How Can We Tell If People Are Posting Bad Things In Different Languages?

People post comments in foreign languages we can’t read: Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, etc.   (Even our French and Spanish is rusty … and we never learned any languages which use non-Western characters.)

We don’t know whether they are making thoughtful, appropriate comments … or defaming people, inciting violence or doing something else illegal.

Can people who read these languages tell us if commenters are posting something inappropriate?

How do other websites deal with this issue?

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  • Axel

    I just entered a few random words of a recent blog comment reply in google translate and it translated, possibly in Arabic, something about a company advertisement or Water Company is a deal.

  • i’ve always believed proper comment etiquette required me to post comments in the same language as the original post. i think there is a way to force this using the settings in disqus. from this page

    “Best Practices

    Avoid letting the user pick the language for the discussion. In
    most cases, letting users who speak different languages comment in the
    same discussion degrades the relevance of the conversation for everyone.”

    • Heil Hitler!

      Украина должна забыть о Крыме и НАТО… НАТО бомбили христианские сербов… сатанизм является еврейский культ.

      • DAnnaS

        Thank you. I hope people open the link out of curiousity. It never ceases to amaze me how few realize that many or most Soviet leaders were not Russian.

  • I always seek a Free Language translator like in this link!