Head of U.S. Drone and Torture Programs – Which Have Boosted Muslim Terrorist Recruitment – Is a Muslim

Torture and drone assassinations by the American government are major recruiting tools for Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist groups … and they have created many more terrorists than they’ve stopped.

Ironically, a Muslim is largely responsible for both programs.

The New York Times reports:

Perhaps no single C.I.A. officer has been more central to the effort than Michael D’Andrea, a gaunt, chain-smoking convert to Islam who was chief of operations during the birth of the agency’s detention and interrogation program and then, as head of the C.I.A. Counterterrorism Center, became an architect of the targeted killing program. Until last month, when Mr. D’Andrea was quietly shifted to another job, he presided over the growth of C.I.A. drone operations and hundreds of strikes in Pakistan and Yemen during nine years in the position.


Both programs were led by some of the same people.


Mr. D’Andrea was a senior official in the Counterterrorism Center when the agency opened the Salt Pit, a notorious facility in Afghanistan where prisoners were tortured. His counterterrorism officers oversaw the interrogation and waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. His actions are described in the withering Senate Intelligence Committee report about torture that was released late last year, although he was not identified publicly.


In secret meetings on Capitol Hill, Mr. D’Andrea was a forceful advocate for the drone program and won supporters among both Republicans and Democrats.


The drone program has been largely immune from the criticism in Congress that other C.I.A. programs have attracted. In 2009, for example, when it became public that the agency had once hired the private security firm Blackwater to hunt and kill suspected terrorists, a member of Congress called Mr. D’Andrea a “murderer” during a private briefing ….

I presume that , internally, Mr. D’Andrea argued that “targeted” torture and killing of Muslim terrorists would arouse less hostility towards the United States than invasion by the U.S. military.

But Mr. D’Andrea’s tactics have backfired, and caused the ranks of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist groups to swell.

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  • Wait one moment I have more. Who knew?

    US history – “How Jimmy Carter I Started the Mujahideen” – Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor 1977-1981 (Jan.1998)

    “Q: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs [“From the Shadows”], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?


    Zbigniew Brzezinski Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan pep talk 1979

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Trustee, Trilateral Commission; Director (1973-1976)

    Director, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (1972 to 1977)

    In 1979 Carters National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski went into Pakistans border regions with Afghanistan to give a little pep talk to some prospective majehadeen (Holy Warriors).

    In a 1997 interview for CNN’s Cold War Series, Brzezinski hinted about the Carter Administration’s proactive Afghanistan policy before the Soviet invasion in 1979, that he had conceived.

    QUESTION: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don’t regret anything today?


  • Rehmat

    Another propaganda crap from the Jew York Times. Drones don’t create Islamic terrorism. Most of major, so-called “Islamic terrorist groups”, like Al-Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, etc. are creation of the US and Israel to demonize Muslims and Islam.