Nazism Is Back

And It’s Winning in U.S., Europe, Israel, and Japan.

The New, More-Sophisticated, CIA-Trained, Nazis.

Here’s a Video-Tour through Today’s, CIA-Led, Nazism.

This tour is through reality that violates and smashes practically every stereotype (which is probably why the CIA thinks that practically no one will notice it — and they’ve been proven right about that). For example: what about Jewish nazis? Not Jewish Nazis; obviously there weren’t Jews in the namesake original Nazi Party; there were no capital-“N” Nazis who were Jews, but there are plenty of Jews (just as there are of every other ethnicity) who are racist fascists, or nazis: people who adhere to that ideology, regardless of whether they happen to be a member of any political party at all. Few nazis, of any sort, today call themselves “nazi”; to do that would be bad PR after Germany’s defeat in WWII — the CIA advises nazi leaders against doing that. So, here is a tour through the historical evolution of today’s rising nazism, for anyone who wants to understand what’s happening.

What will be documented here is, at the inside, a clandestine operation; and, at the outside, it is follow-through by people of faith who (because of faith) do not question their own prejudices, and so they’re willing, in some cases, even to fight and die for these prejudices, blind to who’s actually pulling their strings, or why. They’re thus a bargain for their unseen real masters, they’re cheap soldiers for their cause, and proud to be soldiers for this cause, in which they hold, typically, a deep faith.

So, here’s the tour, with a brief description of each video step along the way:

(1) Jewish nationalists now support nazis:

(2) America’s right now controls even Germany’s left:

Note regarding the reader-comments there: many of these reader-comments are anti-semitic (racistly anti-Jewish). Nazi trolls harbor a special hatred of Jews who oppose all nazism, even Jewish nazism, which is the racist fascism among many conservative Jews, Jewish nationalism, popularly called “Zionism,” or today’s Israel. The most successful tactic of the world’s nazis, after World War II, is for them to deny that they are anti-semitic but to say they’re only “nationalists,” so as to confuse the public between their own nationalism, on the one hand, and democrats’ authentic patriotism, on the other. Their support of Israel is part of their support of nationalism, of any type. Thus, they need the support from Jewish nazis (exterminationist anti-Palestinians) in order to mislead the general public that they are patriots instead of simply the racist nationalists (otherwise called “nazis” in any country) these people actually are. These reader-comments portray the pro-democratic, equalitarian, journalist, Max Blumenthal, as being pejoratively a Jude, who condemns Israel because of his supposed Jewishness, whereas they believe that any right-thinking (or nationalist) Jew wants a racially pure Israel (like exterminationist anti-Palestinians do). So, these nazis loathe the ‘anti-semitic’ ‘self-hating Jew’ Blumenthal, the non-nationalist Jew. In fact, some nazis need, for their own validation after the Holocaust, Israel’s support of them, and they therefore condemn (or especially condemn) Jews (such as Blumenthal) who aren’t Zionists or racist-fascists (like they are): anti-Zionist Jews are the most contemptible “Jude” to them, no sort of fellow-nationalist at all. Non-Jewish nazis thus work in tandem with Jewish ones, to smear anti-nazi Jews such as Blumenthal, and this might explain the venom that’s seen in many of these reader-comments against the anti-Zionist Jew, Blumenthal.

(3) Obama brings nazis to power in Ukraine:

(4) Nazis are heading back toward power in Germany:

(5) The CIA started recruiting nazis as soon as WWII ended:

Note: James Jesus Angleton, who worked directly under Allen Dulles in the OSS then CIA, is a key figure there. Francoise Hervet’s article in “Nazis, the Vatican, and CIA” observes: “By the Winter of 1977-78, Angleton became one of two Associate Editors of the Journal of International Relations under General Editor Roger Pearson. … Pearson is perhaps the most important neo-Nazi contact and racist propagandist in the U.S. today and had been a former Editor of [famed anti-semite] Willis Carto’s Western Destiny.” Angleton, the founder of the CIA’s Gladio Operation (which culminated in America’s 2014 takeover of Ukraine), was a committed racist admirer of the aristocracy, just as was his sponsor, Allen Dulles, whom Dwight Eisenhower made CIA Director at the same time as placing Allen’s similarly disposed brother, John Foster Dulles, in charge of the State Department, therefore setting the U.S. onto its present path to nazism, to be culminated thus far by the Black ‘Democrat,’ as will be made clear.

(6) An accurate Russian TV summary brings together the chief points in this history:

(7) Interviews with the top investigator about all of this:

That investigator, John Loftus, is the only person whose knowledge of the archives is sufficiently vast for him to be able to write with expertise on the role that U.S. Presidents (up through the senior Bush) played in this. He says that FDR was planning to prosecute these war-criminals; then Truman received, from Allen Dulles, deceptive, even lying, intelligence reports regarding them, but was still wary of these nazis; but, finally, Eisenhower empowered them under the Dulleses, and Nixon learned from the Dulleses that the most effective way for the Republican Party to overcome the support that Democrats received from Jews would be to cultivate the support, and the financial backing (some of these Nazi officials had vast amounts of loot from Jews and others they had killed) of east European and other nazi immigrants brought into the U.S. as ‘anti-communists’ with CIA-&-State-Department-purged nazi (or even Nazi) records.

However, Obama, who calls himself a Democrat, turned out to be the first U.S. President to actually sponsor a coup to install nazis into control of a country, which is Ukraine in 2014.

So, now, there has been top-level support for nazism from Presidents of both Parties. FDR’s anti-nazi legacy in American politics is thus completely gone, having been ended under a ‘Democrat’ — an ultimate betrayal of the anti-nazi FDR.

Whereas FDR made the United States the world’s leading democratic nation and anti-imperialist nation, Barack Obama has made the U.S. the leading nazi nation and imperialist nation. Thus, with a ton of lies and distortions, he told America’s 2014 class of graduating West Point warriors, on May 28th:

“Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us. … The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. … That has been true for the century passed [sp.: past [[somebody at the White House didn’t know the difference between ‘past’ and ‘passed’]] and it will be true for the century to come.”

At least he wasn’t predicting a Thousand-Year Reich.

He wants to place nuclear missiles right next-door to Russia, in Ukraine. And the other Republicans, who will now constitute the majority in both houses of Congress, want him to do that. Of course it would be unacceptable to Russia, which might be compelled to initiate a nuclear attack against the U.S. as soon as construction of such a missile-base begins.

Maybe the Dulles brothers will have their way — Russia a nuclear wasteland. After all, they did say we needed to beat “communism.” They just omitted to mention that they favored nazism, not democracy, in that three-way contest. Their trick’s on us. But so is Obama’s.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.





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  • GEvans2

    Good article. This cannot be said enough and stressed enough. We are facing yet another Reich. And another European war funded yet again by USA money. This is another good article on the same subject:

    Fascism in the 21st century.- The Seeds Of World War 3.

    • nomadfiles

      Thanks for this link. The covert Nazism lurking beneath our Bushite government is now peculating to the top under Obama.

  • JosephConrad

    Fascists, with GOP and Dem. Party help are collaborating with Zionist Jews to eat the innards of US democracy with the help of the W. Wealthy. Americans are sleeping on this point AND will die in their sleep as a consequence!

  • Party Like 1999

    The racist Obama, his racist Wall Street backers, and their racist federal functionaries all call their blatant nazism…. “RED CAPITALISM”. Yes. Among themselves, they call their agenda… “red capitalism”.
    The trade scams, the false flags, the imperial wars and genocide carried out under the Anglo-Zionist NATO banner are all part and parcel of OBAMA’s re-branded NAZISM.
    Red capitalism plays better among the Ivy League Manson Family that make up the US ruling class.
    Obama is the golf playing second coming of Donald Defreeze of SLA infamy.

    • jadan

      SLA? Now that’s a blast from the past! You should note that SLA means “Symbionese Liberation Army”, not that it will mean much to anyone.

      • Hp B

        Hearst. The paperboy(and co.) who made marijuana illegal.

        There never was or will be, a war on drugs.
        There always was and will be, a drug war on the competition.

  • clarioncaller

    The lesson to world leaders is the US is not good for their word. We promised Russia, at the collapse of the Soviet Union, that we would NOT install missiles aimed at them from any of the newly emancipated bloc countries. We’ve attempted to renege on this several times. The western corporate fascists want to saturate eastern Europe, and Russia, with their financial, agricultural, mining, and chemical BS but are meeting stiff opposition. This is the true struggle.

  • Bruce Campbell

    “Obviously there weren’t Jews in the namesake original Nazi Party…”

    Zuesse is factually wrong, and might easily have discovered his error via basic research: some Jews loyal to Nazism did in fact join the Nazi party or the Wehrmacht – and even the SS on rare occassions. Many Jews were open about their origins, having already ‘proved their loyalty to Germany’ in the SA or in combat. Hitler’s personal driver was a Jew who fought in Hitler’s unit during the First World War. Hitler trusted this man, whom he knew to be Jewish.

    In Italy, before the outbreak of World War 2 drove Mussolini to ‘align’ more with Germany, Italian Jews were over-represented in the Fascist movement, expecially in senior roles. Jews were more likely to be fascists than were Catholics.

    It is often said that Fascists and Communists are two sides of the same coin. Russian and Ukrainian Jews played the leading role in the creation of the totalitarian Bolshevik regime. As Russian and Israeli historians have noted (not to mention Vladimir Putin!) approximately 80% of the First Soviet was Jewish. (

    Let us recall that this first soviet came to power via a violent coup against a young, relatively democratic and liberal government. This junta promptly killed millions of Russian Christians and Moslems through war, execution, deliberate starvation, and slave labor.

    First head of the ‘Red Army’, the Jew Trotsky, was more savage and brutal than any Nazi. The Head of the NKVD from 1934 to 1936, the Jew Genrikh Yagoda, oversaw the Holomodor, and the murders of 7 to 10 million Ukrainians and Russians – not to mention the enslavement of millions more, and the exile of millions to gulags: almost none of them Jewish. (Realistically, Stalin may – like Lenin – have been descended from Jews on one side of his family. That would explain why each of Stalin’s three wives was a Jew.)

    These Jewish totalitarians murdered at least 20 million Christian and Moslem Soviet and Eastern European citizens through to 1945. Think about that: Jewish totalitarians killed more Russians and eastern Europeans than Hitler’s Wehrmacht. Yet as Stalin noted, in the USSR, anti-semitism was punishable by death. Indeed, the USSR created a semi-autonomous Jewish homeland, or Oblast, especially for Soviet Jews – a ‘dry run’ for the founding of Israel, in many ways.

    Jews *weren’t* Nazis? Oh Eric. They were indeed Nazis – and worse.

    • cettel

      Bruce Campbell’s anti-semitic rant is silly, as if Hitler’s Nazi Party didn’t scrutinize the ancestry of all its members. It’s idiotic. And it’s an embarrassment to this site to have such ignorant racists as readers here.

      • Dagget

        You’re a shill cunt, probably a Jew, who doesn’t like facts. Argue on the facts or shut the fuck up, cunt. Try Wikipedia and Google, if they have those in Israel. Facts are wondeful things.

      • Hp B

        C’mon man! DeNile ain’t just a river in Eretz Israel.

      • Salut

        Jew mad, bro?

        Is the truth hate speech in Israel?

        Don’t like admitting that you Jews have blood on your hands?

      • Andrew

        Can we ban “cettel” from posting because of his ranting, racist diatribe?

        We don’t need religious and racial bigots like cettel, with their poisonous belief that the genocide of non-Jews is perfectly OK.

    • DayofTheRope

      Yeah,he’s wrong about pretty much everything he said. This article reads like a paranoid jew’s fever dreams.

      One thing he’s right about,though, is that we’re on our way up-like George and Wheezy. And when we get into power, all European countries and European-derived colonies are going to be ruled by White people for the benefit of White people again.

      We’re going to clean out the trash.

      And when millions of Nazis are goosestepping down the streets of America, you will witness the “horror” of a Detroit that’s clean,prosperous,and livable and a White populace that’s fit,educated, and active. You will be able to walk your girlfriend down the streets of St. Louis without her being raped or stabbed or shot. And one day, White men and women will walk on Mars or set foot on another planet in another solar system,securing the existence and continued glory of the White race 1000’s of years into the future, after NASA is reconverted into a space program from its current dubious and idiotic mission of “Muslim outreach”.

      And that is what the jews are most afraid of.

      Heil Hitler,and heil Europa.

  • Gail Newman

    When Johann Fichte (the original Nazi) designed our public school systems with the help of the wealthiest aristocrats, it was intentionally designed to turn us into adults who are incapable of intellectual reasoning. It is a truly scary story. To read it, please check out my web page. click on the link for the free e-book, and scroll down to chapter 4, that gives you the history using documentary evidence. To see proof of how education has been weaponized, please read the rest of the chapters in Part One.

  • Hp B

    The Bolsheviks didn’t exactly fade away either, eh?