What’s Behind Ukraine’s Secret Weapons Deal with UAE

Eric Zuesse

U.S. President Barack Obama apparently is going ahead with his plan for NATO missiles to be placed in Ukraine aimed against Moscow, but found a way to do it that won’t violate the warnings by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin against Washington’s directly supplying those arms to Ukraine (such as is demanded of Obama by congressional Republicans, and even by a few hawkish Democrats — all passionate supporters of Hillary Clinton). Obama’s subordinate (or dependent local leader), the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, is now arranging to receive those weapons via a less direct channel; and this arrangement couldn’t happen if the U.S. White House were opposed to it. The idea might even have originated inside the White House.

On Tuesday, 24 February 2015, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, Poroshenko placed the finishing touches on the purchase of Western, mainly U.S., weapons, via the UAE, from Western firms such as, perhaps, Lockheed, GE, Krupp, Euromissile, etc., which will be paid for by Western taxpayers, via IMF ‘loans’ to Ukraine, which money comes from taxpayer contributions to the IMF, but which ‘loans’ can never be paid back to the IMF — they’ll inevitably default, because these ‘loans’ are at the very end of the long line of creditors of Ukraine, which is a bankrupt country, having been looted for decades (and especially during the past year) by its aristocrats (called “oligarchs”), who have already spirited tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars off to Western tax-haven countries, so that only Ukraine’s public (who received little if any benefit from those debts of the Ukrainian Government) will pay even the pennies-on-the-dollars that Ukraine’s bondholders will be receiving (and the recipients will be only the holders of the oldest of Ukraine’s bonds, which won’t be the IMF, EU, or U.S., Ukraine’s post-coup ‘lenders’). 

This is called the IMF’s “austerity” program, for looted nations such as Greece and Ukraine, and it holds sacred the thefts by aristocrats, while it transfers all of aristocrats’ losses off onto their respective publics, who (as Ukrainians now will) pay it via their stripped governmental services and hiked taxes; and these poor people then serve aristocrats as virtual slaves (low-wage labor), many of whom thus migrate to wealthier countries, which, in turn, reject the burden of caring for them, thus producing yet more resentments and hatreds against these poor people, regardless of how they behave. 

Here is the way this Ukrainian arms deal works:

The deal itself was publicly, but only vaguely, announced on Tuesday, the 24th, along with “what Poroshenko described as a ‘very important negotiation about the facilitation of the United Arab Emirates investment in the Ukraine.’ He declined to provide specifics of the deal.” The reason why Arabic royals (in this case the Al Nahyan family that controls Abu Dhabi) are naturals for this — the logical persons to serve as the middle-men to sell Western-made weapons to Russia’s new (since the time of Obama’s February 2014 Ukrainian coup) enemy, Ukraine — is that the U.S. aristocracy has, for at least 70 years, been allied with Sunni aristocracies, against, originally, the Soviet Union, and then Russia. Russia had been the chief supplier of oil and gas to the other Soviet republics; it was and is the local oil-and-gas giant. Whereas Russia’s aristocrats bonded instead with Shia Iran (which alliance was interrupted during 1953-79 by the CIA’s coup there and then the Shah’s ultimate overthrow and then the restoration of Iran’s alliance with Russia), the American aristocrats had bonded with Sunni Saudi Arabia, and with other Arab royals, in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. So, with the exception of Armand Hammer’s Occidental Petreoleum, which bonded with Libya’s pro-Soviet Sunni anti-imperialist and anti-Western Muammar Gaddafi, Western oil companies generally allied with the Saud family, who had allied with the most intensely Sunni clergy of all, who were the followers of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who had personally agreed in 1744, with Muhammad bin Saud, that the Sauds and Wahhabs would jointly control the Kingdom and ultimately the world — Wahhabs controlling the laws, and Sauds controlling the military.

In short: America’s aristocracy bonded with Sunni aristocrats, and Russia’s aristocracy bonded with Shia ones. Ukraine has now joined the Sunni alliance, and this is done with Obama’s blessing.

America’s progressives might find it hard to understand, but America’s far-right aristocratic Koch brothers, who are allied with Big Oil on almost everything else, have no part in Big Oil’s alliance with the Sauds, and consequently the Kochs’ Cato Institute actually did an honest analysis of U.S.-Saudi relations, concluding, “The United States should reassess the current Washington-Riyadh axis. The American commitment to the Saudi royal family is a moral blemish and a practical danger. It has already drawn the United States into one conventional war and has helped to make Americans targets for terrorism, which generated far more casualties in one day than did the Gulf War, the Kosovo conflict, and the Afghanistan campaign (so far) combined.”

Instead, most of America’s aristocrats who are heavily invested in crushing Russia are Democrats, such as George Soros and Pierre Omidyar. These are the CIA Democrats. Another example of that is Markos Moulitsas. Of course, CIA Republicans dominate the anti-Russian campaign, but virtually the entire U.S. aristocracy is either funding it or else doesn’t much care either way about it. None cares about the extermination of the residents in Ukraine’s former Donbass region. This is why the U.S. media are now pouring forth with virtual unanimity against Russia — as if it were Russia that were surrounding NATO, instead of NATO that’s surrounding Russia. Even though Obama’s Ukrainian Government is carrying out an ethnic-cleansing campaign, its victims are being portrayed as if they were ‘terrorists’ and even ‘Russians.’ The victims are just former Ukrainians.

On 11 February 2015, I headlined “Al Qaeda’s Bookkeeper Spills the Beans” and reported that the person who had kept the financial books for Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda during the period leading up to 9/11, and who entered each and every donation into their financial books, including each one of the many multi-million-dollar donations, which poured in from Saudi and other Arab royals, provided sworn testimony recently, in a U.S. prison where he has been held incommunicado for more than a decade in order to protect Saudi and other Sunni royals — testimony that he swore upon the Quran, which he holds dearer than anything else — and, in this sworn testimony he explained in detail the profound interdependency between the Wahhab clergy and the Saud family, and the resulting dependency that Al Qaeda had upon both that clergy and that royal family, so that even the other Sunni royal families (such as in Qatar, Bahrain, and UAE) are beholden to the Saudi royal family and its Wahhabist clerics.

In other words: the U.S. aristocracy’s alliance with the Sauds explains an important part of the reason why the U.S. Government’s explanation of 9/11 is based upon lies.

A little-noticed news story in Al-Monitor, on 27 January 2015, from Bruce Reidel, reported that, “ Feb. 14 marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the US alliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On Feb. 14, 1945, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt met with King Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud in Egypt and the two forged a partnership that has endured despite occasional severe strains for the last 70 years.” Reidel went on:

“The meeting was a closely held secret for security reasons. Only a handful on each side knew it was coming. FDR and Ibn Saud met on the USS Quincy, a cruiser, in the Great Bitter Lake along the Suez Canal, as World War II was coming to an end. FDR arrived from the Yalta summit with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Roosevelt’s health was very poor; he had only weeks to live. Ibn Saud had come from Jeddah on an American destroyer, the USS Murphy, with an entourage of bodyguards, cooks, slaves, an astrologer, a fortune-teller and other retainers and some sheep. The king only reluctantly agreed to leave his wives behind in Jeddah. It was his first trip outside the Arabian Peninsula aside from a brief visit to Basra in Iraq. The two agreed to work together to ensure stability in the post-war Middle East. The United States would ensure security for the kingdom, and the Saudis would ensure access to their oil fields. The United States acquired use of Dhahran air base for operations in the Middle East. US oil companies were already operating in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia declared war on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan two weeks later, securing a seat in the United Nations.”

Barack Obama wants to continue the program that George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and G.W. Bush, worked on before him, to surround Russia with NATO missiles. The takeover of Ukraine, and the enlistment of the Arabic oil sheikhs in assisting further to turn the screws against Russia, are key components in doing that: crushing Russia’s resistance to American domination.

Whereas, for FDR, the alliance with Sunni Islam was purely anti-communist, against the Soviet Union, the U.S. Presidents after 1980 were and are anti-Russian, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with ideology. The U.S. aristocracy intend to dominate the aristocracy in every other nation, and Russia is the only militarily powerful nation that is opposed to being controlled by this global Empire. Consequently, President Obama, who is an agent for America’s aristocracy, wants to cripple if not destroy Russia. And this is why, in his National Security Strategy 2015, 17 of the 18 times he uses the term ‘aggression’ are applying it against Russia. Russia’s President Putin would have to be an idiot not to recognize that today’s United States (its aristocracy, not the American public, who are quite different) is extremely hostile.

Russia could be the bulwark that, along with the rest of Europe and America, could restrain Islamic extremism; but, since America’s aristocracy is primarily concerned with crushing Russia, Islamic terrorism will probably only continue to grow. 

Furthermore, events such as 9/11 are necessary for the Arabic aristocrats in order for them to keep their clerics with them and thereby control their own nation’s public.

Here is an official photo of Poroshenko with Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Al Nahyan:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 7.30.39 PM

So: the U.S. ends up being allied with Islamic terrorists, while accusing Russia of backing ‘terrorists’ in the former Ukraine, whose only crime is that they don’t want to be slaughtered.

On 12 February 2015, was issued a “Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Ukraine,” which opened: “Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), statement today in Brussels, Belgium: ‘I am pleased to announce that the IMF team working in Kiev has reached a staff-level agreement with the Ukrainian government on a new economic reform program that would be supported by an Extended Fund Facility of SDR 12.35 billion (about $17.5 billion, €15.5 billion) from the IMF, as well as by additional resources from the international community.” Violating even the IMF’s own prohibitions against pouring loans into a nation that’s at war, the IMF was here making clear that they were 100% behind Obama’s Ukrainian proxy war against Russia. This is where the money will come from to finance Ukraine’s acquisition of more weapons to exterminate or else drive out the residents in the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the democratically elected Ukrainian President that Obama overthrew.

It’s ongoing mass-murder on the installment plan, with the IMF providing most of the funds.

Because the loaned money is going to pay the ethnic-cleansing campaign, it’s not going toward the needs of the Ukrainian people. This is extreme austerity, and it started immediately, a day after the day, 26 February 2014, when Arseniy Yatsenyuk became appointed to run the country, as he had been selected to do by Victoria Nuland of Obama’s State Department 22 days prior. As Kommersant reported, on 6 March 2014: “the strategy of the government was approved in Parliament on 27 February and on 3 March the Ministry of Finance sent an action plan for approval to the Ministry of Economic Development. The document is striking in its scale. … ‘Under the Knife’ go social costs. Already in March, the payment of pensions will be reduced to only 50% of the designated pension amounts.” But an uproar held that up. However, now it’s being done. 

On December 11th: “Cabinet wants to reduce schooling to 9 years [from 12 years], to reduce the cost of the budget Finance Ministry proposes to amend the legislation governing the humanitarian sphere, the sphere of public administration, pensions, social security, the work of the prosecution and the army.”

On December 19th: “Education Minister Sergey Kvit noted that the department, which he heads, will never agree to such a proposal.”

On December 24th: “Education Minister Sergei quits.”

Pensions are now set to be halved, even in the greatly depreciated Ukrainian currency; and public schooling is to be reduced to only 9 years. All of that IMF (and U.S., and EU) money goes instead to pay to mass-murder the residents in Ukraine’s former Donbass region, the area shown on this map in which the residents voted 90% for Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama overthrew, and where all of the residents are officially ’terrorists.’ The phrase for that used to be: “free-fire zone.” Obama wants the residents exterminated, and the IMF and EU are going along with that.

The circuitous way in which Ukraine will be buying its weapons is designed to avoid triggering a declaration of war by Vladimir Putin, or else to make non-obvious to the public why he would be justified in doing so. 


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • …on the other hand, it is better to let the UAE provide US weapons than for the US to do so openly, when you deal with a madman, like Putin, who denies Russian involvement, yet says he will start a nuclear war if there is Western help…

    • cettel

      Well, it’s obvious that you don’t click on links. The “madman” is Obama, not Putin, but you’re so drenched in Western propaganda that you don’t know it. Drill down; click on links; check out the sources; find out who is lying and who is telling the truth. You’ve been hornswoggled, big-time.
      Especially, in the middle of paragraph 2 of this news-report click on “”

  • johnackerby

    Eric Zuesse, what is your problem dude? Are you a coward?

    Why do you want the Ukrainians to be defenseless?

    Oh I get it! You don’t want to make Putin angry. You’re scared to make Putin angry. And of course this means that you’re a coward.

    • spanatko

      so all of us who don´t want to start a nuclear holocaust are cowards according to your logic, oh and best to start the end of all over a failed state… so heroic

      • johnackerby

        I don’t want to start a nuclear holocaust and I do not think I’m a coward. I don’t think someone’s a coward just because he or she does not want to start a nuclear holocaust. My problem with Eric Zuesse is that he is going further than simply not wanting to start a nuclear holocaust.

        Look, we in the west are not going to “START” a nuclear holocaust no matter what. At this point a nuclear holocaust is not yet started, and if a nuclear holocaust does start it won’t be because the west started it. If and when a nuclear holocaust starts as a result of the Ukraine crisis it will be Russia that STARTS the nuclear Holocaust. The west will simply be defending itself.

        Russia/Putin has decided to try to rebuild the Soviet Union. We can’t allow that to happen. If it happens it will be because Russia turned a lot of free states into Russian vassals. Russia/Putin is on an imperialistic fascistic march and the more nations that Russia/Putin takes control of the stronger Russia will get. We learnt this lesson from WW2.

        he west almost lost WW2 because one of the stronger nations (America) delayed getting into the battle. One nation after another was falling to the axis of evil nations and every time the axis of evil nations took over a country the axis of evil nations then took possession of that fallen country’s resources. The added resources strengthened the axis of evil nations. The longer we wait to stop an evil nation that is on an imperialistic march the stronger that evil nations gets and the harder it will be to stop it. And if you let the evil nation get strong enough then it will become unstoppable and you will live under the thumb of that evil nation…under Putin’s thumb.

        From a strategic standpoint we need to make our stand here and now. a few years ago we let Russia get away with stealing territory from a few nations already and we need to draw the line in the sand at the Ukraine. We don’t want him to get any stronger because the stronger he gets the harder it will be to stop him. You don’t want to live your life under Putin’s thumb.

        Sure I don’t want to be nuked. And Putin doesn’t want Russia to be nuked either. I understand this. Putin is just as scared of us as we are of him. Keep that in mind. A lot of his threats are hollow bluster but it doesn’t really matter because we can’t let him take more territory anyway. He already has a lot of power and we don’t want him gaining more power, which is what will happen if he takes more territory.

        • Earlw

          You have your head so far up your *** you can see daylight! Indeed a throwback to cold war rhetoric. You my friend are in denial. Mr. Zeusse has it exactly correct. I have followed this for the past few years, and it is as plain as the nose on your face what is really transpiring. like the last guy said, do some open minded digging and forget the selective research which will only find what you so obviously would prefer to be the truth. If you don’t, you and all your kin and friends will be as collectively guilty of following a lie as you claim all the others are doing. This is going to get VERY ugly before it (hopefully) improves. It may even spill over onto our shore.

          One other thing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking America’s forces are invincible. They’re not. In some respects, such as the newest stealth fighter Russia has, our military doesn’t yet have anything close to it, and the F-35 is problem ridden and slower. some of there latest generation missiles have no comparable American counterpart. That’s a part of being smug about your capabilities.

          Finally, Just think of the costs of such a war globally. It broke the old soviet Union just fighting in Afghanistan. We are already in the red to the tune of 18 Trillion dollars…………collapse time, you all!

          • johnackerby

            No you’re the one who has his head up his as$. Letting Putin get away with his fascistic bullying costs us more money in the long run than standing up to him now does.

            1) I guess you didn’t get the Dave Cameron memo wherein he explained that letting Putin get away with his fascistic cr@p results in instability and insecurity. He also explained that instability and insecurity are not in the financial best interests of the free world.

            2) It’s doubtful that we would have to go to war. Deep down inside Putin/Russia know they can’t match NATO militarily. That is why Putin/Russia are rushing to modernize and toughen their military. Since Russia’s military has not completed its’ modernization and toughening we would be better off fighting his army now rather than AFTER Russia completes the modernization and toughening of their military.

            3. Even if Russia stops its’ belligerent behavior now it could start its’ fascistic cr@p again in a few years after it completes the modernizing and toughening of its’ military and by then Russia’s army might be such a juggernaut that we can’t defeat it. Now is the time to act.

            4. Russia has every intention to continue its’ efforts to undermine, destabilize, and weaken the dollar. Every few months Russia gets some new country to join in ending the dollar’s status as the world reserve currency. Russia will continue this and given some more time Russia might succeed. The damage it could do to our economy is profound.

            Russia is able to do build a tougher military and finance its’ project of undermining the dollar’s status as the global reserve currency because it has significant financial reserves, and because it’s gaining some global military respect due to the efficiency of its’ military. But if we went on the offensive with the worse possible sanctions (including expulsion from SWIFT) we could wipe out the Russia’s economy and then they wouldn’t have the money or respect (from other countries) to get other countries to join them in undermining the US dollar’s status as the global reserve currency or finance their foreign military adventures. If the US dollar were to crash then neither Europe or America will be safe. Our military spending is what keeps America and Europe safe.

            I have followed this for the past few years and you are the one who is naive. We need to crank this situation to a whole ‘nother level. Russia is causing problems for the free world everywhere. They are supporting Iran, they are supporting Syria, They are disrupting the sovereignty of European nations, and they are trying to wreck the US dollar. We need to do a face-off with them. We would win. And such a face-off would render Russia financially destitute and incapable of harassing us for decades or longer. And by then we might have technology that could prevent Russian nukes from powering up and firing.

            Russia supports our enemies (such as Iran) and that make this world unsafe for America and it costs America money. You’re the one who doesn’t understand how expensive appeasing Russia really is long term.

            When Russia’s economy collapsed last time we in the west made the mistake of helping Russia get to its’ feet. And as soon as Russia got to its’ feet the first thing it did was start bullying other nations, start an arms race, begin a project to try to undermine the solvency of the freaking dollar, and threaten the west with nukes, and give strong support to our enemies, which will cost us lots of money and unrest in the decades ahead. Russia blocks us on everything in the UN Security Council. Whenever we try to use the UN stop from dangerous terrorists from gaining more power Russia is there to block us. Russia helps dangerous people become more powerful. Russia and China are the people stopping the USA from getting North Korea to stop their nuclear ambitions.

            I could go on and on and on…we need to confront Russia NOW. We probably wouldn’t have to go to war against Russia. We could just kick Russia out of all western financial institutions (including SWIFT) and all western financial markets and that would wreck their economy and then they would not be able to afford to do their dangerous mischief.

          • Barry Smart

            You did go on and on, in what I can only call a paranoiac, russophobic rant I don’t know what you have “followed for the last few years” but your posts suggest it is a carrot on the end of a stick.

          • johnackerby

            I wanted to be sure that most of my points were in the blog so I initially posed long posts. I have my point of view in the blog so now I can start posting shorter posts.

            My posts are not paranoid or russophobic. Most of the leaders of European countries and USA agree with me. You are in the minority opinion. And your opinion is unintelligent and ignorant, and it’s based on fear. You are scared of Putin so you want to give him whatever he asks for to appease him. You’re a coward.

          • Barry Smart

            So I’m a coward? You know absolutely nothing about me, but you are always on about fear and cowardice, wonder why that is paper tiger.
            I have nothing to fear from Putin, maybe something to fear from Obama and America, Obama admits he’s good at killing people. Putin hasn’t asked for anything other than peace in Ukraine, payment for gas and no further encroachment by NATO towards Russia’s boundaries.
            This isn’t a football match, it’s deadly serious, tens of thousands have been killed and a million refugees are homeless, made homeless by their own government.
            America installed a regime in Ukraine which is driven by fascists and fascist ideology. That regime wants a “pure” Ukraine untainted by what they call “Colorados” and they have killed indiscriminately.
            Poroshenko mainly wants a bigger tit to suck on and it is not enough for his right wing colleagues who want to keep up their Bandera inspired ethnic cleansing.
            If most of the leaders of the western world agreed with you and did what you say they should do, you would be ashes. Get real.

          • johnackerby

            You’re a coward and a liar. Putin is asking for more than than just peace in Ukraine. Putin is demanding control of Ukraine. He’s demanding the right to enslave Ukraine.

            NATO can go into any country where NATO gets an invite. Putin has no business telling NATO where it can and can’t go. You are willing to give Putin the right to say where NATO can and can’t go but it’s not moral or proper for Putin to tell other countries that they can’t invite NATO into their countries. But of course you want to obey Putin because you’re a coward and you’re terrified of him.

            The Ukraine people who are homeless were made homeless by the war in the east that was started by Russia and Russia’s proxy terrorists.

            America didn’t install the government of Ukraine. That has been repeatedly disproved in western (normal) media. The claim that the west installed the Ukraine government is Russian propaganda. You know Russia’s propaganda are lies but you pretend it’s true because that gives you an excuse not to stand up to Russia. You want an excuse not to stand up to Russia because you’re a coward and you’re afraid to stand up to Russia.

            In fact, the Ukraine people wanted an association with the West but the Russian-puppet leader would not let the people join the west because Putin was opposed to it. The people rose up and ousted him. Ah too bad for Putin and Yanukovych.

            And you say that the western leaders are not doing what I want them to do but the things that western leaders ARE doing are more in line with what I want than what you want. You want to lick Putin’s @ss and maybe have his baby, but I want sanctions, and even harsher sanctions. The western leaders so far have applied some good sanctions so it looks like the western leaders are agree with me rather than you.

            And what has Russia done about it? Have they turned us into ash? No. Russia has done very little about it. Russia isn’t going to attack us because if Russia attacks us we will attack Russia with our military. And if that happens there are only two possible outcomes:

            1. We win

            2. Everybody loses.

            That’s right. In one scenario we win and in the other scenario we lose but Russia loses too. There is no scenario in which Russia wins. Russia loses no matter what. What this means is that if Russia and the west were to go to war we would at least have a chance of winning whereas Russia would have no chance of winning.

          • Barry Smart

            You live in a dream world and make stuff up as you go along. I won’t call you a liar, you just don’t deal in facts. You are crude, arrogant, ignorant and a pathetic excuse for a man. You are very brave on paper with other peoples lives but I can guarantee you would not speak to me in person as you do on here because you wouldn’t have the guts. Just keep following the carrot, it will lead you to a precipice. I’m not going to spend anymore time on you, you are a lost cause.

          • johnackerby

            Do you know how many times some appeaser cowardly punk on the internet has said I would not talk tough to him on the internet? Do you all share the same brain? Do you all go to the same school to learn how to say stupid cr@p?

            Look, you’re a weak cowardly appeaser who makes up phony excuses to defend Putin’s because if you admitted the truth about Putin’s behavior then that would lead you to the inescapable conclusion that you have to stand up to Putin and you do not want to stand up to Putin. You’re afraid of him.

          • Barry Smart

            Paper tiger, you call everyone a coward who disagrees with you so why are you surprised when you get the same response from the people you offend. I’ve noticed you do it at the point where you cannot come up with any real argument and are only sounding off. In simpler terms every time you lose an argument you fall back on the coward card. This time it really is farewell.

          • johnackerby

            My argument is in the posts and my argument has not been disproved. You clowns are weak appeasers and cowards. You are opposed to standing up to Putin because you are scared of Putin. Deep down inside you know Putin really is as bad as I say he is but you don’t want to stand up to him because you are scared that if you stand up to him he might hurt you.

          • Earl

            Barry, your wasting your time-this twit is committed to his illusions, nothing will change his mind. He Can’t!

          • Barry Smart

            Thanks Earl. I’ve given up on him (twice now lol). They spammed one of my replies to him, seems I went too far in suggesting his likeness to a kerbside twist (not the words I used)

          • Earlw

            I see in your rather lengthy post a lot of presumptions and not a lot of hard facts. Has it occurred to you that sanctions are an act of war? I am not a “Putin fan” as you likely think. I do however smell a great deal of hypocrisy in your post, and a pretty arrogant attitude toward anyone who dares to question the US on it’s aggresive foreign policy. I’m quite well aware of precisely what has and is occuring in Ukraine since the so-called “orange revolution” in the past decade, and the recent Maidan massacre and revolution. What IS happening is the planned overthrowing of a country so that the Russian state can be subdivided into several vassal states for the convenience of the US. I, like you try to portray yourself, have done MY homework.I’ll not regale you with all the details, but this was all brought up some years ago by the general who directed the NATO invasion of Serbia (our first attempt at such subsequent overthrows of governments. The statement goes something like this: first we take Iraq, then Syria, then Iran. Quote: “The road to Iran is through Damascus”. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone according to plan, since Russia is and was a friend to both Iran and Syria. That is their prerogative, just as we have ours. Our government is up in arms because they want to rule unchecked by any balance of power (since the USSR collapsed). Russia, however has recovered finacially and has a trade surplus as opposed to US which has a terrible deficit. Then there is the fact that our economy is near the verge of collapse and deeply fears any cessation of the use of PETRODOLLARS. Well, If that’s what other countries want to do, who are we to overthrow said countries, just to protect our ill-gotten petrodollar scheme (yes I know how it originated with Saudi Arabia). Seems as though America wants to stand on the high moral ground, at the same time attempting the immoral overthrow of other countries on some trumped-up claims like Ukraine’s war, which we stage managed from the git-go.

            I’m not going to dignify this blog with another reply, since I have other things I have to do besides waste time here trying to clear the air. You can believe whatever you want, but it doesn’t alter facts on the ground, or history. This adventure in Ukraine carried to it’s extreme, WILL have disastrous results, since Putin WILL NOTallow a NATO base on it’s underbelly, I guarantee you. They are very well aware of what’s afoot and will react accordingly……..Enjoy your misperceptions-The truth will come out.

          • johnackerby

            Sanctions are not a true act of war. Sanctions merely say that one country will not do business with another country. That is all. It’s merely excluding one country from business dealings.

            We have the right to not do business with a country if we don’t want to or else we are already slaves. In other words, let’s say you and I are business partners. Now let’s say I assault you on the street so you decide to stop doing business with me. You have that right – you have the right to stop doing business with me. Now let’s say I order you to keep doing business with me even though you refused to do business with me because I assaulted you. So then you tell me that you don’t care about my order for you to keep doing business with me. You tell me that you can stop doing business with anyone you chose to stop doing business with because you are free to chose who you do business with. Now let’s say I hold a gun to your head and order you to do business with me. So then because I have a gun to your head you agree to do business with me. In this scenario would you be a free man making a free choice to do business with me, or have I subjugated you and turned you into my slave who has no freedom to make his own choices? Of course the answer is that you are no longer free and I have subjugated you and turned you into my slave.

            Just because we kick Russia out of all western business dealings and western systems (including SWIFT) does not give Russia the right to attack us militarily anymore than I would have the right to point a gun at you to force you to do business with me if you did not want to do business with me.

            The act of kicking Russia out of our western business dealings and systems is a civilized act to condemn Russia’s bad behavior. If Russia attacks us for refusing to do business with Russia that would be an uncivilized act because Russia would basically be saying that if we refused to do business with Russia then Russia will kill us. Russia would be saying that we don’t have the right to refuse to do business with them. This would make us Russia’s slaves.

          • johnackerby

            Listen moron, sanctions are not an act of war. Period. Sanctions are a civilized act. War is a physical act. Sanctions is merely refusing to do business with another country. War is attacking the other country militarily. There’s a big difference between refusing to do business with another country and attacking another country militarily.

            Sanctions is the civilized act of refusing to do business with someone else. In other words, it’s the same as saying you don’t want to do business with a partner so you end the partnership. Does that give your former partner the right to shoot you? Of course not.

            Sanctions is like parting company with someone. It’s like a breakup between friends or lovers. If Russia attacks us militarily because we won’t be partners with them anymore that’s the same as some guy killing some woman because she does not want to be with him. We’ve all heard about guys like that and we call them controlling bullies. We call them freaks and monsters. We call them criminals. And we put them in jail.

            Everything you’re saying is stupid sh!t and you’re just defending Putin/Russia because you’re too scared of Putin/Russia to stand up to Russia. You’re an appeaser and a coward.

            You’re totally willing to let Putin enslave millions and millions of people in other countries just so long as Russia doesn’t bother your country. But cowards like you already tried that strategy with the Nazis and it was a failure because once fascists take the countries you give them they start coming after YOUR country next.

            You need to stop your cowardice. In the 1930s cowards like you let the Nazis steal more and more countries, and as the Nazis stole more and more countries they got stronger and stronger. If we had stood up to the Nazis sooner it would have been easier to beat them. The more territory we let fascists steal from other nations the stronger the fascists get and the harder they are to beat. Someday the fascists might beat us if we don’t stop them before they gain too much power.

          • Earl

            This response will be my last…..I expected about as much from someone of your character. Resort to ad hominem attacks when yo are in denial. Just for your information smart***, the current government of Ukraine is composed of NAZIS! Yeah that’s right that’s what I said. I CAN prove it. They are the descendants and relatives of Galicia, who sided with and fought against Russia during WW II and are VERY MUCH in power in the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv as we speak. As for your Various invectives, sorry, not impressed with your emotional and irrational response. Doubt I’m correct? Go do your homework and stop relying on the likes of MSM and Fox news. You don’t offend me, I KNOW I’m correct. Enjoy your delusions. Like I said,last post to you.Bye!

          • johnackerby

            You’re an idiot. I do not rely on Fox and MSM. I don’t watch either. Rather I read virtually all of the news about Russia/Ukraine from all sources and weigh all of the news.

            I don’t care who’s related to who in the Ukraine government. It doesn’t matter. The point is that Ukraine is trying to join the EU and that means that their government will not be Nazi since the EU does not allow Nazis. Their leader, Poroshenko, is not a Nazi. The overwhelming majority of their government is not Nazi.

            If you want to look for Nazi’s in government that you will have to look at the Russian government. The Russian government is totally Nazi from the leader (Putin) on down.

          • Earl

            Little boy, eh, Punk-ass? I’m 71 and quite well able to kick your ass if necessary, No coward here……….Your so full of yourself you can’t even reason coherently. There I go and broke my own promise to not react to emotional cases like you. Oh well. If your feeling froggy, track me down and give it a go………………I’m game.

          • johnackerby

            LOL! I already got a date you old fart.

        • George King

          John, really?
          You have been offered some truth here but persist in being just stupid in your rants. You can redeem yourself and misplaced anger but you will have to educate yourself.

          • johnackerby

            I am educated. I am right. It is you who does not know what he’s talking about. You’re a fool and a coward. You want to give Putin whatever he asks for because you are scared of him. You’re a coward.

        • spanatko

          ok, thank you for your thorough answer, but I will have to object in some points. From where I live, there is many of thousands of graves of Russian soldiers in numerous cities, these came to fight German troops many thousands of miles from their homes far far away, and died in the process. More soviet citizens have died in WWII than those of all other involved countries combined – look it up! These people came to my country to stop the Nazis, as the allied forces did on the western front. We were not a free state back then, as the Germans simply invaded our country and took everything away, and made us a satellite of their Reich. People opposing this have been jailed and murdered. So there was no freedom, nor democracy before the grand division of Germany/Europe after WWII between the four powers of UK, US, FR and Russia. This has simply been agreed upon after the war. We have lived under the Soviets for decades not because of their imperialism, but because this has been agreed upon, and a part of the grand plan for post-war Europe. From where you live, it is easy to divide countries into good and evil, but here in central Europe its not that simple. No eastern front in WWII means no existence at all for my country, we would have been wiped out. And for the likes of the world today – no business relations with Russia – recession. From here it looks like the US had a very good reason to wait with getting involved in the conflict. But that is a different topic. The problem with you guys, is that you do not see yourself as a part of the problem. Scientists in many fields have discovered long ago, that the observer of an event becomes a part of the event, and has an impact on the events outcome. Now think about this for a while – I am referring to the regime change thing, rebel and Guerrilla backing, secret services and such practices employed all over the globe. First the Russians do have credible concerns. You state above, that the west is not going to start a nuclear holocaust, that it will be Russia- if you do not accept the Russian view, and trample all over them and their interests, you might as well escalate and provoke it – and that is my point. After that it does not matter who started it, as you have described the outcomes quite graphically – nobody is left to give a damn. Second, there is your western view of affairs, and there is the eastern view of affairs as well. Both are credible! Trust me on this. There is no war necessary if you see, understand and acknowledge that both/all sides have credible concerns, and work from there. Its not that easy to point fingers and give definitive judgment of good and evil countries here in Europe. Over the course of history Russia had blundered many things, but so did the west & the United States, I can give you dozens of examples for both – non of it matters. What matters for me is if I live on a planet where the powerful and influential elites resort to making money by producing, selling and creating nonsensical wars for own benefit, or if we are intelligent enough to respect each other mutually without constantly wanting to stab each other. There is one last comment I will make here. I am a European citizen, and I am ashamed for the foreign policy of the EU when it comes to the topic of Ukraine. Last year, un-elected officials from the EU parliament came to Ukraine in style /outside the EU/, standing on the Maidan square, openly promising golden times to Ukrainians – who today do not even have a clue what structural and political and strategic reform procedures are necessary for the Ukraine to undergo to join the EU club of countries in a very very far future, if they succeed. We have managed to get to the EU – and it was a tough son-of-a-bitch process. Took us many many years and cost a lot of money – nobody got killed. Now last year I have seen with my own eyes, how European officials form the richest parts of Europe came, openly promised Utopian visions to poor people outside the EU, and torn the country apart doing this. Everyone, every single official from the cold war era still alive today, advised them not to do this!, everyone with their right mind from advisers to former prime ministers, heads of states, secret service operatives, strategists, military generals advised these people not to do this, waves of protests in the EU itself against this type of stupid, ignorant meddling in the most sensitive of affairs. The result? 5.000 people dead in Ukraine – civil war!, Russians pushed back into the cold war era economically, the USA eager to supply weapons to a broke nation, being brave as always, ready to throw punches around once again no matter what the cost. I am sorry my dear friend. Europe has failed to protect and solve a crisis in its very own underbelly. And I am ashamed for being a part of this club today I really am. However, I am still certain that no amount of weapons, no amount of bombs or bravery will ever solve a thing. Violence is a bad method because it starts cycles of suffering, and only exists for itself. Being brave is nice and cool, but it takes a different level of bravery to solve something as complex as this fundamental divide.

          • johnackerby

            Sometimes violence is the ONLY THING that can solve a problem, but I agree that the Ukraine crisis may not be of those cases.

            I am not advocating war.

            I’m advocating total financial and market separation from Russia. We don’t have to do business with a country if we don’t want to. For example, if I assault you on the street so you decide you want to stop doing business with me do you have the right to stop doing business with me? If you try to stop doing business with me because I assault you and I point a gun at you and force you to keep doing business with me are you a free man? That’s my point – Russia can’t order us to do business with them if we don’t want to. We have the right to chose our business partners or else we have already lost our freedom. If we can’t refuse to do business with Russia because of fear that Russia will attack us if we don’t do business with them then we are already Russia’s slaves. If we can’t refuse to do business with Russia then we are already slaves of Russia.

            Should the west have kept doing business with Nazi Germany once it became clear that the Nazis were stealing land from other countries? Of course not. But we did. We should not repeat that mistake. By continuing to do business with the Nazis we helped the Nazis get stronger and that made them a tougher adversary in war. We almost lost to them. It’s a bad idea to strengthen countries that you may end up having to go to war against.

            Russia’s transgressions are the worse possible.

            There are different transgressions that a country can do. The west’s most sacred rule is that one country can not invade other countries and steal territory from other countries. If one country is invading other countries and stealing territory from other countries that is the worse violation of western rules because it is a threat to all of the other countries. When Russia invades other countries Russia is threatening all of us even if Russia isn’t invading your country YET. Since Russia won’t live by the west’s most sacred rule we should not let Russia have access to our western benefits. We should kick Russia out of all western financial systems and market systems, including SWIFT.

            And if Russia decides to make war on us because we kick Russia out of our systems then we should defend ourselves militarily. Look, if you won’t kick Russia out of western systems because you’re scared Russia will hurt you if you do then Russia has already turned you into their slave.

            And Russia IS trying to turn you into their slave. Make no mistake about it – Russia is trying to turn you into their slave. That is why Russia puts its’ submarines in Swedish waters. That is why Russia sends its’ bombers to English airspace. Russia is trying to scare and intimidate European nations. Russia is trying to bully you into allowing Russia to do whatever Russia wants to do. And if you don’t stand up to Russia then you are already a slave of Russia.

          • spanatko

            Ok, now I see the problem, you are absolutely right, no country should force another country into trade or business, but the fact is, that Ukraine is and always will be in its surroundings, with its neighbors, ties, traditions, history – you cant simply build a wall around a country and expect it to blossom financially. Besides its not Russia preventing economic interactions with the EU. Its the EU´s own strict rules and policies. There is a visa policy in the EU for Ukrainians, you can´t simply walk in here and start a business. Transnational projects in the EU for member states are politically, economically and technically demanding. Russia is not preventing anyone from walking into the EU, its the other way around. Ukraine is hitting a wall in the EU literally. Because before the EU is going to do business with the Ukraine, the EU is going to come with its own set of rules and terms for business. So yes it is a trade war, but its not exactly Russia preventing Ukraine from doing business. Its us, the West not investing into Ukraine before we are certain the money is coming back to us. And on violence, violence is only one option out of many, its an idea which can grow so strong that you are willing to kill for it. Then the circle starts, and it has no ending if not stopped and kept locked away. You always have the option to do shit and not murder people let me tell you that. Ukraine will have to learn to do business with Russia, as well as with the EU, and with the rest of the world but it will have to be in a very friendly manner, otherwise it is the killing fields again. I am not a slave of Russia, but I am no slave of one sided western point of view either. I have no need to purge something out of the European system here – there is Russia everywhere in the EU. People travelling, mixed families living here peacefully. Companies doing good business together – we are on the same continent with them – why should we all not be able to get along peacefully? I have friends in all parts of the world I cant imagine being at war with Russia, its just nonsense for us. My direct neighbor is Russian. Look you did cooperate with the Nazis, you even cooperated with Russia at the same time to defeat them. What has happened is that the US has kick started its mic doing so, and it has been running pretty wild since then. It seems to me that the idea of world domination is a very contagious one, and the west obviously got that. The Soviets collapsed, Russia contracted into itself after the cold war, Europe had witnessed the demise of millions in two gigantic wars – nobody here wants a war – why should we?. Slave of Russia is a fable, Europe is different than that trust me. The west with all its rhetoric, all that sudden resolve, military technology, bold statements and drawing lines – offer no solutions for the Ukrainians to become more economically viable, stable or independent. It intimidates Russians instead – why are they the enemy number one? Why should we not be able to cooperate and compete with each other? Why should it always be guns orchestrating our relations? You will never I say never create any functioning free market anywhere if the only thing provided is weapons, rhetoric and crisis escalation. Ukraine is in debt, there is a civil war going on, it needs the basics right now, then ongoing dialogue and cooperation with all sides involved.

    • cettel

      Putin isn’t the aggressor here. Obama is. He overthrew the democratically elected leader of Ukraine; and now he’s running (via his proxy, the rabidly anti-Russian Ukrainian regime that he installed in his February 2014 Ukrainian coup) an ethnic cleansing campaign in the area of the former Ukraine that had voted 90% for the man whom Obama overthrew, to eliminate those people, because if they were to stay in Ukraine, then the rabidly anti-Russian regime that Obama installed would be replaced in a future nationwide Ukrainian election, and Obama wouldn’t be able to install NATO missiles aimed against Moscow. Of course, you don’t know any of this, because you don’t click on the links that I have supplied, which document the entire case. So: my writing this to you is writing it to a brick wall; it can’t get through.

      • johnackerby

        You’re full of sh!t.

        But I will say that Britain and the US have finally decided to send troops to Ukraine to train the Ukraine military and they will be doing so in March. Finally.

        • Barry Smart

          It will be good when the Brits get to Ukraine, see the madness and corruption and report back to Cameron and co.

          • johnackerby

            The Ukraine government is trying to clean up the corruption and they are making progress. The problem is with Russia and their proxy terrorist thugs in east Ukraine and I do hope some sh!t starts between Brits and Russia because that would bring NATO into the situation and that will settle this mess.

          • Barry Smart

            Depends on your point of view and mine is quite different to yours. There was never any need for Kiev to start terrorizing East Ukraine but the blood was up after the Maidan coup and they’ve been bombarding the place ever since. No attempt whatsoever to negotiate a solution. Regrettably corruption lingers, the Saracens are for sale in Ukraine, half the money which went to the army has disappeared, Kolomoisky sold useless body armour at a premium and you have to pay to go through a checkpoint, reminds me of Boryspil airport. USA started this and is has worked brilliantly, they are weakening Europe and Russia at the same time and created a new market for armaments. This is a time for cool heads and commonsense, Ukrainians irrespective of their politics have suffered enough.

          • johnackerby

            You’re a conspiracy theorist whack-job.

            The Maiden revolution amounted to the people of Ukraine rising up and taking their country back from the Russian puppet government in Ukraine. The President of Ukraine was taking bribes from Russia in exchange for keeping the Ukraine a vassal servant of Russia. The people of Ukraine wanted freedom.

            You probably live in some free country. And you’re happy to have your freedom but you want to justify and rationalize why it’s OK for Russia to take freedom from other countries because you’re a coward who’s scared of Russia/Putin so you want to give Russia/Putin whatever they want so they won’t hurt you.

            You quote the Russian talking points as though they’re the truth but it’s all bs. The people of Ukraine rose up against a Russian puppet government because they wanted the same freedom that you no doubt have. And you’re such a coward that you will surrender their freedom to Russia so you can appease Russia.

            Those people running the government of Ukraine are the duly elected voice of the people. The people want to associate with the west. They want the same freedom that you have. The people in east Ukraine fighting the Ukraine government troops are Russia’s proxy terrorist thugs and even Russian regular army troops. Their objective is to turn at least parts of Ukraine over to Russia/Putin so Ukraine can be Russia’s vassal state. They are doing this at Putin’s behest. And I think it’s starting to look like some countries (USA and Britain at least) in the west are starting to get seriously pissed off about this and I think that Russia/Putin maybe could find himself trying to hold a tiger by the tail. I sure hope so.

            NATO needs to kick Putin’s @ss.

            And you should just hide under your bed covers since you’re obviously full of fear.

          • Barry Smart

            You seem to want war so I hope you are of military age and ready to be conscripted. It is Europe holding a tiger by the tail you dumb ass. Believe what you will. Ukraine is being ruled by the people holding a gun to Poroshenko’s head and they are about to pull the trigger. The top Ukrainian military acknowledge there are no Russian regulars in the East but of course you know more than they do. Why don’t you do some more reading on the subject. Russia doesn’t want East Ukraine but it doesn’t want NATO on it’s borders either. Let’s talk about fear, you remind me of the little dog which goes around yapping ferociously at everything that moves and we all know why. I have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I want the killing of Ukrainians by Ukrainians to stop, that and an end to the fascist takeover of Ukraine is my motivation for posting on here.

          • johnackerby

            You’re not very smart. I do not want war. I want economic and political warfare against Russia. Kick them out of all western financial institutions (including SWIFT) and markets. This would drive them to poverty and then they would not have the money to create the monster army they are trying to make, bully other nations, and try to harm the western order.

            Now if after they are financially destitute they attack us or our allies then I say we have to fight back, but for all we know if we just kick them out of western institutions and markets they might not attack us physically because we won’t be attacking them physically. We would just be attacking them financially and diplomatically.

            But if they did attack it could lead to nuclear war so everyone, myself included, would be at risk. i accept that. I don’t think it would happen but if Russia fires nukes at us I want us to nuke Russia into oblivion.

          • Barry Smart

            I guess you haven’t heard of BRICS. Russia leaving the dollar behind is one of the things the USA are afraid of. It has always been about money. Monsanto and co want Ukraine’s black soil and Chevron want the Donbass oil. The IMF will do it’s best to make sure they get them because Ukraine will need a fire sale to repay it’s loans. What is to be gained by an economic war between Russia and Europe?. It weakens both Europe and Russia at the same time which is one of the other reasons America intervened in the first place. Fortunately I think Germany and France have recognised this and will work for a reconciliation. Just how do you expect NATO, a military alliance, to “kick Russia’s ass” without a war, your words not mine.

          • George King

            John, your “You’re not very smart. I do not want war. I want economic and political warfare against Russia.” You really think that economic and political war is not war? I can’t comprehend your understanding on any thing in your comments except that I will ignore them in the future as a waste of time, mine and yours.

          • johnackerby

            George, We are not taking a University entrance exam here. We are at an INFORMAL story blog. Discussion at a story blog like we are at is informal. Of course I’m not putting a lot of concentration into my posts. I know my opinion, my opinion is straight-forward, and I’m type my opinions rather fast without concentrating heavily on grammar because, like I said, this is an informal story blog.

            I have written 500 sentences or more in this story blog. You have picked out one of a few sentence that I worded poorly and now you act as though all of my other 499 sentences (or thereabouts) are worded just as poorly. How weak of you.

            Of course, a person who posts 500 sentences (or thereabouts) in an informal story blog like this might make a few wording mistakes. Only a poster with a weak opinion, such as yourself, would capitalize on those few wording mistakes to try to discredit another poster’s opinion in such an informal setting. You did not challenge my actual opinion at all, rather you weakly challenged my wording. Obviously your own opinion is weak or else you would have challenged me with your opinion rather than making an issue of my wording. How very weak of you.

            Just to make you happy I did change my poorly worded sentence that you focused on. Now the wording accurately reflects my thinking. Here is how that sentence now reads:

            “You’re not very smart. I do not want war. I want to completely kick Russia out of ALL western financial institutions and market institutions, including SWIFT. Left on their own Russia would fall into poverty and then they would not have the money to create the monster army they’re trying to make, bully other nations, and wreak havoc on the western order.”

          • Barry Smart

            Try this. It’s a rather long read and it’s not a bedtime story http://johnpilger.com/articles/why-the-rise-of-fascism-is-again-the-issue

  • MC

    @ NM & John: Think there will be no repercussions in your tax dollars being used to kill innocents?….When the planet is covered in ash and freezing, you will be dead and screaming from beyond the grave as you watch your posterity suffer the consequences of your idiotic behavior which you refer to as patriotism…..Thanks for nothing, tough guy.

    • Michael Goshko

      because putin will destroy the world in a nuclear disaster all for money and his only glory. he has sent so many russian boys to die in his secret war in ukriane never retured to their mothers for burial and a mass said for their souls.

      • MC

        If it’s for glory, the glory of holding at bay an egocentric imperialist police state, then VIVA PUTIN! You appear to have been duped into believing that US foreign policy has a benevolent nature (now or ever). ……..too bad.

        • Michael Goshko

          Glory in the destruction of all? For a KGB killer of his own people he sent to gulags to die? Then you truly are under the spell of a demon. Don’t worry his own psychological sickness will be his demise. And his paranoia might even find you at the end of one of his guns. I will pray that this does not happen to you so that you mother will not have to burry you like so many Russian mothers have had to do for his ego, greed, and disregard for human life and God.

          • MC

            Don’t be silly. Putin in no way wants to transform the planet into a one world oligarchy as the US has been trying to do for decades. And because Obama kills innocents abroad and few at home doesn’t make him any less of a psychopath than you accuse Putin of being. Superpatriotism is not a virtue but a virus.

  • jurek

    If it’s true that Western aristocracy wants to set Russia and its aristocracy on fire, then it would only be fair for Russian aristocracy to set the Western world on fire. Fair is equal!

    • johnackerby

      Russia can start a war against the west whenever Russia chooses to do so.

  • The annoyed world

    The problem with Russia and Putin is they have lied so much no one believes anything they say. The Russians have backed Putin a man who will enslave them again. Americans had hope that Russia would treat honor human rights and the international boarders of its neighbors.

    To call anything written here anything but propaganda would be a disservice. To add links to other propaganda does nothing to add truth. The propaganda artists have sold their souls to Putin who will destroy your country.

    We call all pray that the russian military and civilians will get tired of their sons dying trying to oppress other neighbors and overthrow Putin the little dictator.

    • Barry Smart

      You have the audacity to talk about honoring human rights and international borders in a sentence linked with America. I have four words for you “weapons of mass destruction”

    • MC

      You’re going to heaven, aren’t you?

  • Pepot

    What a CRAP comments. There is nothing in it to define how UAE can help Ukraine.

  • JosephConrad


  • Bryan See

    I think not just Putin wants to start a “clash of civilizations”, but also Donald Trump. And these are the ones that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk warned about in his December 2015 GQ interview.

    “I don’t think we can discount the possibility of a third World War. You know, in 1912 they were proclaiming a new age of peace and prosperity, saying that it was a golden age, war was over. And then you had World War I, followed by World War II, followed by the Cold War. So I think we need to acknowledge that there’s certainly a possibility of a third World War, and if that does occur it could be far worse than anything that’s happened before. Let’s say nuclear weapons are used. I mean, there could be a very powerful social movement that’s anti-technology. There’s also growth in religious extremism.”

    Indeed, he was right to be worried about a war. One of his predictions and one of his warnings have come to pass: a global anti-technology and white Christian extremist movement, that is in the form of Donald Trump and his administration.

    Speaking of Trump starting a third World War, it’s hard to imagine right now, but it remains to be seen. However, it could realize the prophecy of Baba Vanga in 1979:

    “Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world.”

    And that of American prophet Edgar Cayce:

    “In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”

    Nothing in there says anything about Trump and frankly, given the use of the word “freedom” twice seems to indicate it’s definitely not about Putin. This prediction could be about Gorbachev. It could be about something to come. It could be about nothing at all because as a prediction goes, it’s so vague as to be meaningless. But nowhere does it give any kind of hint it’s about Donald Trump and/or Vladimir Putin.

    Donald Trump cannot be the hope of the world. The man is a lost soul. I have never seen anyone so separated from the truth. There are many psychologists and psychiatrists who say that Trump is in some kind of fight with reality. How can Putin and Russia be the hope of the world? It has been involved in atrocities all over the world, lately, especially the Ukraine and Syria. Russia would like to take over more land, which would also involve the destruction of even more people. What some soothsayer said 80 years ago does not matter, now…