USA: Republicans Want to Force Arms to Kiev

“USA: Republicans want to force arms to Kiev”

German Economic News  |  Published: 02/06/15 15:49 clock

[Translation by Eric Zuesse, 6 Feb. 2015)

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If Merkel and Hollande fail in Moscow, the Americans want to supply Ukraine with weapons, say sources in EU diplomatic circles. Obama is exploring all options. But even if the US president decides against arms sales [actually arms donations, since all new loans that are made to Ukraine will go to the back of the long line of creditors and be retroactively nullified in Ukraine’s ultimate bankruptcy], Republicans hold the majority in the House and Senate, they decide alone [that’s not true: the President alone possesses the requisite executive authority; Congress has none].

According to the newspaper Die Welt (Friday), which is usually respected in high EU diplomatic circles, the US government will probably supply weapons to Kiev if the initiative of Merkel and Hollande fails. US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday in Kiev, that President Barack Obama will consider all options.

“We are convinced that there will be no military solution to this conflict. But we also know that it is completely unclear whether we are able to achieve a ceasefire by these talks,” Merkel said before their meeting with Putin. It is unclear whether there has already been progress on Friday or whether further discussions are needed — or, “if this is the final call,” Merkel anticipates that the economic and military collapse of Ukraine will follow. The civil service in Berlin obviously is working hard on a peace plan, and it grants the separatists territorial gains [due to the current military conditions].

But even if Obama should decide against arms sales, Republicans still want to enforce the arms shipments. John McCain, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate, said that the US Congress would adopt a law on its own. The Republicans hold both the Congress and the Senate majority. [But, again, only the President is Commander-in-Chief, and only he holds the requisite Executive authority; so, the Republicans cannot possibly do it without him.]

In addition, McCain has criticized in sharp tones the Ukrainian policy of Merkel. “One might think that she does not know or does not care that people are being slaughtered in Ukraine,” the chairman of the Armed Services Committee said bluntly, in an interview with ZDF program Berlin. The transmitter published excerpts from it in advance.

McCain, who has repeatedly, during the past months, called for arms supplies to Ukraine, compares Merkel’s behavior with the “appeasement” policy before the Second World War. This policy of appeasement in the 1930s is considered an important cause of the military initial success of Adolf Hitler. At the same time, McCain has accused the chancellor of inactivity. “Will they simply watch a country be dismembered in Europe, for the first time since the Second World War?” He is disappointed by the behavior of Europeans, but says he does “not expect anything else.”

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  • Stefan Kaitschick

    McCain is a pain.

  • Jan Klaassen

    The path the US is taking has been extremely dangerous for a long time now. Russian troops have NOT invaded Ukraina, even the Ukrainian top brass confirm this. And McCain forgets that the western powers have since the Second World War already broken up a country: Yugoslavia.

  • colinjames71

    That’s rich, people in Ukraine are being slaughtered, so… give them the arms to do the slaughtering! What he doesn’t mention is that it’s the inept Ukrainian Nazi government storm troopers (and regular army plus unwilling conscripts kidnapped and sent to the front lines) that are being slaughtered by the DNR and LPR militias, when they’re not slaughtering civilians anyway, which is apparently the only thing they’re any good at. But we know it’s not the civilians of east Ukraine he’s talking about. This from a guy who never met a terrorist or Nazi he didn’t like. Crazy Train freeking John Adolph McQueda, has this guy ever ONCE mentioned diplomacy or solving international problems thru peaceful means? Really, ever?

    • unheilig

      Again, to be fair and balanced, McCrazy was once overheard to mutter “peace” or maybe it was “piece of shit”, my sources are unclear.

      • colinjames71

        still laughing as I type, thank you. needed that.

  • ClubToTheHead

    McCain demonstrates why torture is such a bad idea.

    As a torture survivor himself, he is murderously insane.

  • Rehmat

    Not only the Republican, but every American Zionist leader has set its eyes on making Ukraine another Libya.

    Last week, Alexander Zakharchenko, prime minister of the separatist Donesk People Republic has called the US-EU installed regime in Kiev as controlled by miserable Jews.

  • Me Who

    Funny that anyone in gov thinks that theAmerican people support giving weapons or escalating aggression! They show that their little secret special business negotiations and self-serving economic tactical decisions are being made USING TAX PAYER MONEY, USING / DENIGRATING HUMAN LIFE as a means to their own ends AS IF THEY WERE A PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANY. Greedy bastards on any side who are not intellectually or emotionally capable enough of moving humanity collectively forward sure as hell should not be making any, let alone life or death, decisions for the rest of us! We are now capable in every way of moving beyond war- If you think there isn’t enough for everybody and insists on stealing PROPERTY AND QUALITY OF LIFE OF AN INDIVIDUAL BEING, YOU! ARE HOLDING HUMANITY BACK! There’s just no more excuse for this from anyone on any side of any faith of any race in any place in the world today.

  • Max

    Mr. Poroshenko implements genocide against ethnic russians in Ukraine. He just clear up the territory by mass murders.But it is very suitable for american economy. Maybe it is very funy for american citizens to see murderered russian women and children.(ethnic russian population , living in Ukraine)

  • avargas2001

    USA and EU long term plan is to make a killing selling arms, where do you people think all the money in loans is for ?