The REAL Terror Threat

Worse Than Islamic Radicals?

While Islamic terrorists are scary, other threats are much more dangerous.

For example, while the government has hyped the threat of terrorists causing a power outage, the numbers tell a different story:


Why isn’t Homeland Security going after public enemy number 1?

Postscript: It’s wrong to make fun of terrorism … or is it?

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  • Lynn Walker

    Finally, someone paying attention to Oak-hide-a. This is the real backyard threat. There isn’t an apple pie cooling on the kitchen windowsill in America today that is safe.

    Fox, news-reporter.

  • Voice of Reason

    Washington – You wouldn’t be the only one treating threats as a joke. About a year ago you raised the threat to the US power grid (and what would happen if a prolonged outage caused all those spent fuel pools to boil over in the event of a prolonged outage, and ???) I contacted a sampling of the powers that be supposedly addressing this issue and received responses ranging from ‘the risk is not worth the cost of doing something. It is not our job.’ to ‘we are on the case’.

    Ha, ha, ha

    • Voice of Reason

      “threat to the US power grid” – from solar storms

    • el sid

      “not worth the cost of doing something”

      Like a thousand bucks for a resistor?

  • Anonyplatypus

    Squirrels are all Mossad agents.

    • Hp B

      Well, same family..

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