Obama Has Killed More Muslims than the Spanish Inquisition Did

Obama’s Crusade

BBC noted in 2004:

Professor Borromeo [author of a Vatican study on medieval abuses] says for example that for 125,000 trials of suspected heretics in Spain, less than 2% were executed.

2% of 125,000 is 2,500.

In contrast, Obama has killed well over 3,000 people in drone strikes.   The strikes occurred in Muslim countries:  Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Given that any male between the age of 15 and 35 is considered fair game for a drone strike in one of these countries, this really is like a crusade.

Postscript:  More than half of the world’s oil is located in the Middle East. And so it may not be just a coincidence that religious war is being stirred up by the powers-that-be, and we’re playing all sides.

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  • clarioncaller

    For now, drone strikes are overseas, and the collateral damage is well-documented. But everyday, thousands of innocent victims are ‘terminated’ for the simple reason of being inconvenient. Mr. Gore, this is the REAL ‘Inconvenient Truth’.

  • Max

    Now Obama is going to prepare to kill russians just for hobby …, supporting genocide made by Mr.Poroshenko against ethnic russian population living in Ukraine.

  • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    Then let us never forget that the G.W. Bush regime killed many, many more Muslims than Obama has. Of course, Bush made it clear that we are not terrorists. We merely practice “shock and awe.” It only looks like terrorism and serves the purpose of terrorism. And, of course, only the troops on the ground were told that it was about religion. Everyone else can see that it was to help large, amoral corporations steal more resources from the citizens of various targeted countries.

    • Groucho7

      But comrade wild_bilious, EVERY top dem swore saddam had WMD and VOTED for the war.
      The Libs at snopes still have the quotes, if you have enough intellectual curiosity to go there… I bet you don’t though…

    • TriggerSampson

      Let us remember Bush, but focus on Obama, who, incidentally, prefers to kill Muslims remotely, based upon “suspicious patterns of behavior” without actually knowing who they are. And who is actually president right now.

  • Aaron Soch

    Most Muslim killers are Muslim and Obama is a Muslim.
    Makes sense.