Dailykos’s Cover-Up of Obama’s Ukrainian Atrocities

Eric Zuesse

Generally speaking, the falsely-called ‘liberal’ (some even call it ‘progressive’) website dailykos (founded and owned by the ‘formerly’ far-right Markos Moulitsas Zuniga) has ignored President Barack Obama’s coup a year ago in Ukraine, which violently overthrew that country’s unpopular but democratically elected President and replaced him with a racist-fascist (i.e., ideologically nazi) anti-Russian regime. It’s a regime that quickly set to work on a euphemistically called ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ in its far-eastern region Donbass, where the voters had voted 90% for the very same man whom Obama’s State Department and CIA had just overthrown — an ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ that kills its ‘Terrorists’ (i.e., the residents there) en-masse by firebombing, cluster-bombing, and shelling, the cities, towns, and villages, throughout the region. If those people survive and vote in future Ukrainian national elections, the nazi regime that Obama installed will be voted out of power; Obama’s 2014 Ukrainian coup will have been for naught. This is why he demands extermination, doesn’t object to it at all.

(NOTE: I request here that anyone who disagrees with anything in that paragraph, please first click onto the link or links to what’s being objected to in it, and check out that cited evidence there, before posting a reader-comment objecting to what is already shown in those links to be the case. And, if a person still questions whether Obama perpetrated a coup in Ukraine last year, then additional citations that should be checked out, before posting a reader-comment objecting to it, are: this and this and this and this. Disagreements should be on the facts, nothing else. Thanks for considering that.)

Here are typical examples of how this ‘liberal’ (or even some fools call it ‘progressive’) site, dailykos, has ‘reported’ on these events during the past year. (And, please consider that all of these articles were published after the U.S. President whom that site supports had already installed in Ukraine, via a violent coup, an outright exterminationist nazi regime; and, that this is supposed to be a ‘liberal,’ or even ‘progressive,’ ‘news’ site — this site that hides its hero’s nazism, is supposed to be taken as being instead liberal, or even progressive.)

On 19 March 2014, a post at dailykos said, “The Russian claims that the entire upheaval in Ukraine that resulted in the ouster of Yanukovych was a fascists directed coup are pretty clearly overblown propaganda.”

On 15 February 2015, another said, “The rebels trying to create a new country or attach themselves to Moscow are only there because of Stalin.”

On 6 February 2015, another said, “February 21st is the one-year anniversary of the culmination of the Euromaidan protest in Ukraine. The Putin sympathizers will be very busy pushing their BS conspiracy theories about Nuland’s cookies, but here’s some images that show what an inspiring moment it was in history.”

On 13 November 2014, another said (and strongly disagreed with) “Henry Kissinger, that notorious Russian commie sympathizer, says that the West in effect caused the crisis in Ukraine (not, of course, that it’s OK for Russia to have, in response, intervened in Ukraine) because it failed to understand Russian strategic interests.”

A rare exception, of opposing Obama’s policy there, was on 19 September 2014: “Under Poroshenko, the new Ukrainian President, the rebels and the cities they occupied were shelled and bombed. We were outraged when Assad did something similar, but Europe and the US only mildly objected when the Ukraine bombed its own people. That’s when Putin, apparently, sent in Russian soldiers to turn the tide. But notice: with the exception of the special case of Crimea (host to the Russian Black Sea Navy, ethnically heavily Russian), Putin has not moved to take over Eastern Ukraine, only to stop Poroshenko’s brutal ‘anti-terrorist’ campaign against ethnic Russians. Since the ceasefire, Putin has pushed for a weak federal state for Ukraine, which would create a neutral country, much like Finland. The US should not be promoting NATO expansion to Russian borders.”

But even that article was profoundly dishonesst, because it failed to so much as just mention, merely once, the ‘Democratic’ U.S. President, Barack Obama, who was behind all this policy, which the writer here was objecting to, the man whose coup had installed this nazi regime, and who requires, even to this day, extermination of the residents in the area of Ukraine where the voters had voted 90% for the man whom Obama had overthrown a year ago. In other words: it’s like condemning the Holocaust without once mentioning Adolf Hitler. It’s phony. Even that dailykos post was fraudulent.

On 5 August 2014, another post addressed the President directly, and complained that he wasn’t helping the extermination campaign as much as he should: “Despite the fact that Russia is brazenly sending over tanks, artillery, weapons and personnel, across Ukraine’s border, you persist in assuming that sanctions are some economic nuclear weapon that will, once again – make Vladimir Putin see reason. And your ‘military assistance’ consists of what? Non-lethal aid?”

Dailykos also essentially ignored altogether the massacre of anti-nazis in the Trade Unions Building in Odessa on 2 May 2014, the event that so terrified the residents in the nation’s pro-Russian area (Donbass) as to cause them to seek separation from Ukraine, which the Obama-installed Government needed to have them seek so as to be able to call them ‘terrorists’ and thus get the support from suckers in the West for the Obama-demanded ethnic-cleansing or extermination of the residents in Donbass in order to make Obama’s nazi anti-Russian regime stick. (So, in a perverse way, exterminating these people assists their becoming despised; it also increases their determination to separate from Ukraine.) That’s why the White House wanted this massacre — which massacre dailykos thus virtually ignored.

In other words: dailykos is a Democratic Party shill operation, like Fox ‘News’ is a Republican Party shill operation. It’s not an authentic news-site; it is a PR or “propaganda” operation, for the Democratic Party, in order to fool liberal suckers to think that America’s aristocracy don’t control both Parties, and to deceive them to think that the United States is still a democracy — even though it no longer is.

For the most part, Obama’s “policy failures” (such as the ‘failure’ of Obamacare to achieve his promised “universal coverage,” or 100% of Americans being insured) are not really due to bugs (such as Republicans accuse); they’re due to features of his programs; they are intended to produce the type of results that they do. (Just ignore his rhetoric, which is intended to deceive.) This is also the reason why for the first time in history there is a continued widening of the gap between rich and poor even after an economic crash, which is precisely the period in the economic cycle when historically the income-gap has narrowed, instead of gotten wider.

The American public are massively deceived. How many news-media are there, which will report this fact, and report it honestly, not in such a way that itself deceives? How many news-media are there that serve their readers, instead of serving their owners and the people who serve them? No democracy can survive like that. This is the reality.

As a general rule: truth is not being rewarded; it is being punished — by ‘both’ sides, as well as in the ‘middle,’ between ‘leftist’ dictatorship, and ‘rightist’ dictatorship.

This is how democracy is conquered: by presenting any type of dictatorship as being ‘democracy.’

Dailykos pretends to be a progressive news site but it not only supports a pro-nazi anti-Russia President, it supports his nazi policy, to such an extent that it ignores the extermination-program that he initiated and supports, which wouldn’t even exist at all but for his decisions, and his policies. All of the estimated “up to 50,000” corpses thus far produced in Donbass are due to Obama, yet he threatens to send more weapons.

Dailykos is not America’s disease; it’s a symptom of America’s disease. The source of this disease goes much deeper. The source is America’s worship of power (in any form, “the Almighty,” or “the mainstream,” or “the successful,” or “the Establishment”) rather than of truth (“science,” “honesty,” etc.). And America isn’t unique in having this disease. Instead, this disease is normal; so, it’s not even being called a “disease.” But maybe now, it’s becoming terminal. That could happen. Think about it. Because not to, would be unrealistic, at the present moment in history. There is too much power now, concentrated in the hands of psychopaths (the people who naturally tend to hold and to increase their power). Nurturing power-worship, regardless of whether “Macht macht recht” or “the Almighty,” or any other, leads to this result. It led to this result. The underlying value-system is the problem. If that doesn’t change, then there is no realistic hope for the world’s future. None.

That’s the disease, of which dailykos is merely a symptom.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • paul

    The role that Daily Kos has played over the past decade in terms of coopting the so-called progressive movement has been critical. It may have been even more important than the election of that masterful political icon, Obama. It’s good to see someone finally calling Daily Kos out. Good point too about worshipping power vs. aspiring to truth.

  • Allen Victor Cox

    How do these Scum Sleep at Night? 9-11 needs to be Exposed for what it was False Flag that the whole administration under Bush were in on? Hold these Criminals responsible why no Action from decent Honest Police or Military Generals? Justice is required for those involved Pull in Larry the Insurance Fraudster and Giuliani who Destroyed a crime Scene?How about Rumsfeld the Missing Trillions? How about “Stand Down Cheney” and what hit Pentagon? The whole fairy tale is falling to pieces we need new independent Investigation and stop Blaming Muslims wh had nothing to do with 9-11.Lest we forget Billions in Precious Metals Just vanished from under WTC,s
    The Greatest Heist in living History was perpetrated that day

  • hidflect

    I was a bit suspicious right at the start when the founder of Daily Kos went from mere blogger to overnight media hero popping up on TV like Buster Friendly and his friendly friends (PKD). Why was he chosen? It was like a test exercise in electronic media manipulation. Bestow a bit of fame onto someone and see how many slavishly fall into line to be associated with him. Looks like it worked.

  • Problem Solver

    Eric Zuesse is very wrong about Obama.

    The Ukraine Coup cost only a few billion, and Obama was able to cause hundreds of billions of damage to the Russian economy. The NGO’s that helped with the Ukraine coup can now assist Russian NGO’s to work on a possible Russian Spring or at the very least assist the government opposition. Former Eastern block NATO nations have been able to dump their USSR surplus military on Ukraine markets. In fact much of the lethal aid that will (has) be supplied to Ukraine is discontinued or retired equipment. It is equipment that was designed and produced to fight the USSR. Dump the old equipment so NATO can justify spending money on new equipment.

    It may cost some additional billions to keep the government in Kiev going and the war continuing. However, much of this is in the form of loans. Loans that are backed by the hard assets of Ukraine. One can just look at Greece to see what happens when loans cannot be repaid. Also to please the IMF the Ukrainian Hryvnia was allowed to float and is now worth only a fraction of what it was before the coup. This works for foreign investors who will buy Ukraine land and natural resources on the cheap. In fact the EU and IMF deal demand that government owned assets be privatized.

    No I would say that based on past performance (Libya, Syria, etc.) Obama is doing very well with using Ukraine in his economic, cyber, political, propaganda, etc. war with Russia. It would seem that the lives lost are immaterial. A destroyed Ukraine does deprive Russia of all the benefits Russia enjoyed just over a year ago in its past relationship with Ukraine. It is now likely that so much damage has been done that it may be impossible for Russia to restore or recreate a strong relationship with Ukraine. So not matter the outcome in Ukraine Obama is the winner!

  • jomo

    THE INFLUENCE you ascribe to the daily kos does not exist.
    no informed intelligent anybody…would be getting their knowledge from them.
    its like the viewers of fox news…..they dont care that they are being feed lies….because…they wont believe you no matter how many links you provide…nor do they care…..all they want is a place to go where everyone else thinks as they do..and will not THREATEN…those beliefs.
    and…that..is behind the success…if you think it has much…which i dont….of the daily kos….

    the real issue…is….where are the ‘progressives../..liberals’….getting their info from?..i could list 10 places that if you read every day would keep you totally informed….with the truth…..but….i know what happens to such lists…by the people who think they are the people i am referring to…..

    besides…it doesnt matter….the vast majority of people will never challenge the powers that be..no matter what happens.
    there have been no great victories in the last 30 years…there will be none coming…..but there will be plenty of comments….that no one pays attention to…..until…it all inevitably comes to an end.