Bad Guys Pushing THIS WEEK to Promote Global Tyranny Run By Corporations

Here’s How to STOP Them

The powers-that-be are pushing this week to fast track a horrible treaty which would destroy America.

The treaty is called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The U.S. Trade Representative – the federal agency responsible for negotiating trade treaties – has said that the details of the TPP are classified due to “national security”.

Parts of the TPP won’t be declassified for four years … even if it’s passed:

The TPP Investment Chapter … is classified and supposed to be kept secret for four years after the entry into force of the TPP agreement or, if no agreement is reached, for four years from the close of the negotiations.

(See this, this and this.)

Why’s the deal being kept secret? Because it would be impossible to pass if the public knew what was really in it:

Ron Kirk, until recently Mr. Obama’s top trade official, was remarkably candid about why he opposed making the text public: doing so, he suggested to Reuters, would raise such opposition that it could make the deal impossible to sign.

Senator Elizabeth Warren notes:

Supporters of the deal say to me, “They have to be secret, because if the American people knew what was actually in them, they would be opposed.”

But it’s not only being hidden from the American people … it’s being hidden even from most U.S. Congress members.

A Congressman who has seen the text of the treaty says:

There is no national security purpose in keeping this text secret … this agreement hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests.

It would also allow foreign corporations to challenge U.S. laws.  It will literally override American law.  As the New York Times headlines  in Trans-Pacific Partnership Seen as Door for Foreign Suits Against U.S.:

Companies and investors would be empowered to challenge regulations, rules, government actions and court rulings — federal, state or local — before tribunals organized under the World Bank or the United Nations.

Ron Paul says that the TPP would erode national sovereignty:

While it’s falsely called a “trade agreement”, only 5 out of 29 of TPP’s chapters have anything to do with trade.  And conservatives point out that even the 5 chapters on trade do not promote free trade. Bloomberg calls TPP a “corporatist power grab”, “as democratic and transparent as a one-party state,” and shrouded in “Big Brother-like secrecy”.

TPP would increase the cost of consumer loansmake prescription drugs more expensive, destroy privacy, harm food safetylet Wall Street run amok, make it illegal to favor local businesses, and – yes –  literally act to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and the other nations which sign the bill.

A very credible inside source – with a proven track record of access, accuracy, intelligence and dedication to working for our country – tells Washington’s Blog that TPP contains provisions which would severely harm America’s national security. Specifically, like some previous, ill-conceived treaties, TPP would allow foreign companies to buy sensitive American assets which could subject us to terror attacks or economic blackmail.

Huffington Post quotes the New York Times and Wikileaks to explain how the dispute provisions would gut the American legal system:

The WikiLeaks analysis explains that this lets firms “sue” governments to obtain taxpayer compensation for loss of “expected future profits.”

Let that sink in for a moment: “[C]ompanies and investors would be empowered to challenge regulations, rules, government actions and court rulings — federal, state or local — before tribunals….” And they can collect not just for lost property or seized assets; they can collect if laws or regulations interfere with these giant companies’ ability to collect what they claim are “expected future profits.”

The Times‘ report explains that this clause also “giv[es] greater priority to protecting corporate interests than promoting free trade and competition that benefits consumers.”

The tribunals that adjudicate these cases will be made up of private-sector (i.e., corporate) attorneys. These attorneys will rotate between serving on the tribunals and representing corporations that bring cases to be heard by the tribunals. This is a conflict of interest because the attorneys serving on the tribunals will have tremendous incentive to rule for the corporations if they want to continue to get lucrative corporate business.


This ISDS mechanism [“Investor-State Dispute Settlement” tribunals created by TPP] originates from a time when investors in wealthy, developed countries wanted to invest in projects in unstable “third-world,” “banana-republic”-style countries but worried that dictators or revolutionary governments could decide to seize their property — a refinery, railroad or factory — leaving them with no recourse. So before investing, the target country agrees that in the case of disputes, a tribunal is set up outside and beyond the reach of the country’s justice system (courts where the judge is a brother or other crony of the dictator, for example), providing recourse in the event of unjust seizure of property. This would make investment less risky.

However, under agreements like the TPP, these provisions apply to and override the laws of modern, stable, developed countries with democratic governance and fair court systems. The corporate representatives negotiating modern trade agreements see such democratically run governments as “burdensome” and chaotic, introducing “uncertainties” and “interfering” or “meddling” with the corporate order. As one supporter of these ISDS provisions put it, they protect corporations from “the waves of madness that occasionally flit through the population.”

To give an idea of what would happen to American law if TPP passes, just look at Equador …   Its courts awarded billions against Chevron for trashing huge swaths of rainforest.  But then a private arbitration panel simply ignored the country’s court system. If TPP passes, we’ll be treated like a third world country, and our American laws and courts will be ignored as well.

(Those opposed to a “one world government” or a “new world order” should oppose TPP as the big fight.  Conservatives might want to read read this.  Remember that one of the best definitions of fascism – the one used by Mussolini – is the “merger of state and corporate power”.  TPP a giant step in that direction.)

The backers of TPP – including Obama and many in Congress – are trying to approve a “fast track” procedure this week that would prevent Congress from having any real input into the agreement, or to even have the opportunity to debate what should be in the agreement.

But the treaty is so bad, that if we just defeat the attempt to fast-track it, it will die a natural death as soon as it’s made public … and Congress has to engage in serious debate on the horrible agreement, and answer to its angry constituents.

The American people are already strongly opposed to TPP, and are disgusted by the proposed fast-tracking of the TPP vote. But we have to let our Congress members’ know how we feel on this.

We’ve stopped other bad trade bills … and we can stop this one.

Make your voice heard and tell Congress NO to TPP!

Postscript: Find your House member here, and your Senator here.

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  • USA

    What happen to the transparency act? How is it that all this can continue without action and charges brought on those who are keeping it secret. I feel thats why all the attention is on Iran right now .. So no one pays attention to any of what this article is telling you.. Its the magician hat trick.. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!

    • sharon oliveria

      Yes! Truther, We say with OB His right hand is indeed Busy with Shadow Govt’s Creating False Flags, & Events that draw our Att, but we best look at what that left hand is doing & is of greater importance to every one of us. You said that didn’t you Truther? I say your right, transparency was just a lie, as He claimed to be Christian, With every lie there was a plan behind it. Indeed who is keeping it Secret? The power that be that are the Shadow Govt behind OB the Elite big Corp’s. Their intent is to have one party Dem’s without a Congress any longer, as were begun to see both party’s have become one under trance of fear by OB, they oppose Him not, they pretend to as He pretend’s to be Pres, but is not yet Dictator but acting as one. people should get this report out of TPP Sheep without a Shepard No Good Shepard but a Wolf come to Destroy all that was Good & free in America is this the Harvest of Sorrow’s we will be looking to, Speak NOW! & LOUD! not in SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • USA

        That’s exactly what I’m saying and I am the Lion waiting for the wolf to jump on the sheep so I can pounce on his ass. Watch “American Sniper” and you will understand my terminology. I thought the movie would suck but is a great inspiring true story. May YehWeh Bless his family everyday as his memory lives on.

  • hidflect

    If this passes, it’s over. Not because of the TPP itself (although it will definitely make matter worse for normal people) but because a document that is despised by the majority of both sides of the political spectrum can still be passed unimpeded.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    ….the US Congress is a wholesale traitor. It is a feloniously corrupted, untouchable enemy from within. There is nothing that the constituency can do about it either. The beast owns Congress and the entire system.

    • sharon oliveria

      Yes & we are slowly Heading toward that real Beast, these are those that will bring on 666 & tell you this is it, no laws will protect you from it. We do not have to submit Never!

  • Bob Smith

    The purpose of secrets is to keep your enemies off guard so they can’t use the information against your plans. If Congressmen are saying they need to keep the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) secret or the people will opposite it, then what they are really saying is that the people are the ENEMY.

    • sharon oliveria

      Mr Bob Smith, every word you say is right, we once again have been the Enemy to oppose & disagree we are the Enemy! The word Secret would be picture to be the Real Enemy, you see dark room’s Laughing Rich Evil Men deciding our fade as a Nation of people without a Law to protect us or a leg for us to stand on, the picture comes of ,we are being held Hostage with our hands tied behind us while un-Declared Dictator is working the works of one in over drive, OB go’s in Secret to make Secret plans with Secret Men. Congress where are you? are you still lingering in the Obama Trance of Fear imposed on you to do nothing for the people who voted for you & who you are suppose to serve? I think you take the, “To serve the Pres Wishes” a little Broad & now unfitting for One who has done such harm to American people. God Help! Us All!

      • Battlesheep

        It has now become crystal clear. WE are the enemy of the government that WE elected!
        I must admit that I don’t know what we are going to do.

        Protest marches will simply result in numerous casualties.

        I’ll leave it at that.

      • Battlesheep

        It has now become crystal clear. WE are the enemy of the government that WE elected!
        I must admit that I don’t know what we are going to do.

        Protest marches will simply result in numerous casualties.

        I’ll leave it at that.

        • sharon oliveria

          I don’t know either just pray in Jesus Name leave it in God’s Hands its gone to deep, too Long but we have a Mighty God ask for His Mercy & protection against all enemies that would come against Us

          • GOD told us in HIS word there will be a new world order ONE WORLD MONEY,ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,ONE WORLD EDUCATION AND ONE WORLD RELIGION.It is the description of the four headed beast Satan.There are somethings we can’t change not that we should try and pray but things will go exactly the way GOD SAID IT WOULD and HE doesn’t change HIS mind you can count on when HE says YA it’s YA when HE SAYS NA it is NA.He tells us HE will be with us and this battle will be between HIM and satan and for those who study and read HIS letter chapter and verse know at the end of the book GOD and HIS children the overcomers have the VICTORY. AMEN

          • sharon oliveria

            Yes! at some point in time, God’s Timing, it will be for it is written it will be. Yes! We are God’s Warriors that answer the call to Jesus but The Battle is the Lords!, & Yes! we know who wins that Last Battle between Satan & Jesus Jesus indeed does win & Will have Victory over all & Satan Praise God! He says to Fear not, for He will be with us until the very end! Thank You Jesus

          • Dubiousmack

            What if I told you evil men created revelation and sent it back in time so you would do nothing when action was required of you. That you would not take the mark, that you would wait and starve until you die doing nothing to oppose evil believing it was written thus. This is what happened.

          • sharon oliveria

            I Believe in God Jesus & Holy Spirit, The preacher, Teachers All the Watchmen have warned & Said, “Repent turn from your Wicked ways”, have tried to expose & stop those that are working under Shadow Govt’sfor Satan Jesus Will have Victory in last Battle Beween Jesus & Satan Jesus WINS!

          • Dubiousmack

            You believe in a creation of evil men who went back in time to plant this specific belief to make you useless in the present is all I am saying.

          • fritz

            If you would have told us , We surely would have proclaimed You for LEADERSHIP !!!

          • Dubiousmack

            Would you still, I am telling you now.

          • fritz

            Until today , No – however styled God has “Contacted Me” , I follow my Own idea of the “IDEA” ! REASON is far beyond every BELIEVE , concocted in phantasmagorial NARRATIVES !

          • fritz

            You surely are a follower NOT by Words , but by DEEDS !

          • Dubiousmack

            It is not his word, the bible is just a boring manuscript of corrupt men. I mean George Washington didn’t think some magic sky fairy was going to come and save him or create some celestial kingdom, in fact that is a new interpretation founded by the jews. You need to wake up and fight, you are making the prophecies fit the current narrative. There is no end of times until the last proton is shattered. You are part of the problem.

          • fritz

            Call me “Dubiousfritz” ! If “Dubious Nuts” like “You” blow their “Warrior – Imidating Self – Perception” to the new HIGHT of a “JUDGE” , I only have to stumbl >>> TURN OFF THE LIGHT ! Good NIGHT ! <<<

          • fritz

            Could You pass his address , or phone-number ?

      • Lugnut Capp

        Fuck the pit of hell

  • APRIL 1, 2015 Leaked TPP Investment Chapter Reveals Serious Threat to User Safeguards

    A newly leaked chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement from Wikileaks has confirmed some of our worst fears about the agreement. The latest provisions would enable multinational corporations to undermine public interest rules through an international tribunal process called investor state dispute settlement (ISDS). Under this process, foreign companies can challenge any new law or government action at the federal, state, or local level, in a country that is a signatory to the agreement.

    • sharon oliveria

      Meet The New Declared God over All, its Satan behind the Mask TPP You will become a person without a face, A Country without a Voice or leg to stand on

  • Dec 19, 2014 Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP Repeats Lies, Deception, Denials of NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO

    William F. Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American magazine, exposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s (TPP) dangers to our national sovereignty, especially in light of our experience with NAFTA. President Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry not only is a key supporter of the TPP, but was also a supporter of NAFTA when he was in the Senate in the early 1990s.

    • sharon oliveria

      Anything John Kerry is behind you know is Bad & Deceive is His MO

  • unheilig

    TPP is totally EVIL, and don’t forget TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) does the same thing to Europe. Now THAT’s hegemony.

    • Lugnut Capp

      Fuck Satan shit is what all of this crap is.

  • sharon oliveria

    I Can’t believe while we sleep & Congress has no! idea OB does what He does, Not Best His Worst sell USA & American People out once again, this go’s again against the realm of Sane, Corp’s will own it all & no opposing them our law’s will no longer apply . Is there no! One or way He can be stopped, at this point He can do anything to the people that gave their all to this Country to see their Children & Grand children’s Future lost & sold out to Big Corp’s that will run it all by no law or reason to their Evil Goal of Power & riches. People Rome is burning all around us is there a Voice to cry out? God! Help us & stop this In Jesus Name

  • Ranger

    I love Congress, Corporations, Banks, and the Federal Government!!!

    How can you not take advantage and steal everything from the American People, including their entire nation and rights, when it is so easy!

    A nation of fat, lazy, self indulged, self centered, and mindless zombies with smart phones for the stupid.

  • dan from ohio

    if this passes all who voted for it should be considered traitors and hunted down

    • sharon oliveria


  • Catbird

    Ron Kirk was mayor of Dallas in the 1990’s and he’s a stinker. He sold the city a river park with a town lake and then changed the ballot language to put a 6-lane high-speed toll road down the center of the river. He’s a bad man with a history of doing terrible things.

    • sharon oliveria

      The Pork Kinda Like the Bridge to No place. No Kidding you cross over to a dead end, There crook’s in all of our Pocket’s! our tax Pocket that pays for this Pork, they had to call it that the Pigs that steal from the tax payer’s

  • TheAntiProgressive

    Yeah I just called one of my Senators and “they know nothing”, it hasn’t been released. Enough of all this “secret” garbage where the pols sell out our jobs, sovereignty and rights. We have all seen recently from the Clintons just how the politicians sell us all out for personal gain. This has to stop.

    • sharon oliveria

      Antip If you loo back at the report it says SECRET Meeting without Congress Knowledge contact your Congress, Trey G The Head of the IRS & B-4 hearing’s really gets angry when He hears about these thing’s,He would be great one to contact, call all you have numbers for! this is how the Iran Agreement got started OB & His Secret meeting’s without Congress Knowledge. OB need’s one of those things around His ankle to follow His every step, He’s acting as a Dictator on Over Drive! Good! Job! AntiPro you did more than read & comment !

  • Arizona

    ME,I’am not worried about TPP at all,IT will, by its nature cause the death of every government congressman,most if not all government officals,and cut down on stupid in america,as they will gladly cull themselves,protecting their daddy satan……….and all his minions,in america,when its over, the dumbest people on earth will have passed on, to their new daddy satan in hell,now what could go wrong with that………TO THOSE OF YOU WHO CARE,..GET CLOSE TO THE LORD,YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID,the BLOOD is about to flow everywhere in america…………

    • sharon oliveria

      Yes! AZ this is the Hour for Repentance, He will forgive all if they come with a true Heart to Jesus, Now is the Hour Of Salvation,seek Him while He is near, for darkness will come upon the Earth like no! other time on Earth, Banks Crashing,Cern opening dark matter uncontrolled will be allowing 60ft Fire-breathing flesh eating Demon Monster’s to Come through the Port-Holes & onto the Earth, if they can’t kill ISIS you think they can kill these Demons they have lose upon the Earth?

  • lawrencebaker

    I have to laugh when people say the Fascist “New World Odor” is collapsing along with our
    manufacturing economy and the financial Washington bankster Empire of Debt and
    Chaos. Wrong! The group of TRAITOR, sociopathic, fascist criminals is insanely
    powerful and still in full control of the USA with the use of blackmail,bribery, murder, and other criminal tools.

    The criminals are pure EVIL with no chance for redemption. The American People are
    their enemy, hell! The People of Earth are their enemy and the criminals want to control or exterminate us all.

    What use to the criminals are you debt slave? Will you work for 15 cents an hour in a concentration
    camp to pay for your room and board?

    These same fun loving criminals are launching the US military against us this summer with the
    “Jade Helm” operation. They want our guns and are expecting a shootout. The
    banksters do not have to face the “American terrorist” enemy; they will hire 10
    percent of the population to control or kill-off the other 90 percent.

    • Lugnut Capp

      Jamie Diamond is A very cute looking guy. Lord Rothchild is A very slimey looking dude. He’s A creature from hell. Some one needs to shoot that bastard so he can go to hell and see satan.

    • sharon oliveria

      Mr Baker you are so very right Their RED-HIT LIST, to grab Take & disappear Many, Disappear is their word for KILL! Their will be a False Flag if people don’t react soon enough, they will want to get the ball rolling, Be Wise & not a Target, These Fema Camp’s have popped up all over USA, Ask your self, “For Who?”, “For What?” We are on their List as Terrorist’s Christian’s, Vet’s Truth teller’s, God&Country, trucker’s Biker’s, Radio Host that tell it like it is, Mom & Pop American, True Preacher’s Speaker’s, Teachers, Vet’s are number One Target, Purged Military that refused to go along with OB His orders to attack, Internet Bloggers those with far reach. The Question should be ask, who aren’t on the list? OB lover’s & followers, Leb’s The left, Gays all these are no! threat to He & the powers that Be. But we have a Mighty God, & in Him do we put our trust “Come Lord Jesus Come”

  • Susan Ford Keller

    “One of the best definitions of fascism – the one used by Mussolini – is the “merger of state and corporate power”. TPP is a giant step in that direction.” The TPP bill is a pig in a poke. NEVER vote yes on any bill you are prohibited from reading first.

    • Lugnut Capp

      Warren Buffett shure is A very goofy looking dude. If you look into his face you can see craters all over in it just like the moon has. The two forhead rinkles on Warren Buffet’s head look like A drainage ditch trough.

    • sharon oliveria

      Yes! The Nancy P (OB-Care) “Sign it First ! then find out whats In it” with her eyes popping out of her head almost & evil smile on her face, the Lie that keep’s on giving People WOULD find out later…

  • Arizona

    WHY are the TOP levels of government so corrupt?…GO TO THE WEB SITE…””…they all been filmed dong this,hunting naked children and raping and murdering them,if they don’t do what their told IT WILL BE EXPOSED,and they’d be in prison the next day and they know it………..and their ALL in on it……..

    • sharon oliveria

      As well The UK the Queen & Royal’s on down all over the World Where Child Traffic “P” Man Child Evil rape & Kill God’s Little ones, There will be a Judgment day for these Evil Animal’s ,To much of the World they don’t have a Clue to what they do, God says, Before The End these Evil doer’s will be revealed to the light of day before Men”. Hilary was just revealed & many will follow, The Gay Life style God Hates He destroyed S&G for this reason, A Gay Pair leads our Country this is a disgrace ,Shameful, God can not look upon sin no wonder He turned His back on the once He Blessed Country, it has become a den of Corruption , as Gay’s put themselves on display in Marching down the street together While in Secret many in leadership & hold Govt Jobs, Yes He said He would turn our Country upside down, that He has, with His followers , will American Have a Harvest of Sorrow’s? How She has Fallen & will be destroyed in one Hour May Big Corp’s Go down with it for they have much blood on their Hand’s

  • Veteran

    And yet the U.S. public keeps re-electing these corrupt members of Congress.

  • If the ameriKan sheeple zombies couldn’t get justice for 9 11 2001, then this will pass & nothing will be done about it too! The sky is the limit for these satanic F’ER’S! They live & act with no fear of consequences! So what should we expect!? Shalom

  • Mylene Mizukosi

    Ephesians 6:12. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over the present darkness,against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 1John 3:8 whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason of the SON of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. 1John 3:15. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer. And you know that a murderer does not have eternal life in him

  • USLibertarian

    It probably is NAFTA and NDAA combined into CISPA. Sounds like an OrwelliIan nightmare..

  • Lugnut Capp

    Tran Pacific Partnership is not the name. The Devil Monster Partnership is what it should be called.

  • teller123

    When did this happen? When do we allow a small group of people to force all this crap on us? I know what time we are in but the apathy of people is just so disheartening. I don’t think we could make it any easier for these people to shove this garbage down our throats and if Americans are not afraid yet they must just be brain dead. I am seeing it happen with my own eyes and I still don’t believe it.

  • Benarkin Rebel

    This evil is not just affecting America, its affecting Australia, The Government here which is really a corporation is selling the people out also, This is amounting to a corporate takeover of the world,
    After all the Banks are behind it, and all politicians have sold their souls to the Banks.

  • David Hawks

    Hey Ross Perot.. Are you hearing another sucking sound?

  • Arizona

    Weather you like it or not,THERES A FAMINE COMING,and when the dollar crashs,THE FOOD will be gone out of the markets faster then you can blink your eyes,WHAT will you eat??,I always laugh when someone tells me they’ll go hunting,hahaha,YEA right,YOU and 50,000 other people,ALL at the same time,I tell them,some of the hunters will not go home empty handed,THEY’LL have “you” for dinner,LISTEN,the LORD is warning ALL his people to STOCKUP,its going to be a long while before you can grow a garden,and YOU MUST have the food and supplies to last long enough to make it,and LIKELY as not,you maybe sharing what you have, SO GET ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE,…and SELL everything you can,the Russians and chinese will get it anyway,SO SELL IT……you’ll need the money,and it will be worthless after a while anyway,so GET SILVER,its will keep your WATER FRESH….thats what they used it for in the old days,a silver dollar in 5 gallons of water will last forever,NO CHEMICALS needed………GET READY,THEIR COMING,AND PRAY TO THE LORD FOR GUIDEANCE,he’ll help you make it…………..

  • Arizona

    LISTEN you guys,THE LORD paid MY BROTHER a visit recently,and told him,PACKUP and be gone to the mountains, before JULY or your going to die,NOW my brother lives in northern Louisana,20 miles from the mississippi river,I told him,come move in with me,DO NOT go to your sons house in california,you will die there for sure,THE RADIATION is off the charts,but the scientists can’t figure out why everything is dieing…..maybe they got cheated in college out of their money,and instead of hearing the truth,THEY WERE LIED TO,OH,they’ll never believe that………….

  • Dubiousmack

    We need a new George Washington.

  • nick quinlan

    The questions is, will congress allow the corporate takeover of the world? Will they allow corporate tyranny over us all? If they do, it will be the biggest betrayal of society in modern history.

  • blissentia

    Wrong on Fascism – Fascist corporatism was more on a guild basis than a corrupt fusion of corporations and multinationals, and workers and managers are organized into estates for dispute resolution, with the state acting as final arbiter. Not to endorse it, but here is a more accurate introduction to Fascism:

  • fritz

    SORRY , for Disturbing rural SUNDAY SCHOOL !!!

  • WhyShouldIVOTE?

    Nazi’s dehumanized the people QUICKLY, the yellow star, seizure of property, including guns; civil liberties, free speech…then the ghettos, then the camps, and then the crematoriums.
    TPP is slow….