Muslim Policeman Died Defending the Right of French Cartoonists to Mock His Religion

Police Officer Ruthlessly Assassinated by Terrorist Was a Muslim

You know the French policeman defending the French cartoonists who was ruthlessly killed by the terrorists?

He was Muslim

The Atlantic notes:

For a number of reasons, the death of Ahmed Merabet should provide a way to understand Wednesday’s horrific shooting in Paris. Merabet, one of the two policemen shot and killed in Charlie Hebdo massacre, was a French Muslim man who died defending the laws that allow satirists to mock his religion.


One post in the Daily Caller’s coverage of the massacre placed the officer’s death within the context of how “Islam explicitly condemns killing other Muslims.”

The following image – trending today on Twitter – sums it up pretty well:

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  • james

    Yea, but the guy didn’t die – because the gun that supposedly killed him wasn’t shooting real bullets or ejecting spent cartridges and the guys that supposed shot him were actors and didn’t know how to hold or aim a gun and he didn’t bleed on the sidewalk from any of his mortal wounds.

    Also, i’m pretty sure you can see him later helping to carry a “wounded” victim on a stretcher to an ambulance.

    Good try at trying to further incite the masses, though….

    • Ronald Farber
      • To play devils advocate, it could still be made up even if that link says Ahmed Merabet died. It’s pretty certain we can’t fully believe everything we see in the “news” nowadays, including something like that. They’re telling us the economy is doing great in the “news”, too.

        • Shahna

          This thing REALLY pisses me off.
          I have no doubt that after having being “killed” by the World’s most incompetent terrorists in front of the world’s media, with all that media seeing that footage and then deliberately LYING about what’s on it to the world, that Merabet is dead – he’d be just too much trouble to leave alive.

          Do we really not have a single honest cop?
          … a single honest politician?
          … or a single investigative journalist any more to put an end to “more lies for war?”

          WHO killed Merabet? And WHY?
          And WHO attacked “Freedom of Speech?”
          The Muslims – or the govts that find free expression so damned inconvenient?
          ‘Cos it’s looking less and less like “the Muslims diddit”

      • james

        Please help me – which part am I lying about?

        1. The gun wasn’t firing real bullets and ejecting cartridges? – point one of them out to me or show me the mark on the sidewalk or a muzzle flash or some recoil – I see a pop and a flash of dust a few feet away from the guy.

        2. The guy shooting the gun didn’t know how to aim it and shoot and didn’t show the physical traits of somebody that just killed someone? Compare that “terrorist” with anyone who is actually in a gunbattle and tell me he’s real. In a real gunbattle, your fight or flight response is amped to the max – it’s involuntary and it doesn’t ramp down instantly. That guy was trotting around like he just finished delivering a pizza or something.

        3. There was no blood on, around or under the cop from the multiple gunshot wounds from a high powered rifle? People who get shot and die bleed. They bleed a lot. If they get shot in the head, it’s a gusher, even in the unlikely event the brains don’t blow out.

        And your proof that the guy is dead is an article that says the guy died from wounds that clearly didn’t occur? Are you serious? We should believe one bit of media information when we clearly have other media which is contrived.

        Show me autopsy pictures of the guy.

        Logic is clearly not on your agenda? But I know that.

        Sorry, when I see an entire event that is built upon a piece of information which is clearly faked – contrived – not real in any way, but obviously planned and created to fool people – then I cannot believe anything after that.

        Any person who understands what they are looking at and specifically what is pointed out above about the cop shooting video, and continues to believe is not only lying to others, but they are lying to themselves, which is pitiful.

        • John

          Exactly. The dead give away is no blood anywhere.

          The public is so gullible. They will believe anything on the Boob Tube & what the media tell them. Its called programming for a reason.

      • Shahna

        I have no doubt whatsoever the man is dead.
        Now you go watch this video and debunk it.
        Because if it can’t be debunked – then it’s true and this event is all about a lie.

    • John

      “Good try at trying to further incite the masses, though….”

      Exactly. They are trying to incite the public to support war, just like the are trying to incite all the countries to war by provoking them.

      They want the respective citizens around the world to hate the arab world & go to war against them. The one thing they do not realize is that Russia & China is on their side. America/Britain/Israel & nato are going to take on the whole world to remain king of the mountain.

      Just like their think tank PNAC stated where America needed a New Pearl Harbor = 911

      so America could stay Number One.

  • LEGOates

    Ah, but you see the cop was a Shiite/Sunni/Sufi and so not a true Muslim and therefore deserving of death.

    • Jimbob

      did anyone really die?……….

  • John

    Its like Ron Paul said – Blow Back – When you invade other people’s countries & kill their citizens, they get pissed & eventually want revenge when it goes on & on & on.

  • Gonzogal

    I value freedom of speech as long as it belongs to
    EVERYONE EQUALLY…. Freedom and laughter are precious indeed, but isn’t it the
    French ‘socialist’ government that has been harassing and banning the best and
    most successful comedian in France, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, because he
    satirized the Holocaust religion? Who pushed the French government to take such
    harsh actions against an artist; wasn’t it the Jewish lobby group CRIF?

    • Jimbob


  • IsEmpireSlayerStupidOrLying?

    The picture strikes me as extremely incoherent.

    Why is one person defined by his “occupation” and the other by his faith? Why have to declare the religion of one and hide the religion of the other?
    You can define them both by their religion, and then they are two Muslims.
    You can define them both by their “occupation”, then one is a terrorist and one is a policeman.
    Or you can define them both by both and say one is a Muslim who is a terrorist in the name of his religion (he was later on the phone saying “I am the defender of the Prophet”), the other is Muslim who is a policeman (don’t know if in name of his religion. Might or might not).

  • Jimbob

    He died?
    No head shot exit wound from a big bullet and no violent head jerking/ bouncing in reaction to the high velocity shot….. hoax

  • Shahna

    Then explain the bit of video that the media didn’t show us because it was too graphic.

    You know what too graphic bit I mean – the one that showed no head shot, no blood and no brains on the paving after being shot in the head by an AK47. The bit that was “too graphic to show” – because it had “no graphic at all.”

    The biggest outrage here is not that people are questioning if this was a false flag.
    The biggest outrage here is – WHO killed Ahmed Merabet? And WHY?

    So. Where’s that autopsy report – I want to see the medical descriptions and pictures of that head blown away by an AK47 before I believe one more “media” or “official” word about this atrocity.

    Je suis Charlie!
    That includes my right to be informed and to discover lies where they are told to me.
    I’m exercising it – so bloody bite me!