Brzezinski: “We Must Guarantee to the Russians That … Ukraine Would Not Seek To Join NATO”

Wants Ukraine to Follow Finnish Model

The encirclement of Russia by NATO is the main reason that Russia is so opposed to Ukraine joining NATO.

Indeed, one of America’s top experts on Russia warns that Ukraine joining NATO could provoke nuclear war. And see this.

So it’s newsworthy that consummate war hawk and ultimate insider Zbigniew Brzezinski has just come out against Ukraine joining NATO.

The pro-Western, popular Serbian media company b92 reports that Brzezinski said the West must “guarantee” Russia that Ukraine will not seek to join NATO:

“We must guarantee to the Russians that a free, democratic, European Ukraine would not seek to join NATO, which Russia sees as a threat, but will act like Finland which is a free, independent European country, but is not a member of NATO,” Brzezinski told the Polish broadcaster TVN24.

We tracked down the translated original report from TVN24, which states:

Part of the solution is to ensure the Russians that “free, democratic and European Ukraine will not aspire to NATO.” According to Brzezinski, Moscow [considers] binding Kiev with NATO as a threat, so that would suggest the adoption of the solution along the lines of Finland.

Of course, we’re not sure how much this will reassure Russia, given that Finland – which shares an 800-mile border with Russia – has signed a host nation support agreement that allows NATO troops to assist in “disasters, disruptions and threats to security”, and enables joint training exercises and military cooperation, and given that Finland “is a valued contributor to NATO-led operations and missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan”.

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  • Jo

    Seems like Zibby is not totally dead afterall. That makes two psychopaths and war criminals (Kissinger included) that have woken up to the reality that Russia isn’t about to roll over and cede its resources to a morally depraved, financially bankrupt and spiritually rotten Anglozionazi Empire of Chaos.

    Now flush the filthy blood-spattered IOU petroscrip Saudi Mercan “reserve currency” dollah from the Ponzi outhouse in the Wall St sewer of the Potemkin Village of rigged market “capitalism” that Mercans still quaintly call their “economy” and let’s get back to working and making a decent living for all willing to earn it.

  • cettel

    Again, George Washington does the definitive early news report on a major globally important breaking-news story, placing the event or assertion that is being reported into a perspective, regarding its sources and backgrounds, that enables readers to evaluate and interpret it intelligently, and doing this before anybody else does. He is the major reason this is the best news-site on the Web, at least in English (German Economic News is the only competitor, but the English-language rinf is also close behind — and would be on a par with this site if only it posted GW’s articles).

    As for Brzezinski’s statement: Wow! GW makes clear that it doesn’t mean exactly what it seems to mean. However, I think it’s important because it opens for Putin the path of accepting the offer but with provisions being added to it that will prohibit what Finland just did.

    Putin has stated several times that Russia will not absorb Donbass but will support Donbass. He needs the residents there — the ones who remain — to be voting in future Ukrainian national elections, in order to reduce the likelihood of the existing Obama-nazi regime remaining in power and posing future threats against Russia. That’s a national-security imperative for Russia. This goal of Putin can be achieved by such a modified version of the Finland arrangement.

    In other words: Brzezinski has just now put up Obama’s white flag; he has said (and this is virtually a commitment by the Obama White House, though entirely unofficial): We quit our main original objective, the military goal that we were pursuing when we overthrew and replaced Ukraine’s Government: NATO missiles and forces there. But we want to continue pursuing our economic goal, of economic exploitation of Ukraine, especially its agriculture and its natural gas.

    That’s the deal which is now on the table. You read about it here first. It’s the deal to which Putin will be responding.

    This is major history being made.

  • dan

    the same ‘guarantee’ that ‘we the people’ got for our secure southern border…..this man IS the NWO…

    • MCB

      All this means is that ZB is not ready for WWIII…. yet…..

  • Bernhard Voelkelt

    That is interesting news indeed. Does this mean Dr. Brzezinski is doing a 180 on us? Does this mean is is realizing his prescription to manage Russia, given in his book “The Grand Chessboard”, is via the Ukraine is not a workable solution? Hmmm…. why would Zigi finally wake up and promote a sensible strategy?

  • Mar 10, 2015 Mariupol: The Final Line of Defense – (Dispatch 99)

    The eastern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol is just 30 kilometers from the Russian border, and was previously controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic. The Ukrainian military has done its best to fortify the city after winning it back, but many believe that the pro-Russia separatists plan to seize control of it once again.

  • US history – “How Jimmy Carter I Started the Mujahideen” – Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor 1977-1981 (Jan.1998)

    “Q: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs [“From the Shadows”], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

    Zbigniew Brzezinski Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan pep talk 1979

    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Trustee, Trilateral Commission; Director (1973-1976)

    Director, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (1972 to 1977)

    In 1979 Carters National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski went into Pakistans border regions with Afghanistan to give a little pep talk to some prospective majehadeen (Holy Warriors).

    In a 1997 interview for CNN’s Cold War Series, Brzezinski hinted about the Carter Administration’s proactive Afghanistan policy before the Soviet invasion in 1979, that he had conceived.

    QUESTION: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don’t regret anything today?

  • Brabantian

    Putin may not be the ‘hero’ that Western dissidents are eagerly hoping for … Here are 8 pointers why Vladimir Putin may well be ‘fake opposition’ to West, secret partner of USA-Nato helping them to extend conflict, spill blood, & create chaos, Putin one side of the old ‘Red Team! – Blue Team!’ scam to fool global citizens, Putin arguably role-playing to help create crisis leading to NWO ‘New World Order’ …

    (1) Why did Putin allow Nato to help kill 50,000 in Ukraine (numbers per German intel), yet could have avoided it by partition, fully justified after 2 May Odessa massacre?

    (2) Why did Putin sign off on Nato war to kill 50,000+ Libyans, Putin abandoning anti-Western Qaddafi to a horrid fate, & helping destroy that country?

    (3) Why has Putin always supported US-Nato-Israel sanctions on Iran, & now hypocritically complains when he gets same treatment?

    (4) Why is Putin copying USA-style playbook re Moscow Nemtsov murder (a) Arrested ‘Chechen Muslim’ seeming patsies exactly like ‘Boston bombing’ (fake-sounding ‘confession’, observers noting torture evidence), USA-style Muslim scapegoating;
    (b) Charlie Hebdo (!) is again ‘motive’, ridiculously so here;
    (c) Ukrainian girlfriend who led Nemtsov to death, flown out to Kiev as fast as USA flew out Israelis-Saudis after 11 Sep 2001 – No more questions for her, ha!

    (5) Why does Putin strongly support Egypt’s half-Jewish President Al-Sisi (Moroccan Jewish mother, Mossad ties), in war-crime blockade of food & medicine to Gaza in Palestine?

    (6) Why does Putin often meet with & praise USA neo-con NWO leader Henry Kissinger, exactly as one would expect of a Russian leader super-connected to the US elite via Israel, 20% of Putin’s billionaires being Israeli-Jewish & close to the 40% of USA billionaires who are Israeli-Jewish, meeting together in Israel where 20% of Israelis speak Russian / emigrated from Russia?

    (7) Why is self-admitted intel agent on CIA turf in Florida USA (allegedly ‘retired’) who uses fake name ‘Vineyard Saker’, running a propagandistic giant pro-Putin blog, heavily-promoted & self-promoting, casually omitting much, yet pimping for funds a great deal, convoluted illogical excuses for Putin, & at times outright banning discussion of Russian figures who speak of Putin’s NWO betrayals?

    (8) Why does Putin let RT & glossy Russian media get so weak re US-Nato, rubbishing its potential, RT etc now often just timidly recycling stories from sources in Nato countries?

  • JosephConrad

    ZIGGIE IS SUCH A MORTALLY REPULSIVE MAN! His limo should go BOOM one day SOON! PUTIN should accept no deal ZIGGIE HAS CONCEIVED.

  • klarekerry31