Obama: “ISIL Is A Direct Outgrowth Of Al-Qaeda In Iraq That Grew Out Of Our Invasion. Which Is An Example Of Unintended Consequences. Which Is Why We Should Generally Aim Before We Shoot.”

The Iraq War Led to the Creation of ISIS

President Obama noted in an interview this week:

ISIL is a direct outgrowth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion.

Which is an example of unintended consequences. Which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.

He’s correct:

And see this.

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  • Rehmat

    As usual, Obama is lying by showing ignorance of American imperial history in service of the Jewish Lobby. Iraq War was conceived in Israel by Neocons (mostly Jewish) under Benjamin Netanyahu’s first stunt as prime minister. Iraq was destroyed and occupied for oil and mainly for the security of Israel.

    ISIL/ISIS is the result of the US-Israel marriage to destabilize and further break-up of Israel’s Arab neighboring states.


  • Jim G

    Hmmmm. The problem with Obama’s argument is that there were people who said at the “end” of the Iraq war we “switched sides” – that is went to the Sunni side. That’s part of the divide and conquer strategy used by empires throughout history. And on Webster Tarpley’s blog site you can see pictures of McCain, war monger and Republican Senator from Arizona, with ISIS leadership sitting there smiling as big as day. Webster made a big deal about this but it was not picked up by any of the other sites I follow, although I’d like to put the pictures up on every bill board around the country. The other problem with the Obama explanation is that they are very well funded by our wealthy Persian Gulf friends and allies. Zero Hedge even reported that they had an annual report for investors. I believe both General Clark and Joe Biden admitted that our wealthy gulf allies funded ISIS. So our allies funded them, McCain encouraged them, and Israel trained them (again from Zero Hedge). ISIS real purpose according to some is to destabilize Iraq and overthrow Assad in Syria. I think you guys at Washington’s Blog even made a big deal out of weapons intended for our moderate friends going to ISIS, or our moderate friends joining ISIS. I think Obama just wants cover so he is “blaming it on Bush.” I think ISIS is Obama’s and McCain’s.

  • fratdawgg23

    “unintended” perhaps, but not unexpected.

    Once the govt and media war drums started beating for the 2003 Iraq war, the few wise people that tried to warn of the dangers to destabilising the region by wrecking Iraq were shouted down, silenced, marginalised.



  • MCB

    Where’s Obama’s call to investigate ISIS/ISIL other than the canard we’ve been told about ISIS/ISIL obtaining funding from selling Iraqi oil? It’s more finger pointing and scapegoating from Obama as usual because he’s never had a real job, so he’s never been in a position to be held accountable. We all know that being President is the premier job to have for unaccountability, so this is just more typical Obama hypocrisy and blaming.

    • DrMaxHathaway

      That oil would be better off in the hands of Americans — we should have taken the oil, kept 50k troops there and bombed Iran’s nuclear reactors.

  • DrMaxHathaway

    OBAMA has become just as miserable at lying as he is at trying to sound intelligent.

    “Which Is Why We Should Generally Aim Before We Shoot.”

    This was apparently said as a play on the notion that conservatives are rootin-tootin gun-firing yahoos depicted in old western movies. Conservatives are so reckless and frothing at the mouth for violence, you see, we can’t be bothered with aiming.

    Based on the level of condescension Obama expressed in this remark, one would have expected it to contain a really pointed analysis of ISIL/ISIS. Instead, we are treated to the most bald-faced, over-simplified and omissive claim imaginable.

    “ISIL Is A Direct Outgrowth Of Al-Qaeda In Iraq That Grew Out Of Our Invasion.”

    It’s easy to see why Obama hates giving live interviews. Without a teleprompter to produce non-psychotic verbiage, Mr. Obama claims that ISIS is a direct outgrowth of an outgrowth…Such is the cognitive anarchy that reigns over the Obama mind. Obama cannot formulate a coherent sentence, yet we are supposed to believe he is a great writer and the most intelligent man in American politics.

    In fact, ISIS is neither a direct outgrowth of Al-Queda nor an outgrowth of our invasion. ISIS did not exist until Mr. Obama pulled American troops out of Irag, going against the advice of our top generals to demonstrate, once again, the supposedly superior wisdom of Mr. Obama and the democrats.

    Let’s contrast conservatives’ supposed aimlessness with the surefire, pin-point laser-targeting of Obama and the democrats, but particularly Obama.

    Let”s start with Obama AIM-shooting history and note where Obama’s shots have hit or missed the target.

    Healthcare: AIM: you can keep your health plan: RESULT: Completer Miss/off the target.

    Healthcare: AIM: you can keep your doctor: RESULT: Completer Miss/off the target.

    Healthcare: AIM: the cost of your health coverage will decrease: RESULT: Completer Miss/off the target.

  • DAS

    People should also remember that in 2011, Iraq was a country that plain and simple didn’t want us there.
    Has anybody considered the consequence of keeping armed forces in a country that doesn’t want them there?