The World’s Great Newspaper Reports on Ukraine

Eric Zuesse

Here are summaries (translated by me into English) of the latest news-reports on Ukraine, in Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or German Economic News. (Click on the following link to see each of these news reports in full. If you use the Chrome browser, it will automatically translate everything into English.)


Bank crash in Ukraine: Delta-Bank reports bankruptcy

The Ukrainian Delta Bank was declared insolvent, by the monetary authorities in Kiev. The fourth largest bank in the country will be gone from the corporate loan market because of repayment failures by its borrowers.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 18:25


Ukrainian oligarchs gain access to European taxpayers’ money

In the course of rapprochement with the EU, three powerful oligarchs are hiring former EU politicians and SPD grandees. The oligarchs want to control reconstruction of the Ukraine – though they are notorious in Ukraine. For oligarchs to control politics and economics is above any political accountability. It should now be called simply doling out European taxpayers’ money, because that’s what it is.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 18:10


Ukrainian oligarchs give Europe’s ex-politicians jobs

Three Ukrainian oligarchs have enlisted prominent former EU politicians, in their “agency for the modernization of Ukraine”: ministers, commissioners and lobbyists. The oligarchs help to generate new business. Among them are the SPD politician Peer Steinbrück and Günter Verheugen.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 18:06  |  4 comments


Ukrainian central bank raises interest rates to 30 percent

The Ukrainian central bank raised its key interest rate by 10.5 percentage points, to stabilize the money market. The country has no access to international financial markets. The central bank chief warns against the negative consequences of the “panic in the foreign exchange market.”

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 15:01  |  7 comments


US sends Parachute Battalion into Ukraine

The US is sending a battalion of paratroopers into the Ukraine. The soldiers will first develop Ukrainian artillery units. Later, the Americans could train Ukrainians in the use of US weapons. Russia had announced several months ago to classify the deployment of US soldiers or weapons in Ukraine as a provocation.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 13:40  |  39 comments


Ukraine: Merkel and Putin see progress on ceasefire

Russia, Germany, France and the Ukraine agree to ease the situation in the Donbass. The Minsk Agreement should now be implemented quickly.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 00:26  |  11 comments


Against Putin, Kasparov expects violent uprising in Russia

Living in US political exile, a companion of the murdered opposition politician Boris Nemtsov said that a peaceful change in Russia is not possible. He expects a violent mass uprising against the “brutal dictatorship of Putin”. The sooner “Putin is gone, the greater are the chances that chaos can be avoided.” The German federal government intensifies the tone against Putin — although they still avoid directly blaming Putin for the murder.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 10:08  |  75 comments


Against Russia: Germany delivers battle tanks to Poland

NATO’s new threat against Russia means that Germany will supply battle tanks to Poland and at the same time increase its own troops. The US requests that all NATO countries invest two percent of GDP in weapons. The UK snubbed this rule, must reduce deficit-spending.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 08:56  |  80 comments


Despite EU sanctions: RWE Dea sold to Russian investor

The energy group RWE Dea sold its gas subsidiary for approximately 5.1 billion euros to Russian investors. The deal comes despite the official opposition of the British Government. Apparently, money talks, even after sanctions.

German Economic News  |  03.02.15, 14:34  |  6 comments


Russia Rubles recovery in February was surprisingly strong

In February, the ruble gained momentum after the dramatic crash last year. Rising oil prices and the negotiations of Minsk brought the ruble good performance in February, despite the sanctions and the tougher tone in a new Cold War.

German Economic News  |  03/02/15 10:10  |  8 comments


Ukraine’s Steel industry without exports to Russia is in free fall

By corruption, mismanagement and war, Ukraine is bankrupt though one of the world’s most resource-rich countries. The iron and steel industry of Ukraine, which is the industry that builds on these raw materials, is in free fall. The plunge in world prices accelerated this development. The Kiev government has done nothing to counter it.

German Economic News  |  03.02.15, 11:33 am  |  13 comments


Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland establish UN intervention force

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has ratified a law establishing a common military force with Poland and Lithuania. It will participate in UN missions.The Ukraine has for some time, pursued switching to NATO standards — a development that Russia considers a provocation.

German Economic News  |  03.02.15, 01:00  |  12 comments


US Senator McCain: No matter who shot Nemtsov, Vladimir Putin is to blame

US Senator John McCain has assigned to Putin the blame for the murder of Boris Nemtsov. But his statement remains remarkably vague. Apparently McCain, one of the most prominent opponents of Russia, wants to make political capital out of a crime that could just as well turn out as a private criminal case.

German Economic News  |  03.02.15, 01:48  |  36 comments


Against the USA: China supports Russia in Ukraine crisis

China has clearly for the first time come down on the Russian side in Ukraine Crisis: The West must accept Moscow’s legitimate security concerns seriously. The dispute over the Ukraine could otherwise turn into a pointless proxy war. The Americans must take note that their influence is disappearing in international politics.

German Economic News  |  03.03.15, 17:07  |  96 comments


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Mar 3, 2015 Death Certificates & Forced Confessions: Russia’s Ghost Army in Ukraine (Part 2)

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    VICE News travels to Russia to investigate the mysterious deaths of dozens — possibly hundreds — of active-duty Russian servicemen who are believed to have been killed in Ukraine. Accounts gathered from soldiers’ families, human rights workers, and government officials cast doubt on the Kremlin narrative, revealing the unacknowledged sacrifices borne by Russia’s ghost army.

  • Jo

    Russia has no right whatsoever to defend its people from outside aggression. Only Anglozio USSA may and does invade, destroy and plunder the resources of all those it deems enemies while at the same time prostituting once sovereign states to allow USSAN corpofascist entities such as Monsanto, financial gangsters such as Goldman Suck$ as well as Pentacon Kill Industries to wage indiscriminate war against not only the human family but indeed against the Earth and Life itself. Go Figure.

    “We have two nations with 20,000+ nukes of various types between them.

    Both nations suddenly hate each other again, and one nation is primarily
    responsible for this … constantly demeaning the other nation and falsely
    blaming it for everything.

    We have one nation more than willing to bomb the shit out of other sovereign

    We have one nation who already nuked another nation.

    We have one nation with LOTS of oil and gas who is looking to accept payment
    in their OWN currency, and not something called the petro-dollar.

    The nation who prefers petro-dollars is on the verge of economic collapse,
    and is desperate.

    One nation has completely surrounded the other nation militarily, even
    though they promised they would never do that. This surrounded nation is
    feeling like a trapped rat, and that’s not good for anyone.

    I trust you can tell which nation is which.”

    Wherever the USSAN jackboot stomps rises the pervasive stench of zion!

  • unheilig

    Agree completely Eric, DWN (German Economic News) is an indispensable resource for the minority who are still interested in truth. Meanwhile the MSN attains new lows in lies, propaganda and innuendo on a daily basis. Thank nonexistent deity for sites like DWN, WB, PaulCraigRoberts, MichaelHudson, JamesPetras, TheRealNews,, RussiaInsider etc.