CIA Urged Rebels to Assassinate Their Own In Order to Create “Martyrs”

Killing Their Own … For Political Gain

A CIA “psychological operations” manual prepared by a CIA contractor for the Nicaraguan Contra rebels noted the value of assassinating someone on your own side to create a “martyr” for the cause.

The manual was authenticated by the U.S. government.

The manual received so much publicity from Associated Press, Washington Post and other media that – during the 1984 presidential debate – President Reagan was confronted with the following question on national television:

At this moment, we are confronted with the extraordinary story of a CIA guerrilla manual for the anti-Sandinista contras whom we are backing, which advocates not only assassinations of Sandinistas but the hiring of criminals to assassinate the guerrillas we are supporting in order to create martyrs.

Indeed, this is just one of scores of admitted false flag attacks by governments all over the world.

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  • Matt

    mossad cia saudi terror psychotic killer inc, enough said morons

  • CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975)

    This is an old clip showing admittance of the CIA that they use the mainstream media to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of American citizens in the USA. This has not changed obviously and is good to know it has happened in the past due to our reality today.


    To call the CIA a rogue agency is to grossly understate the massive, multi-decade crime spree it has perpetrated against the community of nations and people of the world. There is no other federal department, bureau or agency that has overtly been given both the budget and governmental approval to commit capital crimes at will.

  • Dec 10, 2014 VICE News Exclusive: The Architect of the CIA’s Enhanced Interrogation Program

    The Senate Intelligence Committee has released a blistering, 500-page report on the CIA’s controversial detention and interrogation program, a document that committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said represents the most significant oversight effort in the history of the US Senate.

  • Rogoraeck

    Qote: The “Nemtsov” model?

  • Mick McNulty

    The CIA, the gangster-arm of the American elite.

  • cstahnke

    I’m not sure why this is surprising or even news unless you are hooked into the American Exceptionalist secular religion. False-flag events, conspiracies and other forms of hardball politics are and always have been a part of political operations and why American intellectuals refuse to entertain the possibility that the U.S. has and continues to pursue those tactics is a sign of our intellectual poverty. I’ve been banned from several sites including one who directly linked to this story (Naked Capitalism where I was known as “Banger”) for asserting that we have a “Deep State” operating in the United States. While this story doesn’t address that I can assure you that you cannot possibly understand the motivations of major political actors in the U.S. and around the world without understanding the existence of a Deep State which I defined as a “complex emergent network” (CIA being a central part of that network) rather than as a centralized-top down “conspiracy.” But, on the left, such notions are simply not allowed which is one, among many reasons, why the left in the U.S. is either moribund or phony as in places like Daily Kos, Naked Capitalism or 98% of other “left” blogs that routinely do not allow “conspiracy theories” to blemish their “respectability.”

    • thoughtful person

      Sorry to hear you were banned. I was wondering.

      Still, I do think the concepts you advocate are getting more widely known. Hopefully nakedcap. Will someday relent. In the meantime washingtonsblog is pretty good.

      • cstahnke

        Thanks, NC was fine with me for several years–then all of a sudden wham–they ganged upon me (Yves and Lambert) and I was gone–surprised me because I thought they offered a lot of freedom of expression there–they did and now don’t. Somebody must have said something.

        • Tim Zynski

          You got banned because they are right and you are wrong “and” you seem to make sense and this could damage their righteous cause. Don’t worry,, THEY ARE not LISTENING TO YOU, they way THEY LISTENED TO BIBI.

    • afisher

      For those not understanding, the Deep State, this according to the individual who has written about this for decades ( Peter Dale Scott) along with Paul Craig Roberts both attribute this process to the NeoCons who had to do something after the end of the Cold War so they became creative (sigh). PCR just spoke in Russia on this process – speech available on his website: PaulCraigRoberts. In short, Hegemony.

    • Wickliffe

      I found this story from a link on Naked Capitalism.

  • robertsgt40

    Imagine my shock. LMAO

  • Octopus Out of Control

    I wonder if this is happening in Argentina? Like, there was a story that made the rounds about Christina Kirchner adopting a Jewish boy to stop him from becoming a werewolf, and that crap was total BS, then we get this story about this prosecutor being murdered in order to cover up Kirchner’s alleged involvement in covering up Iran’s involvement in a terrorist attack on an Israeli embassy.