If the U.S. Sends Weapons to Ukraine, “the EU Will Break Up … and the American Century Will Have Ended In Shame, Disgrace and Defeat”

Is the U.S. Digging Its Own Grave?

In response to the news that the U.S. House of Representatives has just voted to send weapons to Ukraine, guest writer Eric Zuesse sent me the following email:

My guess is that if Obama sends weapons [to Ukraine], then the EU will break up, and the U.S. will have, as remaining European allies, only Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and maybe two or three other small nations. The Donbass military (as it now is), will, I think, nonetheless win against the third invasion from Ukraine; and Putin and his ally China will also have, as new allies, Japan and South Korea, and much of Europe, and maybe even including Australia and UK; and the American Century will have ended in shame, disgrace and defeat, without any nuclear war (which would be pointless, even for America’s psychopathic aristocrats). So: I am more optimistic than Paul Craig Roberts and some others are.

I think that the U.S. aristocracy are shocking other nations’ aristocracies at how evil they are, and that this will cause those others to distrust the U.S. aristocrats so much, that the American Empire will end in shame, disgrace, defeat, humiliation, and collapse. I think that this collapse will be unprecedented in world history. But for me, this was decisive in making me as optimistic as I now am. (However, I have been optimistic, though less so, ever since the end of June, which was when Obama lost the first Ukrainian war of invasion against Donbass.)

What do you think?

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  • kimyo

    could someone please decipher exactly what it is that zuesse said? honestly, it sounds like gibberish.

    he might as well be writing an infomercial. for people on nitrous or oxycontin.

    the eu was doa long ago. any policy based on globalization is doomed to failure. let’s build small, sustainable, no-growth communities instead. many currencies instead of just one.

    • Dr Smileyface

      EZ didn’t say he supported the EU, but then his content-rich style can be a bit much for some. But that said, your call for small no-growth communities is spot on.

      • kimyo

        he’s got the caboose driving the train. it does not matter in the least if the us does or does not send weapons to ukraine. the outcome he predicts is already a fait accompli.

        the american century has already ended in shame*. the eu’s breakup is baked into the cake. how much longer does goldman sachs get to torture greeks/spaniards/italians?

        zuesse is living in some kind of weird time nebula. globalization has failed. america has failed. the eu has failed. past tense.

        there is a path forward, and there is quite a lot of hope. however, institutions like the e.u. are an obstacle and must be discarded post haste.

        * ie: george bush saying ‘mission accomplished’. guantanamo. drones. us missiles killing palestinian civilians. icing glass-steagall, giving goldman sachs the green light to destroy lives across the planet.

    • MCB

      We and everyone need to decentralize for the obvious reason that central economic planning breeds inequality, class warfare, war, oppression, etc.

  • BlackDaMinooka

    What?? The American Century has JUST BEGUN…..

    • Dr Smileyface

      I’ve upvoted you to see if your unlikely record of 9644 comments but no votes changes to acknowledge this.

      PS I’m not holding my breath…

  • Guest

    It doesn’t sound gibberish to me. Why send weapons knowing how volatile the situation in Ukraine is anyway? I’m also convinced that the U.S congress (especially) are digging the entire country’s grave. All right-wingers took care of that with these last two elections. I hope it is not true; but sometimes I wonder if white americans have gone completely insane and subconsciously want to go out of here! So lets just start fuc….. with Nuclear Powers?

  • Guest

    In others words: Shame coming in; shame going out. Craziest bunch of people on earth! Ever.

  • berger friedrich-wolfgang

    Todays Geostrategic Situation must be a HORROR for Khazarian “World – Commander – Playing MOB !!!

  • smelly

    a fair and just system will not form until all electronic media and communication crash worldwide and stay crashed

    • voice of reason

      And we rely on printed MSM information?

  • Suzanne Majo De Kuyper

    If wishes had wings, theportals of Washington’s Blog would be crowded shut with cooing fluttering life.

  • Axel

    Again and In my appreciation of the ‘Washington Blog’ and from my view a foremost and leading Democratic effort(s) towards peace within the pursuit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and for all……………..(and along with GlobalResearch.ca and many others) and to uphold our US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the seemingly mandated and/or necessary ‘Oversight and Accountability’ aspects and importantly in reply to this foremost and leading Washington Blog Article question, ‘What do you think?’, I thought to reply.

    Very and/or too briefly, the Article implies that there is the possibility of ‘shame’ or importantly ‘the ability thereof’……………..

    Yes and as research will substantiate, I am at least a well documented DOJ//INS Whistleblower. Also and therefore, I continue with my lifelong efforts and as I concurred and mentioned within this reply.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Axel V. Sabersky

  • US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will “Explode The Whole Situation”

    Yesterday, in a vote that largely slid under the radar, the House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Obama to send lethal aid to Ukraine, providing offensive, not just “defensive” weapons to the Ukraine army – the same insolvent, hyperinflating Ukraine which, with a Caa3/CC credit rating, last week started preparations to issue sovereign debt with a US guarantee, in essence making it a part of the United States (something the US previously did as a favor to Egypt before the Muslim Brotherhood puppet regime was swept from power by the local army).


    • Axel

      Thank you, MOLEN LABE and especially for the zerohedge.com link. Excellent and as I presumptuously and humbly, suggest and recommend.

      Importantly, I agree with a blog comment reply that states and/or implies that the 348-48 vote is and/or appears as a ‘Moral Hazard on Steroids’.

      I was aware of the vote and while a previous Washington Blog Article was posted. I telephoned a local Congressional person answering machine, (as their Congressional e-mail did not accept non-jurisdictional e-mail replies) to thank the Congressional Person for their ‘NO’ vote and in the hopes that the Congressional person understood their ‘NO’ vote.

      Many thanks,

      • Thank you for reading and commenting patriot, ‘Knowledge is power’ after all!

  • flunkdaddy

    Hubris drives the DC Empire mad, Nemesis is at the door!

  • voice of reason

    The US is so misinformed, ill-informed and ill-led I’m led to believe Eric must be smoking something to get his optimism. (This dis / mis-informed democracy, incidentally, goes back a LONG way; take a look at Lundberg’s “America’s 60 Familes”. And then there is Hearst’s Spanish American war.)

    We need to go way beyond impeachment. We need to end this system of corporate-controlled democracy before it ends us! Emergency constitutional convention anyone? As for the PTB, especially in the US, what have they got to lose from one last winner take all gamble? I’ve read here or elsewhere the ‘smart money’ is already getting out of Dodge. As for our leaders, we’ve already paid to dig them nice deep holes in the ground so they can at least hang around long enough to see how their Great Game turns out.

    (Has anyone checked Hitler’s and Mussolini’s burial sites lately for howls of laughter?)

  • Jim G

    Good article. However, its complicated. First, the Congressional vote was advisory, and I don’t think Obama will send weapons – although I have seen Youtube clips of us airlifting weapons into the Ukraine already. And this doesn’t mean that Israel, our arms salesmen for AWACS and other advanced technologies, doesn’t sell arms to the Ukraine, for which we would pick up the tab. What then? And wasn’t the US working with European Union and IMF Financial management to instigate the crisis and continue the proxy war in the Ukraine? But when the article talks about Europe, they are talking about independent, sovereign countries – which they are not. To quit the war, wouldn’t European countries have to reclaim their sovereignty and leave both the EU and NATO? Now I know Marine LePenn is encouraging France to do just this, but she is now being demonized by the Neo-Liberals as racist.
    The problem with the whole analysis is that it is a POLITICAL analysis while the problem we created the crisis for is ECONOMIC. As Draghi (EU management) has said (see today’s Zero Hedge) that the EU is recovering in part because of lower energy costs, the war seems to be working for them. So I think the continued isolation of Russia, with the added cooperation of Saudi Arabia in pumping as much oil as possible, is working for the EU and US. I therefore think things will continue to go as they have indefinitely, with Obama not sending weapons but continuing to beat the drums of a new cold war – until something changes – like the Ukraine attacking the rebels again. That definitely won’t work.
    Just for the record, Paul Craig Roberts was the first person I heard to predict the possible demise of NATO.

  • jadan

    The Europeans have more sense than Americans, the Americans of neo-con persuasion, imperial hubris, and lack of any empathy that allows them to celebrate the cowardly long-distance killer as a hero. The Europeans, though they allowed themselves to be herded into a large feedlot called the EU, are nonetheless aware of the stupidity of war and have no wish to annihilate themselves. They enjoy themselves more than Americans and are not hobbled by religion and laissez faire ideology by and large. I think Eric is right, in other words. Anyone who believes the Europeans will follow American foreign policy to war with Russia must be an American.

  • Fuck

    I am latin american. Since I´m not dumb as RAMBO wants, U.S. is clearly on decline.
    I don´t give a fuck! Are you born in U.S. and have lived there? So you´re a thief. Very sorry. ha. ha. ha.

    Sorry, fucking dumb! Anyone that receives anything from a thieve must be called a “thief receptor”.
    Right now I stopped buying anything from USA website or buiyng anything made on that (almost nothing escept weapons).

    U.S.A. is the “Thief-Nation” in this world, everybody knows! We´re, latin americans, knew better!!!!!!
    “American patriots” that consider himself like that after “Mars Attacks (T. Burton)” are welcome in our countries. Otherwise… you´ll know… (for the whole world hates “you”)

    • bobbyalpy

      If it’s taken in war it’s spoils.You can call it theft all you like,the truth is that the conquered will always be required to submit to being despoiled.Do you think we give a fuck what the world thinks?You do for yours and we will do for ours and where there is dispute,conflict will end the fucking dispute.

    • Guest

      Sorry, latin american friend, but you have no idea who russians are…probably you think of “beautiful” communism they have built. BULLSHIT. There is nothing beautiful there!!! Only genocide, brainwashing, lack of objectivity, criminality at high level and lies, a lot of lies. This is how Soviet Russia used to “work”, and Putin brings it back to life. This guy is a proper Hitler, even worse!!! Don’t forget that Nazi’s Gestapo used to learn from russians how to torture and brainwash people. If you don’t believe me, you will believe when you will see soldiers with Kalashnikov arresting you. For what ? For nothing, my friend, for nothing. Don’t dream with wide-open eyes, wake up to a REALITY, my latin american friend, and don’t forget, communism is a very nasty decease, exactly like nazism, not more or less…

  • Guest

    To me the rather unprofessional, (let’s at least say as much) behaviour of v nuland tells me that the usa is begin directed into the darkness of callous ignorance. How could it end well?

    The basic idea of an American Century is about 60 year past its due-date, and being based on Straussian theory, so blind to the complex nature of just what good and bad entails, what other nations in our world today could believe it to be true?

    18 trillion in debt to boot!

  • Rickie Glenn

    What is funny is China has no clue what so ever on how carry the world on its shoulders? Soon the world will learn of its mistake in assisting the Yuan as the world currency China does not have the land to help produce to crops that the US has and coordinate aid across the Globe. The US has given free aid totaling billions maybe even trillions. All this is going to do is divide the world the IMF will go belly up broke. Not even the whole EU can produce enough money to supply the IMF. US aid will soon die after the IMF changes the currency to the Yuan. Every year China looses 10% of farm land to the growing Desert Now taking about a third of the country. They also loose another 10% to population Growth. With the hats off the EPA will fail. Chinese Rules and Laws will start across the globe. The US will Pull more of its forces out of nations and communism will start to follow across the globe till they see that China does not have the know how to cover Global issues or the care to do so? But then the IMF will attempt to revert back even then it will be too late to cover the world issues that China ignored, Bringing the world to the stage it stage it is at today has taken 100 years of leadership. It cannot be learnt overnight? So the US will sit back supply its country, people and needs to protect and wait till the world fails in a few years meaning 2. Countries will start to fail the IMF loans after they fail into serious deep recession after a short period of high inflation Some will try on their own to align back to the US. Others will fall deeper as the IMF sees no solution and discover that their was more to governance and help to 3rd world countries. They will try many things but most fail and the others drags out the inevitable. Then you will start seeing peaceful countries in Europe fall into civil wars Central and South America. But Countries such as Australia, England, Italy, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada and about 20 others who switched back to the US They had IMF loans and the US will then cover those loans for pennies on the dollar. over time almost all countries involved will then switch back to the US fed reserve by the end of the 3rd year. This will solidify the 2nd term for who ever wins the Presidency next year. As the US builds its own AMF to compete with the IMF. The IMF will fail in the 4th year. Leaving dozens of countries in sadistic shape and corruption they will try to turn to the US for help Since no one capped the nukes over half the world built nukes and they started wars all over the Globe using Nukes. Since the 4 years that have now passed the US had launch colonies on the Moon, Mars and a few other planets. Showed the world the Space Globe that has the means to support 200 million and the 5 million through out the colonies. We then started construction of 4 more globes while the world was destroying itself. now in the US only 200 million stay here to lead its military and those that could not pass the physical to go into space. Not only did the US build 5, but 7 other countries built 4 and move 70% of there population into space leaving the Russians, Chinese and other countries here to live in the communist ways and to survive in a radiation world. Just because they did not see the wrong doing of there ways? They try to develop space globe but the first 4 fail killing half the population till they get the US to help out. We continue to grow food in the US and supply some food to the globes of ten years till they learn how to farm in space. Conspiracy Theory 101?