“The Proper Response to Today’s Tragic Events Should Be for EVERY Publication On The Planet To Print Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad”

What Should Be Done In the Wake of the French Terror Attack?

We at Washington’s Blog have done as much as anyone to dispel the myth that all Muslims are terrorists. (Here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

And we’ve written as much as anyone on the dangers of false flag terror: carrying out terror attacks and then falsely blaming in on your enemy.

We don’t yet have many facts on the horrific French terror attack which killed writers and cartoonists who satirized Islam.  (It may still turn out to be a false flag attack.)

However, our initial gut reaction is that every website in the world should run the new cartoon which the paper published yesterday which allegedly was the cause for the terror attack.

Paul Joseph Watson – a smart, prominent, alternative blogger who has written widely on false flag attacks, Western aggression and related topics – had the same reaction, writing:

The proper response to today’s tragic events should be for EVERY publication on the planet to print depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

(Islamic teachings forbid any depictions of Muhammad; and the publication against which today’s terror attack was launched had been firebombed 3 years ago when it printed a cartoon depicting Muhammad in a satirical manner.)

We don’t condone attacking an entire religion for the murderous acts of a crazed few.  We are also in favor of cultural sensitivity.

On the other hand, we are big believers in free speech and satire. As we’ve previously noted:

There is a well-known tradition thousands of years old – called “crazy wisdom” – which uses humor as a path for speaking truth and waking people up from their erroneous beliefs and their coma of sleepwalking. (Famous rock and roll dj Wes “Scoop” Nisker wrote a great book on the subject, which I strongly endorse).

We think there may be a way to harmonize these competing ideas.   Every website and traditional media publication in the world could satirize ISIS and the other extreme, murderous Islamic fundamentalists … while respecting – and pretty much leaving alone –  the overwhelming majority of Muslims who are peaceful and sane.

What do you think? Please let us know how you would approach this issue.

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  • edwardrynearson

    by default I first assume these events are staged until proven otherwise

    • revusky

      Alert! This once can see!

    • Ben Franklin

      Total Israeli false flag… notice that muslims were supposedly “killed”.

  • JosephConrad

    As long as Euro-American nations kill Muslims to take their oil, gas and other natural resources, they will find ways to kill Euro-Americans.

    • revusky

      Not quite. As long as Euro-American nations wish to kill Muslims to further their agenda, they will stage these psychological operations, false flags, in order to demonize the very victims of their imperialist wars.

      Thus the citizenry of western countries are brainwashed to live in a bizarre pseudo reality in which they are defending themselves from the very people who are bring attacked and murdered.

  • Candide

    Strange: France is hit (very professionnally) in a sensitive zone a couple of days after Hollande said that sanctions against Russia should be lifted…

    • Tim

      Also, after they voted for recognition of Palestinian statehood. Who’s behind IS again? That’s right…the U.S., NATO, and Israel. Who are they blaming the attack on? IS supporters. It may be nothing but is certainly something to keep in mind. Kevin Barrett wrote an article on this.

      • Ben Franklin

        and the odessa massacre in the Ukraine… Total US/Israel false flag and their money changing bankster friends. They did the same to us in 2001, as they’re doing the ukraine… except the american people are medicated into a stupor.

        • Ebola’Cereal

          Whooo yuooo callin medikat’d boi!

        • Tim

          I wouldn’t call it a false flag. Kiev used agent provocateurs to shoot some pro-Maidan folks and then led them to Odessa to massacre those opposed to the quasi-fascist junta, who they set up as the perpetrators of the incident.

  • Rehmat

    According to French security agency, the terrorist act was carried out by members of ISIL/ISIS, which a US-Israel front to demonize Muslims and Islam. Charlie Hebdo has been banned several times for insulting Gen. de Gaulle, publishing Jewish created Danish cartoons and making fun of Catholic religion – but never took the new Jewish religion of Holocaust.

    It’s certainly a Zionist false flag to demonize over eight million French Muslim population.

    Last year, six Jew terrorists were arrested in Paris for attacking fans of anti-Israel comedian.


  • Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

    While I agree with many points in your article and that we need to champion freedom of speech, cultures all over the world differ and vastly so, especially when it comes to religion. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility as no matter in what form (even satire), when it comes to religion, should we not consider to be more sensitive and show respect for what other cultures hold as “holy”? From what I understand, the Prophet Mohammed, is revered by Muslims to be one with Allah… that Mohammed is Allah’s Prophet. So should even satirists, not be aware that the followers of Islam (meaning peace), hold the Prophet’s image as sacrosanct, so why insult, what the majority of Muslims hold as most precious and holy to them?
    When most of us say we desire global peace, how will depicting a satiric image of the Muslim Prophet, further the world of peace we all long for? We will hurt the overwhelming majority of Muslims you speak about above, those who are peaceful and sane, especially when we all know, how even differences in Christian religions, can escalate into bitter arguments or even feuds with others, how wars continue in the name of religion! Is it our ego, that makes us want our individual belief, or culture to be the only ones that are true or superior?
    A wise man said, “God created Man and Man created religion!” – Does God have a religion? Perhaps because our concept of God (if we even believe He exists), is limited, do we try to limit a limitless God? Have we come to worship our religion instead of God? Do religions not teach the common principles of kindness, tolerance and most importantly, humility. We abhor terrorists as evil and because terrorists adhere to a radical, distorted form of Islam, must we then taunt all Muslims with global satiric images of Mohammed, to punish terrorists whom the majority of Muslims don’t accept as true Muslims?
    It seems the entire world is consumed with aggression and this creates grave danger for all, kills our innate goodness, making us hard, bitter and selfish. The only certainty we have is that we all will have to die sometime, no matter whether pauper or king and we don’t know when. Have we become an arrogant, shallow and brittle “eye for an eye” vengeful and hate driven global society?
    Compare what we know, to the boundless cosmos around us… and then think of where we hope to go when we die?

    • cyndyt

      What the media is not telling anyone is that this same rag shows total disrespect for the Christian faith as well. Of course, they must make it all about the ‘Muslims’ to ensure they keep their bad guys in the minds of the public.

      The fact that it is now being reported that they can ID the shooters because one of them left their ID card in the car convinces me this is just another government/Mossad false flag event to advance their agenda.

      This is an eye opening read.


      • Ros Papas aka nofearorfavor

        Cyndyt, billions all over the world, know that the whole global system is rigged and shot to hell by the controlling Nazionist bankster-gangsters and we know who they are and how it all works, that people are used as expendable pawns, as you said, with the horrors still unfolding in France, but a distraction, a diversion to remove our attention from the horrific torture scandal, which outraged us to the core. When every comment we make is entered into data banks of the unholy, only one thing is sure… we are many and these monsters are few and they have to contend with a world that’s waking up fast in the Year of the Sheep and we will bring them down, as sure as God made little apples and TPTB are already panicking and know their time is running out and they’re done for. The whole Muslim problem too, as you say is nothing but a vicious organized crime against humanity… set us up against each other, to divide and rule. Who bred the terrorists, trained them and uses them whenever it suits them from the early days of the Mujahadeen to today. Of course the Nazionists… the story of the world’s future set up virtually from the get go.

        But we must not play into their hands by stirring up more hate, because they want to keep us divided, want to make us hate each other, set Muslim up against Christian and vice versa, because then they can institute even more draconian laws to “protect” us against their homemade terrorists with our tax dollars. Orwell couldn’t have told it more perfectly than he did. Thanks for the link.. sure its a good read and will return here and to give you my feedback. Thanks and go well.

  • dnr

    I am always amazed that an all powerful God has to rely on his followers to defend himself.

    • Lynn Walker

      I’m always amazed that so-called intelligent people assign to God the actions of men. Or come to the so-called logical conclusion that the actions of people following religion prove that there is no God or authentic teachings coming from Him. Even if that presumption was valid, your analysis would necessarily include every person on earth before validly coming to such a conclusion. I could just as easily assert that atheists and skeptics are incapable of good, and devoid of intelligence, since that represents my assessment of those I’ve met. But does that sound logical to you? I must always allow that somewhere, someone …

    • Rick J

      God is sovereign over all of creation and exists with absolutely no need or desire to defend anything to you or anyone else. Up is meaningless without down. The same goes for hot and cold, wet and dry, good and evil, light and dark, love and hate, and so on. These all exist for a purpose and without apology or a reason for defense. Yet, given all of the alternatives and the freedom to choose from among them, you have a choice and what you choose affects your own soul but changes nothing else. That is the amazing purpose of it all. Take it or leave it; believe it or not, a demand against God for a defense is otherwise absolutely and totally irrelevant

  • jimmydominic

    No way! How are you going to explain that to the inevitable victims’ families? “Well, at least we printed our stupid cartoon and didn’t back down!” Just keep unveiling U.S. imperialism, the Islamic fascists they support, and defend the religion from attack. You guys do great work, but I disagree with this idea.

  • James

    Fake videos:

    Cop shooting video – Look for fake elements:

    1. sound of gunfire is not an AK – AK makes a distinct crackle – this is not it.
    2. Notice “marks” on street where black car is parked – like in a movie.
    3. Notice how the shooter holds the rifle – he is not a trained shooter. Notice how he approaches the cop, who he’s just been in a shootout with – like in a movie, not a trained assassin or military person.
    4. Notice the close range “head shot” – without aiming – no blood – no mark on sidewalk. Didn’t even kill the cop instantly. He lowers his head slowly and plays dead. No blood evident in the photo of the cleanup afterwards either.
    5. Notice what the shooter does after the shot. No adrenaline pump. No scan for additional threats. Casual trot down the street and back to the car – actors.
    6. Notice the video itself – with the perfect position for catching this seemingly heinous act – no one would be willing to stand in and video a shootout at that close range and center directly on the event – too perfect.

    Shootout video with Allah Akbar
    1. Same two actors, same car parked in a different spot on a street corner – we see actors seeming to shoot down the street toward a police roadblock.
    2. Guy with the AK uses the same poor shooting form – doesn’t even sight the gun, yet places 15 shots perfectly in a group on a cop car windshield 200 feet away – shown in a separate photo. Anybody that shoots knows this is impossible.

    3. You clearly hear the shout Allah Akbar but nothing else legible. Coincidence?
    4. There are several people on the roof where the video is shot. Active shootout below them, but they seem to know exactly where the gunfire is coming from and where it can’t get to – see the guy walking over to the edge and peeking. You brain will not let you do that in a real shootout.
    5. Middle of city street. Not a car on the street. No people on the street. No traffic on the street. No traffic trying to enter the street.
    6. Video perfectly placed to see shooters and shooters car but nothing else. Shooters walk to the middle of the street during a shootout, stand and shoot down the street. Looks like an old western movie scene – that’s not the way it happens in real life. In real life even bad guys take cover. They move in rapid, decisive motions. They jump out, take a shot, jump back. This is not real.
    7. Again the sounds are not of an AK rifle.
    8. No sign of adrenalin pump by the shooters or the rooftop watchers – shooters do not even look for the possibility of shots from another direction.

    Why would they fake these videos? Somebody is clearly trying to incite something here.

    • revusky

      What’s with the cheesy B movie dialogue anyway? “Allahu Akhbar! The prophet is avenged!” Were the people who staged this on a tight budget or something? Couldn’t they have hired some better scriptwriters? (Are these the same ones who wrote the scene in which Osama bin Laden uses his wife as a human shield?)

      • james

        Because the video is fake, the Allah Akhbar is the most obvious part of the whole script.

        And it clearly indicates the intent of the video is to link terrorism to Muslims.

        • revusky

          Trying to frame Muslims as terrorists, eh? What an original idea! Maybe the video of these guys in a cave in Yemen plotting the attack will eventually turn up.

          “Hey, Yussef, how are we going to bring about our glorious caliphate?”

          “Well, Ahmed, first we must go to Paris and kill us some frog cartoonists.”

          “Wow, Yussef, what a great idea! I would never have thought of that. That must be why you’re our leader!”

          • Ben Franklin

            that’s the real way you can tell the false flag, because Israel tries to be like Americans and fails every time.

    • Ben Franklin

      You left out that the people on the roof had flak jackets on… Total Israeli false flag. I wonder who got killed.

  • Lynn Walker

    You admit all the facts are not known, and suggest it may still prove to be a false flag attack, yet you still recommend a response that is intended to infuriate Muslims? One might suggest your parents should be executed for raising such a dangerously ignorant fool, even if we don’t know they are responsible for your beliefs.

    The rest of your article, which fewer will read than the headline, claims to respect moderate Muslims while only targeting extremists for action. Why then, an action which is considered unacceptable by all Muslims?

    I see no point to presenting you with a rational approach. The extremists you wish to educate could care less about your rational discussions or comic lampoons. Similarly I suggest that no rational proposal would merit any attention from an American Extremist.

    “George Washington”, you’ve shown your true colors and lost another intellectual reader. May all good fortune come to you, but only after you get the stupid beat out of you (does that fairly represent your thinking towards others?)

    • Rick Price

      Your first sentence alone exposes the astoundingly infantile and biased tenor of this article…well said!

    • Tim

      The thing that offends me the most about this article is his opinion of Paul Joseph Watson. Anyone else? 😀

  • KarlVonMox

    Print the cartoons. I am shocked at the comments here that are making excuses for thugs and murderers, but I guess a blog like this will attract some PC fanatics. One of the things about living in a free society is the ability to say things that may upset other people, lest someone else is suddenly made the censor and decide that your speech should be censored. A blog like this should certainly appreciate this point of view.

    One doesnt have to want to insult a crazed religion like Islam. One doesnt even have to like the cartoons. The question here and now is how you respond to threats, with cowardice or with courage. The only option is to stand in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

    • revusky

      Everybody is so sure Muslims did this. But gee, how do they know that?

      Oh, I get it. They shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” Of course! Only a Muslim can shout “Allahu Akhbar!”

      Seriously, just try it. The words get stuck in your throat…

  • martinus1959

    Life is foremost about having respect for the other one and about being honest.

    Depicting Muhammad in a satirical manner is not respectful and it is not honest to the true life of

    To me these satirical expressions about highly regarded people in this case a prophet for the Muslims
    show also the enormous amount of self gratification these ‘journalists’ obviously need. Moreover there is the lack of true investigation who Mohammed really was. And instead these ‘journalists’ are relying on hear say and demagogic notifications of other people.

    This counts to for satirical and wrong depictions of Jesus Christ and others. It is all despicable.

    So calling for printing depictions of Mohammed in every publication is like calling out Satan, the Beast with ten horns and seven heads described in John the Apocalypse.

    If you don’t understand it: just imagine you would depict your own neighbor in a satirical way and then
    publish it. I am pretty sure a lot of neighbors will act, sometimes violently.
    Wrong, yes of course. Understandable, I leave the answer to you. Just try it and you will know the answer !

    To me: Killing someone for printing these despicable depictions of Mohammed is absolutely unjustified
    since it doesn’t show any respect for (the life of) the other one.

    Unfortunately drones don’t have respect for civilians too, and bombs neither nor in Gaza, nor in Syria,
    nor in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan, nor in Libya, nor in East-Ukraine: Ultimate respect is a precious but often rare human moral.

    • Ben Franklin

      Israel did it… total false flag.

  • revusky

    Quite the narrative. Wouldn’t one have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the meeting in the cave in Yemen where this was ostensibly planned? Unfortunately, I wasn’t there and have to imagine the discussion that took place. It must have been something like:

    “So, what is our first step to establishing the glorious caliphate?”

    “Well, Ahmed, first, we must go to Paris and kill us some frog cartoonists.”

    “Wow, what a great idea, Yussef! Why didn’t I think of that? I guess that’s
    why you’re our leader…”

  • margsview

    First, I have yet to hear any suggestion that a positive act such as a ‘world-wide’ demand for the release of the 3 Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt has been even considered. The country obvious in their ability to influence a ‘save face’ appeal for Sisi to expedite appeals would be the US via Obama. Many other journalists are currently incarcerated in various countries and therefore should also be the focus of similar campaigns to obtain their freedom. It is known that some countries
    have enacted laws that border on criminalizing certain activities associated with the business of journalism.. One such example is the Wikileaks legislation complete with fines that the US is using to create an atmosphere of self-censorship. As their treatment of Mr Risen attests to by threatening imprisonment if his source on a story already published was not revealed. These are some of the more concrete actions that could be taken if there was some of the intensity and will shown by the protesters after hearing the dreadful news.

  • I think when they want to “blame the muslims”, guys in masks who AREN’T muslims make sure they yell muslim phrases like “allah akbar” to make it seem like muslims did it. FALSE FLAG.

  • cettel

    This strategy — virtually universal depicting of Mohammed — might be the most effective one possible, but how would it be executed? Stating a goal without stating how it can even possibly (much less, the best way to) achieve it, won’t have much impact.

  • Eman

    First of all, killing someone for their belief, ideas or race is absolutely unjustified whatsoever!
    however, If free speech allows to bully others, why we bother teach our kids discipline! Why we teach kids on respect, as we know they have the right to express their opinions freely, whatever their opinions are!!
    Why we bother respecting each other as long as we have the right to express our disagree in anyway we want! Why we even have “RESPECT” in our dictionary, if free speech allow us to mimic, insult or curse anyone we don’t like!!

  • Ben Franklin

    We should draw a picture of Moses killing a baby because God said to, “kill all the men women and children, their livestock, and take their land…” Wait… isn’t that what Israel is doing today?

    Plus, a picture of Joseph Smith having group sex… Wait… Mormons do that today too!

    Maybe a picture of Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13 year old cousin!

    Priests blowing boys.

    Racism too! Obama massacre in Odessa, with the residents in Donbass in the Ukraine!

    the list just goes on and on…

    You in the media disgust me.