The Decline and Fall of the United States

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
–Robert Frost

After a speech I gave this past weekend, a young woman asked me whether a failure by the United States to properly surround and intimidate China might result in instability. I explained why I thought the opposite was true. Imagine if China had military bases along the Canadian and Mexican borders with the United States and ships in Bermuda and the Bahamas, Nova Scotia and Vancouver. Would you feel stabilized? Or might you feel something else?

The U.S. empire can continue to see itself as a force for good, doing things that would be unacceptable for anyone else but never to be questioned when performed by the global cop — that is, it can go on not seeing itself at all, expanding, over-reaching, and collapsing from within. Or it can recognize what it’s about, shift priorities, scale back militarism, reverse the concentration of wealth and power, invest in green energy and human needs, and undo the empire a bit sooner but far more beneficially. Collapse is not inevitable. Collapse or redirection is inevitable, and thus far the U.S. government is choosing the path toward the former.

Let’s look at a few of the indicators.


The United States bombs nations in the name of democracy, yet has one of the least democratic and least functioning of the states calling themselves democracies. The U.S. has the lowest voter turnout among wealthy, and lower even than many poor, countries. An election is looming for next year with leading contenders from two aristocratic dynasties. The United States does not use national public initiatives or referenda in the way that some countries do, so its low voter turnout (with over 60% of eligible voters choosing not to vote in 2014) matters all the more. The U.S. democracy is also less democratic than other wealthy democracies in terms of its internal functioning, with a single individual able to launch wars.

Low public participation is not the result of satisfaction so much as recognition of corruption, combined with antidemocratic barriers to participating. For years now 75% to 85% of the U.S. public has been saying its government is broken. And clearly a big part of that understanding is related to the system of legalized bribery that funds elections. Approval of Congress has been under 20% and sometimes under 10% for years now. Confidence in Congress is at 7% and falling quickly.

Recently a man, expecting to lose his job at the very least, landed a little bicycle-helicopter at the U.S. Capitol to try to deliver requests to clean the money out of elections. He cited as his motivation the “collapse of this country.” Another man showed up at the U.S. Capitol with a sign reading “Tax the 1%” and proceeded to shoot himself in the head. Polls suggest those are not the only two people who see the problem — and, it should be noted, the solution.

Of course, the U.S. “democracy” operates in greater and greater secrecy with ever greater powers of surveillance. The World Justice Project ranks the United States below many other nations in these categories: Publicized laws and government data; Right to information; Civic participation; and Complaint mechanisms.

The U.S. government is currently working on ratifying, in secret, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which empowers corporations to overturn laws enacted by the U.S. government.


A political system dominated by wealth could be democratic if wealth were evenly distributed. Sadly, the United States has a greater disparity of wealth than almost any other nation on earth. Four hundred U.S. billionaires have more money than half the people of the United States combined, and those 400 are celebrated for it rather than shamed. With the United States trailing most nations in income equality, this problem is only getting worse. The 10th wealthiest country on earth per capita doesn’t look wealthy when you drive through it. And you do have to drive, with 0 miles of high-speed rail built. And you have to be careful when you drive. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives U.S. infrastructure a D+. Areas of cities like Detroit have become wasteland. Residential areas lack water or are poisoned by environmental pollution — most often from military operations.

The core of the U.S. sales pitch to itself is that, for all its flaws it provides freedom and opportunity. In fact, it trails most European countries in economic mobility, self-assessment of wellbeing, and ranks 35th in freedom to choose what to do with your life, according to Gallup, 2014.


The United States contains 4.5 percent of the world’s population and spends 42 percent of the world’s health care expenses, and yet Americans are less healthy than the residents of nearly every other wealthy nation and a few poor ones as well. The U.S. ranks 36th in life expectancy and 47th in preventing infant mortality.

The U.S. spends more on criminal justice and has more crime, and more gun deaths than most countries, rich or poor. That includes shootings by U.S. police that kill about 1,000 per year, compared to single digits in various Western nations.

The U.S. comes in 57th in employment, stands against the trend of the world by providing no guarantee of paid parental leave or vacation, and trails in education by various measures. The United States, however, leads the way in putting students into debt for their education to the tune of $1.3 trillion, part of a wider problem of personal debt.

The United States is #1 in debt to other countries, including governmental debt, although #3 per capita. As others have pointed out, the U.S. is declining in terms of exports, and the power of the dollar and its use as currency for the globe are in doubt.


In early 2014 there were unusual news stories about Gallup’s end-of-2013 polling because after polling in 65 countries with the question “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?” the overwhelming winner had been the United States of America. In fact, the United States is less generous with aid but more profligate with bombs and missiles than other countries and trails generally in how it treats the rest of the world.

The United States leads the way in environmental destruction, trailing only China in carbon dioxide emissions but almost tripling China’s emissions when measured per capita.

The second U.S.-backed dictator in Yemen in the past few years has now fled to Saudi Arabia and requested the bombing of his own country with U.S. weapons, a country in chaos in significant part because a U.S. drone war has given popular support to violent opposition to the U.S. and its servants.

ISIS produced a 60-minute film depicting itself as the leading enemy of the U.S. and essentially asking the U.S. to attack it. The U.S. did and its recruitment soared.

The United States is favored by brutal governments in Egypt and around the region, but not by popular support.


The United States is far and away the leading selling and giver of weapons to the world; the leading spender on its own military, with expenses having skyrocketed to now about $1.3 trillion per year, roughly equivalent to the rest of the world put together; the leading occupier of the world with troops in almost every other country; and the leading participant in and instigator of wars.

The United States is also, far and away, the leader in incarceration, with more people and a higher percentage of people locked up than in any other time or place, and with even more people on parole and probation and under the control of the prison system. More African-Americans are locked up than were slaves prior to the U.S. Civil War. The U.S. is likely the first and only place on earth where the majority of sexual assault victims are male.

Civil liberties are eroding rapidly. Surveillance is expanding dramatically. And all in the name of war without end. But the wars are endless defeats, generating enemies rather than any advantage. The wars empower and create enemies, enrich nations engaged in nonviolent investment, and empower the war profiteers to push for more wars. The propaganda for the wars fails to boost military enlistment at home, so the U.S. government turns to mercenaries (creating additional pressure for more wars) and to drones. But the drones boost the creation of hatred and enemies exponentially, generating blowback that sooner or later will include blowback by means of drones — which the U.S. war profiteers are marketing around the globe.


Resistance to empire does not come only in the form of a replacement empire. It can take the form of violent and nonviolent resistance to militarism, economic resistance to exploitation, and collective agreement to improve the world. When Iran urges India, China, and Russia to oppose NATO’s expansion, it is not necessarily dreaming of global empire or even of cold war, but certainly of resistance to NATO. When bankers suggest the Yuan will replace the dollar, that need not mean that China will duplicate the Pentagon.

The current U.S. trajectory threatens to collapse not just the United States but the world in one or both of two ways: nuclear or environmental apocalypse. Green energy models and antimilitarism constitute resistance to this path. The model of Costa Rica with no military, 100% renewable energy, and ranked at the top in happiness is a form of resistance too. At the end of 2014, Gallup of course did not dare ask again what nation was the greatest threat to peace but did ask if people would ever fight in a war. In many nations large majorities said No, never.

The United States is growing isolated in its support for the institution of war. Last year 31 Latin American and Caribbean nations declared that they would never use war. U.S. support for Israeli wars has left it virtually alone and up against a growing campaign for boycotts, divestments, and sanctions. The United States is increasingly understood as rogue, as it remains the lone or nearly lone holdout on the treaty on the rights of the child, the land mines treaty, the covenant on economic, social, and cultural rights, the International Criminal Court, etc.

Latin American nations are standing up to the United States. Some have kicked out its bases and ceased sending students to the School of the Americas. People are protesting at US bases in Italy, South Korea, England, and at US Embassies in Philippines, Czech Republic, Ukraine. German courts are hearing charges that it is illegally participating in US drone wars. Pakistani courts have indicted top CIA officials.


The idea of American exceptionalism is not a serious claim so much as an attitude among the U.S. public. While the U.S. trails other nations in various measures of health, happiness, education, sustainable energy, economic security, life expectancy, civil liberties, democratic representation, and peace, and while it sets new records for militarism, incarceration, surveillance, and secrecy, many Americans think of it as so exceptional as to excuse all sorts of actions that are unacceptable in others. Increasingly this requires willful self-deception. Increasingly the self-deception is failing.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on the military than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death he wasn’t warning us. He was warning our parents and grandparents. We’re the dead.

Can we be revived?<--break->

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  • Ace

    I got to “carbon dioxide emissions” and knew this was a waste of time.

    • Krimsen King

      nothin like stopping when something offends your delicate sensibilities to bring understanding and enlightenment…….. huh 😉

      • edwardrynearson

        carbon dioxide is the least of our problems

        • Krimsen King

          is that so, scientist……. but even if it were, that’s no reason to stop reading, nor would it REMOTELY be a ‘waste of time’ to know or understand…. good grief ridiculous willful ignorance ugh 😛

          • edwardrynearson

            i read all of the time > no reason to be hostile > just conversing

          • Krimsen King

            awww, c’mon, look around you…. there’s ALWAYS a reason to be hostile… don’t u know 😉

          • Peter Gauge

            Especially when it comes to colonized minds like yourself wandering about and coredumping their mental sewage in places like this. Even dogs are curbed. Do likewise.

          • Krimsen King

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes….. that’s the ridiculous reckless unnecessary hostility we’re talkin about….. good for you, my dark little monkey 😛

          • Krimsen King

            be more specific….

  • Great article and spot on Mr.Swanson!

    Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership Oct 27, 2014

    Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.

    • nomadfiles

      Black misleaders. Agents of neoliberalism. I call them Neo-Black.

  • Hunger in America: 2015

    United States Hunger and Poverty Facts

    World Hunger Education Service Hunger in the United States Six years after the onset of the financial and economic crisis, hunger remains high in the United States. The financial and economic crisis that erupted in 2008 caused a dramatic increase in hunger in the United States. This high level of hunger diminished somewhat in 2013, according to the latest government report (with the most recent statistics) released in September 2014 (Coleman-Jensen 2014a).

  • Krimsen King

    wow, who woulda thought that massive amounts of money flowing into our electoral and political systems could somehow fundamentally and inherently corrupt just all of our politicians, regardless of political party or even ideology….. technically transforming this once free and fairly-elected democratic republic into the brutal, medieval oligarchy we all despise today….. yeh, who woulda thought……. well, I guess I woulda….. Welcome to medieval america, ladies and serfs….. welcome to your new oligarchy 😉

    • edwardrynearson

      the money masters have the ability to create an unlimited amount of money thus the mayor of chicago

      • Krimsen King

        hahaha yeh…. thus ALL OF OUR WORTHLESS BOUGHT-AND-SOLD POLITICIANS…. well done, you 😉

  • edwardrynearson

    not really arguing but the empire resides above nation states and predates America

  • How America Was Lost: from 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State January 4, 2015

    “Americans need to understand that they have lost their country. The rest of the world needs to recognize that Washington is not merely the most complete police state since Stalinism, but also a threat to the entire world.×400.jpg

  • Lynn Walker

    Finally Mr. Swanson is on to something. The entirety of this article up to its final paragraph is a rehash of old news that hasn’t even seen through the evidence to the facts. Yes, all of the statements about America’s decline are documented elsewhere, including the conclusion that America is no longer a Democracy (and hasn’t been for some time). What the author fails to bring home is the fact that none of the decisions made by America’s leadership, which appear to be grossly irrational when considered from the stand point of “we the people”, actually have nothing to do with “we the people”. America is a tool of a global elite (that’s right, America’s leaders aren’t even necessarily working on behalf of American elites), but works solely at the command of the major global corporations, which in turn are owned by the banking families of America and (mostly) Europe. It insults our intelligence when writers act as though “we Americans” chose this, or even allowed this to happen. We simply have no control.

    With one exception. The global elites are the masters of the material paradigm, and Mr. Swanson finally gets to the key point in all of this when he references MLK’s statement about the spiritual lives of Americans. MLK prediction was right, Americans are virtually dead spiritually, predominantly because they are ignorant on the matter. Not stupid, as in they make poor mistakes. Ignorant, as in they have never been properly educated on the matter. Thank the global elites for this. They not only own the education system, the media and science, but they have also corrupted church teachings (most of which have been historically corrupted anyway). The depth of American ignorance on spirituality is so grave that almost nobody can give a proper definition of what “spiritual” means. Again, we’ve been destroyed at the level of knowledge, because ignorant people (people without true knowledge) can’t help themselves.

    A spiritual revival is the only valid solution to our problems. Politics, science, social movements, none of these will succeed. Actually, the solution will take place, it is already unfolding. The question is, will you be included? Most people have no interest in spiritual matters, most often citing irrelevant excuses about the faults of organized religion, or a faulty science based determination that there is no God. Very few are able to intelligently discern the difference between corrupted forms of religion and true spiritual teachings, but this is exactly what one must do, because only those authentic spiritual teachings contain the information that is needed to turn things around and free ourselves from our greed-driven material masters, and this world of suffering they’ve created.

    • Иисус Христос

      Yes, you’re right. If Americans would just recognize and worship the Jew on a stick, everything would become great again. Americans would rise up and consume like never before. We can become wealthy again at the expense of other nations and the sweat, blood and tears of their people. I raise my glass: “To Jesus!”

      • Lynn Walker

        Hard to tell for sure, but hint of sarcasm goes right to the heart of the problem Americans have. Everybody trashes God, as though the fact that Jews/Christians/Muslims and others not correctly following their respective teachings somehow proves that God isn’t real. It simply proves that people don’t follow good instructions, or, as I suggest, good instructions are corrupted almost as soon as they appear. It still doesn’t change the fact that only by following the instructions of God can we get out of our problems.

        Almost nobody knows what this means, though. Either they foolishly follow the corrupted religion they grew up in, without ever challenging, or they abandon all religion altogether as though it is all a fraud. Both are illogical, irrational decisions. The second group, which considers itself based on logic and rational thinking is the most ironic. Nobody has ever disproved the existence of God, and I and many others attest to the fact that His existence can be proved to yourself. You have to seek out the authentic, which means using logic, a rational, challenging mind, and most importantly, a sincere desire to know.

        I’ll step out on a limb and say that the Christians are a deluded bunch who especially give religion a bad name. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it means they are. Religion isn’t even the goal, love of God is. Religion is basically at the kindergarten level of teaching morality and how to treat others properly. Advanced study deals with spirituality, or what is the difference between spirit and matter. Our dullard class of scientists and philosophers have been so bought off by corporate money that they never even bother with anything other than matter. Which leaves most people, who follow one or the other with an incomplete and therefore severely lacking understanding of reality.

    • SpaceCaptainWarlock

      Know how I know you’re a charlatan?

      faulty science based determination that there is no God

      Science cannot disprove god because logic cannot prove the non-existence of something. Therefore, any person claiming that science disproves god is fundamentally incorrect, and such a thing could never be part of humanity’s collective scientific understanding of the universe.

      A spiritual revival is the only valid solution to our problems.

      That’s a completely self-serving comment. You likely consider yourself to be “spiritual” (a nebulous and very subjective term in itself). Therefore you conclude that only the things that you, yourself currently do can be the solution to a problem that lies at the heart of humanity.

      You use terms like “authentic spiritual teachings” but ignore the subjectivity of it all. There’s simply no such thing. What you should be pursuing instead is mindfulness. You may be able to personally achieve mindfulness through your spiritual practices, but those practices are hardly a catch-all for every person.

      • Lynn Walker

        Your conclusions are absurd. There is an absolute truth, without which all relative truths have no meaning. There is one true meaning of the word “spiritual”, but as many definitions as their are fools to define it. The way to clearly understand this is not through bogus sources, but through the authentic, otherwise one is misinformed.

        Thank you for so aptly demonstrating my point that almost no one knows the truth, for in this age of the “spiritually dead” everyone believes some nonsensical mental concoction. As the fictional Col. Jessup states, “You can’t handle the truth”, which I would change to “you aren’t ready for the truth” and so you don’t know the truth and all of your words on the matter are useless squawking. That does not equate to “nobody knows”, “there’s no such thing” or “it’s all subjective”. Truth is never subjective, otherwise knowledge would be unknowable and our words would be a collection of meaningless marks.

        • SpaceCaptainWarlock

          “absolute truth”, “the authentic”, “bogus sources”. These are the terms of a charlatan.

          You use the word ‘truth’ in a subjective manner. Your “truth” isn’t something that is based on facts, evidence, logic or anything tangible or measurable. It’s just a feeling you have. Yes, that feeling is real to you, but that doesn’t make it real to anyone else. That’s the very basis of subjectivity.

          You clearly have a strong response to the cognitive dissonance you feel when someone questions what you consider “absolute truth”. That response is likely going to prevent you from ever being taken seriously.

          • Lynn Walker

            It is unfortunate that there is a great prevalence of the “fake” authority, but their existence infers the existence of the “real”. It is also unfortunate, but the universe arranges for the cheaters to be cheated and the sincere to find what they seek.

            Truth is no more subjective than gravity, in fact, gravity is a form of truth. Does gravity work differently depending on how you perceive it?

            The universe allows each of us to see as reality what we believe to be true. But in the case of relative truths it will only appear to be real for some time and then will be revealed as false. Only the absolute truth remains true at all times in all places.

            We do not see reality as it is, we see reality as we are. Bring yourself to the absolute truth and you will see reality.

          • SpaceCaptainWarlock

            Um, yes, gravity does behave differently at the subatomic level. Go read about quantum mechanics instead of vomiting your “absolute truth” on the internet. Seek out a mental health professional.

          • Lynn Walker

            You don’t understand quantum mechanics. What is the nothing in the vacuum and how does matter and anti-matter appear to come from nothing? You don’t know, because science has failed in its attempts to explain “nothingness”.

            Now that you’ve abandoned constructive discussion and devolved into disrespectful name-calling or aspersions, you’ve conceded defeat and I won’t respond to you any further.

          • SpaceCaptainWarlock

            So what you’re saying is that your “absolute truth” exists only in the ever-shrinking gaps of scientific understanding. i.e. “god of the gaps”

            Have fun with that.

      • Reason And Believing

        “Science cannot disprove god because logic cannot prove the non-existence of something. Therefore, any person claiming that science disproves god is fundamentally incorrect, and such a thing could never be part of humanity’s collective scientific understanding of the universe.”
        Science can absolutely prove the non-existence of something.

        You have no grasp on logic or science.

        • SpaceCaptainWarlock

          Science can absolutely prove the non-existence of something.

          Only when it’s specifically defined. So what’s your point?

  • Scott Laing

    While I would not necessarily argue any particular point, I have a problem with the word “decline”. Declined from what? What point in American history was the implied pinnacle? Does it exist before or after the US Civil War? How many modern Western democracies have major (or any) civil war? Was civil war a highpoint of US democracy? Can the conditions listed above during the so-called current day “decline” be worse than a nation engulfed in self-slaughter? I would propose not.

    In fact, the notion of American decline is at least as old as Scott Fitzgerald (the theme of his Gatsby, and what made and makes it such an American novel was its central involvement with the theme of decline). Go back to early 19th century then to Hawthorne decrying the decline of American democracy and the fall from the American ideal.

  • jadan

    Another potent polemic right to the heart of the matter. There is no democracy in these united states and there never was. Democracy induced fear and loathing among the framers of the Constitution. It was thought of as mobocracy. Jefferson’s sovereign individual, possessed of unalienable rights, and capable of self-rule did not exist for most leaders of the time. The common man was much too common to forge his own political destiny. Leaders today, lackeys of the billionaire class, continue to despise the common people, which is the true “conservative” attitude to have. For this reason society’s betters were originally designated to make policy. Today, Citizen’s United is a means to empower the better class of people and keep the rabble at bay. The best the common person could do was vote for one of these betters. Direct popular vote was and is considered a prescription for chaos. The House of Representatives had a certain odor of the common person, and the Senate was created to counter balance this populist effect with a sanitizing body wash of elitism. It is a mistake to idolize the framers or to bend one’s knee before this Constitution. Better to follow Jefferson’s vision of continuing revolution. Only revolution can save us now. Thanks, David Swanson.

  • TheCogitator

    I hope we can, but the prospects look slim.

  • no.

  • USA_objector

    Spectacular summary of the zeitgeist, David. Post your speech on YouTube.

  • Great summary about how the USA is kicking it’s own ass. Unfortunately we are accelerating the negative indicators rather than turning things around. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it happens in my lifetime.

  • clovnet .

    America is bankrupt, the US is lying, accuses Russia of aggression, demonize Putin, but in fact under any fraudulent pretenses unleashes a new war around the world, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and so on, America is in the blood of innocent people .
    Evroppe-people wake up! Demand justice from the government and the president voego America colonize the world, America wants to live at the expense of other countries, as a parasite! Enough, say no to American colonization !!!

  • clovnet .

    transatlantic agreement is a slow death for Europe!

  • Arizona

    NO america can’t be revived,ITS to late,the world fully intends to crush america under its boots and so they will,THEY hate the murder of their women and children by american military,they hate the destruction of their roads and cities by american bombs,and they hate the rapeing and murder of their female children by the US MILITARY,and the world knows, the american people who are the most depraved and bloodthristy people on earth,are slowly destroying the earth with chemical pollution,of the land and waters of earth,AND THEIR HERE RIGHT NOW,get ready to fight or die,america is about to be attacked……….AND YES,You will see your children laying in the streets blow to pieces,and your streets destroyed,and your home destroyed,JUST LIKE YOU DID TO A HUNDRED OTHER COUNTRIES,in the course of looting them…….IT WILL NOW HAPPEN TO YOU….and your police gangs and military will be on their side NOT YOURS,hahaha……….

  • Richard Gordon

    The rise decline and fall of the United States of America.
    The rise=John F Kennedy
    The decline=Barack Obama
    The fall=Hillary Clinton

    • Iuhuu

      Well It’s Too Bad Are Presidnet Will Be Donald Trump! #DonaldTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • Thomas Zampelis

    the US is governed by people who believe in the new world order which has failed because most countries are not following this view and are not willing to give up their nations to a group of unknown origin look at India,Russia,China,Brasil,and many more they are resisting the whole concept.While the US is dragging the economies of Europe and Canada downhill because it has embraced a system which is not working and cannot adopt to a new system bringing their economies and it’s own to a future collapse so sad to see.If the US does not realize very soon that it has to leave this idea it will be left behind in many areas and just collapse.

  • Al-Bashar

    Atleast there is a nation who is concerned about the rest of the world. When the time will come that the US will leave this world, terrorists and tyrant nations will never have a doubt. Terrorist will multiply like germs. China can now invade the weak nations of southeast asia. Russia will have an open free way to europe. Do you think china or russia would ever dare to police the world? No! They only care about themselves. North korea would have never doubt to invade the south which would kill millions on both sides. Taiwan will be crushed under china’s heels that will also cost millions of lives. Do you think life would be better without the US? I dont think so. ATLEAST THERE IS A NATION WHO TRIED TO STOP CHAOS. THAT IS THE POINT. U.S is not perfect.

  • Macaslang

    Thousand of lives lost because of usa.
    Billions of lives will be lost in the absence of usa.

  • &456

    In times of us presence: “US evil empire parasite get out of our fucking peaceful country”

    in times of US absence and isolation from the rest of the world: “US is selfish. They only care of their own. They cant even help us in times of ISIS invasion”

  • kravsnovsky

    Despite All The odds. I always pray to God
    Always bless america. Despite of its imperfections, it is the only nation who is concerned about the peace and stability of the earth while the rest of the world is dealing with its own internal conflicts and other countries only care about their own interests.

  • Chiang xi

    Im afraid that usa will never exist again. The only remaining vanguard for peace is getting teared apart by her enemies. The remaining gate to chaos will be opened then the foolish world will return to its barbaric war torn ancient world. Since the existence of this evil us empire, the world has greatly changed. From the ancient times to ww2, nations will often invade each other without doubt and used war as a global competition. But when usa existed and entered the world stage, Wars have become limited to insurgencies and small nation wars. Wars have became a second choice. Without the US, the world will return to its old ancient rotting ways of war. Colonization of european powers will return and empires will exist again like Xi jinping dynasty, UK empire, Nazi europe and Ottoman isis caliphate. Only the presence of USA is preventing them from gaining power. US is fulfilling the void. The counter blance of tyranny.

  • Iuhuu

    Some of this may be true. But as they said if the United States Falls So Will The Rest Of The World Is Probaly True! #DonaldTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • Alex de Bellencombre

    The United States has been under foreign occupation for over 100 years and its criminal activities in this period should be attributed to its foreign occupational government.

    President Trump represents an attempt to reverse this foreign occupation,