Our Glorious Leader – Their Wicked Despot

By Tom Gauld


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  • kimyo

    once they drop the false flag, what happens here?

    does kimyo start to praise zuesse’s ‘graphs galore? (if so, it’s clearly not me.)

    by necessity, this new false flag will have to be (9/11)(9/11)</sup). will gw start saying 'it's safe to breathe the air?' 'defeat the terrorists by shopping for i-junk!'?

    we can only guess. they know, they're ready to deploy their plan. it would be a trivial matter to block access to these pages, but i think their beserker sick sense will have them pervert them instead. if so, thanks for the memories (ie: use maff in firefox to save the current state of web pages you find crucial)

    ps: send your closest geek girl/guy to see citizen four and tell her/him to tell you if he's not one of us. those of us who keep your computers working know him straightaway as one of our kind. it's obvious by the way his fingertips caress the keyboard. we know what admin access means. we know that all claims of security are completely bogus.

  • Tom Welsh

    Yet another cartoon that does the work of an entire library! Bravissimo!!!