Ukrainian Soldier Explains Why He Enjoys Killing Russians

Eric Zuesse

In an unusually lengthy video interview with a soldier of the Ukrainian Government, he states why he wants to kill as many residents in the (ethnically Russian) separatist area as possible. This soldier, named Nazar, was interviewed by Ukraine’s Channel 5 TV, the current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s television station until he became President on May 25th. Poroshenko, as Ukraine’s President, no longer owns the station.

This interview was not aired, because the Ukrainian Government decided that it wasn’t appropriate for their purposes. Among other things, the soldier condemns Poroshenko for not being sufficiently devoted to the killing of Russians. However, this interview ended up being posted to the site liveleak, on December 31st. Here is an excerpt of the transcript:

Lady host:

– Does Ukraine belong to Europe?

Ukrainian trooper:

– Well, Ukraine is the best country in the world. It is a European country, but it is much better than Europe. Can you see what is going on there in Europe? Only gays, transvestites and other degenerates live there. We will not tolerate them here. Ukrainians will not become the nation of buggers. Ukraine only needs weapons, money and support from Europe. However, I do not see all these things coming. When I watch TV I only hear that they are “deeply worried” and bla-bla-bla and nothing else. In fact, I think Ukraine should be the leading European country. It must show the world that the Nation is above all. [Germany’s Nazis used to say, ‘Deutschland über alles,’ the same thing for that country.] A real powerful state can be built only on the basis of a nation, of a pure nation. We must show the Europeans how to build a real national socialist organization. When we have liberated Ukraine, we will go to Europe under our banners and will revive all national socialist organizations there.

Lady host:

– In what way do you exactly plan to do this?

Ukrainian soldier:

– I have already told you: it makes no difference, in what way. We will do it, we know how to do it.

Lady host:

– I got you. Nazar, what is your political stand, do you support the policy of the government in office now?

Ukrainian soldier:

– I am a member of “Patriots of Ukraine” organization since 2007. Our goal is the purification of the nation [Hitler frequently talked about that] and turning Ukraine into a powerful state. We know how to build a strong state. First of all, we ought to oust, and if they do not wish to leave, then to cut the throats of, all of the Muscovites, or kikes – we will exterminate all of them. [Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jews, and to enslave all slavs, but Ukraine’s nazis are focused more particularly against ethnic Russians.] Our principle is “One God, one country, one nation”. [That too came from Hitler.] As far as the current government is concerned, can you see that they are the same scum? Poroshenko is a kike, Yatsenyuk is a beast, and scoundrel Turchinov gave up Crimea to the Muscovites. Perhaps, he even sold it, I do not know. He is still there in Ukraine’s Supreme Council. And we are doing nothing. They all should be shot to death. We should build a country similar to Germany during the 1930s. That was a great country! Never mind those scums, we will liberate Crimea, and the rest of Ukraine, and march on Moscow; we will return Kuban and the Kursk region, and Voronezh, and Polish Galicia and Polissya.

For more of this soldier’s viewpoints, see the full interview and the transcript.

U.S. President Barack Obama chose to replace Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych with nazis in a February coup because Yanukovych opposed Ukraine’s joining NATO and becoming a staging-area for U.S. nuclear missiles aimed against Russia. U.S. taxpayers are now the chief financial backers of Ukraine’s military campaign (such as that interviewed soldier) to exterminate the residents in the pro-Russian region of Ukraine, which had voted 90% for Yanukovych. U.S. President Obama and his financial backers are seeking to destroy Russia in order for the U.S. aristocracy to enjoy unchallengeable supremacy over the entire world — a goal that will require defeating the only nation that possesses a nuclear arsenal that competes with America’s.

Soldiers such as the one who was interviewed by Ukraine’s Channel 5 are the front-line troops in that American plan.

Even the founder of the American private CIA firm, Stratfor, acknowledges that the overthrow of Yanukovych was a coup (he called it “the most blatant coup in history”); and even Ukraine’s former, 1994-1998, U.S. Ambassador says that Ukraine’s war “is a prelude to World War III.”


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Party Like 1999 BC

    This is all baked into the DOW and S&P

  • Undecider

    The only thing he had right was Europe being a moral wasteland.

  • Stephan

    Zuesse writes many ignorant, factually untrue things in his columns in this blog. I’ll pick just one, to illustrate what I mean:

    “Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jews, enslave all Slavs…”

    Hitler wrote hundreds of thousands of words for print publications. Hitler also delivered hundreds – if not thousands – of speeches to assembled crowds, news reporters, and radio technicians. He left behind numerous official documents, and put his name to countless orders. This content is freely available on the web, in books, and in document archives; available to any “investigative journalist” industrious enough to research the veracity of his own claims before rushing them into publication. (Hint-hint, Eric.)

    Not once – not once – has anyone ever shown that Hitler called for the extermination of the Jews. Not one single time. Not “shoot them all”, or “gas them”, or “kill the Jews”, or “exterminate the Jews”, or anything like that. It is as much of a self-serving Jewish lie, as equally false Jewish claims that Iran’s president has called for the extermination of Jews, or the extermination of the Israelis.

    As an “investigative journalist” like Zuesse ought to know, there is zero documentary evidence of any kind – any – that Hitler ever gave any orders for the ‘Holocaust’ or ‘Final Solution’ or ‘Death Camps’. No historian has ever found any such items, despite the Nazis leaving ample documentation for their time in office.

    (Likewise, no-one has ever found mass graves containing the remains of the “6 million” Jews zionists claim died in the Holocaust and were buried at the “death camps”. If you don’t believe me, Google it.)

    Does this matter? Yes! We can oppose the Ukraine “ATO” cruelty towards innocent people without resorting to lies. We can oppose the Ukraine’s JEWISH junta without resorting to lies! In the long-run, telling the truth is simple a better option for ending injustice. And if we don’t know the truth about history, we can’t hope to avoid repeating past mistakes.

    • Wortherthorth

      EZ did not claim that Hitler did. This was an interview with a Ukrop soldier. The soldier said it. You must really be thick to write such a long rebuttal to an article you completely misunderstood. It was an interview.

  • Punisher 1

    The old adage “you shall know them by their actions” comes to mind.I might have a dispute with numbers.But there is no doubt that the nazis attempted mass murder and enslavement of the Jews and Slavs of Europe.Because a political leader doesn’t spell out in plain words their plans means nothing.Hence the adage about explains it all.

  • Keith Cassinger

    WTF is this. Another BS website washingtonsblog, another Russian troll site stealing a US name to try and fool people. God I hate you trolls.

  • Tristan van Oosten

    Adolf Hitler, Vladolf Putler – what’s the difference ? One spoke German, the other speaks Russian.