The REAL Reasons We’re At War With Russia

The Empire Doesn’t Like to Be Questioned

We’re at war with Russia.

Specifically, we’ve launched:

  • A sanctions war
  • A currency war
  • A hot war in Ukraine

Indeed, it appears that U.S. leaders have targeted Putin for regime change.



Initially, the U.S. targeted Syria for regime change – for the second time – many decades ago.

Putin derailed the imminent American war against Syria by brokering a deal wherein Syria destroyed all of its chemical weapons.  The U.S. was very unhappy with the deal … and tried to backtrack.

George Friedman – CEO and founder and CEO of Stratfor, the “private CIA” – said in December that the United States is behind the coup in Kiev … which he called the “most blatant coup in history”. Friedman said that the coup came in response to Russia’s peacemaking in Syria:

[Friedman:] Russia had begun to take certain steps that the United States considered unacceptable. Primarily in Syria. It was there that Russians demonstrated to the Americans that they are capable of influencing processes in the Middle East. And the US has enough problems in that part of the world already without the Russians.

Russians intervened in the process in the Middle East among other reasons because they had hoped to get leverage to influence US policy in other areas. But they miscalculated. The United States thought that it was Russia’s intent to harm them.


[Question:] So you think Ukraine is a form of revenge for Syria?

[Friedman:] No, not revenge. But Russian intervention in the process in Syria, while the United States was still addressing the problems in Iraq, and was in negotiations with Iran … In Washington, many people have the impression that Russian want to destabilize the already fragile US position in the Middle East – a region that is of key importance for America.

About this question there were two different points of views in Washington: that the Russian were just fooling around, or that they have found a weak point of the US and were trying to take advantage of it. I’m not saying that Russia’s intervention in the Syrian conflict was the cause of the Ukrainian crisis, that would be a stretch. But this intervention tipped the balance of opinion in Washington in the direction of the opinion that Russian is a problem. And in that case what does one do? Not confront them in the Middle East. Better to pull their attention away to a problem in some other region.

Christopher Hitchens writes:

The roots of it lie in Russia’s decision to obstruct the West’s intervention in Syria.

Perhaps the key to the whole thing (rather dispiriting in that it shows the USA really hasn’t learned anything important from the Iraq debacle) is the so-called ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine’ of 1992, named after the neo-con’s neo-con, Paul Wolfowitz, and summed up by Professor Sakwa (p.211) thus: ‘The doctrine asserted that the US should prevent “any country from dominating any region of the world that might be a springboard to threaten unipolar and exclusive US dominance”’.

Note how neatly this meshes with what George Friedman says in his interview.


How odd that we should all have learned so little from the Iraq debacle. This time the ‘WMD’ are non-existent Russian plans to expand and/or attack the Baltic states.  And of course the misrepresentation of both sides in the Ukrainian controversy is necessary for the portrayal of Putin as Hitler and his supporters as Nazis, and opponents of belligerence as Nazi fellow-travellers. The inconvenient fact, that if there are Nazis in this story, they tend to be on the ‘good’ side must be ignored. Let us hope the hysteria subsides before it carries us into another stupid war.

Similarly, former Associated Press and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry wrote last April:

There is a “little-old-lady-who-swallowed-the-fly” quality to neocon thinking. When one of their schemes goes bad, they simply move to a bigger, more dangerous scheme.

If the Palestinians and Lebanon’s Hezbollah persist in annoying you and troubling Israel, you target their sponsors with “regime change” – in Iraq, Syria and Iran. If your “regime change” in Iraq goes badly, you escalate the subversion of Syria and the bankrupting of Iran. [See’s “The Mysterious Why of the Iraq War.”]

Just when you think you’ve cornered President Barack Obama into a massive bombing campaign against Syria – with a possible follow-on war against Iran – Putin steps in to give Obama a peaceful path out, getting Syria to surrender its chemical weapons and Iran to agree to constraints on its nuclear program.

So, this Obama-Putin collaboration has become your new threat. That means you take aim at Ukraine, knowing its sensitivity to Russia. [For details, see’s “What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis.”]

You support an uprising against elected President Viktor Yanukovych, even though neo-Nazi militias are needed to accomplish the actual coup. You get the U.S. State Department to immediately recognize the coup regime although it disenfranchises many people of eastern and southern Ukraine, where Yanukovych had his political base.

When Putin steps in to protect the interests of those ethnic Russian populations and supports the secession of Crimea (endorsed by 96 percent of voters in a hastily called referendum), your target shifts again. Though you’ve succeeded in your plan to drive a wedge between Obama and Putin, Putin’s resistance to your Ukraine plans makes him the next focus of “regime change.”


We noted last August:

Former Indian ambassador M.K.Bhadrakumar theorizes that it is Russia’s sheltering of Edward Snowden which is the motivation for the U.S. push for regime change in Russia:

The US is undoubtedly in a punishing mood. What accounts for it? Can’t be Syria. Can’t be Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. Can’t be the Arctic, can’t be BRICS.

Yes, it has to be the unprecedented humiliation and damage caused to the US’ global standing and foreign and security policies by the Edward Snowden affair, which Washington believes was masterminded from the Kremlin. It’s payback time for the CIA.

It’s impossible to underestimate how mad the U.S. military-industrial complex is at the NSA leaks … and Russia protecting the whistleblower who revealed them.

Just as with Putin taking the wheels off of the Syria war wagon, the U.S. is furious that Putin has prevented America from silencing Snowden.

In another “little-old-lady-who-swallowed-the-fly” moment, if America’s unconstitutional spying is exposed, the natsec players are trying to destroy all of those who revealed it.

Postscript: U.S. hawks have – in reality – long had it out for Russia … especially after Putin started talking about a multipolar world.

But Syria and Snowden are the things which drove the imperium into hyperdrive to implement regime change.

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  • Mathew

    While Syria and Snowden are certainly interesting, they are not sufficient reason for an even psychotic Western leadership to risk the provocation of global thermonuclear war – a war which the West itself may not survive intact. No, the real reasons behind the current attack on Russia are actually much deeper:

    1.) Collapse of the bankrupt Western financial system. QE and other such shenanigans have run their course. The printing presses of money are insufficient to preserve the current financial system. The only option left for the status quo is world war.

    2.) Peak Oil. Ever since the secretive Cheney energy commission meetings, Western policy has adopted the viewpoint that we are now past the point of peak oil. Russia has some of the largest remaining reserves on the planet. Kissinger has bemoaned the unfairness of Russian natural resources.

    3.) China. The financial oligarchs who control Washington stupidly believe that China must be ‘contained’. That is, the progress of China’s physical economic development is too great and China must be taken back to the previous century. This is not possible while Russia remains in its current form. Any subjugation of China requires Russia to become a vassal ‘client’ state of Washington. Russia was on such a path under Yeltsin. However, the current leadership and people of Russia would rather die in war than become yet another lapdog of Washington (such as Poland).

    Syria and Iran are ‘gateways’ to Russia and therefore must be completely destabilized. This has always been the plan.

    Best regards,

    • jadan

      Sounds reasonable, except that Russia has been a part of the western financial system until it started along the multipolar path after Yeltsin. The Ukraine provocation and the sanctions have enabled the development of an alternative system, which, unlike Ghadafi’s efforts, will succeed. World war is not an option. Everyone knows a nuclear war has no winners. Europe is already backing away from the US. Peak oil is motivation to get along with Russia. US business profits hugely from China’s growth. It is not possible or even desirable to roll back China’s progress. The fools who are in charge of the US national security state will soon be eating humble pie all the while they posture and bluster on the world stage. Even these idiot hegemons, like that old crocodile Brzezinski, prefer a dose of humility to incineration. The US public has got to wake up and get rid of the lunatics at the wheel, especially the looney in chief.

      • Mathew

        Russia’s participation in the now-bankrupt Western financial system is coming to an end. If nothing else, the sanctions, the Moody’s downgrades, the Saudi oil price shock have all served to properly educate President Putin. His attitude toward the West seems genuinely different now than 18 months ago. This may be the one benefit of Washington’s lunacy. The ruble is backed by strong gold reserves yet is treated as toilet paper by Western ‘institutions’. Russian public debt per capita is among the best of the industrialized nations yet Russia gets downgraded. Absurd. Welcome to the real world, President Putin.

        Unfortunately not ‘everyone’ knows the true consequences (global holocaust) of nuclear war. Washington planners are fully aware that a Western military deployment into Ukraine will result in a forceful Russian response, which could easily escalate into a nuclear strike. This is now a ‘calculated’ outcome.

        In the looney tune world of Washington, peak oil does not warrant cooperation. It warrants subjugation and looting. The oligarchs who control Washington do not cooperate. They take. As mentioned, Kissinger has publicly bemoaned the ‘unfairness’ of Russia’s blessing of resources due to ‘geography’. Washington would rather change the geography than cooperate.

        Yes, many U.S. corporations benefit from China. The oligarchy is willing to accommodate this as long as China remained controlled. China’s development is now pushing well past the limits of Washington’s control and they must be brought in line (so goes the story). Make no mistake, China is as much the real target as Russia.

        Yes, fortunately European leaders seem to be backing away at the prospect of all out war. Even Brezhinski stated just today that the West must not invite Ukraine into NATO. I am certain he is aware that Putin and the Russian people will fight to the end (as they have done against Hitler and Napoleon). Only now the stakes of that fight involve the potential to destroy humanity.

        • jadan

          I think the slimy bastards are looking for softer targets now. Putin has played them to a draw and they’re refocusing on Venezuela…

          • Mabel McGuillicuddy

            What everyone is forgetting is that Snowden has ALREADY distributed some facts that are even more shocking than those already seen! Putin also has satellite pictures that PROVE who really did 9/11. If the US does ANYTHING too dangerous, ALL of this will be released to thousands of websites-ones that NSA cannot control! What will happen when these hit(such as when martial law is declared) is anyone’s guess! But it won’t be pretty!

          • nick quinlan
  • PJ

    CEO and founder AND CEO… that guy must really know his stuff.

  • nomadfiles

    Peter (not Christopher ) Hitchens

    • unheilig

      Well spotted, Christopher sadly is dead.

  • Jo

    “Russia has less than $700 million in debt, the US has over $18 trillion; Russian debt is about 15% of GDP, the US runs at over 100% of GDP; Russia runs a budget surplus, the US runs a burgeoning deficit; Russia has gold to back its currency, the US now only has the military to back its fiat and increasingly widely shunned “dollar;” Russia has the largest natural resources in the world, the US has depleted or ruined most of its natural resources.With which of these two countries does the rest of the world want to conduct business?”

    Michael Noonan

    Merca is a deadbeat nation run by elitist oligarchic thugs that has finally run out of scams. They thought (after so many global bouts of genocide) that they could impress and scare Russia and continue the looting begun in the drunken Yeltsin and Harvard mafia years. Wrong! Russia is not a land of pajama clad Third World farmers to be bombed and destroyed in the standard Mercan manner.

    There will be no war against the Bear, the men of Novorossiya have shown they are unimpressed with the Neocohen Nuland Kiev NAZI junta and the ravings of O Bomber and his Washing town thugocracy. If you want something for nothing in Russia then come and take it if you dare…boots on the ground instead of the mealy-mouthed platitudes of Mercan “exceptionalism” and the standard BS that goes with all that garbage. However, even the idiots in the Thugocracy in Washing town have heard of Uncle Adolf (their Anglozionazi owners financed German fasci$m) and Adolf’s ruin in the mud and ice of Russia. The rusting Mercan war machine, after its ongoing humiliation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya etc etc etc will not be marching over Mother Russia anytime in the 21st century. That you can count on.

    Onward to the inevitable collapse of the “reserve currency” dollah now that USSAN hubris is seen for what it is by the people that are writing the future history of Merca itself.