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We’re considering expanding our servers to keep up with bandwidth. (Plus, our ISP says we got hit by a malicious hacker from Russia last month, who launched a DoS attack on the site, which chewed through system resources.  This means we’ve been hit with large expenses dealing with the usage issues).

In addition, we have several whistleblower interviews planned. And we’re getting closer to committing to writing a book  … we’ve got the title and chapters sketched out.  The book will document – with the level of detail and links to original source documentation you’ve come to expect from Washington’s Blog – the pervasive corruption in government, too big to fail banks, giant welfare queen corporations, military, intelligence agencies, religious and educational institutions.  And then we’ll give solutions.

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Note: Donations of $1,000 or more will help me talk the little lady into letting me write it, and so will get an autographed copy of our book as soon as it’s done … with a personal note of thanks.

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  • Axel

    1) As you may well know and that for decades, many so-called Russia Hacks, scams etcetera have been traced and originated to be from the USA.

    2) Also and as you may well know, without proper, reasonable and forthright, (and to or from my perception and/or seemingly mandated within our USA Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Laws, Rules, Practices and procedures, (etcetera) there must be similar ‘Oversight and Accountability’, (and within Law and to at least try to ‘make whole’.
    [The hope of Good to hopefully triumphant over (everlasting) Evil]. From my perspective those efforts and endeavors require, Redemption(s) then the hopes of Reconciliation(s) and the hopes of Reparation(s)
    and the respects and Memories thereof……………………….

    In sadness and within remaining hopes for successful accomplishments.

  • kimyo

    at a recent family event, several members commented that they never have time to read. one mentioned that she gets to read one book a year, while on vacation. these are highly educated people, master’s degrees, cornell graduates, mit graduates.

    i suggest that instead of a 300 page book which will get read by 10,000 or fewer readers, that a knock-out, utterly convincing 3 page pamphlet, read by millions, is what will deliver the most desirable results.

    the job of getting the pamphlet distributed to the millions would fall to the faithful readers here at washington’s blog.

  • Keep spreading the articles around on email and social media sites. Donate if you can. And lead potential whistle blowers to the site. Let’s support independent investigative journalism any way we can!! Thanks Washington’s Blog

  • Bev

    Thanks washingtonsblog for so often being brave in your reporting. And, thank you for allowing me to try to fund raise for CODE RED to try to return to a democracy by using hand counted paper ballots posted in precinct on election night to escape those right wing voting, scanning machines. The power of Truth and Democracy is an important solution to help every family and community to solve many problems.

    The other solution that I keep repeating that I think would help the most people, businesses, and nations fast (and survival itself as a species) is a Debt-free Public/Government Money as proposed by and the bill which is . All nations need to adopt in order to have enormous funding for new engineering to try to reduce the dangers of Fukushima, WIPP, the 400 aging nuclear plants, plus restabilizing climate change instability. This is a tried, true and brave solution as six times in America’s past we have done this with the help of our best presidents–Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy among others. Everyone needs to support and Protect all politicians who do this again for the common good, for generations to survive.

    A Question: Dear Washingtonsblog, what do you make of the recent emergence of several sites co-opting the article on Seahawks Coach Pete Caroll Questioning 9/11? Sometimes these new sites are ahead of your article as ranked by google. Are these sites spreading the article around in case of internet censorship, or are they preempting, diluting and perhaps editing the article to supplant yours? And, it is not just that article, but others. Any info? The sites when googling article are: