Ukraine’s Government Is Losing Its War. Here Is Why:

Eric Zuesse

On January 27th, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense headlined “Militants Continue to Suffer Losses,” and reported that four helicopters, and other weapons of the “militants,” were destroyed in battle, but no evidence was given to support the assertion.

Just two days prior, the (also pro-Government) Kiev Post had, in fact, bannered “Ukraine Hides Devastating Losses as Russia-Backed Fighters Surge Forward,” and reported “Ukraine’s worst-kept secret — that the Ukrainian army is drastically understating its casualties.” After detailing, there, what seems to be outrageous unconcern by the Government, for the welfare of troops it’s sending into battle (even by jamming battlefield-injured soldiers into regular civilian hospitals, which aren’t equipped to handle their injuries), this report ends with a doctor saying, “It’s bad everywhere. Yes, the soldiers are still standing at their positions ready to fight. But we don’t see any help coming for them.”

The Ukrainian news agency RIAN headlined on January 26th, “Mobilization in Dnipropetrovsk Almost Drowned,” and reported, “In Dnipropetrovsk region [which is run by the U.S. White House’s friend, the Ukrainian-Swiss-Israeli billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky, whose longstanding personal mercenary army has, alone, more than 5,000 fighters], thousands of men are hiding from the draft. Enforcement officers recognize that accomplishing their task will be very difficult.” More than 2,000 people there who were drafted “did not show up, they evaporated.”

Consequently, the Government is dragooning-in, or “ambushing” (as the article says), virtually anyone who seeks help from the Government, “mobilizing the unemployed” and other “desperate” people. “Military enlistment offices complain” that some draftees are too sick to be able to fight at all.

Also on January 26th, the Fort Russ blog bannered, “Azov Commander Freaks Out, Calls the War ‘Lost’. Blames Everybody,” and reported that, “Ukrainian politicians and generals ‘already lost the war,’ and ‘the West did not help.’ That’s the core of the statement by Azov punitive [meaning: to ‘punish’ the residents in the anti-Government region, for their not supporting the Government] battalion commander’s, and currently also Rada [Parliament] Deputy’s, Andrey Biletsky, in his ‘Address to the Nation.’” According to Biletsky, after the fictitious “thousands of supposedly killed enemies and burned out tanks, the wake-up can be very painful,” because of disappointment felt from the Government’s lies.

RIAN news headlined on January 27th, “The Situation at the Front and Riots Against the Mobilization,” and Andrew Vajra, of the news-site “Alternative,” quoted Biletsky there, as saying, “We were not prepared for the current confrontation.”

Whereas Ukrainian conscript soldiers are not eager to risk their lives in order to impose the current Ukrainian Government (which had resulted from Obama’s coup in Ukraine in February 2014), upon the residents in Ukraine’s Donbass region, which had voted 90% for the man whom Obama overthrew, the residents who still survive there are very eager not to allow this new regime to kill them; and, so, the motivation on the part of the people whom Obama’s forces are trying to kill, is vastly higher than is the motivation on the part of conscript troops, from the rest of Ukraine, to kill them. The only troops who are that eager to kill them are supporters of Ukraine’s two nazi (or racist-fascist) parties, the “Freedom” (renamed by the CIA from their former “Social Nationalist”) and the Right Sector, Parties. Those parties have always gotten only a small percentage of the popular vote in Ukraine, though Obama’s people have placed them into power. Once in power, they passed laws to lock-in that power.

The Ukrainian Government’s problem is that there just aren’t enough nazis, and there’s also not enough money, to do the amounts of killing that need to be done in order to enable Obama’s Ukrainian regime to retain the land in Donbass while eliminating the people there. The 90% of those people who had voted for the man (Viktor Yanukovych) whom Obama overthrew are far more numerous, and far more motivated, than are the vast majority of Ukraine’s soldiers.

America’s and Ukraine’s oligarchs cannot come up with the money to finish the job, but Obama’s big financial backer George Soros is now globetrotting in order to convince taxpayers throughout the West to provide the money to finish it, and the amount he’s coming up with as being necessary for the job is between twenty and fifty billion dollars. His entreaties appear to be falling upon deaf ears.

And that’s the real reason why Obama’s war in Ukraine is failing: there’s just not enough blood-lust for the task, either in Ukraine, or in “the West.”

There aren’t enough nazis, in either area. Obama had over-reached, when he overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovych, in February 2014. Either he’ll have to yield-up the land in Donbass, or else he’ll have to yield-up the anti-Russian Government that he has imposed upon Ukraine. It’s one or the other, and he’ll have to choose which.

Either outcome will be embarrassing for him. But perhaps it won’t be quite as embarrassing for him as was his predecessor’s embarrassment regarding the Iraq War. (Of course, Republicans would be in their glory then, by saying “Obama lost Ukraine,” even though it was actually Obama who had seized Ukraine, to begin with — and Republicans would never criticize a President for doing a thing like that: it’s the sort of thing that Republicans are expected to do.)

On the other hand, it might turn out to be even more embarrassing than that for Obama, if he should happen to decide to go all the way here, and to push on for a nuclear war against Russia.

As regards the Ukrainian Government itself, they were placed into power by Obama’s action of coup, followed by this Ukrainian Government’s actions removing the Donbass residents from their electorate; and, so, the current members of the Rada, and of the Ukrainian Administration, cannot blame Obama; they are instead blaming Vladimir Putin and Russia — the country that Obama (like George Soros and so many other American aristocrats) hates, and that not merely the people whom Obama placed into power in Ukraine hate. Thus, on Wednesday, January 28th, RIAN news headlined, “Full Text of the Appeal for Recognition of Russia as Aggressor,” and they reported:

“The Verkhovna Rada made ​​public the full text of Resolution number 1854 on appeal to the United Nations, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, GUAM Parliamentary Assembly, and the national parliaments of the countries in the world, to recognize the Russian Federation as the aggressor state.”

Furthermore, German Economic News reported that this action by the Rada had been passed by “271 of 289 deputies present,” and that it could “have international legal consequences.” GEN’s report also said that Ukraine’s leaders claim they now “urgently need new loans” from the EU, because, otherwise, Ukraine’s existing loans will go into default. The reader-comments to that news-report at GEN’s website seem to be negative on that request, and to be far more inclined to view Ukraine’s Government as nazi than as Ukraine’s being the victim of Russia or any other country, and least of all as being a victim of the EU’s own taxpayers, who have already given plenty to the Ukrainian Government, and who would become the people bearing the burden of those new ‘loans,’ which would be going to the very back of Ukraine’s long line of creditors, if Ukraine goes bankrupt, as is widely expected soon to happen. In other words: there would seem to be little public support in Germany, for giving Ukraine yet more money. If the EU’s leaders do decide to comply with Ukraine’s urgent request, then the EU will have even less public support in Germany than it currently does. The EU is therefore likely to turn down the request, so as not to place even further into jeopardy the EU’s own continued existence.

And, obviously, unless Ukraine gets the further ‘loans’ to prosecute its war against the residents in Donbass, Ukraine won’t even possibly be able to win this war.

So, that’s the Ukrainian Government’s predicament, regarding this war.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Lars


    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0

    Eric Zuesse stared at the computer screen with despair. Over all his years of styling himself as an “Investigate Reporter”, literally thousands of his readers had called him out as an Israeli stooge, a fraudulent investigator, and a shoddy writer. Now, his task was worse than ever – and he could only imagine the vitriole that would be unleashed, if he chose misleading and deceitful words, yet again. Hands frozen over the keyboard, Zuesse considered the facts he knew for certain about Ukraine.

    To start: an armed coup against a democratically elected government, organised by Jewish Victoria Nuland – wife of Jewish Robert Kagan, infamous co-founder of PNAC, and champion of the Patriot Act, 2001 Afghan invasion, and 2003 Iraq Invasion… Next, the Euromaidan agitators – funded and supported by Jewish billionaire George Soros… The Euromaidan snipers, using Israeli-made Tavor assault rifles… The Israeli ambassador to Ukraine, personally forging close links with Right Sector and Svoboda throughout 2013 – no wonder so many Ukrainian Jews joined Right Sector! …The incredible fact that in Ukraine – a nation of 45 million, with a population of just 250,000 Jews – the post-coup government was Jewish! The violent coup brought to power an unelected president, Yatsenyuk – an ethnic Jew, who had dabbled in Scientology. Not to mention a Jewish Head of State, Turchynov. Quickly followed by a rigged vote that brought a second President, Poroshenko – whose family was Jewish as far back as the records went. Not to mention a Jewish chairman of the Rada, Groysman. Or the openly-Jewish Right Sector politicians.

    Who could forget that Ukraine’s wealthiest oligarchs, eager to fund and support the new junta, were Jewish? Like the obscenely fat, kippa-wearing Kolomoisky – who described himself as a “kike bandera” or “Jew fascist”, and actually ran his own nationalist militia! Who could forget the words of Jewish investigative reporter Israel Shamir, who wrote that Ukraine was taken over by “mainly Jewish oligarchs” controlling foolish, duped thugs: the expendable cannon fodder that the oligarchs would use on the front lines? Who could forget the endless articles in Ynet, Haaretz, and other Israeli newspapers, explaining that Ukraine’s Jews were eager supporters and funders of the Kiev junta? That the Jewish AIPAC and ADL lobbied American Congressmen and Senators to fund the Junta and its death squads? That Israeli “mercenaries” fought with the ATO battalions?

    Could Zuesse explain to his readers that Ukraine’s Jews were chiefly responsible for the 20th century Communists’ crimes against Russia and Ukraine? After all, Jews, many of them Ukrainian, formed 80% of the first Bolshevik government – itself the product of a violent coup. And yet, Jews were just one or two percent of the population of Russia! In the 1930s, the Jewish head of the NKVD, Genrik Yagoda, personally planned the Ukrainian Holodomor – ethnic genocide by (mostly Jewish) NKVD officers, killing 7-10 million Ukrainian Christians and Moslems. Lenin was a quarter Jewish. Trotsky a full Jew. Even Stalin was probably a Jew – after all, he married three Jewesses in a row! He made anti-Semitism punishable by death! And then, of course, there was the Jewish looting of Ukraine and Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union – engineered by Jews in the IMF, State Department and World Bank, like that human gargoyle Lawrence Summers.

    Zuesse shook his head. There was much suffering in Ukraine. And at the root of it, always: Jews. Ashkenazi Jews, who looked, sounded, and acted an awful lot like Eric Zuesse. Finally, Zuesse realized there was only one way to handle this story. Determinedly, masterfully, he began to type: “OBAMA’S NAZIS CONTROL UKRAINE! AMERICA’S CIA RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ANTI-SEMITIC CRIMES! JEWS WORLDWIDE FACE ANUDDER SHOAH!!!”

    It was the same story Zuesse always wrote, more or less. But as he himself reflected: he may have been a poor liar, and an even poorer “investigative reporter” – but at least he was consistent. For his Tel Aviv paymasters, that was enough.

    • Lars

      LOL! Oh, that’s too funny. I should be less sloppy in my posts 😉

      Still: F U, Eric, you disgraceful fraud. We’ll keep calling you out until people know how much you lie and deceive.

      • Tom Welsh

        Don’t bother, Lars, no one here is paying the slightest attention to you.

    • Lars The Stooge

      Nice try. You get paid to write that in your bunker?

  • GEvans2

    I do not always agree with Eric, however Lars, in his defense he has often called out Yets, Nuland, Biden a confessed Zionist et al and you have obviously failed to read his article : Ukrainian-Swiss-Israeli billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky, which I can highly recommend.

    Might I also suggest for your reading pleasure

    Ukraine SITREP January 27th: Zionists, Nazis and a bit of history

    Much of what Eric has said is also repeated here.

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  • Carroll Price

    If Jews in Ukraine are like Jews in every other part of the world, they are doing very little if any of the actual fighting in yet another war they instigated for their own financial gain. Instead, leaving all the fighting and dying to the dumb-ass Goyim who never catch on to their insidious schemes toward world domination.


      YEP thats right Carroll , the zio’s serpents stir the pots and we have to lick their asses ..
      don’t forget also they are the chosen ones and we are merely the their sheep and cattle ..GOY’S..elders of zio’s plan going as it was planned..

  • Hp B

    Sir! No Sir!

  • kimo

    Their loosing the war is because they failed to understand the concept of “Maskirovka”