2016 Election

2016Artwork by William Banzai

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  • billylove

    Banzai does some awesome stuff. Regardless of who the candidates will be, one thing is certain. Neither Democrat or Republican candidate will be worth consideration. Voting for either will be a vote for the ruling class.

  • jadan

    Hillary’s kind of cute with boy hair, but Jeb is beyond repair.

  • JosephConrad

    In college, Jeb was the ‘runner’ for his big brother and got busted for it! Why elect another member the family that MURDERED 1 siting president, and 2 would-have-been presidents AND SCORES of nation leaders from 1988-92 and 2000-2008; perpetrated 9/11, Iran Contra and numerous other nefarious acts! Billy was a brigand and his wife, an unapologetic murder conspirator. Ron Paul is the only 1/2 way decent person running for the Presidency in 2016 and he wouldn’t win because AMERICANS ARE JUST TOO DARN STUPID AND COWARDLY WHEN IT’S TIME TO PROTECT THEIR DEMOCRACY!

  • unheilig

    NO to Bushie retreads.
    NO to Clintonite hasbeens.
    NO to rabid rightwingnuts.
    Ron Paul? Far more upside than downside, although the downside is a long way down.