If Paris Killers Had Western Media on Their Side

Some killings are reported on in a slightly different manner from how the Charlie Hebdo killings have been. Rewriting a drone killing as a gun killing (changing just a few words) would produce something like this:

Freedom Fighters Gun Strike in Europe Is Said to Have Killed 12 Militants

PARIS, France — At least 12 foreign militants were believed to have been killed in a freedom fighter gun strike in the North Paris tribal region on Wednesday morning, a Liberation security official said.

The Liberation official said guns fired 128 precision bullets into a compound in the Cafe Au Lait subdistrict at 6:40 a.m. The area is close to the headquarters of numerous French businesses.

“The guns targeted a base of a French commander known as Francoise, killing 12 French militants. Two militants are wounded,” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the news media.

It was unclear whether Francoise was there at the time of the attack. The local news media has reported that he is allied with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and engaged in plans to ship troops and weaponry to Western Asia.

Gun strikes in France, often attributed to Muslims, prompt regular diplomatic protests from the entire Western world.

Separately, the Liberation military said four terrorist hide-outs and a training center for bombers were damaged by gun strikes late Saturday in a remote suburb of the nearby South Paris tribal region.

In a brief statement, the military said that “6 terrorists, including some bomber pilots, were killed in precise gun strikes.” There was no independent confirmation of the military’s claim.

Last summer, the Liberation military launched a long-awaited offensive against French and foreign militants holed up in the Western Europe region. The military claims that it now controls 0.4 percent of the region.

NATO attacks in recent years have left hundreds of thousands dead.


In contrast, rewriting a Charlie Hebdo report as a drone report might produce something like this:

Drone attack on Pakistani house kills 12

Drone pilots have shot dead 12 people at the home of their grandmother in an apparent militant Imperialist attack.

Four of the family’s youngest generation, including its new-born infant were among those killed, as well as two friends visiting at the time.

A major police operation is under way to find three drone pilots believed to be hiding out in Langley, Virginia.

President Mamnoon Hussain said there was no doubt it had been a terrorist attack “of exceptional barbarity”.

It is believed to be the deadliest attack in Pakistan since last Tuesday, when another drone — or possibly the same one — sent a missile into a picnic killing 18.

The distant faceless attackers opened fire with hellfire missiles in the sky above the family’s home and faced no opposition. They later flew the drone higher in the sky, presumably recording video footage, the buzzing of their deadly machine still audible below as rescuers waited for it to leave before daring to search for survivors.

People had been “murdered in a cowardly manner”, presidents and leaders around the globe remarked in unison. U.S. President Barack Obama has condemned the “horrific shooting”, offering to provide any assistance needed “to help bring these terrorists to justice”.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: “It was a horrendous, unjustifiable and cold-blooded crime. It was also a direct assault on a cornerstone of democracy, on the safety of a family in its home.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said in a tweet: “The murders in Pakistan are sickening. We stand with the Pakistani people in the fight against terror.”

Eurocentric clubs and Christian churches around the world rushed to condemn the killing.

Footage shot by an eyewitness outside the house shows scattered rubble and what appears to be bits of flesh and clothing hanging from a nearby tree.

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  • Rehmat

    The Zionist-controlled western media is always on the side of criminals who could be used to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims. And the US-Israel trained killers at Charlie Hebdo are not exception to that rule.


  • rpdiplock

    If only … Great ‘re-interpretation.’

  • With this maneuver, the Romans surrendered their Republican form of government. Soon would follow the first Triumvirate, consisting of Crassus, Pompeii, and Julius Caesar, followed by the reign of the god-like Emperors of Rome.

    The Romans were hoaxed into surrendering their Republic, and accepting the rule of Emperors.

    Julius Caesar’s political opponent, Cicero, for all his literary accomplishments, played the same games in his campaign against Julius Caesar, claiming that Rome was falling victim to an internal “vast right wing” conspiracy in which any expressed desire for legislative limits on government was treated as suspicious behavior. Cicero, in order to demonstrate to the Romans just how unsafe Rome has become hired thugs to cause as much disturbance as possible, and campaigned on a promise to end the internal strife if elected and granted extraordinary powers.



  • Heh heh. This reminds me of how libertarian hate-site Reason.com covers drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere in the Near East. Every one seems to include a peaceful and celebratory “wedding party” or “picnic” that gets wiped out by “Obama’s Murder Drones.” In fact, the term “murder-droning” has become a meme among professional Obama-haters of the libertarian persuasion. It’s almost as if the unavoidable circumstance of civilian casualties in war zones is a new and undiscovered happenstance. The fact that we almost never read reports of legitimate and successful drone strikes on some of the world’s worst people by the alleged “journalists” at Reason is curious. Then again, legitimate foreign policy — when executed by a military under the civilian control of a Democrat — doesn’t fit the libertarian confirmation-bias narrative. Not that libertarians are political partisans.

    • Reverend Draco

      “The fact that we almost never read reports of legitimate and successful
      drone strikes on some of the world’s worst people by the alleged
      “journalists” at Reason is curious.”

      Nothing curious at all. . . it makes absolute sense.

      We almost never read about legitimate and successful strikes because such strikes almost never happen. Duh. It isn’t rocket surgery.

      Would you like some condiments to go with those jackboots, or do you prefer the natural leather-and-pork flavor?

      • “leather-and-pork”
        HA HA HA! It’s so easy to rattle the anarcho-libertarians. A comment on libertarian biases regarding foreign policy under Obama is treated, knee-jerk style, as an endorsement of police brutality. Time to switch your brain off auto-pilot, Chomsky.

        • Reverend Draco

          If you can’t smell the connection between the military and the police – not my fault; the failure is yours and yours alone.

          Hey, you guys – check out this dimglow here – he’s never heard of the Militarization of the Police or a Police State before! Could we have actually found a State-theist who is pig-ignorant out of innocence rather than malicious intent?

          Nahh. . . nobody could accidentally be that braindead. . .

          • Over 12,000 comments…you’re a busy little narcissist! How’s that working out for you? Good? I especially love the adolescent insults! Say, shouldn’t you be obsessing over Lena Dunham somewhere?

          • Reverend Draco

            It’s working out very well for me, thanks for asking! I’ve met people who make me feel like a better human being, just for knowing them.
            And then there’s Sheeple like you. . .

            I’m supposed to give a fuck who Lena Dunham is, why, exactly? Because you whack off over her (she is a her, yes?), and assume that everyone else must do it, too?

            And, they’re not insults when they’re true.

          • Did you miss the Libertarian Moment?
            Here it is again!

    • Mick Price

      “In fact, the term “murder-droning” has become a meme among professional Obama-haters of the libertarian persuasion. ”

      Right because they approved wholeheartedly when Bush did it did they liar?

      “fact that we almost never read reports of legitimate and successful drone strikes on some of the world’s worst people by the alleged “journalists” at Reason is curious.”

      No more curious than the fact that we never hear of the opposite from Obama-loving MSM outlets.

      ” Then again, legitimate foreign policy”

      Such as murdering people on bad information.

      “when executed by a military under the civilian control of a Democrat”

      Again, when did they approve of Bush doing it?

      “doesn’t fit the libertarian confirmation-bias narrative.

      Irony alert.

  • Mick Price

    Well said.