France Attack Reactions include Citizen Calls to Kill All Muslims

US and European state police forces are making arrests (and here) for social media posts that threaten retaliatory violence or intend to incite retaliatory violence against the police.

At the same time, some members of state police forces are posting threatening statements and, as reported by Glenn Greenwald, are not being arrested.

Now, responding to the terror attack against French journalists and in addition to government and media incitements to violence, private citizens are issuing incitements to commit genocide against Muslims.

Examples of statements being made on Twitter:

“…fucking Muslims I always hated and will always hate them #killallmuslims”

“#killallmuslims is the only viable response…”


(The above are documented by Greenwald here.  Also see link to peruse Greenwald’s poignant comments on the events and hypocritical reactions they are eliciting.)

It will be interesting to see whether people using the #killallmuslims hash-tag and making these very serious incitements to genocide will be prosecuted, as is explicitly required by the highest law in the world.

The UN charter, on the prevention and punishment of genocide, lists, as one of the punishable acts, “Direct and public incitement to commit genocide”, then says people committing this act, “whether constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials, or private individuals”, “shall be punished”.

We shall see.  As noted above, people are currently being punished for far less, but only for statements that allegedly threaten Western state power.

It is also of interest that some major media outlets such as CBS are calling the France attack “the worst terrorist attack in Europe since the attacks in London in July of 2005.”

FAIR notes that this is false, since terrorist Anders Breivik killed 67 civilians in Norway in 2011, which is far more than the twelve just killed (which included police), and also more than the 56 killed in the 2005 London bombings.

For some, an attack must apparently meet certain qualifications, such as allegedly being carried out by Muslims, to constitute a “terror” attack.  This helps in part to explain why CBS and other mass media outlets do not refer to US attacks on civilians or journalists, if they report them at all, as terrorism (or aggression, or even crimes, let alone unequivocally).

Also in keeping with reporting that highlights events useful towards expansion of US/Western state power domestically and internationally, while suppressing/downplaying events that would serve to restrict and limit the already historically unprecedented scope of US violent expansionism (~1,000 foreign attack bases), a recent terror-bombing of an NAACP building yesterday in Colorado has been largely overlooked or downplayed in US corporate media.

For example, while CNN has reported on the bombing, the reports or even the term NAACP are nowhere to be found on CNN’s main general page for news or its main page for US news (same with TIME).  However, the CNN main page yesterday and today, while devoting most of its space to the attack in France, makes room for information about the NFL, NBA, the People’s Choice Awards, a “real life Peter Griffin” from the Family Guy cartoon, and the like.

On people noticing this, USA Today reports (using the borderline racist qualification of “one of Twitter’s most vocal communities”): “The hashtag #NAACPbombing has gone viral, reflecting frustration among one of Twitter’s most vocal communities about what they say is a glaring disparity in how news outlets cover violence against blacks.”

Also of continued note is the frenzy to get “others” for attacking journalists while Western or Western-backed journalist-killers on the loose enjoy immunity in corporate media and vast state subsidy and protection.  Mostly to blame for this dynamic (it is hard to blame the state since of course it is going to do what it has always done and protect its own criminals) are Western corporate/state-linked media outlets that know about and intentionally hide crimes of their states from their viewers/readers.

As Al Jazeera notes, “More journalists were killed during the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq than in any war in history”, mostly by “targeted killings”, such as the US bombing of Al Jazeera offices (in both Iraq and Afghanistan – offices for which the US had been given exact coordinates by Al Jazeera).  During the invasion, the Pentagon issued the “chilling” warning that journalists not embedded with US troops “should not be there”.  The rate at which “perpetrators have escaped prosecution for killing journalists, is the worst in the world at 100 per cent.”

Indeed, US reps (and corporate media partners), ever-vigilant when it comes to attacks that can be used to continue the expansion of their violence and markets, “have shown no interest” even in “investigating these murders”.

While the idea of restricting what people draw or write is of course absurd, the US is uniquely guilty of doing this (and protecting its criminal actors who do it), both through repressive and deadly direct action and supporting other repressive regimes, as Greenwald yesterday noted when he said the US is the country that “invades, bombs, occupies, and props up tyrants more than any other.”

Robert Barsocchini focuses on global force dynamics and writes professionally for the film industry.  He is a regular contributor to  Washington’s Blog, and is published in Counter Currents, Global Research, State of Globe, Blacklisted News,,, Information Clearing House, Press TV, and other outlets.  Also see: Hillary Clinton’s Record of Support for War and other Depravities.  Follow Robert and UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.

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  • Party Like 1999 BC

    Kill all Muslims? Come now… Far, far worse is routinely called for against communists… By high American government officials no less! America has 10,000 nuclear weapons worth of commie killing power and they are constantly itching to use them.
    SONY made a movie calling for the assasination of the North Korean communist leader. Then, Obama imposes sanctions on North Korea after he falsely accused them of hacking SONY because SONY made a video of a couple American douchebags killing the communist dictator…

    • Robert Barsocchini

      Can’t blame US officials for that because commies only understand one thing: nuclear explosions. That’s it.

      • truth

        I haven’t seen China shoot nukes at anyone, have you?

        • Robert Barsocchini

          Not that I recall 😉

          • bobbyalpy

            China is communist in name only…they like nice things and have caught the capitalist bug.But a previous poster is correct in that there are a good chunk of Americans like myself,who would like nothing more than to see russia utterly and totally annihilated.They are to Carthage as we are to Rome.We cannot coexist with russians and even if we could we would prefer to se them subdued.

        • jerry

          when they shoot them nuke fuckers at your pansey asses we’ll keep ours in the silos

      • John P Schipsi

        You’re a disingenuous clown, Barsocchini. I’ve yet to read your protest of the millions of Muslims, especially the Iranian Ayatollahs, who are calling for the murder of evey Jew and millions of Christians. Would you please copy and paste the link to your protest??? Your scare tactics will not silence the rational, logical and proper call for the irradication of RADICAL, JIHADISTS MUSLIMS! You douchebag!!

        • Tannenhouser

          Whose the disingenuous clown? I mean this “especially the Iranian Ayatollahs, who are calling for the murder of evey Jew and millions of Christians.” Is complete fabrication for the CONvoluted and CONfused. Good Day

          • John P Schipsi

            Lol..”complete fabrication”?? Dude, your head is buried so far up your professors ass, that when he burps, you fart. If you cannot so much as admit to the anti-Jew / anti-Israel hate speak that comes directly from the Ayatollahs, then there’s zero sense in even discussing this with you. You live in a fantasy world. A world that all liberals enjoy. I suppose that it’s true: Ignorance is bliss.
            Robert Barschonni, contrary to the popular liberal’s handbook, Ignorance is not a virtue. Hmmm, will he break his word to not read my response.?

        • Robert Barsocchini

          Replace “Muslims” with “Jews” and you’d have fit in well in Germany in the 1930s. As it is, you fit in quite well in contemporary US/Western culture, which can and does wipe out Muslims by the millions, with one of the effects being the counter-attacks and rhetoric you refer to as radical, jihadist, and so on.

          Awaiting with bated breath your calm and rational response.

          Just kidding. I’m not going to read it, but have a ball.

    • jerry

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    • jmjoker

      ohhh if we point those 10,000 nukes against Muslim cities- we will destroy them all within 30 minutes; we can definitely kill 1.5 billion of them in 30 minutes;
      and then mop up for a few other months with chemical and biological agents and napalm

  • longfellow_2

    I hate people take issue with people express concerns about the fact that the number of muslims in our communities are going up. People are expressing their fears and concerns about an issue which is very real. When the Muslim population in a country reaches a certain threshold you have peculiar problems related to free speech and violence driven by religion. This is unique to Islam – when is the last time you saw a bunch of Buddhists in the US blowing up stuff in the name of religion.

    The problem with liberalism is that some people like you equate liberalism to apathy. Liberalism only works if all of us believe that we have a right to express our opinions (and yes some of those may be uncomfortable for others) – as long as that the opinions are not hateful.

    If liberals are not militant about liberalism then you will end up being cannon fodder.

    So even if the answer is not to kill the muslims. No more mosques in our communities. Convert to hinduism, christianity, judaism, jainism – anything else than this evil system of faith.

  • Exterminating the Muslims and their Dhimmi sympathizers seems an effective, if harsh, response to the ongoing feral savagery of that demographic. At a minimum, their forcible removal from the West needs to be considered.

    • Al

      Even if accomplished which it should they would only conspire away and return with unimaginable destruction. Extermination is in the back of everyone’s thoughts. Things will only get worse then far worse. A fast and time concentrated solution is the only answer. Waiting is an unfavorable option. Collateral damage would be horrific

    • Melody Szabo

      We must consider costs. If anything they could be recycled as fertilizer.

  • ogre12

    damn muhammed and everything this pyscho pedophile stands for. time to turn the tide on islamists and take the war to them and exterminate with extreme prejudice.

  • California Tea Party

    Muslims need to go. Make them eat pork first.

  • jmjoker

    lol Kill all Muslims- okay UN come arrest me LOL
    Allah is a pig and Muhammad is a pedophile- okay Muslims come and kill me LOL
    in this day and age of iphone worldwide internet in your pocket, nothing can stop this free speech

  • jmjoker

    we could send a hail of mushroom clouds and turn the entire middle east into glass within 30 minutes flat if we wanted to;
    so if we really wanted to genocide them, they will all die fast

  • bobbyalpy

    It’s funny that the french are finally on board with this.My one caveat would be that the Kurds are exempted by way of their secular minds and free spirits.That said,it’s ironic that when Frenchmen die all the sudden all Muslims must face the sword but when Americans die we must be careful not to offend them.I’m not saying that the French are wrong in this case…only that their sudden lust for the fight rings hollow to Yankees.

    • disqus_fPh2QejLBf

      The French and the rest if Europe will be destroyed by Muslim trash. The should all start deporting Muslims buy the boat loads and those who refuse? Shoot to kill right there and toss the carcasses in the boats as you shove the boats off to the Middle East! Muslims have no place in the Western World. They either go or die.

      • bobbyalpy

        Die would be best…if they go they will just wind up on some other Western nations doorstep.For too long we have let our pity cloud our judgement.There can be no pity for the pitiless.”In Hoc Signo Vinces”-Constantine The Great

    • CloudTvUSA Texas

      If the muslams wont stop these people we need a privet army that will get rid of all Muslims once and for all time. They obviously don’t want to be a part of the one world economy that is our reality these days. Sadly that is what must happen

  • bobbyalpy

    Perhaps a “Saint bartholomews” day for Muslims is in order.

  • Mia Seths

    It’s the fault of politicians for letting Muslims immigrate in the first place. In doing so they left their countrymen with just two options: fight Islam now while non-Muslims still have the upper hand or turn a blind eye and condemn future generations to live under the yoke of Islam.

  • VSF


  • Crayven

    Paris – 120+ killed


    eh !?

  • Crayven

    Paris – 120+ killed


    eh !?

  • Jonh

    And people say u should not stereo type dumb ass people say that shit it’s the only natural way to stay safe. U don’t see deer running into a lions domain even they know when there born who there natural enemy is from birth. The world needs to go back to stereo types it’s nature’s way to keep u alive

  • Melody Szabo

    Fight Genocide with Genocide. You can hardly dispute the fact that what the Muslims are doing in Europe is not Genocide. If you’re white you’re a target, especially if you are a pretty young white girl, then they can scarcely get their dicks out fast enough to rape her in the street, drag her out of her bedroom and past her mother screaming, or line up down the road for their turn in the queue to pump and dump.

  • pthm

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  • pthm

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  • Tannenhouser

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  • John P Schipsi

    I feel the need to remind the author that ISLAM IS NOT A RACE OF PEOPLE!! Apparently the author cannot be bothered with that pesky little fact!?!? Calling for the death of a religious population, by definition, cannot be genocide. BUT, I suppose, then, that the author, Robert Barsocchini, would petition “”The highest authority”” ( The UN ) to immediately arrest every Muslim, including the hundreds of thousands in Iran, alone, whom have been shouting that Israel will be wiped off the map and to kill all Jews ( Jew is a race, as well as a religion )??? I have no doubt that Barsocchini wouldn’t consider the notion of arresting Muslims whom call for the genocide of the Jewish RACE. Robert Barsocchini is your typical progressive liberal moron that cannot remove the blinders of hatred for anyone Jew, or Christian.

  • kartashok

    Haha, the French and Brits are arresting their own citizens instead of arresting terrorist filth. If the British and French natives had any strength they would start killing policemen and government officials who enforce these policies.