The Most-Censored News Story of 2014 Was ____(What?)_____.

By Eric Zuesse

There is only one ongoing news story that’s being systematically censored out of virtually all U.S. news media. This has been the finding from a first-of-its-kind test of virtually all U.S. news media that report national and international news. The most-censored news story during 2014 will be identified here.

The method that I employed in order to determine how heavily the U.S. press censors out a particular news story is: Throughout 2014 I constantly submitted, to virtually all U.S. news media, original news reports, regarding specifically the topics that were (and still are) most widely considered by journalists (and often also by historians, and by other interested segments of the American public) to be the most puzzling and the least coherently explained and reported ongoing news stories in the American press. Prominent recent examples of such news stories are (and most of the examples that are being cited here come from my own news reports on them, my actual tests of these stories, as was summarized by me in mid-2014 here, and so that’s where you’ll find the details on these ongoing heavily-censored stories):

— Barack Obama’s zero prosecutions of bank CEOs who were implicated by Senator Carl Levin’s Committee, and by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice, and by other federal investigations, into the cause of the 2008 economic collapse and the resulting soaring Federal Government (i.e., taxpayer) indebtedness (bailouts) in order to recover from this collapse, which was clearly caused by an explosion in mortgage-backed-securities frauds, though none of the implicated CEOs — the people who were in command and who were making billions from these MBS frauds — was prosecuted for it;

— Obama’s zero prosecutions also of the individuals who participated in America’s illegal torture program after 9/11, including George W. Bush, and possibly also Barack Obama himself (as being an accessory-after-the-fact for his covering up their crimes, if not possibly even as his being a continuer of some of those crimes);

— The failure of any of the State Department’s Environmental Impact studies of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline to calculate, or even to employ investigators who possessed scientific backgrounds relevant to the calculation of, the likely impact that the proposed pipeline would have on raising the Earth’s mean temperature during coming centuries and millennia — the commonly called “global warming” impact of the pipeline, if built and used — and the amount of sheer corruption which was involved in those Federal studies;

— The massacre in Odessa Ukraine on 2 May 2014 of opponents of the coup that the U.S. had carried out via the State Deportment, CIA and other agencies, which coup had overthrown (on 22 February 2014) the Russia-friendly, democratically elected, Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych;

— The subsequent U.S.-sponsored Ukrainian ethnic cleansing program which has been carried out since then by the U.S.-backed new Ukrainian regime in order to eliminate the voters in the area of Ukraine called Donbass, which had voted 90% for Yanukovych and which voters therefore presented the threat of possibly electing out-of-office the Obama-installed leaders and thus of restoring a Russia-friendly person to Ukraine’s Presidency.

Those news stories are the main contestants that I have come up with as having been possibly the most-censored news story of 2014. I tested also other ongoing but under-reported news stories (by submitting, to virtually all national U.S. news media, the news reports I did regarding all of the various contesting ongoing suppressed news stories), but the few ongoing news stories, that are listed here, provide some sense of the sorts of news events and stories which I was testing, throughout this past year.

Without question, the most-censored news story of 2014, as determined by this test — a test that I have been constantly carrying out ever since the May 2nd massacre that the new Ukrainian Government perpetrated in Odessa — is precisely the Ukrainian news story: it’s the winner of my contest. This ongoing news story started with the February 22nd coup, then included the May 2nd massacre which led to Donbass’s secession from Ukraine, and it finally is continuing with this ethnic cleansing of Donbass. The purpose of the May 2nd massacre was, in fact, to terrify the pro-Russians in Ukraine’s southeast — especially in Donbass, the most pro-Russian area — so as to precipitate the secession of Donbass, so that there would then be an excuse for the Ukrainian Government to bomb it and so to get rid of the residents there, whose overwhelming votes had clearly made Yanukovych Ukraine’s President. The Obama regime doesn’t want the people there; it wants only the land on which they live. It needs this in order to be able to place nuclear missiles there, aimed against next-door Russia. The Obama Administration’s game-plan is to keep the land, and to kill the people who are living on it.

This sequence of events has been major news, and it’s been thoroughly suppressed in the U.S.

I have found that, whereas I was able to place, at some mainstream and some alternative-news sites, even news reports about President Obama’s violations of his publicly stated policy-commitments, and other such ‘controversial’ matters, only around a half-dozen news-media accepted even a single one of my numerous news-reports about the Ukrainian coup and its aftermaths — events that might even lead to a World War III, and that therefore are unquestionably important news events, which the public in a democracy ought to know about.

Not even President Obama’s promise in which he privately assured the assembled CEOs of Wall Street, at the beginning of his Administration, that he would not prosecute any of them, but instead would protect all of them from being prosecuted — and his following through with that secret promise — not even this protection by him of the mega-bank CEOs, has been as heavily censored out of the American press as has been the Ukrainian story.

Consequently, America’s press-lords are even more determined and united to suppress the reality in Ukraine than they are to suppress the reality about America’s 2008 economic crash and the resulting bailouts and soaring federal debt. There is something about the Ukrainian story that has caused virtually all owners of America’s news media to be determined to prohibit the American public from knowing the reality there. (See here how much in fear of losing their jobs the reporters throughout the West are, and how they are kept in line by their publishers and by the editors whom their publishers hire.)

This finding is, itself, like all of my news reports and commentaries, being distributed free of charge to virtually all U.S. national-news media (print, TV, and radio). The few media that will publish it are likely to be the same ones that have carried one or more of my news reports about the situation in Ukraine (and that’s fewer than ten). As regards all other American news media: those are the ones that are covering-up this important matter — not reporting it to their readers, viewers, and listeners.

It’s clear that they have been covering it up, because they certainly have been informed of the numerous events in this ongoing news-story about Ukraine after May 2nd: I and other investigative journalists have been submitting honest and well-researched and well-written news stories to them throughout that time regarding this U.S.-initiated and backed Ukrainian ethnic-cleansing program.

There is, for some reason, virtual unanimity among the owners of America’s press, that America’s public must be prohibited from knowing about the America Government’s operation in Ukraine. Perhaps one reason why this ongoing news story is so heavily censored is that the entire issue taking place in Ukraine could lead to something that might be far larger and potentially far more dangerous than merely a local ethnic-cleansing campaign. And Americans would then pay close attention to it. The importance of this news story is why it is being suppressed.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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    • SoundMind

      The whole idea of giving up rights in exchange for security rubs me the wrong way. The potential for abuse of power is immense when those in power cannot be trusted.

  • cettel

    the following had mistakenly been removed by me in a glitch while I was making a minor editorial change to the wording of this story:

    i’d strike the ‘under-reported’ (please!) keystone climate change entry and replace it with the following, which is far more significant:

    The “Enabler in Chief” of 2014 Massacre against Palestinian Refugees
    2,100 kills, approx. 75-80% civilian, almost 600 children
    11,000 wounded

    1,000 children inflicted with lifelong disabilities

    1,500 children orphaned

    89 bloodlines completely wiped out

    Nearly 20,000 housing units destroyed or almost destroyed

    66 Israeli soldiers and 6 civilians were killed

    Afterwards, Israel seized another 1,000 acres of Palestine, and
    announced or began construction of thousands of new settlement housing
    units in Palestine. All settlements are classed as war crimes.

    we totally get that you have a hard-on the size of kansas for events in the ukraine. how can you not display similar outrage for the equally horrific events in palestine?

    • kimyo

      since the latter issue is already honestly and perceptively reported by a sizable number of journalists in American news media

      if that were true, there wouldn’t be a need for this: Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine

      i take particular issue with your willfully ignorant use of the word ‘perceptively’. therein lies the censorship, the reporting is deceptive, not perceptive. point me to a perceptive ‘american news media’ article on the ethnic cleansing in palestine and i’ll be happy to retract my criticism.

      • cettel

        But I already did that in the link I just provided you:

        • kimyo

          there’s nothing at that link to support your contention that the ethnic cleansing in palestine has been ‘honestly and perceptively reported by a sizable number of journalists in american news media’.

          there’s only links to your own posts and some moron’s facebook page. one link to ‘rinf alternative news’. if you think that post supports your position, your standards are quite low.

          • cettel

            That “moron’s facebook page” happens to have come from a former chief aide to Netanyahu, and she is now a prominent member of the Knesset; so, are you the “moron”; and if she is, then what does her intelligence or lack thereof have to do with this matter?
            Moreover, I also linked to the following superb source (click on the link in this phrase:

          • kimyo

            she is a moron because (in your words) “she was saying to exterminate the Palestinian people”.

            advocating genocide is moronic, yes?

            regardless, linking to a moron’s facebook page does nothing to support your contention that the ethnic cleansing in palestine has been (in your words) ‘honestly and perceptively reported by a sizable number of journalists in american news media’.

            it should be easy, why not shut me up by naming just a handful of the ‘sizable number’ of journalists covering events in palestine.

  • Petrus Radii

    If Mr. Zuesse would read “American Free Press”, he would realise there is still one newspaper out there which covers these stories and tells Americans the truth about what is happening in the world. “”

    • cettel

      That’s not a news-site, but a speculation-site. For example, one of its lead stories, “Rothschilds Wants Iran’s Bank,” doesn’t have a single link to a source. It doesn’t even cite any source. It’s obviously untrustworthy except by suckers. I’m not saying that it’s entirely false; I am saying that anyone who reads there is “learning” a mix of lies and truths, and the authors they publish can’t even recognize how to tell the difference. Another top item is “

      • terramare

        “doesn’t have a single link to a source. It doesn’t even cite any source”

        Since when has mainstream media linked to any of its sources ? MS media names sources when it feels it needs to ie. very selectively. MS media is also full of speculation (and outright lies).

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