Financial War: US Wants to Trigger Wave of Russian Bankruptcies

[translated by Eric Zuesse, from German Economic News:]

Financial War: US wants to trigger wave of Russian bankruptcies

German Economic News  |  Published: 02/23/15 12:55 clock  |  42 Comments

The US government insists on a tightening of sanctions against Russia, and demands that the EU follow suit. Washington now wants sanctions that will have a “devastating” effect, which Russia must “suffer.” Financial measures are planned to trigger a wave of bankruptcies in Russia.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond over the weekend had a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry, concerning the US plan. Washington expects the EU to cooperate to force the Russian economy to its knees.

The US will drastically tighten sanctions against Russia: US Secretary of State John Kerry said this weekend in London that Russia was “guilty of gravely violating the Minsk truce.” Kerry said Russia had the city Debalzewo attacked, and supported paramilitary warriors in the region, and contracted new troops near Mariupol. Kerry said: “This is a violation of the ceasefire. We are serious: there will be more actions that cause additional pain in the Russian economy.”

He went on: “There is a serious discussion between us and our European allies, as to what sanctions we will bring next and when they are due to come into force. I am confident that there will be additional measures in response to Russia’s violations of the ceasefire.”

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond fully backed the remarks by Kerry. A few months ago American Vice President Joe Biden explained how the US created the EU’s role in the strategy directed against Russia. The collaboration now appears to function somewhat smoother than it did at first.

At the EU level, politicians can apparently no longer resist America’s pressure. Thus, the EU observer reported several unnamed permanent EU officials saying that further sanctions are inevitable. The EU Observer also quoted a senior US official, explaining America’s strategy. Whether this official is Daniel Fried, who coordinates the sanctions between the US and the EU, is unknown.

The Americans hope that the next step will have “devastating” impact on the Russian economy. Thus, there could be a wave of bankruptcies among Russian companies, because many companies risk bankruptcy if loans due in dollars during the coming year cannot be rolled over. [Bankruptcy would be expected because the value of the ruble has plunged and many more of them will thus be needed in order to pay the balance due.]

To achieve this goal and take advantage of the plunged ruble, the US government intends to resort to a technical trick to shorten the duration of existing loans and credits, which Russian banks, energy companies and arms companies have in European and American banks. US officials told the EU observer: “If we want, we can make sure that they are really suffering. The inability to raise new capital hurts most — there is no alternative to US and European financial markets.” [Thus, there will be bankruptcy.]

Another US contact said in Brussels, that the exclusion of Russia from the SWIFT payments system [the ability to transact business electronically instead of via paper records] would again be discussed and again reinforced. The Americans had tried this step, which is particularly feared by the Russians, a few months ago, by direct pressure, but failed because the independent SWIFT organization refused to obey Washington. However, when America succeeds on this, the cash flow to Russian companies will be suppressed. Russia is therefore rushing to install an alternative to the SWIFT system, hoping to reduce the impact on the Russian domestic payments when America pulls the plug and disconnects Russia from SWIFT.

The American rating agencies have already strengthened sanctions by classifying Russian government bonds as junk. This downgrade means that some large US pension funds are legally obliged to withdraw from their Russian government bonds. [That forces the ruble’s value down even further.]

EU observer also reports that the Americans intend to deliver weapons soon to Ukraine. This is the next step [in America’s war against Russia], which is set in a recently adopted US law.

The Russian violations of the ceasefire, that are alleged by the Americans, line up with the previously existing [dubious American] argument, as follows: 

a: It is completely unclear who shot at Maidan [the coup in February 2014]. 

b: The shooting down of passenger flight MH17 is also not even beginning to be elucidated. 

c: The killers of civilians in Odessa [in a massacre of pro-Russian demonstrators by burning them in the Trade Unions Building on 2 May 2014] are also unclear. 

d: Who is shelling Mariupol is likewise unclear. 

e: Who was behind the rocket attack on the bus in Donetsk is also unknown.

Each one of these events had been taken by the Americans as an opportunity to impose tougher sanctions against Russia. [Each one of these excuses by America for economic sanctions against Russia was dubious, but the EU went along anyway.]

It is not known whether there will be any response by the West to the actions of Ukraine’s Right Sector and other anti-Russian Ukrainian extremists: The right-wing paramilitary militias have informed that they’ll not even adhere to the Minsk agreements [but Kerry ignores that]. They also have established their own general staff, and refuse to follow orders from the official Ukrainian army regarding their military operations against the pro-Russian rebels.

On the behavior of the extreme right in Ukraine, the opinion of the EU and of the Americans is not known. [Publicly, there is no opinion on that, but only on attacking Russia.]


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

Because Zuesse has found German Economic News to be the world’s most reliable general-news source, especially on matters pertaining to international relations, he frequently cites it as a source, and this is also why he translates some of its articles into English, so as to make them available in the English-speaking world as well.

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  • unheilig

    At least the German-speakers are skeptical, due no doubt to such excellent sources as DWN.

  • MC

    This Russia that gave up 23 million souls in the Allied war effort that saved our asses from Hitler’s advance? Who’s the bad guy here?

    • cettel

      I’d say that the bad guys are the same they were in World War II: the nazis and the fascists. The difference now is that they’re led by the United States this time — the U.S. after Truman gradually switched sides and ended up being firmly on the side of Allen and John Foster Dulles, who had always been fascists, and who nurtured nazis in the CIA and State Department, a trend that soared when Reagan came into power, and that has been increasing nonstop ever since, as if there had been only one U.S. President since 1980, one nonstop increasingly nazi regime here.

      • Tom kauser

        Gradually switched sides you mean 1921? And the forming of the CFR and RIIA out of milner groups controlled by you guest it …..

    • Tom kauser

      Since Poland moved on Germany first……

  • globemixer

    Hey Western warmongerers,
    If you would stop marching to the beat of the Rothchilds and George Soros for a minute, you might actually see the truth.
    The Western elite started this mess by financing the overthrow of the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED legitimate Ukrainian government in an attempt to install yet another Western controlled central bank and puppet democracy.
    Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well and now the West is getting spanked. The BRIC nations are forming their own world bank, the dollar is being thrown out as the world reserve currency, the petrodollar is dead, and the West is being eaten alive by it’s own voracious appetite for debt.
    Maybe if the Western elite actually acted fiscally and morally responsible over the last 60+ years instead of murdering president Kennedy, spending trillions on USAPS (unacknowledged special access projects… trying to reverse engineer exotic extraterrestrial technology from crash retrievals for military purposes) and sponsoring the overthrow of legitimately established governments around the world, they wouldn’t be is such a difficult spot. You reap what you sow.
    The West is now a cornered rabid dog. It has 2 choices, take it’s medicine and let the dollar die, or pull the pin on nuclear war with Russia/China. Let’s hope the Rothschilds and their lunatic buddies for once in their entire psychotic existence actually step back and take a moment to think about the consequences. They think they can survive a nuclear war in their little underground base hideaways then come up and start over? Never happen… it’s time for humility or it’s game over for everyone.

    • cettel

      Why do you focus only on the Jews? I don’t know whether the Rothschilds have any role in this, but the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church certainly does, and so does the Ukrainian Orthodox Church — Kiev Patriarchate. Both are ardently pro-nazi. In fact, Bandera and Stetsko were both devoutly of the former of those two churches. And, today, no one even alleges that Turchynov is a Jew; he’s a Baptist minister. I’ve not seen anyone say that Pierre Omidyar is Jewish. Some people say that Yatsenyuk is, on the same grounds that Hitler’s Nuremberg law defined Judaism — by ancestry, not belief — but Yatsenyuk is some type of Catholic, I forget which. What does anyone’s ancestry have to do with this, anyway — it is evil actions, by people of all types of religions and no religion at all; and no one should be targeted on account of ancestry. To do that is sheer bigotry. In fact: it defines the very meaning of a “bigot.” And any type of bigot is dangerous, and should not exist.

      • globemixer

        Cettel – The Rothschilds are NOT Jews. Here’s the proof….
        This is not about religion, race, ethnicity, or nationality. This about human greed and the evil that comes from it. The LOVE OF MONEY. Once those with blind ambition began murdering for wealth and power, they never stopped! They have murdered millions and continue to do so to keep their fortunes, but this time they have backed themselves into a corner. May GOD have mercy on our world when they play their final card.

        • cettel

          Why do you even mention the Rothschilds? Which ones? Why not Obama, and Nuland, and Pyatt, and Bildt, and Soros, and Turchynov, and Avakov, and Biletsky, and Yarosh, and Kolomoysky, and LaGarde, and Biden, and Corker, and McCain, and the many others who have been documented as guilty? “Rothschilds” is just an anti-Semitic code-word in the context of Ukraine’s nazism, and maybe some of them are terrible for some things, but why did you even mention that name, when there are so many others that are well-documented to have been crucial to these particular horrors? It smells of sheer bigotry.

          • Tom kauser

            The gentile will say you made it happen the israelite will say he let it happen and God would say ” stuff happens!

  • paul

    This means war.

  • Tom kauser

    I read you and like you. I believe Angie is done. I expect Germany to have to castle! Europe has had a long history of preventing debtors from walking away from its obligations? Centuries! If this article is true it really does not matter because the American officials are working less hard than The German business person. Americans all mouth and getting colder responses these days? HELL ERIC WHEN THEY GOING TO CUT THE GAS OFF ALREADY In short bullocks yanks got squat and even losing that!