The Zombiefication Of America

By Michael Snyder.

Zombies - Public DomainDo you know people that seem like they have had their souls sucked out of them?  On, a “zombie” is defined as “the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose”.  And that sounds very much like what has happened to tens of millions of Americans.  When you look into their eyes, it doesn’t look like anything is even there.  That is because who they once were is now dominated and controlled by the overwhelmingly powerful “matrix” that is being constructed all around us.  As I wrote about the other day, virtually all news, information and entertainment that Americans consume is controlled by just six monolithic corporations.  And today, Americans are more “plugged in” than ever before.  The average person watches 153 hours of television a month in addition to spending countless hours watching movies, playing video games, listening to music, reading books and surfing the Internet.  In the end, all of that “programming” turns many of us into virtual zombies, and that is the way that the elite like it.

Just think about it.  What was the biggest news story in the entire country over the holiday weekend?

It was the fact that some hackers had taken down the Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox networks and millions of kids could not log in and play the video games that they had just received for Christmas.

Sadly, most parents don’t even bother to pay attention to what those video games are actually teaching their children.

One of the most popular video games this holiday season is Grand Theft Auto V.  In this game, our kids do things that none of us would ever want them to do in real life

The game contains scenes where players can have virtual sex with prostitutes then beat them up and steal their money, and a scene of torture where the player is expected to remove a gang rival’s teeth one by one using the joy pad, which vibrates as the victim begs for mercy.

It also includes scenes where the player smokes marijuana, and takes the dangerous hallucinogenic drug peyote. There is also a brief instance of necrophilia. Yet GTA V is one of the top-selling computer games in the world.

If you put garbage in, you are eventually going to get garbage out.

And we can see the consequences of this all over the country.

Meanwhile, Americans are becoming increasingly disinterested in things that really matter such as faith, family and the U.S. Constitution.

Instead, many of our spoiled young people are self-obsessed narcissists that loudly complain on social media when they don’t get the electronic gadgets that they were expecting for Christmas.

It isn’t the end of the world if “Santa” doesn’t bring you the latest iPhone.

But Americans today, especially our young people, have such a warped view of reality.  It begins at a very early age, and one of the biggest culprits is our public school system.

For instance, the Blaze recently reported that children down in Texas are being taught that the pilgrims were “essentially America’s first terrorists” and that they should listen to their teachers more than they listen to their parents…

Cassidy Vines was so horrified by what a teacher in Texas allegedly told her that she is planning on home-schooling her daughter after Christmas break.

Vines told Glenn Beck on Monday that she recently began noticing a change in her daughter’s behavior. Her daughter — who is in kindergarten — started to “snap” at her when she corrected her homework, saying “I’m her mommy, not her teacher.”

Vines said a few days after her daughter first snapped at her, she started pronouncing a word incorrectly. Vines corrected her daughter “in the most gentle way possible,” but she said her daughter broke down crying, saying “that’s how she was taught, and I can’t tell her something different because I’m a mommy, not a teacher.”

Vines said she was horrified and asked, “Is somebody telling you this at school?”

“She said, ‘Yes, I’m only allowed to learn from my teacher,’” Vines remarked.

In this day and age, our public schools have essentially become government indoctrination centers that train our children to let “the matrix” do their thinking for them.  They are taught that they are just highly evolved animals that are here only as the result of a giant cosmic accident, and that morality and values are all relative.

As a result, many of our young people just do whatever is right in their own eyes, and at this point many of them have consciences that have been seared beyond recognition.

For example, how far gone do you have to be in order to sing a “Christmas carol” that includes the line “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops”?…

The brave Portland #Ferguson demonstrators were back at it again Saturday evening, as they blocked the busy intersection of SE 39th and Belmont as a way of stickin’ it to the man.

They blocked buses and cars, and got into arguments and physical altercations with several people, including: elderly drivers, disabled bus passengers, a black woman who was trying to pick up her son, and anyone else who dared voice their dissent.

After about 20 minutes of tying up the intersection, the protest moved to nearby Peacock Lane, which is well known for its rows of large Christmas displays. The demonstrators sang parody Christmas carols, which included a brief rendition of “Deck the halls with rows of dead cops.”

Our society is breaking down in thousands of different ways, and we can see the evidence of this all around us.

But instead of coming together as a nation, anger, hate and division just continue to grow.  And all of this anger, hate and division is being fueled by the talking heads on television.

It has become exceedingly apparent that most Americans no longer think for themselves.  Rather, most conversations in America today consist of an exchange of sound bites, phrases, ideas and talking points that the “matrix” has fed us.  Most of us are just zombies that spend our days searching for the things that we are desperately craving.  For fictional zombies, that usually consists of brains.  For American zombies, that usually consists of something that will feed our addictions.

So is there any hope for our society, or are we destined to become even more zombiefied?

Feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…


A former Washington, D.C., attorney, Michael Snyder runs a number of websites, including:

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  • Kultrazero

    God I hate this. I have been reading WashingtonsBlog for years now, and I’ve always loved it. you articles are always very well thought out, very truthful, very brilliant, but this puts you on the level of Fox News.

    Grand Theft Auto V is possibly the greatest, most literate game ever made, and it contains by far the harshest criticisms of the us government of any piece of media out there. no TV show criticizes the US as much as GTA, no movie, no novel, nothing.

    Did you know that a huge amount of the plot of this game revolves the FBI and the CIA committing false flags against the US? And that torture scene you mentioned? That scene is designed to make the player HATE TORTURE. It is one of the most powerful and important games in the history of video games and cinema. it is the “Citizen Kane moment” that Roger Ebert always called for. When you play that scene, you know it is not “enhanced interrogation,” you see very clearly, and feel very clearly, that it is torture, and your character the. Gives a long speech about how torture is clearly for the sexual gratification of the torturers.

    From beginning to end Grand Theft Auto is a criticism of Americanism and American militarism. Rockstargames is the HBO of video games. Saying that it causes or encourages violence or “zombifiction” is like saying The Sopranos or The Wire are trying to make your criminals. There was a very powerful scene in The Sopranos where a prostitute is beaten to death by One of Tony’s guys, do you think The Sopranos wants (continued)

    • Kultrazero

      Do you think The Sopranos wants you killing prostitutes?

      I’m so tired of people blaming kids for stuff they themselves are a thousand times more guilty of. Who cares if they use social media? It’s an incredibly useful tool for communicating and organizing. Look at how twitter was used in Egypt. Who cares if they use cell phones? They are incredibly useful as well? Why should they ignore these technologies? So they can sit around feeling “old timey”? How’s your revolution going?

      Songs about dead cops? Maybe they shouldn’t be trying so hard to deck the halls with dead citizens. Do the songs hurt their feelings? Well bullets, taers, and beatings hurt feelings too.

      Pilgrims as terrorists. – are you serious? The United States history of slaughter and oppression against the First Nations is absolutely monstrous. Why should anybody care about or mythologized the pilgrims, who were religious maniacs that very quickly turned to fighting them? (By the way, George Washington, I seriously love you and your site, but you are named after a slaver.)

      • Kultrazero

        Oh these kids and their rock n roll music. When will they turn it down so they can salute the (false) flag?

        Blaming the next generation is what the previous generation has always done, for all history. The people you are criticizing are not the children of today, you are criticizing the Fox News version of what kids are like today. Stop worrying about them and start worrying about the growing ups, who are overwhelmingly nothing but sellouts and compromises, apologizes for empire. The kids already know. They’re already better at using the net than we are.

        I’m sorry if this sounds ranty and harsh, it truly is not meant to be because I truly love this blog. I know you didn’t write this and you’re quoting the Article from somewhere else, but this is a step in the wrong direction. If I wanted to hear a grown-up give completely inaccurate complaints about “kids today” I’d put on Sean Hannity, or call my in-laws.

        Embrace the youth, WashingtonsBlog! They are definitely on to something.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

        • kimyo

          i re-read the article to try to understand your reaction. i just don’t see what you’re seeing. mr. snyder is not blaming the youth, he says:

          But Americans today, especially our young people, have such a warped
          view of reality. It begins at a very early age, and one of the biggest
          culprits is our public school system

          he also targets corporate control of media.

          i don’t see him blaming the victims.

          he may not be ’embracing the youth’ in the manner you would, but he’s certainly advocating for them.

          ps: 10% of teenage boys being on adhd meds is a big problem. giving ritalin to 4 year olds is a problem. feeding kids low-fat cardboard instead of food is probably the root issue. fixing that will deliver the most bang for the buck. it’s time to abandon the skim milk and dismantle/demolish the food pyramid/myplate corporate nonsense.

    • shakins

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      • Abner Doubleday

        die capitalist scumbag.

  • Children Of The State

    The destruction of the family unit is an essential step to take towards achieving totalitarian rule. Radical feminism and global collectivism are slowly but surely eradicating individuals and families alike paving the way for a one world government controlled by the state.

  • Michael Meyer

    Dear Michael,Great concice overview of the general everyday situation “we the people” of the U.S.A.[and possibly all media blitzkrieged humans,anywhere/everywhere] are experiencing in these times,2014AD,planet earth.
    To be brief,I suggest that anyone who desires change within themselfes quickly,should develop a direct daily relationship with the life support systems of the planet we exist with.Derive sustinence from and sustain yourself through interaction with “our galactic Sun” and photons from it,non-toxic water,non-toxic air and all soils that are capable of supporting botanical life-forms,particularly edibles.

    That is the basic concept all humans must learn and understand to renew humanity on earth.

    For those that agree with this basic premise,please feel free to contact me for more information
    at:The Naturist Ministry,P.O.Box 39268,Washington,D.C. 20016;email address;
    All monetary contributions are welcome and tax deductible.

    Thanks again Michael Snyder for your interesting article.

  • Abner Doubleday

    I’m hardly worried about references to pot and peyote, nor do I share the obsession with the loss of “faith” in monotheistic, dogmatic religion, or in the American insular “family” — what about community and faith in mutual respect, love, and care-giving? The worst things about video games, along with “smart” phones, twittering (tweeting is for birds), and other descents into techno-hype are about the loss of personal contact, personal communication, personal accountability, and problem-solving in the real world. What you fail to mention is that the world that has corrupted all our human values and cultural assets is that of capitalism. A contrived economic system that exploits material and people for financial gain — with no apparent social or evolutionary value — is the real enemy, along with the vapid sociopaths who continue to defend the indefensible attrition of humanity.

  • esqualido

    Good job, Michael. When I unplugged Uverse, more out of disgust for their nickel and diming me than the content, which was almost as disgusting (ditto Netflix and Hulu), it was like Dorothy dousing the Wicked Witch of the Western World- “Wait, come back, don’t go- just $12.99 a month for a full year plus a $100 gift card! (terms and conditions apply).