Poroshenko and Harf Shift Blame in Bus Tragedy to Justify Kiev Atrocity

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

On January 13th 12 Ukrainian passengers on a bus in Ukraine heading toward Donetsk in Ukraine’s breakaway Donbass region were killed in an explosion near the Ukrainian town of Volnovaha. Ten casualties were reported directly and two more died later in the hospital. Both the Kiev Government and Marie Harf of the Obama Administration were quick to put the blame on the Novorussia army (the defenders of the breakaway region) saying it was an artillery strike from them. “Attacks on the airport of Donetsk and the shelling of the bus, which killed 10 people and injured 13 more, constitute gross violations of the Minsk agreements”, – said Harf.

The problem is that the nearest artillery set up in Donetsk Republic (DNR) is over 50 kilometers away, which is well out of range.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko immediately ordered another mobilization of conscripts, and Kiev tightened the blockade of Donbass by stopping bus and train travel near the war-torn area.

The problem for the Ukrainian and the US Administration’s claim is that video footage from the scene shows clearly that the area was actually mined — the Ukrainian Government had killed these people. The video footage was taken by Ukrainian soldiers at the scene.

bus mines claymore signs - Eliason

Further complicating the claim that this was an artillery attack is in an apparent attempt at a coverup by Kiev. This hole is what the Ukrainian government is claiming to be the crater from the shell blast. The hole itself has square edges obviously made with the shovel used to dig it.

bus mines claymore hole square  - Eliason

Simplifying the investigation is this image from the scene that shows a Ukrainian soldier with what appears to be a claymore mine. Claymore mines are direction anti-personnel mines that can be triggered remotely.

bus mines claymore  - Eliason

Shown in the Vkontakte social media post below Pravy Sektor has taken responsibility for the attack saying they killed 15 terrorists and took 3 prisoners. The men, women, and children on the bus were civilians whose crime was traveling on a bus on the wrong day. The area they were traveling in is completely in the Ukrainian governments control. This is another outrage.

bus mine pravy sektor takes responsibility  - Eliason

What is Kiev Up To?

For the last few days Kiev has gone on the offensive again. In the last 24 hours Kiev has broken the peace treaty over 60 times. Incendiary shells rained down on Donetsk overnight. Over the previous 24 hours prior to that Kiev attacked over 40 times. Donbass forces are now on a counter offensive retaking towns Poroshenko’s forces have attacked with tanks in what is supposed to be neutral area.

In a hacked document from Ukrainian SBU (equivalent to FBI) head Valentin Nalyvaichenko, dated December 25th, 2014, attacks on civilians in towns occupied by the Ukrainian army were ordered. (Note: this is in the Ukrainian Government controlled area, not in the rebel-held area.) The document states that patriotic nationalist officers were to set up temporary artillery positions and kill civilians. The reasoning according to the document is low Ukrainian troop morale. Local citizens are questioning the soldiers’ right to be there, and these citizens support the the Novorussia volunteers. Ukrainian conscript-soldiers are losing the will to continue fighting in the war. (The objective of simply killing the local residents — the people who live there — is not what they had thought that the alleged ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation,’ or ATO, was all about.) The document was not written by conscripts, who are the general Ukrainian population; it was instead written by a true-believing nazi, or fascist racist, an individual who instead represents the people that the Obama Administration (now with the full support of the U.S. Congress) had placed into power during the February 2014 coup — and these nazis’ particular hatred is directed specifically against Russians, and against anyone who supports Russia and Russians. The killing of the residents there is thus a morale-booster for the relatively few nazis who are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Government, but not for the majority of that Government’s troops, for whom it is the opposite: very depressing to be participating in.

The document stipulates that after the attacks are completed, nationalist officers were to then move the artillery positions and blame Donbass defense forces for the attack. This propaganda move is designed to enrage conscripts in the Ukrainian army against “the enemy” and raise morale needed for the offensive Kiev is now beginning. The officers would be reassigned to a different location away from the apparent war crime.

nalivaichenko attack civilians jan 2015 2  - Eliason

The document shown above is more clear evidence of crimes against humanity by the Ukrainian government. The question is how long will they be allowed to investigate their own criminal actions, and when will the world demand justice for the people of Ukraine and Donbass?

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  • English444

    Let us face the reality: no one in the West cares about South-Eastern Ukraine. The Evil Empire (U.S.) and its E.U. toadies have decided to wipe-out the Donbass area to make it fit for colonization of the Monied: Monsanto, Soros, etc. Which means, no written protests or investigative pieces (although I appreciate reading them) will change the situation there. The Empire wants Donbass for money and NATO. It needs to get rid of Russia before Russia outflanks it with Eurasian partners. The Empire is bleeding cash and the Petro-Dollar is declining as a power instrument. It will do whatever the psychopaths in Washington dream up to hold back the flood…and are they STUPID! Quite likely, we are on the verge of a nuclear war, regardless of what Russia does. Good work, Zeusse, but I’m afraid it’s fruitless.

    • cettel

      Eric Zuesse here: Thanks for the compliment (“Good work, Zeusse” — I assume that that was meant for me), but this terrific article comes instead from George Eliason, who has written many great (sometimes even prophetic, and always honest) articles about the emerging, and then the final, coup in Ukraine, and its horrific aftermaths.
      As regards whether countering the American aristocracy’s lies about Ukraine and about Russia’s (and ignoring America’s) involvement there, is “fruitless,” I’m inclined to believe that it will be, but look at history: lots of people’s struggles that seemed almost certain to be “fruitless” at the time (think of George Washington’s travails along the road to ultimate victory in the American Revolution) turned out instead not to be, but to be victorious. Hope springs eternal in the human breast; and, sometimes, its goal becomes realized, even when the odds against that have been enormous. To lose hope is to lose life; it’s like suicide, except that the possibility still exists to find out (perhaps with much joy) that one was wrong about one’s negative expectations. As for me: I’m a hopeful pessimist. I prefer that to being a hopeless optimist (such as the aristocracy want the public to be).

    • Sergey Lukovnikov

      We are all going to die! The winners will not be!

    • Stredni trida

      Good realistic remarks! But sharing this article and such ideas or opinions isn’t absolutely fruitless.

  • Party Like 1999 BC

    It’s irresponisble for humanity at large to allow Obama and the money/media/military machine backing him to continue in power. Evil sits in Washington. Convinced it will remain one step ahead of the fire they welcome on the rest of us.

  • Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar 01/14/2015

    Back in November, before most grasped just how serious the collapse in crude was (and would become, as well as its massive implications), we wrote “How The Petrodollar Quietly Died, And Nobody Noticed”, because for the first time in almost two decades, energy-exporting countries would pull their “petrodollars” out of world markets in 2015.

    This empirical death of Petrodollar followed years of windfalls for oil exporters such as Russia, Angola, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Much of that money found its way into financial markets, helping to boost asset prices and keep the cost of borrowing down, through so-called petrodollar recycling.


  • Филипп Шевлягин

    George, this is video of explosion. That was a mine.

    • Sergey Lukovnikov

      Ukrainian fascists!

      • Azza

        They call themselves Novorossians, and yes they are fascists, just like their masters in Moscow, only fascist will knowingly fire salvo of imprecise grad missiles to location teeming with civilian vehicles for no real military purpose.

        • Иван Сафронов

          Ты нихуя не понимаешь, этот блокпост был под контролем украинской армии, и подрыв противопехотной мины был осуществлен именно бойцами УКРАИНСКОЙ армии а не Новороссии, хотя твой мозг уже загажен на столько, что ты поверишь в любой бред который тебе расскажет Псака и иже с ней.

          • Бистер Мин

            Да нет,это ты нихуя не понимаешь…Твою маму выебал бабуин а не твой папа….И выплодилось ТЫ….

          • Azza

            Успокойся руSSонацик, есть видео с регистратора, есть с наблюдательной камеры, есть свидетели пострадавшие, настоящие, а не лапша с гавнарашенского ТВ, есть осколки и остатки ракет, ну и есть следствие с участием всех сторон, даже ваши рашисты включены. ОБСЕ уже подтвердило обстрел градом, хотя чего подтверждать очевидное, и следствие все покажет. Если бы вы рашисты даже просто выразили сожаление, или хотя бы соврали что ошиблись координатами, да хер с ним, хотя бы претворились что проведете расследование чтоб предотвратить похожие трагедии в будующем, то было бы сложнее. Тогда в вас бы виделось что-то человеческое, а так продолжайте оставаться верными своей нелюдской сущности, тем больше ненависти у нас к вам выродкам, а ненависть дает силы. Спасибо вам!

          • rikki tikki

            посмотрим что ты сейчас будешь петь… смотри новости , только не желтую прессу укротв

          • Azza

            Ну и смотри придурок, не знаю заикнулось ли ваше кремлядское тв об этом , но экспертная группа ОБСЕ уже обнародовала после детального обследования места трагедии, что причиной был обстрел из Градов, со стороны северо-северо-востока. Давайте выдумывайте какие-нибудь новые истории, вам не в первой.

        • Sergey Lukovnikov


          • Azza

            And proud of it.

          • Sergey Lukovnikov

            Flag in your hands and drum around his neck

          • Azza

            And drumsticks to your rectal aperture. Btw, your English sucks cotton bud, why don’t you speak katsapian instead ?

          • Sergey Lukovnikov


        • Галина Галина

          фашисты? или нет? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1hKoXa20tU

          • Azza


          • Галина Галина

            Какие же это рашисты? Это УКРОФАШИСТЫ…Ты что не разбираешься, чей там флаг? И что они кричат?

          • Azza


            кричат “тикай”, какие-то приколисты, да и не ясно где это вообще и кто это, и что ? Вы из серии в чужом глазу пылинку ищу в своем лесоповал не замечаю. Россия самая фашистская страна на свете, где с пеленок всех учат что русские самые особенные, самые умные, самые смелые, с особой исторической ролью, не то что все остальные, самые великие, русский язык самый лучший и самый трудный конечно же, русская вера самая правая и славная как и история и т.д. и т.п. Вы настолько в этом соку растете что даже не замечаете этого, настолько это для вас нормально. Даже вот мир русский строите. А Украинцы не хотят Украинского мира, они хотят просто мира без войны.
            Если вам так зиги не нравятся, даже в шутку, ну так возмущайте вашими нацистами, они по центру масквы тысячами шагают, и зиги кидают не в шутку.

        • Ekaterina

          For those, who don’t know…More and more European people do not believe to pro-American Media. They are sure, that the Ukrainian war is organized by America…sorry, but a lot of documentary evidence exist.

        • Vladdy

          Novorossian people defend their homes. They never shelled any single home outside of their land (as well as inside). But ukrinian faschist authorities shell and airbomb million-populated city every day and night. 1000skilled civilians are on their hands!

          • Azza

            Girkin, Bezler, Borodai , Altifiev and thousands of other ruSSian murderers have nothing to do with this part of Ukraine, or any other part on that matter. Their homes are in russia, how can they defend their homes in Ukraine? Whole war was started and continues due to instigation and unlimited supplies of weapons and mercenaries by nazist russian government. As to the shelling my dear ruSSonazi, tell that to hundreds of flattened to the ground by your dogs Ukrainian villages, tell that to these poor people who died in the bus under grad missiles from your murderous pigs.

        • dave

          When i first saw this bus damage i thought, what an odd shrapnel pattern for a grad, or shell even. Now the mon/claymore idea makes much more sense.

          • Azza

            It is not about “ideas” or your (non)senses, it is about facts. OSCE expert group, which includes members of ruSSonazis, analyzed craters, and concluded that they were formed by rockets fired from NNE direction, where kremli murderers are located. OSCE didn’t find any traces of mines, mashine gun bullets or any other nonce sputed by kremlin propaganda.
            “The investigation included comprehensive crater analysis of two specific
            blast craters, including the crater located 10 metres from the side of
            the passenger bus. In the SMM’s assessment all craters examined were
            caused by rockets fired from a north-north-eastern direction.”
            Needless to say that kremlin trolls already generated new lie – this time they claim it was Ukrainian forces who decided to turn back and fire at their own block post to kill civilians and frame innocent ruSSonazis.

          • dave

            They said it was nne. Which happens to not rule out either side actually. You can see the mines being removed by the soldier, and the sign. Which proves only there was a mine and they took it away so it was safer for the investigation. It also doesnt prove there were any others there. or that it wasn’t set off accidentally or a thousand other possibilities.
            I think you are the one trolling as you have no interest in any facts and just wish to call names.

          • Azza

            NNE is where front line with ruSSonazi forces is located, naturally rusofascists like yourself already claimed that Ukrainian forces turned back and fired rockets at their own check point, in hopes of killing some civilians. As absurd as it sounds, it makes perfect “sense” to brainwashed ruSSonazis. You know perfectly well the blood is on your hands, yet continue to drivel about “mines” and “machine guns”, trying to present some spots and pixels as “proofs” yet ignoring clear video footage showing massive bombardment by grads. OSCE released yet another video from drone showing extension of bombardment, and mines sign was there to warn civilians about unexploded ordnance from previous attacks. There is no mines moved anywhere on the video, except pathetic attempts to present heat camera as antipersonnel mine. RuSSonazis just repeat same tactics used after downing MH17 – fabricate alternative theories, fake “evidence”, and lie lie lie. What you not aware of is that these lies work only on yourselves.

  • Эдик Эдикович

    +10 000! Kiev.

  • 007


    • Бистер Мин


      • Сергей Пряник

        Ахаха, пиздец вы отжигаете ))))))

        Как обычно обосрали друг друга и разбежались, в этом вся наша культура)))
        та и хер с ним, всё равно будем жить дружно !!!

        • Бистер Мин

          Ну и живите себе….Только уже без нас….Нехер было Макаревича травить….

          • trololo

            Да нахуй комы вы всрались, вечные зачуханные нытики.

          • Бистер Мин

            Ну так вот возьми и прямо сейчас отьебись от нас…Чё ты тут серешь?

  • Ivan Ivanov

    Thank you for the article, maybe whothat will be thoughtful

  • Nata Holik

    Боже, яка брехня. Росія поставляє зброю, вбиває Україну, в Україні гинуть кращі чоловіки. Я із “братньої” росії сюди сунуть кадировці, пропиті збоченці, конвої з боєприпасами. Україна мусить захищатись. І писати про те, що це провокація з боку України – гріх перед Богом.

    • Роман Шустов

      Интересно, Вы уже безнадежно потеряный случай для человечества или еще есть надежда? Учите историю и читайте сайты у авторов которых присутствует здравый смысл. Глядишь, и мозг вспомнит свои функции!

      • Nata Holik

        Україна переможе! Героям слава!

        • Ivan Ivanov

          на Украине гражданская война,кого переможе Украина?Саму себя?Если хочешь повоевать-призыв для женщин есть-вперёд

        • Сергей Пряник

          может сала?

    • Олег Воронин

      Ната, Вы говорите лозунгами. Вас вели в заблуждение, конфликт между проамериканскими и пророссийскими силами внутри Украины Вам изобразили как вторжение России. Там не террористы, а такие же патриоты, у
      которых свой Майдан, но Киев их не хочет слышать. Вот видео с УНИАН. Там тоже агенты Кремля по-вашему?


      01.38 Захарченко не считает себя врагом

      02.10 Это война мифов и дезинформации

      12.20 Рубан: Люди с той стороны вполне готовы к
      разговору. Руслана: Подтверждаю

      12.37 Рубан: Пора сесть за стол переговоров со своим

      13.27 Рубан: Мы не тех убиваем

      19.50 Люди по обе стороны одинаковые

      20.12 Луганская сорона первая начала

      25.00 Порош меня не услышал, а Захарченко услышал

      • Azza

        Когда был Майдан, вот эти люди – титушки, автобусами призжали в Киев чтобы подавить Майдан. А теперь эти же люди вдруг стали поборниками справедливости и щебечат что-то про вора Януковича. Ну если Янык вор, то что же вы его так защищали? Почему люди Захарченко до сих пор все Яныковские владения от посягательств защищают в целости и сохранности ? Какой же это ихний Майдан если большая часть боевиков это рашисткие выродки головорезы, обыченные, вооруженные и засланные в Украину убивать и разрушать подлым “братским” народом?

        • pilot320

          А у меня вот родственники разделились. Половина там,а другая здесь. Интересно ,кто из них головорез?????

          • Azza

            Так спроси у них, кто из них готов за руцкий мирок всех инакомыслящих перерезать и ради фюрера путлера всем глотку порвать. Чего ты от меня хочешь, я не твой семейный доктор.

    • Ivan Ivanov

      какая ложь?серьёзное американское издание приводит преступный приказ Наливайченко,как вы к этому относитесь?

      • Nata Holik

        Англійський коментар до фрагменту наказу не відповідає суті наказу. В ньому немає слів про передислокацію укр військових. А вони навіть стріляти в відповідь нормально не можуть, бо “апалченцы-кадировці” з мирних кварталів б’ють. Не треба мені розказувати, що в моїй країні робиться. Дайте жити без раисси.

        • Ivan Ivanov

          Землячка,ты сидишь неизвестно где и вещаешь что тебе рассказывать,а что нет,привет из Донбасса

        • Голуб Илья

          Я вважаю себе росіянином живу в Росії, але українець за батьків. Ви пропонуєте постояти осторонь коли моїх родичів розстрілюють, українські карателі. Можу вас засмутити таких як я як мінімум половина Росії . Вигадали свою міфічну історію з Бандерою, то поводьтеся обережно, вам нерівно дихає і Польща думаю знаєте чому.

      • Azza

        Какое еще серезное американское издание?? Это интернет издание, приводит статью “американского журналиста живущего в Украине” нигде не зарегистрированного, и известного только по высерам в блогах. Ведь эта параша не для американцев, и не для украинцев, это для вас ватники, чтоб вам себя легче убеждать было.

  • Romus Ramström

    At least some one in States looks into things with opened eyes… Thanks, truth seeker…

    • Azza

      Emm. yeah, “american journalist living in Ukraine” , only known from online blogs, never heard or seen before, sounds totally legit to me.

    • Azza

      Emm. yeah, “american journalist living in Ukraine” , only known from online blogs, never heard or seen before, sounds totally legit to me.

  • rikki tikki

    This slow-motion video. There is no falling missiles!!!!
    It was a blast mines!!!! Their blew up specially

    • Бистер Мин

      Поцелуй Хуйло в остатки хуя,дебил…

      • Евгений Т

        Какой же ты тупой имбецил)) Когда тебе предоставляют факты, ты всех материшь вместо попытки высказать свое мнение и опровергнуть факты. Хотя, факты безукоризненные и тебе ничего не остается, как признать свою неправоту, обматерить и уйти от обсуждения, перейдя на личности или орфографию. Мне тебя жаль, ущербный свинорыл…

        • Бистер Мин

          У вас ,свинорусов,все факты высосаны из хуя вашего солнцеликого залупенфюрера…Так что соси,не отвлекайся….И не вздумай подумать о других фактах-почки опустятся ниже колен….

          • Евгений Т

            Ущербный имбецил, мне тебя жаль… Уроки завтра прогуляешь из-за обиды?

    • Azza

      Aren’t you ruSSonazis funny in your pathetic attempts ? Your spiritual inspiration Goebbels was much better at this. You seriously expecting to see rockets in security cam footage from hundred meters away?? Try better next time.

  • Nikolay

    Why delay the investigation into the crash of Boeing? Because the Western world do not like the conclusions.

    • Azza

      chill down, investigation is ongoing, and eventually all ruSSonazis involved in shooting MH17 will be brought to justice.

      • Aguila

        Oh Azza, you are probably brainwashed with the American dream, but you must be sleeping to believe it! The investigation is not going to show anything, because it was a false flag! And as you can see, the Malaysian air-planes keep falling, Malaysia was one of the few to oppose the dictatorship of USA and has to be punished!

        • Azza

          Oh Aguilla, as someone who only recently left russia for good, i don’t have to be brainwashed about true fascist face of your country, but hey, at least I have a brain. And FYI, MAlaysia has really good relations with US and West in general, for example, unlike you ruSSonazis, Malaysians can enter EU without visa. So next time you gonna spute something, checked some real sources rather that Moscow agitprop dunk.

  • Roman K

    Ukrainian nazis with american and european help $$$ have screamed on streets and tv for the last 10 years “Ukraine uber alles”, “Russians must be slaughtered”, “Who doesn’t jump that is russian”, “Suitcase, train station, Russia”. They wear nazis symbols. They kill russians all over Ukraine with european silent help.
    Yatsenyuk just called russians “untermenschen”, now this estonian nazi-goof called me “untermenschen”. Bring more armed nazis to our border and you will see 1945 again. Sieg Heil Europe! JE SUIS UNTERMENSCHEN!

  • Azza

    There are videos from security cam and dash cam from one of the cars clearly showing that bus was hit with salvo of russian Grad missiles. Front line is just 15 kms from the spot, not 50 as author claims. Besides, ruSSian terrorists bragged about blasting Ukrainian block post just half an hour after tragedy, promptly removing the post one tragedy was revealed. I am sure author is russian paid troll, but everyone should have some limits, covering up deliberate murder of 12 innocent men, women and kids?.. How do you sleep at night ?

    Btw, so called “hacked document” of Ukrainian security agency has spelling error in its titles, not surprisingly wrong spelling of word Bezpeka follows .. russian grammar rule. Faker from FSB should study Ukrainian for more conincing fakes next time.

  • For all videos of the GRAD attack and a thorough analysis see: http://ukraineatwar.blogspot.nl/2015/01/volnovakha.html

  • Susan123

    Thank you for the publication. It takes bravery and honesty to row against the corrupted mass media.

  • Галина Галина
    • Azza

      Ну Лошарий снова подтвердил что он подонок, то что три взрыва происходят почти одновременно он не увидел, а какую-то бегущую тень разглядел. Самое интересное что абсолютно никаких улик указывающих на мину нет, но вы ватники себя убедили что если рашисты накрывают блокпост залпами из градов (без всякой боевой нужды, этот пост за километры от фронта) то православные высокодуховные рашисткие ракеты рядом с кишащими там мирными жителями не взровутся, а вот нечистивые украинские мины материализуются и взрываются. И вед верите в это гавно. Вот потому то вы и нелюди, и о чем-то спорить с руSSонацистами дело пустое, надо воевать и побеждать, хоть год, хоть десять, иного пути нет.

  • Галина Галина

    Украинская армия обстреливает Донбасс! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFeKIkxkkRo

  • George Masni

    While we await the results of an official investigation on the bus attack, an unofficial analysis is available (ukraineatwar.blogspot.de/2015/01/volnovakha.html).

    Numerous pictures show that at least 50 grad missiles attacked the checkpoint from multiple grad batteries. Pictures of the damage to a tree in front of the bus and the distribution pattern of the shrapnel prove the bus damage was caused by a grad, not a land-mine. The attack was launched from separatist territory.

    It looks like the separatists are responsible for the attack. Any attempt to blame the Ukrainians for this is contrary to the available evidence.

  • Melisa cole

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    From: Ontario

    Name : Erianna Moric

  • AnarchoConservative school

    107th RA regiment stationed North-West of Volnovakha checkpoint had all the
    abilities carrying out this kind of atrocity as the red lines point. The only thing that did
    not succeed was disguising under rebels, since if Rebel’s were to
    fire ‘GRAD’ rockets these would had to come from North-Eastern
    direction from Dokuvchaesk town as the BLUE line points on the photo. Due to predominantly Southern wind
    during the day, most of Grad rockets did not reach the Checkpoint by
    some 200-800 yards, otherwise these would have effected in hysteria
    like Western propaganda amounting to MH-17 and Charlie.

  • AnarchoConservative school

    This was very well planned
    false flag op by US and Ukraine, since a big traffic jam was
    purposefully caused at the checkpoint to inflict high kill ratio
    during the sunny day. Rebels would have never dared firing on
    strategically insignificant, loosely guarded, and no heavy military
    equipment possessing checkpoint deep inside Ukraine army controlled
    territory. The main reason is US satellites are scanning the whole
    conflict area 24/7 with satellites, and would have surely given the
    proof rebels fired the Grad missiles by showing satellite images of
    the launch site. Since this has been done by Ukraine, guess if US
    would ever release these kind of satellite images. The impact crater
    aired on UKR TV 5th channel points to Ukrainians since the left track
    has North-Western direction (RED LINES), not where the rebels are
    stationed in Norther-East (BLUE LINE)

  • AnarchoConservative school

    107th UKR RA regiment behind the attack firing from North-West.

  • Vladdy

    One more evidence of Poroshenko’s war crimes. Real terrorists are Ukrainian authorities, who shell city with 1 million population every day and night. They blame citizens who defend their homes in “terrorism” but kill tens of civillians every day. And US and EU close eyes on these thremendous crimes! Western “independent” mass-media cry about 10 killed in Charlie, but ignore 1000 killed in Donetsk!
    P.S. Thanks to George Elliason for the truth.

  • Mila Isakova

    the Ukrainian Government didn’t let Nivorossia representatives come and investigate the tragedy. Instead Kiev hurried to take away all the traces and wiped out all things pointing to the doers of the tragedy. no glass, no bus itself. It was done to increase the moral spirit of the Army and inspire them to go to the war and go on killing the rebells. Does the world need more people killed to understand at last that the Ukraine is operated by bastards, mentally ill people and oligarchs?

  • AnarchoConservative school

    107th UKR army RA regiment behind Volnovakha attack https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1635/7137/original.jpg

  • AnarchoConservative school

    Киевская Русь, Новгородская Русь, Московская Русь, Бела Русь…… а при чем тут Украина???

  • gmasni

    This article has issues. Separatist leaders categorically deny that their artillery was
    anywhere near checkpoint where the bus was attacked. Quoting from the article: “The
    problem is that the nearest artillery set up in Donetsk Republic (DNR) is over 50
    kilometers away, which is well out of range.” The previous day a separatist newspaper
    article directly contradicted this (http://dnrespublika.info/opolchenie-doneck-vnov-
    obstrelyan-gradom-nakryt-blokpost-karatelejj-vozle-volnovakhi/) (third paragraph – use
    google translate if you need to). They bragged about how they were shelling the Volnovaha
    checkpoint. Who’s lying, the separatist paper or the separatist leaders?

    The Vkontakte social media post claims that Pravy Sektor has taken responsibility for the
    attack is a fake! On Sep 16, 2014, the Vkontakte social media was bought out by Kremlin
    ally Ilya Sherbovich. It, as are many Russian media, is now controlled by the Kremlin
    (http://www.socialnetworkingwatch.com/vkontakte/). The Pravy Sektor would never post
    anything on a Kremlin controlled media site. The original posting is here
    (http://vk.com/public62043361?w=wall-62043361_193292). Step through the posts that day.
    You will not find the fake information that was posted on Vkontakte. Also check google’s
    cache as suggested at: http://www.stopfake.org/en/fake-ukrainian-military-men-informed-

    Several videos show the barrage of 50 or more grad missiles and an explosion 15 meters to
    the right of the bus at the same time. Any reasonable person has to conclude that the
    separatists were responsible for this attack.

    It seems to me that George Eliason is a Kremlin stooge. The original George Eliason
    article can be found here: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Poroshenko-and-Harf-Shift-

  • марина
  • gmasni

    Even though more proof may be unnecessary, the latest official OCSE analysis of five bomb craters http://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/135211 has been concluded. In the SMM’s assessment all craters examined were caused by rockets fired from a north-north-eastern direction.

    This means that the OCSE observers confirmed the Ukrainian version of the story; that the bus was attacked from territories controlled by DNR militants:

  • AnarchoConservative school

    Ok for some reason my analysis showing GRAD clearly came from North-Western side is being corrupted in disqus database, no lengthily bla bla bal, simply still shots from UKR TV videos

  • Pere Mognik

    There is a
    fact that can indicate that explosion near the bus has been caused not by GRAD
    missile, but by another explosive device. Look at lethality results of a BM-21
    missile. http://www.picshare.ru/uploads/150115/93GNFqvrS0.gif

    If amissile has been shot from the sector OSCE mentioned, everyone including dashcam
    owner would have been dead: they are right inside the lethality cone. However,
    only people in the bus have died from this explosion.

    The picture is from

    Ballistics 2013: 27th International Symposium on Ballistics

  • vglush

    Please watch this video and pray.


  • Олег AERO

    This article is real shit!

    1. The author never saw the results of getting of “Grad”-missile and manages to see the excavated crater…))) He’s not even able to recall that for “Claymore” don’t dig craters…)))
    2. Strange еxcerpt from the above document is also mounted nonsense. Orders do not finish the phrase “With respect”. Besides, there is a paragraph between this phrase and the main text ALWAYS.

    Custom lies.