Pentagon Silent on Current Use of DU in Iraq

Back in October, I reported that, “A type of airplane, the A-10, deployed this month to the Middle East by the U.S. Air National Guard’s 122nd Fighter Wing, is responsible for more Depleted Uranium (DU) contamination than any other platform, according to the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW). . . . Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright told me, ‘There is no prohibition against the use of Depleted Uranium rounds, and the [U.S. military] does make use of them. The use of DU in armor-piercing munitions allows enemy tanks to be more easily destroyed.'”

This week I have left an email message and a phone message for Mark Wright at the Pentagon. Here’s what I emailed, after consulting with Wim Zwijnenburg of

“Recent reports by CENTCOM have noted that 11% of the U.S. sorties have been flown by A-10s , and that a wide range of attacks on tanks and armored vehicles have taken place.  Can you confirm that  PGU-14 30mm munitions with depleted uranium in the A-10s (and any other DU weapons) have not been used during these attacks. And if not, why not? Thanks!”

I sent that email on January 28 and left a voice message January 30.

You’d think there’d be lots of reporters calling with the same question and reporting the answer. But then it’s only Iraqis, I guess.

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  • the really sad part about DU is that it can be useful for burning in a fast fission reactor. and the u.s. has huge stockpiles of this stuff that is fissionable and was mined at great cost many years ago.

    shame to waste it on killing just a few people when it can power a huge empire with almost unlimited electricity ( clean electricity too , since our stockpiles require NO FURTHER MINING OR CONCENTRATION ) .

    with all that extra energy, we can build all the drones we can ever even need to send to all 4 corners of the global empire.

  • SausageAway

    America using chemical weapons again? Surely not….

  • unheilig

    Glow-in-the-dark Iraqis are easier to shoot, so it’s all good in the Pentagon playbook.