Israel Acts as ISIS’ Air Force … Repeatedly Bombs Syria

Why Are We Fighting On the Same Side As Terrorists?

Israel has repeatedly bombed Syria over the last couple of days.

The attacks have been close to the Syrian capital Damascus, and have reportedly taken out agricultural facilities and warehouses.

As we’ve asked for years, why are we and our allies fighting on the same side as terrorists?

Last year, Republican Senator Ted Cruz opposed U.S. military intervention in Syria, saying the U.S. military shouldn’t be “Al Qaeda’s air force.”

Similarly, former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich  said that striking Syria would turn the United States military into “al-Qaeda’s air force.”

I guess Israel doesn’t mind being the air force for Al Qaeda. (re-branded as ISIS). Strange bedfellows, indeed

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  • unheilig

    Well, see, we’re paying and arming the moderates to attack the extremists while we attack the government, but the moderates became extremists and attacked the extremist moderate government that we wanted to overthrow, so we had to find some moderates to attack them to prevent the extremists from attacking the moderates we’re paying and arming to attack them. In other news, Israel . . .

    • Ed Troyer

      LOL!!! Too true.

    • Tonkin

      its not that “we are fighting on the same side as the terrorists”. It is that we are supporting OUR OWN Merc shadow army, ISIS.
      Wake up already. These guys are OURS from the get-go, like the mujahedeen in Afghanistan

  • Eye Spy

    So Syria is being ravaged by The US, EU and their ISIS proxies with Israel joining in every now and again.

    As pointed out by unheilig, Assad is a moderate government and just before the west went in he had read the signs and had elections planned so the US hyped up the media lies to bomb this little idea out of his head. I mean what was he thinking,

  • Ed Troyer

    ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

  • apeman2502

    We paid for the weapons and Britannia will take the spoils because since the ENGLAND BASED freemasonry and The Skull and Bones Society raped America, America is the British royalty’s bitch. They needed a pro to top Bush43, so…

  • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

    Now that the Soviet Union and most of the old communist world is long gone, it’s no longer a threat, although trade with China has now elevated its economy to #1, over the U.S. The Chinese are no better at spending than the U.S. is, however. After all its centuries of existence, you’d think they’d know better than to use fiat currency.

    Cash continues to flow from West to East, thanks to Clinton’s NAFTA, and much of Asia is doing well economically. Myanmar is currently emerging from its formerly communist Burmese regime, looking for foreign business entrepreneurs. It’s a good opportunity for any young college graduate, as its infrastructure is in desperate need of being rebuilt from the ground up, which communism destroyed.

    Watch for Mongolia to become a financial powerhouse in the 2020’s, as Singapore and Hong Kong are today. Even today, you can invest in Mongolian currency in Ulan Bator and earn 12% APR on your money in their banks.

    Living in Alaska in the ’70s and ’80s, we were bombarded with radio propaganda that the U.S. Air Force was constantly turning back Soviet MiGs that were supposedly “invading” Alaskan airspace every single day. We were constantly warned of an imminent boots-on-the-ground “Soviet invasion” that never happened. Putin would like to get Alaska back into Russian hands, however.

    Western governments in particular are desperate to keep from going completely bankrupt, and cannot admit to the public that they are already insolvent, in danger of default. They efficiently use fear as a tool to always remind us that they are needed for something, even when the stories they tell are never true.

    The 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings were government sponsored “practice runs” leading up to the 2001 WTC destruction. They needed to know what sort of equipment would be needed to bring down three large office buildings, two of which loomed at 110 stories.

    9-11’s smoking gun was WTC Building 7, a skyscraper in its own right, nearly half as high as the other two towers.It was never hit by an airliner and yet fell straight down at virtual freefall speed into its own foundation later on in the afternoon. I’ve seen enough of those to know that it was controlled demolition, and since it was, then the other two towers were brought down that way as well.

    You simply cannot destroy a large building in a single day, particularly within any city or town. Controlled demolition takes a long time to plan and setup. Blueprints must be onhand. Each charge must be carefully shaped and placed into correct position. They must then all be wired together in a specific order, in order to bring the building down with relatively little harm to the surrounding area.

    Finally, only government at any level is capable of providing the needed security so that hired contractors could complete their work without any questioning from the public. Those traitorous contractors were paid handsomely for their work, and even more handsomely for their silence.

    And thus was born a new “enemy” called “terrorism” for the United States to “fight,” and for its government to “protect” us from. The only true terrorists that exist today are the West’s failing governments, as they desperately struggle to earn enough war profits to keep from going under altogether. The enemy is not terrorism. The true enemy is today’s modern governments.