Congress About to Pass All The Horrible Spying/Anti-Internet Bills We Defeated Before

After we the people – web users and just plain folks – killed SOPA and CISPA, Congress has just renamed them and is about to pass them under the radar …


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  • cettel

    So: why didn’t you (and why didn’t the activists your article linked to) give us a link to our Representative and Senators, maybe that already has an appropriate message to send them?

    • Ezra Pound

      Because they had too much faith in you, cettel, and believed that you weren’t so lazy that you require someone else to tell you how to contact YOUR representative. Lazy ass.

      • StrangerInAStrangeLand1

        BS, we are all following so many different issues that there isn’t time to do all this stuff. If you care enough to post it and rattle people’s cages, make it easy to drum up support and execute the action you are looking to achieve. Don’t be stupid. Otherwise you’re just jerking off and don’t waste our time.

        • Ezra Pound

          There isn’t time to know who your representative is? If you’re too lazy or inept to look up a phone number, then how the hell do you think you’re going to change a nation? You keyboard commandos are worse than useless if you’re not willing to do even the simplest thing to help yourself. Pathetic.

          • StrangerInAStrangeLand1

            Well, after the knee jerk abuse and higher than thou attitudes posted here, I’m even more motivated to support your initiative. Plenty of things to do, and no, I don’t follow the kardashians. I can look up my reps, thank you. Miss the point much? Vilifying your own supporters will not be very productive in the short or long run. Instead of spending our time on signing a ready to go petition, we’ve just wasted time on snarling at each other. Great job. Hope you all have a nice day. Hope you get lots of supporters. Should be a test case for the books. How to not make friends and alienate others.

        • Dan Knowles

          Following so many issues, huh? If you mean issues of import for which congress is responsible, then you should already have that info.
          If you mean the latest kardashian kerfuffle or the line up for the next big game then fuck you.

    • Edward R.