PROOF that Putin Killed Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov

A reader tells us that the Russian language at the top and bottom says: “Irrefutable Proof.”

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  • mpg

    неопровержимый (Irrefutable) Доказательство (Proof) — Google Translate


    Every time someone tells a lie (not the truth) the world works less effectively.
    We are now in a world that almost completely doesn’t work properly.
    Mother Nature and Gravity have a way of correcting such situations.
    It just takes them the proper amount of time to take effect.
    We are very near that time.

    • Jeff Taylor

      I agree with you, wholeheartedly my friend.

    • nopostcard

      oh, no, not another prophet of doom!

      • S

        Doom is related to fate , fate have nothing to do with law of nature , balance does!
        “Life is a ecko , what you send out… must come back”
        STOP bury the truth in your tons and tons of lies!!!

        • nopostcard

          Fate doesn’t exist

      • Christian James Bell

        Oh no, your right! It’s another one!

    • wahkeras

      why is your head 10 feet tall?


        Because I’m an alien from another planet.

    • RedDawnAspirant077

      Im not sure that nature or gravity are either faring very well at this point, but luckily i think there are a few other factions still looking out for our better interests

    • Cedric,

      At times, the world seems to be coming apart, however as members of whatever given size of the affected community, each of us has a role to play in responding to the disaster. It may just be, being calm and prayerful or it may be that we are in a place to act. You and I just saw a meme poster of Colin Powell, at the UN c. 1991 (The Gulf War with Bush 1) with a childish poster painted into his hands. It is a MEME. Let’s have a laugh!

  • goingnowherefast

    Good one.

  • SausageAway

    Now all the picture needs is a red line and the bombing can commence.

    • katerina

      Hahahhhahhhha USA keeps waving a big stick !!!


    same guy who lied about anthrax? and your truth is?

  • Bobby

    LMFAO at that one!

  • Brabantian

    12 USA top political figures murdered in the manner of Boris Nemtsov

    Twelve notable US national political figures dying violently or mysteriously – Senators, Congressmen, Federal Prosecutors, Federal Judge, Governor, CIA Director – all after questioning corruption or annoying US leadership

    • Jeff Taylor

      Man, you got that right! I sincerely hope that people start waking up to the absolute, complete and utter corruption of the powers that be. They are truly psychopaths!

  • misterkel

    Photoshop? Isn’t C.P. retired?
    Pretty funny.

  • Nikola Plakalovic

    Get fucked, they always find a way to blame it on someone else. I reckon the same shit would happen again if one of the American politicians got gunned down like that, except they’d also blame it on Putin. Fucking dogs.

    • katerina

      SI, Nikola !!

  • David Bullock

    Come on, people. Putin might not have killed Nemtsov. But if he did, it would not be the first person he had killed. Political opposition in Russia is being ruthlessly suppressed. Knock of the pro-Russian nationalistic nonsense, and look reality in the eye.

    • Marco Aurelio Di Giorgio

      There’s no need for any super complex theories anyways. Is it the first time something like this happened? No, it’s a US modus operandi which has already been used in other situations. Does this homicide benefit Putin in any way? No. Did this man pose any risk to Putin in any way? No! In the Duma he had 1 seat. His own. Big big opposition!
      It does, however, give Western media the chance to point fingers at Putin to call him a bloodthirsty tyrant. This in spite of the fact he has an enormous and well-justified consensus.

      • katerina

        Exactomento ….!!!!

      • raven

        i feel the intelligence of the people of america is in decline at every moment they remain inactive in their studies. in fact the world sets itself to a shoot first ask questions later attitude. when true knowledge can only be gained through the interviewing of characters of suspicion. that is something that the world (americans especially) need to work on.

    • katerina

      Bollocks to ye Bullock !!!

  • cheesse

    this is so awesome, @CEDRICWARD why r u pooping?


      What are you talking about?

  • disqus_xamu1Pp40x

    Nothing but Russian propaganda, bullshit but works for teenagers.