CIA Wanted To Make Sure The People It Savagely Tortured Would Never Be Able to Tell Anyone

“We Need To Get Reasonable Assurances That [the Victim] Will Remain In Isolation And Incommunicado For The Remainder Of His Life”

The Senate Torture Report notes:

The interrogation team closed the [CIA] cable by stating:

“regardless of which [disposition] option we follow, however, and especially in light of the planned psychological pressure techniques to be implemented, we need to get reasonable assurances that [Abu Zubaydah] will remain in isolation and incommunicado for the remainder of his life.”

Cabbie(The report makes clear that the cable was sent well before the torture commenced. They were seeking advanced “assurances” that the torture and “psychological pressures techniques” – more below – would never be revealed to anyone, to help shield them from prosecution.)

Another section of the Senate Torture Report notes:

One interrogator told another detainee that he would never go to court, because “we can never let the world know what I have done to you.”

a36svb0uIn other words:

  • The torturers knew that what they were doing was torture
  • They knew it was illegal

This is particularly disgusting given that everyone knew that Abu Zubaydah (the guy mentioned in the cable) was literally crazy … and that he had told interrogators everything he knew before torture started.

And it is even more disturbing since the specific torture techniques applied were specifically engineered for obtaining false confessions.

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  • Party Like 1999 BC

    All the people working for the CIA must surely realize that Obama and Bush don’t have their backs… Not on torture… Not on ISIS… Not on the Kiev coup…. Not on anything! Surely they realize this don’t they? Perhaps this is why Snowden lives in Russia now;

  • cettel

    another pithy masterpiece from George Washington. I read it and am even more disgusted at the overwhelming support of the American people for using torture to get at the truth: they’re not just suckers (of the aristocracy); they are repulsive. After GWB lied us into invading Iraq, we still believe the people in authority? Does it take an ending like Hitler’s in order to recognize how vile are our leaders, GWB and Obama? Obama is an accessory after the fact, to all of Bush’s crimes. And we’re going to get Bush v. Clinton in 2016? Do Americans learn nothing except lies? This is truly a nation built on faith.


    To call the CIA a rogue agency is to grossly understate the massive, multi-decade crime spree it has perpetrated against the community of nations and people of the world. There is no other federal department, bureau or agency that has overtly been given both the budget and governmental approval to commit capital crimes at will.