FBI Busted Falsely Blaming North Korea for Sony Hack

I Hate North Korea’s Leaders … But They Didn’t Do It

I hate North Korea’s leaders … They’re not only clowns sporting bad haircuts and weird clothes, but they live in luxury while the population literally starves.

But the FBI’s official assertion that North Korea carried out the attack in retaliation for Sony’s releasing the movie “The Interview” is B.S.

Here’s a sample of top cybersecurity experts who say that North Korea was not behind the hacking attack of Sony:

  • One of the world’s leading cyber intelligence firms, Norse (and see this)
  • Renowned hacker, DEFCON organizer, and CloudFlare researcher Marc Rogers
  • John Dickson, a former air force intelligence officer who is now a partner in the cybersecurity firm Denim Group
  • Princeton Professor of Computer Science Ed Felten
  • Former federal prosecutor Mark Rasch of Rasch Technology and Cyberlaw
  • Kim Zetter, an award-winning, senior staff reporter at Wired covering cybercrime, privacy, and security
  • Former Lulzsec hacker turned government informant Sabu
  • Security researcher Grugq

Just because the FBI blames someone doesn’t mean they did it.  And see this.

Postscript: Robert Barsocchini argues that the U.S. is to blame for North Korea’s rotten leaders.  And North Korea is more popular with the U.S. public than our own Congress.    Regardless, I still hate North Korea’s leaders for treating their people so poorly.

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  • Koolz

    your all kinds of stupid because There is Nothing Wrong with North Korea. It’s people love it’s leaders!
    They are all happy and know one lives in some silly poverty under a dictatorship. Everything you have heard about North Korea is news from Zionist Jews.
    And your Brain washed from it!

    I suppose you hate Iran and Syria too.

    The lies about Syria, North Korea are as big as the Lies about Hitler!

    • Hp B

      (how they roll)

    • Pat

      Nonsense! The populace of No. Korea is NOT stupid! They’re aware country is not Paradise, it’s just they’re scared to death of the puppet Fat Boy!

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      So how long have you lived in North Korea?

  • amommamust

    And the big difference between North Korea’s leaders and US leaders is… better haircuts?

    • LocalHero

      Pretty much.

    • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm


    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      Most of our traitors and dictators are old enough to have lost most of their hair…

  • Pat

    Oh, baby, what’s the difference between obummer and the N. K. bloke?
    What’s he difference between them all? Cameron, China, Australia, Canada, Venezuela, Castro, Mugabe, Netahanyu, Hollande, et el?


  • Koolz

    Found a web page for you people who are not understanding the world.

  • Greg Straw

    I think everyone knew BUT the FBI that it was B.S.

    • truth

      Have you seen what people say in the U.S.? Most have bought the bullshit already that North Korea did it, even though they did not. Many have been fed too much Tom Clancy novels.

      Its just the same when many in the U.S. bought the bullshit (false) “intelligence” of the FBI/CIA that al-qaeda was in cahoots with Iraq, and they had WMD’s, etc.

  • cettel

    This is yet another definitive posting from George Washington: it documents everything that it asserts, and it closes by stating that North Korea’s leaders are barbaric nonetheless.
    The tragedy in our time is that the U.S. leadership is now to be categorized as being barbaric in its own way.

  • BTK

    FBI = Fat Belly Idiots

  • brian

    It was obvious to me that North Korea did not do the hack for what seemed to be a simple reason; the hackers invoked 9/11/01 in a threat to moviegoers.

    It was that threat which caused many major chains to not show the film. Essentially using the fears of 9/11 were perfectly calculated by the people who created the threat.

    North Korea said this on 9/12/01;
    “The very regretful and tragic incident reminds it once again of the gravity of terrorism. As a UN member the DPRK is opposed to all forms of terrorism and whatever support to it and this stance will remain unchanged.”

    Who would invoke 9/11 in a threat to the US?

    The same people who would invoke 9/11 for torture, perhaps?

    It seems illustriously timed that this hack, subsequent threat and ensuing drama unfolded and took over the news cycle JUST as America starting talking about torture because of the Senates torture report regarding the Bush admin. The NY Times even asked the Obama Admin to “Prosecute the torterers and their bosses.” ( With a picture of none other than former VP Cheney)

    Cheney and company theoretically also have the connections to push a North Korea statement by the FBI before a real investigation occurred.I would assume many FBI field officers are still scratching their heads with a sense of puzzlement as to why their superiors jumped the gun.

    And now it seems the security company that first alerted officials to the hack has “six individuals” of interest. Imagine my surprise that “2 are from the US.”

    Could it be that this is the HW/Cheney cabal interests at work trying to distract us? If so, it worked…

    The US forgot about torture and wanted a damn movie to play.

  • Rehmat

    Like Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Sudan – N. Korea poses no threat to American interests in the region – but America’s foreign policy against these and a great majority of world is based on their critical views on the Zionist entity. None of those nations are more “terrorist states” or “violators of human rights” than the Zionist entity or the United States itself. Israel has rejected more United Nations’ resolutions than all those countries put together. But Washington’s problem is these nations claim that Israel is as an “illegal state” created by the western colonial powers.

    In September 2013, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, Zionist prime minister Netanyahu cited North Korean example as a warning of what happens if the West is not keeping military option on the table against the nations which are pursuing for nuclear capability especially Iran. The North Korean envoy, Sin Son-ho, could not take Netanyahu’s whining anymore. He stood up and told Netanyahu: “Israel is a cancer in the Middle East. It’s disturbing the peace and security, shifting blame to all other countries in the region.”


    • Man on the street

      Washington runs the world. ISRAEL & SAUDI Arabia runs Washington. Israel domination of the media makes its manipulation of Washington easy to detect, especially with disproportion number of ZIONIST Jews in the press, and government. On the other hand, the raghead kingdom flys under the radar because it uses its petrodollars to buy trator politicians & media people.

      • disqus_3BrONUAJno

        And the spooks run Washington, which means that the spooks run the world…

  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm


  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

    So what else have they lied about?

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    The perp is the second picture down holding the backpack!


  • Robert

    “Their people”? The people of North Korea don’t belong to the government any more than I belong to mine.

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      You apparently aren’t familiar with your collateralness, yet…

  • Man on the street

    If any one cares to look at pictures coming out of N. Korea? It shows clean streets, clean people clean buildings, and most of all accomplished scientists. Now, do any of you remember any pictures coming out of Damascus five years ago? If you don’t remember, let me tell you about the European fashion people, shops, and thriving economy. Now pictures shows total destruction, devastation, and ugly looking ragheads.

    So, my point is N. Korea left alone are surging, and can be said thieving. Once the stuff hit the fan, and the CIA gets its dirty fingers in there, the place will look like SYRIA within a few years. Bombs all over by PEOPLE WHO WANT “FREEDOM”! Or “DEMOCRACY”!

  • dogbite186

    The FBI is essentially a press office with weapons.

  • Robert Barsocchini

    FBI is a non neural, non trustworthy agency to begin with. According to a Senate report, FBI tried to “destroy Martin Luther King Jr”. FBI documents show that they tried to get him to commit suicide, & a civil trial has shown that the US government was involved in his assassination. It is fully known that the FBI was one of the posses that assassinated black leader Fred Hampton.

    FBI is a shady, nefarious, criminal organization, never to be trusted.

  • North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Proposes Summit With South Korea By BBC News 01 January 15

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has offered to hold talks at the highest level with South Korea. resident Kim was giving his new year message broadcast on state television.


  • Tom Welsh

    “They’re not only clowns sporting bad haircuts and weird clothes, but they live in luxury while the population literally starves”.

    A similar situation, then, to that which prevails in the USA. Admittedly, only a few of the US population is starving – as yet – but I defy you to say you believe the leaders of the US government would give a rat’s ass if it was 99%. (As long as they can still work, that is).

  • rpswartz

    With the email leaks from Sony?

    Do any of the emails show that US Government gave Sony money to make that propaganda movie??

  • Inside the Sony Hack Inside Job: Now They’re Airdropping ‘The Interview’ over North Korea Jan 1, 2015

    First we hear our very way of life is being threatened by North Korea, then we hear that the FBI is going to stand by their story that North Korea hacked Sony even as private IT firms come out with evidence it was an inside job, then we find out the head of Sony is a CFR member who sits on the board of the Rand Corporation who just so happened to hire yet *another* Rand guy as a consultant on the film who openly talked about its potential to help overthrow the Kim family… and now they’re using a human rights group to airdrop copies of *The Interview* over North Korea?