Western Politicians and Media Rush To Issue Tributes To King That Led The World In Beheadings, Whipped Bloggers For Criticism & Banned Women From Driving

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Dead at 90

American politicians and mainstream media are falling all over themselves praising the late Saudi King Abdullah.

Other Western leaders are singing from the same hymn sheet.

But the truth is very different

After all, the Saudis under King Abdullah have beheaded more people than ISIS, treated women drivers and atheists as terrorists, and flogged people who speak out. (Indeed, the Saudi government and ISIS are virtually indistinguishable).

And given that unconditional Western support for Saudi Arabia is one of the main causes for terrorism, Western hypocrisy is very costly, indeed.  And see this, this, this and this.

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  • dnr

    Just goes to show you what our politicians actually think about Democracy…

  • I don’t usually care about foreign gov’t and what they do and I’m generally against any war.
    That being said. We should invade Saudi Arabia for humanitarian reasons.
    It’s one of the most disgusting gov’ts in human history.

    They still execute people for sorcery and witchcraft.

    • MCB

      If we executed people for sorcery and witchcraft, we’d have no government left.

      • Robert Barsocchini

        Hahahahaha nice

    • ClubToTheHead

      Who is this “we” you speak of?

      Would the arms suppliers and supporters of the vicious be any less vicious than those they replaced?

      • That’s the rub. What do you replace the House of Saud with?

        When I think about I come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter because it can’t get any worse for the people there that aren’t part of the “club”.

        • ClubToTheHead

          If it can’t get any worse and it can’t get any better, why even think about it?

          Just because all the US has is a hammer doesn’t make everything in the world a nail.

          The money the US would spend on bombing and “bringing democracy” might be better spent domestically for life, than internationally for death.

          • Let’s not borrow it and then spend it at all. Let’s let the people who earned it use for their own purposes. The government is not a charity, as much as leftists want you to think it is. It’s a faceless monster that crushes free men.

          • ClubToTheHead

            You big government rightists would be flat broke if your funny money fictitious capital wasn’t bailed out by the Fed and your Obama.

          • No one ever said anything about bringing democracy to Saudi Arabia.
            Have you ever seen any videos off them killing people for witchcraft? I have. /they time them to a wooden “X” and hack 1/2 way through their neck with a sword so they are still alive while they drown in their own blood.

            That is a special kind of evil. An entire element of that society (basically the “legal” system) needs ripped out and destroyed.

        • Truman Golden


          • Hp B

            Real men want to go to Tel Aviv!

          • Who would you rather be a prisoner of, Israel or their enemies? You must be wearing a Che shirt and have a Guy Fawkes mask, juvenile!

          • Israel is different. I don’t think the majority of people in that country support the war criminals running the show. The powers that be in Israel should be arrested and tried as war criminals.

            The dynamics in Saudi Arabia versus Israel are different and call for different solutions.

  • MCB

    AmeriKa lost a great ally and an even greater “reformer.”…..

  • Truman Golden

    did he kill more people than the zionist entity? NO!

  • hvaiallverden

    One of a long row of truly evil creaturess, hide behind an insane religious weild, driving an even more insane practising, at levels where I cant phantom and horrrors unimaginable, to inocents and petty criminals.
    I will not judge this creature, our Lord takes this him self, since a true demon have left the world.
    To judge his tasks in this world, is our duty, witch we failed misserably, among a long row of truly evil people, running the world into wars upon wars, and since WE where unable or unwilling to do something while they where alive, then to judge now, is way to late.
    I dont do that.
    You shouldnt do that.
    Because, this is forgotten this days, by all, but the truth is this, every curse, every swearing you do and or send, is a bomerang, and can backfire at you, since the curse is done by amatores.
    In my world there where people that did this, but they knew the dangers and could awoid them.
    That is a minore ex. of the power of words.
    You have no idea of the truth, about words, do you, “religious people” at all.

    I know that the next one will simply be a continuation of hell on earth, and the second even more serious fact is their totally neglect and moccery of Islam, since their herecy is glearingly obvious to even blind people, and the sinn is that they are alowed to continue.

    May the lord have mercy upon the people of the Saudi kingdom, witch is controlled by evil forces, camuflaged as Muslims and pretend its protector.
    I know, one thing, if the prophecys is correct, gess whom will hang highest of them all, not the petty criminal, nor a whore, but the Hypocrit, the moccers of life.
    Read the words of Muhammad, the final chapter of the teachings of old, done by Yeshua, and Islam is just that, a continuation of christianity, monoteism.
    I know that the hammer will fall, saudis.
    Use your time wisely, and you may have made atleast One good deed.

    This goes to you all, incl christians and hebrews.
    Allah/God, is a god of mercy, saudis, but this mercy must be earned, mercy isnt given for free.


  • goingnowherefast

    Depravity on parade. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • S.M De Kuyper

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    • S.M. De Kuyper

      My address to unsubscribe is: suzannedk@gmail.com Please help me unsubscribe for this blog!

  • Darkwing

    If Iran did what this guy did, the worlds government and the MSM would be all over it.

  • You forgot the position of Obama appearing to go down on Abdu, when they first met. His head was below the King navel. Obama loves doing this to all tyrants in the 3rd world.

  • Rehmat

    Don’t just blame Saudi ‘royals’ for not allowing Muslim to drive in their country. Orthodox Jewish women are also not allowed to drive in Israel and New York.


  • Nutstuyu

    Muck Fohammed and his little minions otherwise known as Mooslums.

  • Yep, and do not allow any facts to cloud anyones view!

    Jan 23, 2015 King Abdullah’s Saudi Arabia: Slavery, Terror & Women as Property

    Abby Martin speaks with Ali al-Ahmed, Director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs about the death of Saudi Arabian monarch, King Abdullah, and why the media is covering him as a ‘reformer’.

  • Rev Kuhlaids

    This the year the dung heap of Saud finally begins to burn despite the Maginot Line in the desert being hastily cobbled together for the Mo$$ad I$I$ loonies now heading to Merca’s last oily feudal sewer. As the Saudi Mercan dollah gets flushed from the anglozio outhouse in the Wall St casino of rigged market “capitalism” in the clapped out Potemkin Village called Merca the entire scheme is coming apart and it won’t require 17 fictitious camel herders with box cutters to bring this house of cards down.

  • Ed

    Western Politicians and Media Rush To Issue Tributes To Their Soul Brother