Which Is Propaganda, Which Is News-Reporting?

Eric Zuesse


Here is CNN, reporting on 9 February 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.27.29 AM.CNN.9.Feb.2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.52.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.52.46 AM



Here is Russian Television (RT), on a related story, dated 10 February 2015:

Ukraine Bombs Lugansk Soup Kitchen



The CNN news-report was not posted to the Internet by CNN, because too many people noticed that it was propaganda and complained; but those three screen-prints shown here from it were posted by various individuals who had complained about the piece. Because of those many complaints, CNN’s reporter subsequently apologized for what CNN had done there, and said that “the debate in western capitals is actually about whether the United States and other NATO countries should send arms to the Ukrainian military.” But, of course, that is too long for a mere streamer — just an “error,” perhaps. The reporter who had delivered that news-segment, and who subsequently issued that apology said, “I regret that error”; so, she implicitly admitted that she was the person who had “erred” in it, even though other employees had controlled that streamer, and she was not the producer who produced that report. She took the fall for it, on the part of the organization, all the way up to the person who hired her, and to the person who had hired that person, all the way up to the person at the top — the CEO.

The RT news-report showed an incident that was not covered nor even mentioned by CNN, though the incident clearly is relevant to the question of “whether the United States and other NATO countries should send arms to the Ukrainian military.” Perhaps CNN considers propagandistic such videos as RT issues. But that’s for you to judge, whether one or both organizations are more propaganda than news organizations.

Reader-comments are consequently invited here to discuss whether, and the extent to which, readers have encountered more deception by U.S. newsmedia, or by Russian newsmedia.

The present news report — this one — will therefore consist of that discussion: It’s yours to write, because the news here (if any) will be how the public feels about the basic honesty of the press in the U.S., and in Russia. This is your news, to write here.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • clarioncaller

    I’m at the point where I don’t trust any [claimed] major media outlet. Everyone is pushing an agenda, and truth is pushed to the gutter.

    • cettel

      It’s the same agenda, when they’re all lying to charge “Russia’s aggression” and ignore America’s ethnic-cleansing-operation in Donbass, which is the essential follow-through with America’s violent overthrow of Yanukovych in February 2014 — overthrow of the very man whom 90% of Donbass’s voters had voted for and made Ukraine’s President.
      If America’s ‘news’ media didn’t all have that same agenda, it wouldn’t be so vile; America wouldn’t be a totalitarian State — but it is.

  • Trunemo

    its not usually decepción. they just spin it to fit the narrative that best fits whichever governments interest. this is an interesting slip. of course the kievan army is pro US. thats why we back them, at the most innocent our interests align. this slip sorta raises the curtain to allow a look-see at what lies behind the propaganda

  • Clif Brown

    For me, the reporting from Vietnam during the war there established the credibility of American news reporting. Walter Cronkite by himself did much to hasten the end of the war simply by telling “the way it is”, but when he retired it was downhill. I regularly read Time magazine being completely ignorant of the awful history of the that rag under Henry Luce, but when Goldie Hawn appeared on the cover of what claimed to be a newsmagazine, I ended my subscription and took up The Economist – very expensive but with reporting second to none, written assuming high intelligence (and high income, judging by the print ads) in the readership.

    For the last 10 years or so it has been the Internet alone that has kept me informed. I never rely on one source and my newsreader collects enough information (14 feeds) to provide at least two hours of reading a day. I can say from my experience of personal news-gathering that RT and Al Jazeera come far closer to the reality of a given situation by comparison with multiple dependable sources. I never bother to check any of the major U.S. news outlets because of their superficial coverage. Fox is laughable. For those with limited time to catch world news, I recommend the BBC program Newshour that provides two podcasts daily.

  • JerseyCynic



    said the politician to the journalist :

    “In sense we’re both on the same team. We’re teammates. We’re both have a responsibility. You’ve already sold the war. Now I’m asking you to help me sell the solution.”

    said the college professor to his students:

    “Rome is burning. And the problem is not just with the people who started it. They’re past irredeemable. The problem’s with all of us who do nothing……”They bank on your apathy, they bank on your willful ignorance,” Redford tells his student, “… How can you enjoy the good life when Rome is burning?”

    Therein lies the film’s recurring theme, which is that those of us on the sidelines, whatever our political persuasion or professional position, need to get involved and to care about what’s happening to our country.


  • JerseyCynic

    Published on Feb 13, 2015

    The US Senate Arms Service committee is on the defensive after it’s emerged that members of the Ukraine parliament presented them with 7-year-old pictures showing a current Russian ‘military presence’ in the region. As Congress pushed for more military action, the photo’s were being used as a justification of force on the part of the US. RT’s Lizze Phelan reports.


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