It Appears “Bibi” Is Far More Popular With Crazy American Neocons Than He Is With His Own Fellow Citizens

What Do Jewish Voices Really Say?

While Neocons and Neolibs fawned over Netanyahu as if he were president of the United States, Israelis are not so pleased with Bibi.

Up to 30,000 Israelis filled the streets of Tel Aviv in an anti-Netanyahu rally.

The former chief of Mossad called Netanyahu’s speech to Congress “Bullshit”.

Numerous prominent Jews have also slammed Netanyahu’s policy towards Palestine:

313 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide have signed a letter [strongly criticizing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians .]

And .

A prominent Jewish leader says that Israel has intentionally targeted civilians in order to terrorize the Palestinian population.

A number of Israeli soldiers have confirmed this.

A number of prominent Israelis say that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is apartheid.

All 6 former Israeli security chiefs have

Israeli soldiers have spoken about Israel cruelty towards Palestinians.

The Israeli high court found that Israeli soldiers used Palestinians as human shields 1,200 times.

A holocaust survivor and Israeli Minister both say that labeling criticism of Israel “anti-semitic” is a TRICK.

Jews have repeatedly staged massive protests in Tel Aviv against the occupation and bombing of Gaza.

As Zero Hedge notes:

It appears “Bibi” is far more popular with crazy American neocons than he is with his own fellow citizens.

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  • Big Bear

    The key word in Zero Hedge’s comment is “appears”. This “appearance” is totally the creation of the “American” (so called) mass media. Thus it also appears whose interests the “American” mass media serves. A look at the personnel of its ownership (six corporations control more than 90% of it) and of its management shows who is responsible for creating this appearance and suggests why.

  • SausageAway

    Neoconservatives are by default, gifted at backing losers. Both ideologically and individually.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    Daily Kos, RT, other outlets actually put the anti bibi protest at 50k

    Massive anti-Netanyahu rally draws over 50,000 in Israel as elections loom

    • kimyo

      one can argue that the american people will not be a defining factor in preventing ww3. if the madness is to stop, the people who might most influence the outcome are the citizens of israel and germany, demanding an end to aggression against/in iran/ukraine.

      • Robert Barsocchini

        I agree. Though we might be able to mitigate US killing as US citizens did via protest since and including invasion of Vietnam.

        • kimyo

          an effective means of protest is required. millions marching on washington or wall street will receive only platitudes or tear gas.

          it’s also difficult to picture an effective boycott. the target (exxon-mobil / monsanto / gsk / ??? ) will just direct the fed to turn the spigot their way.

          lastly, if a citizenry succeeds in re-taking control of their democracy, they will be dealt a smackdown of epic proportions. if the people of greece, israel, the ukraine or vermont manage to restore representational democracy, tptb will rain hell down upon them. they will be meant to serve as a lesson for the rest of us.

          so, perhaps there’s one way americans can protest – send our extra spare bits of cash to the citizens of greece. support them in casting off the german and french banksters and the imf. once they’ve zero’ed out their debt, they actually look like a decent investment, let’s buy their products and their tax appreciation notes. restore some sanity to that corner of the planet and maybe it’ll start to spread itself around.

  • RambleC

    Does the above perspective represent the Neocon worldview? Just curious