Help On-The-Ground American Reporter In Ukraine Buy a Camera

Crowdfund a Videocam So We Can See What’s REALLY Going On

Intrepid American reporter George Eliason is living in – and reporting from – Ukraine.

He’s risking his life to bring us unbiased, on-the-ground reporting in English … which we can’t get anywhere else.

Eliason sent us the following email this morning:

I need to do a crowdfunding campaign that will hopefully purchase a news quality camera.


Twice I was offered a camera and both times it slipped away. It’ll make an interesting write-up someday.


This will make news quality video in English from Donbass available to you directly. It will give us the ability to document the events here as they transpire and post interviews and make real footage available for your own use.


We want to raise the bar for news providers here this year but need help to do so. By delivering footage to good news outlets and segueing into video articles/ short documentaries we can increase the impact the news here has in the west. Hopefully, this will cut down on PR, propaganda, and lies that are driving the news now.

We have put most of our own income into the humanitarian effort for the last 8 months and are coming up short now.

To pitch in to help Eliason by a videocam, you can wire money here:

BANK DETAILS[Note from Washington’s Blog: We have no involvement whatsoever in processing, receiving, handling, allocating,  distributing or even tracking these funds. We have no connection with this bank account, and will receive no funds from it.  It goes directly to Eliason.]

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  • cettel

    As a journalist who has followed Eliason’s reporting on Ukraine since even before the coup, and who at first thought that he might have been exaggerating the horrible things that he was reporting, I can attest to his remarkably courageous honesty in that regard, because everything that he was saying was happening has subsequently been confirmed. I think that he will be a great video documentarian of the events in Donbass, not someone who reports mere propaganda but instead someone who reports whatever is important that is going on around him.

    • jo6pac


  • This VICE news channel has been providing real good reporting from the interior of Ukraine.

    Apr 24, 2015 Why Are American Troops in Ukraine? – Russian Roulette (Dispatch 108)

    Three hundred American soldiers have arrived in western Ukraine. In the latest dispatch, Simon Ostrovsky traveled there to find out what their mission is.

    • jason walker

      how much does he need? I will raid the piggy bank for that man!