Putin Wants to Eat Your Children

If U.S. television and politicians started saying that Saudi Arabia should be bombed because it kills and tortures innocent people, within a week many millions of Americans would demand just that. And because those voices do say that about ISIS, many millions of Americans do favor a war on ISIS.

My point is not that bombs would be worse than the problem addressed and would make the problem itself worse as well, although that’s all true. Rather, my point is that most people who favor wars do so in order to blindly support a nation, and in blindly supporting that nation they allow it to dictate which wars they will favor. Although war supporters will give you reasons for the wars they favor, they actually favor whichever wars they are told to favor, and no others. And they’ll give you the reasons they are told to believe in as well.

More often than not, the U.S. public is advised to favor a war on a single individual of demonic nature, even though a war against an individual is completely nonsensical. According to nonsensical propaganda, you don’t bomb Iraqis; you bomb former-U.S.-ally Saddam Hussein. You don’t bomb Afghans; you bomb former-U.S.-ally Osama bin Laden. You don’t drone kill Pakistani and Yemeni and Somali children and women and men; you drone kill Al Qaeda Terrorist Number Three, over and over again. You don’t liberate Libya from what stability it had; you kill former-U.S.-ally Muammar Gadaffi. You don’t attack Panama; you attack former-U.S.-ally Manuel Noriega. Et cetera et cetera.

Well, it’s Vladimir Putin’s turn, which means Russia is at risk, which means the world is at risk, and yet the rough beast stumbling toward Bethlehem to be born is as oblivious to its conception as any unborn thing or television viewer.

The Washington Post has a criticism of the U.S. television show “House of Cards” as being unrealistic in its portrayal of a Putin character because the actor is too tall, the White House would never invite the Russian band Pussy Riot (jailed by Putin) to dinner with Putin, etc. If you actually watch the episode it gets a lot more unrealistic than that.

First the Putin character is made so obnoxious that you’re supposed to take the sociopathic (hands-on) murderer who’s the U.S. president for a nice reasonable guy. Then you’re supposed to accept the whole pretense that the United States wants to and can create “peace” between Israel and its victims despite giving Israel billions of dollars of weapons every year and blocking all global accountability for its crimes. Then you’re supposed to imagine that Russia and the United States can and should join forces and use those forces to violently bring about a state of nonviolence without ever even considering any of the grievances or injustices at the root of the problem.

Then comes a pretense that is central to the formulaic but muddy thinking that takes the U.S. into wars. When Pussy Riot protests Putin’s domestic abuses, the U.S. president declares that he will follow their example and “stand up” to Putin. This equation between protesting domestic crimes and threatening military hostility from abroad is absolutely insane but absolutely standard in war propaganda.

And why does the President feel obliged to “stand up” to Putin? Because of how the negotiations had gone earlier in the program. The U.S. asked for Putin’s help in “bringing peace” to the Middle East, and Putin said OK but I’d like you to take your missiles that are directed at Russia out of Eastern Europe. The President said he would pull out a small unspecified number but his doing so would have to be kept secret. Putin replied that such a bargain should not be secret and there would be no accountability if it were. And the U.S. President at that point freaked out, determined that Putin was an obnoxious jerk who ruined parties, imposed himself on the First Lady, and generally made everyone hate him as much as humanly possible, and therefore Russia deserved nothing and the world would be condemned to a greater likelihood of nuclear war.

You won’t find that account in the Washington Post but you will see it if you watch the program. Or if you read U.S. magazines you’ll find something similar. If you read U.S. books you’ll find the same themes. If you listen to your Congress members you’ll get the same general line. A war went from unpopular in 2013 to popular in 2014 because of some ugly videos of murders and the redirection of the war toward the murderers. Vladimir Putin is being set up as the reason for a popular war even as hostility is being provoked in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe.

This could be the last such set-up if we quickly learn our lesson and pull it back, or if we don’t.

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  • oldmangristle

    Putin would find slim pickings around here, unless he had a taste for cat meat. This whole Ukrain sitch is simply business interests getting idle kids to take up arms for them, as with all wars. As if the usual warmongering idjits have never heard of PR departments and marketing firms. Putin’s no virtuous guy, obviously, but then neither is any other person who has manged to claw his way to the (perceived) top of the bureaucratic pyramid. Poking that bear with a stick is foolish. The US has yet to take on an equal within my own lifetime. Best to pursue peaceful ends. That likely won’t happen due to the need to use up those guns and bombs. Economic activity at its very worst, in the hands of the very worst of of any of the nations involved.

    We. Want. Peace. Now.

    • colinjames71

      Amen to that.

  • SausageAway

    Most Americans are accustomed to being provided with a figure or a country to hate on. Doesn’t matter who or where, they just want a target to feel superior about and a focus for channeled hate. Don’t expect any principles or moral consistently either. It’s a mob thing that Washington has been milking for years.

  • colinjames71

    Phew it’s a good thing I don’t have children! I don’t even think Hitler had a taste for child meat, ergo, he’s worse than Hitler. Case closed. Must bomb. That’s about as logical as the crap I hear from LSM

  • Brabantian

    Though Western propaganda against Putin is bullshite, he may well be ‘fake opposition’. There is much evidence that Putin himself is NWO ‘New World Order’ partner of CIA-Nato, fake opponent ‘frenemy’ helping US elites create war and chaos. After all, we are always bombarded with ‘fake opposition’, ‘fake heroes’ – Obama in 2008, ha! Plus the other fake ‘hero’ in Russia besides Putin …

    Most Washington’s Blog readers still don’t know what most European governments know, and Putin himself let on – the intel reports showing ‘Edward Snowden’ is a total fraud, a pal of Dick Cheney & Zbig Brzezinski, with everyone around him CIA; while ex-pornographer Greenwald gets ‘Snowden documents’ directly from the US government … Snowden is helping to terrorise the world, pump CIA-tied media, & betray real dissidents, who are perhaps silenced or killed after contacting Greenwald. See ‘Russia gov FSB SVR report, Snowden Greenwald are CIA frauds’

    Regarding Putin as secret partner of CIA-Nato … We are given no good reason why Putin allowed Nato to help kill many thousands of Russian speakers in Ukraine, turning that country into rubble, with millions displaced … And Russian media like RT is in fact surprisingly weak on USA-Nato despite the mess in the West, Russian media mostly echoing the West’s own limited and boxed-in ‘opposition’.

    Look at the ‘arrests’ in the Boris Nemtsov murder, ha! Seems like Chechen patsies in Boston bombing, Chechen patsies in Moscow … What is not credible there, is the claim that some Chechens were so professional in executing a hit in Moscow … but yet stupid enough to agree to do this on the Kremlin’s doorstep.

    Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov, up till now staunch Putin loyalist, is now rattled that his own people might be innocent patsies in a dirty game here. This can tear Russia apart. The beneficiary of this affair, is obviously not ‘Putin’s political power’ – he cared nothing about minor critic Nemtsov – but rather the New World Order NWO chaos crew. The logical conclusion is that the Boris Nemtsov murder was a JOINT project of Putin & CIA-Nato.

    As Brandon Smith of Alt-Market has said for some time, “We are alone” in our respective countries, there is no great heroic high-principled saviour government out there to save our bacon … we must understand that ‘fake opposition’ is a key globalist game, not only within countries, but on a world-deceiving scale.