U.S. Ships 50 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine: Europeans Are Furious

Eric Zuesse

Apparently, Obama, though he says he hasn’t made up his mind about whether to send weapons to Ukraine, actually has and is. He now seems to be quietly trashing the spirit though no provision in the Minsk II truce that was arranged by Merkel, Hollande, Putin, and Poroshenko, and signed by the OSCE, Russia, Ukraine, and both of the rebelling former parts of Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. Obama now appears to be sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, and thus assisting Ukraine to resume attacking the DPR & LPR.

Even conservative Europeans are expressing outrage. Followers of Italy’s Sylvio Berlusconi, and even the leader of Austria’s anti-immigrant “Freedom Party,” are shocked and appalled by this Obama action.

Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, posted online a photo alleged to be of Bradley tanks now on rail-cars in Linz Austria en-route to Ukraine; he estimated 50 of them. 

Then, Berlusconi’s Milan newspaper Il Giornale posted this article on Wednesday March 25th:


Sighted in Austria, American tanks: “I direct in Ukraine”

Here are the photos that show the first American tanks traveling to Ukraine

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.03.29 PM

Andrea Riva – Wed, 25/03/2015 – 14:52


Since the time when America first mentioned the possibility of sending armored vehicles to Ukraine, now seems to be the time passing from words to deeds.

The leader of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, has posted on Facebook photos showing the first American tanks (approximately 50) traveling to Ukraine.

Strache thinks these are Bradley tanks [NOTE from Eric Zuesse: Actually, these look to me more like Abrams tanks], entering Austria [from Germany] through Linz. If this interpretation is true, then America would be starting to break, at least formally, the agreements signed by Ukraine and Russia in Minsk., entering Austria [from Germany] through Linz. If this interpretation is true, then America would be starting to break, at least formally, the agreements signed by Ukraine and Russia in Minsk.


Here are typical comments at that conservative Italian newspaper online:



Wed, 25/03/2015 – 14:47

If it is the beginning of the end ..


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 14:47

Europe still America … who the hell do they think is Russia? A South American dictatorship (although in some parts of the ‘sticks’ to have also received) or any Saddam or Gaddafi any? Sure to leave rot ‘atomic’ after all the ‘investments’ for them?


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 15:22

On which side is the European ruling class?


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 15:34

Americans have not lost time … only two days ago, the Congress approved the sending of personnel and equipment in Ukraine. Sooner or later Putin will react in front of yet another massacre of pro-Russians (it will be closely hidden by the European media). Damn Americans, are taking us to war without europe saying a single word. damn Italy’s government stooges.


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 15:46

Ukraine has the right to defend its sovereignty and freedom against the Russian invasion. For this it asked for help from Europe and the US.


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 15:47

American politicians are a plague! obama especially!


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 16:05

The US and its servants of the ‘eurozone have failed after 15 years to tame a country primitive gardeners (opium) and shepherds of the mountain as the’ Afghanistan. Do they think they have the upper hand over those who have three thousand intercontinental missiles with atomic bombs, an ‘army of two million combatants determined, and millions of people in Europe are ready to boycott anyway everything stinks of American rule?


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 16:24

After all the c @ zz @ te that America has done over the years and attacking without cause different nations, now meddles in other affairs that do not concern them. Sooner or later these arrogant ones will take beatings on the ears.


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 16:33

Obama is the devil and wants to destroy everything in a third world war. Political Europe assists passively to the end.


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 16:56

libertà73 Too bad he is at 10000km and instead we are here, they think that Russia is Libya or Iraq.


Wed, 25/03/2015 – 16:57

If so, only armored vehicles (even if some of the best armor in the world) are not enough for Ukraine groped to stop an invasion of the second strongest army in the world. But Americans know what they do. Definitely will send soon in Ukraine even missiles and fighter-bombers (in addition to the aircraft carrier in the Black Sea). Obviously, this attitude will be interpreted by the Russians as an attempt at aggression against them. At that point there will have little importance for reason and will start the Third World War. Five hundred million lives gone will make survivors think. 


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

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  • Jim G

    I guess I was wrong when I said in a previous post I did not think Obama would send weapons inspire of Congresses vote. They were already on the way. This administration and Congress hold us all hostage to nuclear war. The elites must have all found good hiding places and regard us as a burden to bankers now that we can not afford to borrow more.

    • Tom Welsh

      I guess you have diagnosed the situation correctly, Jim G. For months I have been unable to accept such a horrible scenario, but now there seems no alternative. Just this morning I heard some ghastly BBC pawn refer to Obama as “the leader of the free world”, and found myself automatically repeating that phrase in German. Maybe Obama, too, wishes to be revered as GROKAZ (“Groesster Kriegsherr aller Zeit”) – although it seems unfair to do so by bringing time to an end.

      • Dr Smileyface

        The BBC has been a propaganda tool of the British state since Churchill used it to attack the General Strike in 1926. Unfortunately it’s been downhill ever since.

        Anyone for “Jim’ll Fix it”?

      • Heil Hitler!

        Wer bombardiert Orthodoxen Christlich Serben für die Muslimen?
        Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb…

    • Nathan Elias
    • Nathan Elias

      Blog is wrong, you are correct.

  • truth

    This looks familiar!

    Where have I seen this before???

    History repeats, over and over.


  • Tom Welsh

    Surely American armoured vehicles (Bradleys are technically not tanks) could not be shipped through any nation without the explicit permission of that nation’s government? So we must conclude that the German and Austrian governments – and no doubt either that of France or Italy – has given such permission. God forgive them when the ultimate rain of death descends on us all.

    • Dr Smileyface

      God (if she exists) might forgive but nobody else will

      • Nicholai Austrenzo

        I might forgive. ^.^

    • Karol Čirunok

      Oh yeah, God forgive the US for helping Ukraine defend itself from an aggressor. Let them all die!

      Because appeasement always worked like a charm, just look at how splendidly everything worked out last time when we gave up on Czechoslovakia.

      • Heil Hitler!

        Ja sam čovek iz sene… ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF coup

        • Todkahdohs Nunya

          gee….look how much more peaceful the region would be if this were only true lol

          • Heil Hitler!

            Fight your own wars… I don’t owe the “chosen parasite” Jews anything.

          • Todkahdohs Nunya

            awww jealousy is so attractive

          • Heil Hitler!

            Go ahead, have your gay pride march all the way to Moscow… Leave me out of it, I don’t owe you anything, you “chosen parasite” Jew, I’m not for sale.

      • Tatjana Mochalova

        Agressor? it’s a full blown civil war because the eastern ukraine did not support the US-funded and backed coup in Kiev. At least, that’s how it beganback in 2014. Now, it’s a full blown hell with millions of refugies (most of them flee to the territory of Russia. Crazy people, no? Running away from “saviors” towards the “agressor” So many of them in Moscow) . Read recent reports on the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine investigation by the French and Germans. US is the sole benefitor in this conflict – not Ukraine, not Russia, not Europe.

    • Heil Hitler!

      Vertrag der Drei Schwarz Adlern… Russland, Österreich, Preußen… Ich ehre diese… Ich bin der Vojvode von Siebenbürgen, der Orden des Drachen…

    • Birgit

      The US military don’t need German Government’s permission, they can do what they please. US military bases (about 60,000 US soldiers) are exterritorial areas, air sovereignty included. US military has the freedom of movement throughout the country.

      • Johnny Wilbanks

        Thirty years ago, I was proud to be an American soldier in a divided West Berlin. I am not proud of what my country has done in the past 12 years. And I believe this action by the US government is very dangerous and destabilizing. The Europeans need to stand up as one and say NO!

  • Karol Čirunok

    >[NOTE from Eric Zuesse: Actually, these look to me more like Abrams tanks]

    Eric… you need glasses. Strong ones.
    And by the way, Bradley is nowhere near a tank. It’s an IFV.

    >America would be starting to break, at least formally, the agreements signed by Ukraine and Russia in Minsk.

    No harm in breaking an agreement Russia never respected (or even intended to respect).

    • Galf

      Grammatically it’s correct to call the Bradley a “Tank”. A tank is any enclosed armored vehicle running on treads with a rotating turret and a cannon. 25mm is a small cannon, but still cannon, everything else applies.
      So yeah this also means that an M18 Hellcat isn’t a tank (open top) and a StuG III isn’t a tank (no turret).

      • Karol Čirunok

        You’re one of these people who call anything with hardpoints a “fighter” aren’t you.
        Protip: The definition of tank has changed since 1915.

        • Galf

          It hasn’t, and you’re wrong. And google proves me right. Feel free to go ahead but it’s pointless when I stick to the literal grammatical definition and you make imaginary rules up. Tank is very generic, IFV is the specific term. They’re both correct.
          Do you not call dollars “money” because they’re dollars and not euros,rubles or whatever? They’re still money.

          • Karol Čirunok

            The blanket term you’re thinking of is “armored vehicle”. Not “tank”.
            – Not every armored vehicle is a tank, but every tank is an armored vehicle.
            – The IFV is not a tank, but every IFV is an armored vehicle.
            The Bradley lacks multiple features to be called a tank, namely a high caliber cannon and heavy armor.

            You could get away with calling it a “tank” before and during WWII (since that’s what it would be back then), but after WWII we adopted the term “MBT” and pretty much the only other type of tank that survived is the light tank, and they *share* the armament and armor requirement, i.e. anything with a 20mm autocannon for a main gun != tank.

            You can’t really use the term “tank” for an IFV nowadays and not expect to be ridiculed. But feel free to whine some more about how Wikipedia is right and every military in the world is wrong because you were too lazy to read the second sentence of the Wikipedia article, too.

          • Galf

            Thank you for enlightening me on your completely made up definitions of what’s wrong and what’s right but I’ll stick to the dictionary.
            Not wikipedia, the freaking dictionary.

          • Karol Čirunok

            Enjoy being wrong, I guess.

          • Galf

            Oh, internet people.

          • Karol Čirunok

            Oh, troglodytes.

          • Al Lock

            The dictionary is rarely accurate when it comes to lots of things. Bradleys aren’t tanks.

          • Tom Welsh

            The data sheet for the Bradley A3 lists some standard roles:

            Infantry Fighting Vehicle
            Calvary Fighting Vehicle
            Fire Support Team Vehicle
            Engineer Fighting Vehicle
            Battle Command Vehicle

            The clincher is that the maximum capacity is given as 10 people. That makes it obvious that one of the Bradley’s main roles is to transport infantry in relative safety (IFV). No one has ever designed a tank that has room for 5-6 passengers in addition to the crew – the result would be a tank that is far too big and heavy, hence too lightly armoured, to stand a chance in combat.

          • Galf

            So the Merkava isn’t a tank then, because it can carry extra infantry?
            Guys. Textbook. Dictionary. Definition. It’s an armored vehicle, to be more accurate a tank, to be more accurate an IFV.
            That’s it. Accept the grammatical sense in things and stop arguing about personal definitions. It can also be called a “light tank that carries an infantry squad”, infantry fighting vehicle is the specific term coined after the vehicle class was born, as it’s not a Sheridan but it’s not an M1 or a Striker either, so it belongs to a class of its own even if it shares multiple characteristics with the vehicles named above.
            I honestly do not get what people have against learning proper grammar.

          • Tom Welsh

            Actually tanks and IFVs are entirely different, because they have completely different roles. A tank is as small as possible, heavily armoured, and carries the biggest possible gun. Its role is to cruise through enemy lines and, if possible, break through to the rear areas. Its gun is specified for destroying other tanks, IFVs, and when necessary soft targets such as infantry positions. An IFV has to be bigger (in terms of internal space) because it is essentially a bus. Its task is to transport infantry faster than they could walk while sheltering them from machine guns, shrapnel, and small calibre guns. Because it has this main task, it cannot be as heavily armoured as a tank or have such a powerful gun; hence it cannot fight tanks with much chance of success.

        • Rollin Shultz

          If it is for infantry, whose infantry, are they considering sending US troops as well?

    • Galf

      But yeah the guy is freaking blind, it make my head hurt.

    • Heil Hitler!

      I stand with the Russians… I’m a German… fuck you and die…

      • RestrainedRealpolitik

        No, you are a foolish fascist, overwhelmed with hate and sickness.

        • Heil Hitler!

          If Iran nukes Israel, the Palestinian fílth also dies in the fallout… not my problem…If Assad Pest Control Service is spraying a few Salafist cóckroaches… not my problem…

          Fight your own wars… Go ahead, have your gay pride march all the way to Moscow… If you are still a little bútt hurt over no gay pride nonsense at the Sochi Olympics, you need to slap some salve on it boy… Russia has real soldiers on their border and no gay pride marches in their army.

          Leave me out of it, I don’t owe you anything, you “chosen parasite” Jew, I’m not for sale…

  • Duker Nuker


    • Heil Hitler!

      Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb… Sodom Hussein Obama ist gerade ihren Rasen-Jockey…

    • Roger Enright

      Don’t interrupt the merry parade of sheep and spoil their little doom and gloom party. Facts do not impress the sheep. The author of this article is particulary STUPID for misidentifying Bradley IFVs for Abrams tanks. Only a myopic idiot or somebody who’s got a vested interest in spreading this propaganda would “misidentify” a Bradley as an Abrams. Plus no proof of the Bradleys even going to Ukraine at all. If you believe this whole article, you are a MORON, and a useful idiot for Putin’s propaganda machine.

  • Chuck Jarvi
  • Miska H
  • Nathan Elias

    http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150314/1019496443.html Pretty Sure those went to Estonia on Monday for a joint military practice session.

  • Stephen M. Hoskins

    This is part of the necessary cycle, our world’s population is exceeding the limit allowed by our Extraterrestrial Masters. Forget the Illuminatti, this is much bigger….

    • Fleagus Gustafario

      I don’t know for sure so I won’t answer affirmatively…but that actually seems like a feasible
      scenario “Go in there and do this, or we’ll come to your planet and do it ourselves”. Look at the back of a $1 bill with that all seeing eye to get a clue about it.

  • Jack Large

    The tanks are likely to be melted down for scrap, and without removing the crews.

  • Dale Mcc

    Those tanks pictured above don’t appear to M1A1 Abrams but the M3 Bradley seems to be more of a case of lousy reporting though I will add that I still think Obama is a screw up

  • matt

    Doesnt the blue and white on the tanks indicate nato>?

  • RestrainedRealpolitik

    Those are not Abrams tanks — those are Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

  • Jason Pearson

    nope., they got it wrong., those are Bradleys not Abrams main battle tank., nor are they the updated version of the M1A2 either for that matter.

    • Johnny Wilbanks

      No turret gun!

  • Wesa F.

    Could somebody tell me why america is so stuck on war with Russia

  • Richard M

    The Bradley is an armored personnel carrier, not a tank. Those are Bradley APCs, not Abrams tanks. The press is so ignorant.

  • Thomas

    The Ukrainians should be able to seek there own destiny,but as a American,I say we have no right to put missiles or any other weapons on the Ukrainian border.At the same time,the Ukrainians should be able to purchase weapons from whom ever, for they’re own defensive purposes ,.we must not forget how we reacted ,when the Russians tried to put missiles in Cuban.

  • Mazepa

    We’re getting much more than tanks…
    7 more rooshan swine had their throats cut ear to ear last night. Smert mockalyam.

  • maxwell

    We have to help these people! how can so many of you just sit by and watch them lose their country?! if we don’t take a stand here Putin will just keep expanding.