Worst Spying In World History – Worse Than Any Dystopian Novel – Is Occurring RIGHT NOW

NSA Spying Worse than Stasi or Nazi Germany, J. Edgar Hoover … Or Orwell’s 1984

We noted in 2012 that Americans are the most spied upon people in world history.

Top NSA officials previously said that we’ve got a “police state” … like J. Edgar Hoover – or the Stasi – on “super steroids”.

Spying by the NSA is also worse than in Nazi German:

The tyrants in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Stasi Eastern Europe would have liked to easedrop on every communication and every transaction of every citizen.  But in the world before the internet, smart phones, electronic medical records and digital credit card transactions, much of what happened behind closed doors remained private.

Indeed, a former lieutenant colonel for the East German Stasi said the NSA’s spy capabilities would have been “a dream come true” for the Stasi.

NSA contractor Edward Snowden said in 2013 that NSA spying was worse than in Orwell’s book 1984. (See update below).

We noted at the time that the NSA is spying on us through our computers, phones, cars, buses, streetlights, at airports and on the street, via mobile scanners and drones, through our smart meters, and in many other ways.

And we learned that same year that the NSA is laughing at all of us for carrying powerful spying devices around in our pockets. And see this.

A security expert said the same year:

We have to assume that the NSA has EVERYONE who uses electronic communications under CONSTANT surveillance.

What’s happened since these statements were made?  Spying has only gotten worse. The government is doing everything it can to completely destroy privacy.

Postscript:  Nothing has changed … and it will keep on getting worse and worse unless we the people stand up for our rights against those who want to take our freedom away.

Update: Bill Binney is the high-level NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information. A 32-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency, Binney was the senior technical director within the agency and managed thousands of NSA employees.

Binney tells Washington’s Blog:

While the spying programs that we have heard about so far deal with the “who and what” and on occasion the “why” of what people on the planet are doing, Treasuremap is the NSA/GCHQ/etc. program to acquire and follow the movements of people (objective is to follow 4 billion folks) simultaneously in near real time. So, Treasuremap gives them the “when and where” aspects of individual lives.

All in all, this gives the participating governments (primarily the Five Eyes countries) unrestricted knowledge of individual lives.

Current surveillance is far beyond an Orwellian state.

Although on a much smaller scale, we need to remember that these type of activities were some of the primary “articles of impeachment” of president Nixon.

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  • furzy mouse

    and just how many terrorist attacks has all this vaunted spying stopped?

    • lorkoos

      It has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with control.

      • furzy mouse

        I agree it is more about control….but what the heck are the spooks controlling? Keeping us afraid and fattening their wallets? Not much else for sure…the Western world is fully losing control of the Ukraine, the ME and Africa (Boko Haram), as well as the tsunami of unfortunate immigrants coming into Europe…

        • John j Fiato Jr

          A lot of my friends are stuck in the ” America the Great” paradigm and are fat on MSM food for thought.peace

      • John j Fiato Jr

        You in my humble op are right .peace

    • Alfredo Sanchez

      Terrorists = US Lobbyists? occasional telemarketers? How about all them Senators that voted for the NDAA bill of 2011? Definitely them lobbyists.

      Stasi you say? Drone assassination of US citizens making Nazi Germany nigh and fog decree look like a bunch of amateurs.

      • DebL.

        Yep this “nacht and nebel” stuff (“night and fog” that is) the Nazis used worked because the Germans at the time refused to exercise their right to free speech and press and let the Nazis confiscate their guns. Here’s the thing: if every American used their First Amendment rights–not just the so-called 3-percenters, but everybody–We the People would make the NSA look like amateurs indeed (like they are really gonna lock up 300 million Americans? And oh yeah…300 million Americans WITH GUNS??

        NO you criminal psychopathic elites, you DO NOT HAVE MY SYMPATHY!

        In other words, USE ‘EM (your rights) OR LOSE ‘EM!

        • furzy mouse

          another gun nut heard from…even if all the Jewish people had gunz, they never could have fought off the storm troopers…a most unfortunate trope the wingers are propagating…while kids get killed every day in the USA because “freedom”..

          • DAnnaS

            Do you own or ever ride in a car? 5.4M accidents a year, 14.3K a day, 2.4M injuries per year, 100 deaths a day. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of deaths in those under 18. (With/without car seats/seatbelts, accidental lock ins winter/summer, pedestrian, bike car incidents, strangled in power windows, ran over in driveways all added together)
            How’s that for some instrument of death stats?

          • furzy mouse

            we cannot lock up our cars, but we could certainly lock up the dam gunz!!

          • DAnnaS

            Thanks for another definition of hypocrisy. Your issue is not with death or injury. It is your dislike of a specific inaminate object.

        • DAnnaS

          We are the largest army in the world. Even those from the former USSR were taught that trying to take America would be insanity.
          One thing though… when it’s over our military comes home and we mind our own business.

  • wazmo

    So tell me George, how do you suggest we fix this? You’ve been banging this drum for years now, but we still see the same R’s and D’s who continue to get elected and keep calling the shots. During that time, our local police forces now has military capabilities, you have state judges and prosecutors who withhold evidence and perjure themselves but face no consequences for doing so since the Federal judiciary are loathe to interfere in state judicial matters.

    When People like Petreaus still walk the street while others who did far less get jailed, the ‘equal justice under the law’ precept we are supposed to all be accountable to only leads me to one conclusion. “only the little people get jailed.”

    • Alfredo Sanchez

      “my f3ll0w 4m3r1c4n5, 45k n07 wh47 y0ur c0un7ry c4n d0 f0r y0u — 45k wh47 c4n y0u d0 f0r y0ur c0un7ry.”
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      h4v3 50m3 f417h 0n 7h3 n54, c4ll1n6 7h3m 57451 15 ju57 w4y w4y 0ff f13ld.

    • Tom kauser

      And PAULSON

    • wunsacon

      >> So tell me George, how do you suggest we fix this?

      That’s a good question. But, I think nothing happens without continuing to try to spread awareness about policies detrimental to our lives, because without enough awareness there can’t be enough outrage. Without enough outrage, there won’t be political repercussions.

      It’s thanks to WashingtonsBlog that I know ANYTHING about certain subjects. Most everywhere else I’ve read, they just scratch the surface.

      The commentariat here occasionally provides other good links, too.

  • Alfredo Sanchez

    Damn, worse than the Stasi? that is scary in so many levels. On a positive note, “they are the only branch of the government that really listens” Liberty maniacs

  • DebL.

    So I guess what this all means is I have be “afraid, very afraid” and NOT use my First Amendment rights of freedom of speech for “fear” that the NSA or a swat team or whatever will come and get me?? Oh really?? BS! Let them come and get me! I WILL CONTINUE TO CALL OUT THE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHIC ELITES, I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE AND BLOG AND COMMENT FREELY, AND IF THEY COME AND GET ME THEY WILL REGRET IT! Folks who mess with me to their pleasure tend to rue the day. All this “we live in 1984” stuff is just trying to scare folks to not use their rights…folks, we will not lose our rights until we stop exercising them! As Mike Church (Ron Paul supporter) used to say in his radio show: the answer to 1984 is 1776!

    • DAnnaS

      Thank You. I think a lot of revolution is needed to put the two bribed corporate parties down.

    • 500+NUKreactors????

      We have aready lost them. I ate gmos for 20yrs, because I did not have. Choice, I am breathing air that has not ever existed via humans. Our media will not allow us to know that the fossil fuel industry will be the reason for our extinction in 20yrs due to Arctic Methane Release. And if I want a job planting industrial hemp around the planet to better our air, well that job doesn’t exist, but I can jump on an oil rig all over the country…

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  • Modern Day America: One Step Away from the Third Reich October 31st, 2014

    Unbeknownst to most Americans the United States is presently under thirty presidential declared states of emergency. They confer vast powers on the Executive Branch including the ability to financially incapacitate any person or organization in the United States, seize control of the nation’s communications infrastructure, mobilize military forces, expand the permissible size of the military without congressional authorization, and extend tours of duty without consent from service personnel.


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    • David Sarconi

      Modern day America-going to get as bad as the 3rd Reich? I realize that mostAmericans are socialized, indoctrinated, brainwashed, self-deluded, manipulated, morons, but ‘modern-day-america’ makes the Nazis and Stalin, combined, appear as choir-boys. Just since the end of WWII, 55 million people have been killed as a result of U.S. foreign policy. That doesn’t even take into account all the peoples of the world that have beenmaimed, live in abject poverty, and live way below their means, globally, as a result of the U.S. Government. This entity is the worst cancerous blight on this planet and in the history of this planet. All other blights, dictatorships, oppressive regims, added up together from the beginning of recorded history to this day, do not come close to the all-e compazsing danger and oppression that the U.S. Government with it’s Central Banking Cabal wields.

  • David Sarconi

    This article states that it’s going to get worse until Americans standup for thei rights, yadedadi…..Americans have no rights to stand up for. If they had rights to stand up for, they wouldn’t stand up for them, because they never have stood up for them, which is why they have no rights now. Americans, at least 85% of them, are worthless pieces of humanity that deserve no rights, and have no rights. These statements of facts must be cleared up and taken into account before logical, accurate, sincere dialog on this subject can proceed.

  • mdawd123

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