Ukraine Attacks Bus and Trolley in Center of Donetsk

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

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This morning January 22nd at 8:30 local time in Donetsk the Ukrainian army fired what appear to be 82mm shells at buses and trolleys near the center of the city. The targets were located within roughly a 25 meter radius of each other. The OSCE is investigating.

The terrorist strike on the bus shown above claimed the lives of 13-15 people including children. There are reported to be over 20 other critically injured, many with blast amputations. The driver of a car next to the blast burnt to death. The blast was large enough to blowout 2nd story windows in an apartment across from it and stopped the clock at 8:30.

Donetsk Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov gave a statement that a group of terrorists launching attacks on civilians have been caught and are Ukrainian military operatives. Small teams of Ukrainian army/terrorists have been perpetrating random drive by shootings with automatics in Donetsk since the Ukrainian army reignited the hot war eleven days ago.

trip mine slavasky st donetsk

In another development on Slavakaya St. which is located on the outskirts of Donetsk, a local resident noticed an improvised trip mine pictured above. The DNR (Donetsk Peoples Republic) army responded by sending an explosives team to defuse it. The mine was set up on a pathway to a children’s playground.

In the town of Stahanovo today a Grad and Hurricane rocket and missile attack left three children’s kindergartens entirely destroyed this morning. Three more pre-school facilities were targeted and partially destroyed. So far casualty reports are 8 civilians dead including at least 2 children and over 20 wounded. The attacks on civilians are escalating.

Sources are reporting that the attack this morning is only the
beginning of a much larger one. Ukraine’s Donbas Battalion is moving
military equipment into Artemovsk flying DNR flags and wearing DNR
uniforms. Artemovsk is in the control of the Ukrainian army.

The latest attacks on civilian targets in Donetsk show a blatant
pattern of criminal murder that has come to define the Ukrainian
Government in Kiev throughout the war. Like the other bus attack near Volonovaha where the Ukrainian army fired Grad rockets at one of their own checkpoints this attack shows the open criminality of the Poroshenko regime.

In developed countries governments that give their army units orders
to murder other army units and their own civilians are criminals.
Every official that could have influence and stop the crimes are held
accountable. Most developed countries also adhere to laws of war that
makes the purposeful targeting of civilians an international crime.
Leaders of countries that order crimes of this magnitude are
prosecuted either internally or in an international forum like the War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremburg. After WW2, a guilty verdict meant the responsible leaders were hung.

Why is this openly Nazi government instead rewarded?

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, U.S. Army, is head of Allied Land Command
(LANDCOM) for NATO was in Kiev yesterday and awarded US Army Europe medallions for excellence to the Ukrainian army’s wounded.

General Hodges shook one Ukrainian soldiers hand and stated he was
“proud of his service to his country.”

At Debalsevo and the Donetsk airport where these wounded soldiers are coming from the Ukrainian army has been targeting civilians for
several months. The US Army head of LANDCOM takes pride in this? As an American I have never felt this much shame for my country. Just the sight of this man who is in the position of knowing exactly who he is dealing with shames the memory of my own grandfather and uncle who fought in WW2 against ultra-nationalism. My grandfather and uncle would not thank openly nazi governments for receiving him on “such short notice.” They were proud to be American.

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    • Rev Kuhlaids

      You show an obvious lack of smarts

  • truth

    I heard on the grapevine that the Freedom Fighters of East Ukraine crushed Kiev’s forces at Donetsk Airport recently. Apparently Kiev Command lied to their own soldiers and sent them on a suicide mission; the independence fighters defeated an entire tank column, captured tanks, and defeated a whole infantry brigade.

    The Beloruss sure know how to fight! And Kiev is started to conscript 60 year olds and kids, while many Western Ukrainian men that don’t want to fight are literally abandoned their towns and hiding in the woods. Reminds of Hitler’s last ditch efforts with the Volksturm conscripting kids and old folks that had no training whatsoever.

  • Rev Kuhlaids

    Merca’s thugocracy is fighting for its life in Neocohen Nuland’s NAZI rump Banderstan. Ironic that this shoddy outpost is the bite too big that sticks in curmudgeon Tio Sam’s craw and will finally kill the geriatric old brute.

  • SoFDMC

    Poor kids never had a chance. Just more of bankster-CIA-Petrodollar bullshit bringing death to innocent people.

    Putting tripmines on paths leading to playgrounds indeed.

    Anger can only be kept hidden for so long.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    The Ukie Regime is a Jewish/Zionist/Israeli operation. In their religious/ethnic playbook anybody can be killed and needs killing because they are not “Chosen”. Part of the plan is to ‘resettle’ Israeli settler overflow into the Ukraine. Same rules apply as vs. Palestinians.

  • george masni

    In his opening sentence, the author states that the Ukrainian army is responsible for this crime. As of today no conclusive evidence has been found that establishes who is responsible. Both sides are blaming each other. If you google this author’s other articles you will find that he ALWAYS takes a pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian stance. In my opinion the author is a Kremlin stooge who is deliberately spreading Pro-Russian propaganda. All his stories should be taken with a big grain of salt.

    • auskiwi

      Err, excuse me George, but assuming that either side is innocent of war crimes without proof of that innocence, is also taking sides. Perhaps this author is simply attributing blame to those who are most blameworthy. My understanding of this war, is that it consists of attacks from west to east against ethnic Russians who don’t like the new government in Kiev which was installed by a coup against a democratically elected president. We don’t hear about attacks against civilians in Kiev, do we?
      Why would Donetsk residents attack their own cities and people? Their part in the war consists of attacking the attackers, and they have certainly been effective in that by all accounts, as the offensive from the Kiev side has ground to a halt, partly because of losses in the field, and partly because of desertions by soldiers who don’t want to fight an unjust war against civilians. Now, the foreign military insertion from the west has started to happen, as the people behind the coup are getting concerned that their neo-nazi collaborators in Kiev are not such courageous fighters as the ethnic Russians who are defending their homes and families. Not so surprising, really.