and other acts of brutality. You have a system that breeds these monsters. Got to change that system. Start by taking away their license to kill. In some effective way. It should be a much bigger deal for a policeman to kill someone than it is now.

      • nomadfiles
      • dufas_duck

        Yep…It’s the police stating the usual and in almost all instances that “We have investigated ourselves and found we never do anything wrong…..” just as happened befor the SC cop shot the man in the back until the video came to light…. OOOPS

    • nomadfiles

      This is the police culture I’m talking about:

      ‘But as Harris lay dying, officers are heard on tape mocking him.

      “Fuck your breath,” a cop responds.’

    • nomadfiles
  • truth

    There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear.

    The decline is gradual and present everywhere.

  • nomadfiles
  • So sorry to disrupt your usual narrative here, but what the initial report claimed about a violent struggle for the taser is TRUE. You people should try honesty for once in your lives. Doesn’t mean it was a good shoot, but it mitigates what happened and points to manslaughter rather than murder.

    Here’s a still frame shot from the early, shaky part of the video, showing Scott ON TOP OF officer Slager (you can find this yourself in the video):