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Eric Zuesse

Summaries of reports on three strategically important news-events:




German Minister: We do not want to see Russia crushed.

Germany’s Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel has a surprisingly strong opposition to new sanctions against Russia. A few months ago Gabriel had tolerated them, but now he says that the isolation of Russia could even be “dangerous to the entire world.”

German Economic News | 04.01.15, 17:33            | 21 comments


Russia proposes to EU: Say no to TTIP, yes to EEU.

Russia has presented a startling proposal to overcome the tensions with the EU: The EU should renounce the free trade agreement with the United States TTIP and enter into a partnership with the newly established Eurasian Economic Union instead. A free trade zone with its neighbors would make more sense than a deal with the US.

German Economic News | 04.01.15, 11:52            | 241 comments


Soros: EU must take on new debt for a war against Russia.

The US investor George Soros urges Europe to a “war effort,” higher budget deficits to prepare for a war against Russia. Soros also calls for $ 20 billion in new loans from EU taxpayers for Ukraine.

German Economic News | 01.03.15, 17:14            | 68 comments




This information has been presented as a response to readers in the United States who pay subscription-fees to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other U.S. media, and who are seeking for an alternative to being deceived by them and by the U.S. aristocracy that own and control them – and to paying those ‘news’ sources for the privilege of being deceived by them. A trustworthy major news-site is necessary, and preferably one that doesn’t charge for access. German Economic News is available online without charge, and I have found it to be far more honest, much more reliable, than any major news-medium in the U.S.; and the three news-reports summarized above provide a fair introduction to it.

They publish in German, but in the new online world this makes little difference because anyone can read their reports translated automatically into English, in either or both of two different convenient ways:

(1) Google’s free chrome browser auto-translates from any major language, and therefore brings this newspaper to a computer translated automatically.


provides that same ability in any browser.


provides auto-translation of any selected excerpt.

Consequently, English-language readers no longer need to restrict themselves but now can access news-sources in any major world language. Readers no longer are required to stay mentally imprisoned by their given nation’s ‘news’ media, their given nation’s aristocracy who control them.

And one no longer needs to pay subscription-fees for censored and propagandistic ‘news’ that reinforces the lies from one’s own government (which represents the same aristocracy that control those ‘news’ media).


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Lynn Walker

    Another reminder that “we, the people” should no longer tolerate the lies and plunder of our Oligarchs. Soros, as have most of the world’s uber-rich, derived their wealth through fraud and other acts involving crimes against humanity. By all accounts they are traitors deserving of execution.

    The question we must ask ourselves is how will we rid ourselves of this group of sub-humans? I predict that as few as 1,000-10,000 of these top world leaders, mostly of American and European birth, need to be eliminated in order to make this earth a prosperous and peaceful place for the other 7 billion human inhabitants, not to mention the billions of other living entities also imperiled.

    One of the primary requirements is the re-education of our military and enforcement class, who have been deliberately brainwashed to see us as threats, rather than the brothers and neighbors we are. The military and law-enforcement personnel must uphold the solemn oath they took, to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and arrest these criminals so that they may be tried for their crimes. Currently, those sworn to serve and protect have deviated in who they bear allegiance to, resulting in their act of being totally AWOL from their true post and appearing as complete cowards.

    Every mother and father must raise their children with the understanding that if they choose a post in the military or law-enforcement they can never see their neighbors and brothers as the enemy, and if ordered to fire on the common citizen to instead take the fight up the chain of command, arresting all who call for such action.

  • Klaus Rosenkrauss

    Let’s not forget that the US Government has already committed an Act of Aggression against the Russian Federation by making into law the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and Obama’s Executive Order 13685. Under International Law, Russia is entitled to retaliate with of all conceivable means available at their disposition, including the military option (UN Charter, Chapter VII, Article 51).

    War is on.

  • margsview

    Sorry to burst the ‘new online’ expectation of English translation of the German Economic News, but it appears that only the subtext outlining each article can in fact be translated not the actual articles inside the newsletter. I subscribe to it and have yet to find a way to get a translated version. Any suggestions?