Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush: Corrupt Successors to the Same Old Dynasties

Jeb Bush: Neocon Warmongering Crook


The International Business Times reports that Jeb Bush Funneled $1.7 BILLION of pension cash to W’s donors – some who are now Jeb donors.

The former Secretary of Health and Human Services says that Jeb lobbied on behalf of an infamous Medicare swindler.

Bush is also a hardcore neocon, and member of the influential warmonger group Project for a New American Century. He’s for mass surveillance by the NSA. He supported the Iraq War, and has tapped key architects of his brother’s failed Iraq War as his advisors.

Mother Jones notes:

Financial support flowed to Jeb through Miami’s right-wing Cuban community. Republican party politics and a series of business scandals — including Medicaid fraud and shady S&L deals — were inextricably intertwined. A former federal prosecutor told MJ that, when he looked into Jeb’s lucrative business dealings with a now-fugitive Cuban, he considered two possibilities — Jeb was either crooked or stupid.

Mother Jones also notes that Jeb supported the Contras, and may have been involved in the Lincoln S&L scandal.

Alternet reports:

Five months after he left the governor’s mansion in 2007, he joined Lehman Brothers as a “consultant.” No doubt he was well-compensated, as reporters may learn if and when he releases his tax returns someday. The following year, Lehman infamously went bust — and left the state of Florida holding about $1 billion worth of bad mortgage investments. (A Bush spokeswoman said, “His role as a consultant to Lehman Brothers was in no way related to any Florida investments.”)


He performed a similar service, with more success, on behalf of the Cuban militant Orlando Bosch, for whom he sought a presidential pardon from his father. The boastful murderer of dozens of innocent people — and a prosecution target of the U.S. Justice Department — Bosch deserved a pardon about as much as the worst jihadi in Gitmo. But his sponsors were the same Cuban-Americans in Miami who had fostered Jeb’s real estate business there, so he ignored the Republican attorney general’s denunciation of Bosch as an “unreformed terrorist.”

And Jeb “helped” his brother become president. Noted social historian and author Michael Parenti explains:

Under orders from Governor Jeb Bush (Bush Jr.’s brother), state troopers near polling sites delayed people for hours while searching their cars. Some precincts required two photo IDs which many citizens do not have. The requirement under Florida law was only one photo ID. Passed just before the election, this law itself posed a special difficulty for low-income or elderly voters who did not have drivers licenses or other photo IDs. Uncounted ballot boxes went missing or were found in unexplained places or were never collected from certain African-American precincts.

Hillary Clinton: Neolib Warmongering Crook


Hillary Clinton is corrupt, as well.  The IBTimes notes:

Despite lambasting Colombia for its human-rights record in 2008, her foreign-policy stance on the country became noticably more favorable in 2011 after a large contribution to the Clinton Foundation by the Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp., an oil and gas company active in Colombia and based in Toronto.

Recently, the Clinton Foundation accepted a donation from a Moroccan government-owned company, despite the Clinton-run State Department’s 2011 criticism of that government, Politico reported.

Where all that money winds up is also a subject of criticism. For one thing, there have been allegations of waste. Ira Magaziner, who runs multiple efforts at the foundation, spent thousands of dollars to send a team around the world for months to build up a climate-change proposal, but it fell flat, as the New York Times reported.


No family has tapped so much money from companies, wealthy individuals and foreign countries as the Clintons.

Clinton also illegally used private emaildespite warnings from Congress – in order to escape discovery of her communications as Secretary of State.

And she spearheaded the arming of Al Qaeda to overthrow Libya’s leader … and made false claims about what was happening in Libya.

Clinton also admits that she was responsible for the lack of security which got U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens killed.

So both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are corrupt. Indeed, all you need to know about how corrupt they are is that Wall Street would be happy with either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush … but is desperate to stop other candidates.

The mainstream Republican and Democratic parties both oppose core American desires.  Only candidates who are “safe” in the eyes of the oligarchs are promoted or allowed to run, and discussion is limited to “safe” topics.

Appointing the children, spouses or siblings of the old sell-outs insures that we’ll get the same ‘ole same ‘ole. Hillary and Jeb are just corrupt successors to corrupt aristocratic dynasties. See this and this.

The Founding Fathers tried to warn us …

Painting by Anthony Freda: www.AnthonyFreda.com.
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  • Suzanne Majo De Kuyper

    When the US ambassador was killed n Behngazi Mrs. William Clinton was US Secretary of State, rsponsible for each and every US Embassy. There were about four calls and messages to Washington the the Behngazi embassy was poorly defended and the local tensions were escalating dangerously. No answers were given to those pleading demands. At the time of the rising shock at the US ambassador’s
    slaughter, it was whispered”he knew too much”.

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  • Flowers

    If in early 50’s there has only been the choice between a Bush or a Clinton, if that doesn’t tell you the whole thing is fixed I don’t know what will.

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    You could ask 1000 people what characteristics they want in a president and 990 will describe Ron Paul. However, ask 1000 people what they think of Ron Paul and 990 will say he’s crazy. Why?? Because that’s what we’ve been told to think. So we think it. It is that simple. And that is why this country has been deteriorating for 100 years and really accelerating, faster each year for the past 15, toward utter collapse. But not to fear, the free fall is about to end… and with a thump.


    • RealityAlwaysBites

      Sadly with the general US population if you talked to 1000 people 990 of them are imbecilic dodo’s without even basic logic or intelligence. They are fit to be slaves nothing more.
      They happily swallow the Kool-Aid without question or hesitation.

    • Hp B

      The dollar should have P.T. Barnum’s face on it and the twenty Edward Bernays.

  • USA_objector

    #HillarySoOld Fred Flintstone was Ready for Hillary.

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  • Jay P

    Great article. The only problem I have is with the last sentence. The founding fathers were also corrupt aristocrats just like Bush and Clinton. The idea that the founding fathers were altruistic is a myth. They were rich men who wanted a government that would protect their interests, and they laid the foundation for the Bush and Clinton dynasties we have today.

    • truth

      Its the altruistic thought that counts 😉

    • Guest

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  • Hp B

    Two burrs on a Zio-jackal’s tail.