Washington’s Blog: The eBook

Eric Zuesse suggested that I write an eBook, rounding up our news stories and information in one place.

That would be a big – but doable – project.  We would need to prioritize the effort, and would therefore likely make even less than our normal half-a-peanut on running this website, which goes towards paying our web hosting fees.

What topics do you think would be most important to include in an eBook?

If we write an eBook, would you be willing to pay for it?  How much … $15, $12, $10, $7, $5, $2?

Postscript: Angel donors could make this quickly happen. Any PayPal donations above $1,000 will cause us to write an eBook in short order.

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  • Lynn Walker

    Why do we want your information, arguments and philosophy? Judging from your website posts I’d say we already get too much of your arguments and philosophy when all we’re looking for is information, which you do a good job of supplying. I’m truly not interested in your personal thoughts, as they are as random and useless to me as any of seven billion others. It’s the reporting of alternative news that brings me here and everything else must be tolerated for the sake of access to information I don’t find elsewhere. The eBook idea is only of use to those who see you as a leader and wish to take direction from you. News stories for me please.

    • Robert Barsocchini

      The author is quite sparing in editorializing, so what I thought was meant here by “philosophy” is the types of things one reports on. For this site, that would generally be areas big money media companies leave out, distort, downplay, lie about.

  • Mike

    Jeez Louise!
    I appreciate the writers opinions and the fact based information provided by this website.
    Keep up the good work.

  • jadan

    I’d go for an e-book at $10 that would memorialize some of the prominent themes here: terrorism, Ukraine, the surveillance state, etc.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    If it covered all the topics you cover, maybe with individual sections for each, $15. Would be great.

  • cettel

    George misunderstood: I didn’t suggest that we write a book; I suggested that he write a book, from careful selections from and within his already-existing articles and with additions that he’ll write to them, so as to systematize his worldview so that I and others can understand it. Only he can do it. “We” cannot. I think he should.
    We here should instead be discussing that idea.

  • USA_objector

    You could do an annual “Libertarian’s Almanac” which could be your compilation of the year’s 100 best investigative journalism on the downfall of America from around the web. I’d likely pay $15 for a kindle version, to support WB and if you provided an extra button to make a donation on top of that, well, heck, yeah, I’d likely click that too. Infowars and ZeroHedge should be out there promoting it.

  • kimyo

    in terms of the media options available to attempt to reach the largest audience, it’s possible that an e-book is not the best option.

    a certain, smaller segment of the population is already here, or will be here soon. there’s no immediate need to ‘preach to the converted’.

    imho, it’s the audience formerly served by npr which gw should address, and perhaps the best way to do so is via podcast.

    as the ‘unconverted’ aren’t likely to pony up for either an e-book or a podcast, it falls to the converted to do so.

    a potential source of material might be interviews with the students carl herman has described working with. the confidence which comes from knowing the material through and through will be conveyed via the airwaves. the fact that it’s their future at stake as well.

    • Robert Barsocchini

      Interesting ideas and points.

  • USA_objector

    If someone as to contribute $1000, what would the ebook look like?